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 The King is ready to Fight

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PostSubject: The King is ready to Fight    Thu May 11, 2017 1:09 am

The scene starts by looking at someone's shoes the camera pans upwards showing a suit as the camera shows the face it's Logan he starts at the camera showing no emotion ." XHW I shall make my debut pretty soon and trust me I will show everyone why the King will soon be champion of XHW."

"I didn't come here to talk I came here to fight I will kick whoever teeth down their throat and laugh while I do it. I don't care if I end someones career. I do what I got to do to become champion everyone should know that nice guy finish last.Reason I refuse to be nice to anyone."

"I don't care about money I don't care about people I don't care about the fans. I only care about titles I need to add to my legacy as a star not that it matters tho."

"The only thing that really matters to me is titles I refuse to take a back seat to anyone I work my ass of to do what needs to be done I don't care about respect as respect doesn't win me title what respect does it makes me a target."

" All respect does is makes you a target and being a target is something I am use to being,but I shall not put that pressure on me just to please people. I only care about my match and my match is with two people who lost last week and the same two people who is gonna lose this week."

" Rather my partner shows or not it doesn't matter as I don't work well with others and well Saturday Night I will prove why. So bring your best and throw them at me and watch me kick them away like a soccer ball."

" I will not be playing with anyone in XHW that you can bet on. XHW you will be seeing a true king wrestle and this king will not be slayed and that's the truth and the truth I will forever speak." The camera zooms in on Logan's eyes as it does it fades to blackness.
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The King is ready to Fight
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