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 Family Vs Family

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PostSubject: Family Vs Family   Wed May 10, 2017 3:29 pm

( The Gym was fairly empty and that was exactly how Douglas liked it because it gave him a chance to focus on what he was there to learn. A lean younger man walks into the gym and over to Douglas the two men smile and embrace in a hug.)

Man: Brother it's good to see you hear in LA I mean I have only been asking you to come train for like a year now.

Douglas: (Smiles at his friend) I know I know Matt but things have been crazy you know getting back in that ring moving up to more serious feds.

Matt: (nodding in confirmation) Yeah I know man just glad you're here so what made you decide to make this move?

Douglas: Well I have been watching tapes of my opponents and realized my aerial game is very lacking when it comes to that ring, so figured who better to call then my buddy Matt The Parkour King of LA.

(The two men laugh and joke with each other as the stretch out prepping for training.)

Matt: So tell me how much do you remember old man from our last training what a year and a half ago?

Douglas: Well to be honest a lot I practice just never really used in a match before so I figured we could brush up a little for sure the three people on the other side of the ring have some good technical skill and high flying especially the Wulf. Man could fly higher then a lot of men I have seen.

Matt: Yeah I have seen his tapes man looks like spider-man when he jumps around like that.
Douglas: More like a spider monkey that man is crazy and does shit that would most likely hurt others and that's what I need to be ready for or this match will not last long.

(The Two men start running the Parkour indoor course they climb, jump, flip and run the course over and over again matching movements. At one point they hit the ring and Douglas using the ropes practises aerial moves, dives and flips. He looks to be getting the hang of it fairly quickly. )

Matt: Break man let's take a break and then I will show you around the city sound good?

Douglas: Yeah man sounds good.

(They both grab a water)

Matt: So tell me about this match man, I mean I saw that Angelica girl fucking carried to the ring and still almost won her match.

Douglas: Yeah Holy shit that kid has fucking heart and we have been talking girl is like a little sister to me it's why I hate being across the ring from her. I mean have no doubt I will not take it easy on her at all she deserves my best and that's what she will get and as much as I hate to pin her in that ring I am going to have to if I want to move up this tournament and get that title shot. The girl is quick and deadly but I can handle what she throws at me and give it back 10 fold and then more.

Matt: Dude I saw you take out that Kristian Bane I mean you fucking tossed that behemoth over your shoulders and I don’t think the three of them together weighs what he weighs.

Douglas: Oh Hell no they don’t that man was like bench pressing a car. That's why I have to switch up tactics on these three.

Matt: So … what's up with you and Ashley I see you two flirting and bickering like an old married couple. (Matt laughs at his own joke.)

Douglas: Yeah She is pretty awesome and she is kicking ass I mean she took down Wulf last week. She is also In Union Battle Ground the other Fed I am in so it should be interesting. I know this she is tough and smart already playing the mind games with me but she is going to be surprised that they don’t work on me. Hey don’t get me wrong I am a sucker for a pretty face and she is beautiful but I am not stupid and that is why I will win this match and not just by pinning one of them but all three.

Matt: So Wulf the spider monkey man is who prompted the call right?

Douglas: Yeah I mean he and Ashley should have been the main event last week that fucking tore that place up and dragged each other from pillar to post. I almost thought they would kill each other but damn that man has skills and can fly. You know the biggest mistake they will make is thinking I am one dimensional and I can't hang with their speed and aerial moves but really it's all about stamina. I have the lung capacity of a fucking dolphin and that will help me out last them all three.

Matt: So what about your partners in the match Cosmo and Sapphire?

Douglas:I feel like I am teamed with a pair of super heroes in this one I mean we have the She-Hulk on one side and the Cosmic Kid Cosmo on the other. They can hold their own which is good I even think that Cosmo kid has some medal or something. I just want them to understand that this is my match and I plan on taking the win and earning the points and just hope they get that.

Matt: Sounds like you have a plan man and that's good you always where the planner of the group. He lets go and wear this Go Cam I wanna use this for training.

(Douglas and Matt head out of the building and we are treated to a video of them running through LA.)

(After the Video w
e cut back to the camera of Douglas out at a small pub in LA his friend Matt and few other guys are there hanging out. They are drinking and singing having a good time and the Douglas sees the camera and motions it over to a quiet corner.)

Douglas: Hey Mate good to see ya hear listen I asked for this opportunity because I wanted to have a few words about the match and address each of my family that I will be facing in the Ring.

(Douglas seems to collect himself and straightens up no longer looking drunk and a smile crosses his face.)

Douglas: Ashley, Wulf and Angie Listen we have all gotten very close over the last few days and you know I think of each of you as family. Hell we are closer than family we are the Bearded Army even if 2 of you are girls and Ashley can’t grow a beard. Ha just fucking with ya Wulf but seriously first rule this is Business nothing personal so we are all going to give it our best and no matter what family sticks together so never forget that even after I Pin all three of you.

(Douglas takes a drink of whiskey.)

Douglas: So let's start with my new Little sister Ang fuck girl you have heart don’t you, and a fighting spirit that's great and you even have some skill but what you lack is confidence and experience. You need to use this (He points to his head) along with this (He points to his heart) together because when you finally learn that you will be a force to be reckoned with. You have Ash and Wulf by your side learn from them watch them and watch out for Sapphire that girl is a monster. I have no doubt if I wasn't on the other side this could be a clean sweep for your team not that I am saying my partners are bad but Wulf and Ash are making this an elite thing. So just remember think, act and move. Take my pinning you as a lesson and learn from it.

(Draining the drink left in his glass he motions for another.)

Douglas: Wulf my beardless brother you have some skills, things I never took the time to learn but that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to handle them. You have seen my strength it's nothing to catch you mid air and slam you down to earth again to teach you a lesson. However the great thing about you is that you keep your head in the clouds it lets you gain a perspective over the match few get. Don’t lose sight of what is before you man because that's when you loose focus on your match and trust me I will be looking for to take advantage of it and when I do I just hope I don't hurt you with the Bane Effect.

(Someone hands Douglas a drink from off Camera.)

Douglas: Thanks (He takes a quick drink) Now the best for last Ashley. Well luv looks like we got our tag team match just on opposite sides of each other. I know we have been joking and having fun but when we step in that ring you and I are of the same mind set this is business and serious business at that. Depending on how this goes we could both see championship gold sooner than we thought and when we do guess what we will prove we are the best there is. However before that happens we face off in that ring. You with your laser like focused intensity and me with my stone like stamina and strength. We will weather a storm in this match and we come out the other side we will be both be stronger for it and I will be higher in points then I was before. Waiting to meet in that ring and face of is making me giddy with anticipation….Yes that's right I fucking said giddy, I am secure enough in my masculinity to say shit like that.

I digress so we will get back on track. Ashley I can't wait to test myself against you and the other three. I look forward to it and know that nothing will break this family bond.

Oh as for my Partners come to the ring don’t come to the ring matters little to me because I know how this is going to end and trust me it only ends well for the Beardfather.

(Picking up his drink Douglas reaches out and covers the lense of the camera with his hand pushing it away as he walks back over to his friends.)
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Family Vs Family
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