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 Cuddle Me (Adrien RP)

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PostSubject: Cuddle Me (Adrien RP)   Fri May 12, 2017 1:12 am

[May 11, 2017]
Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time to play ‘Cuddle Me’. ‘Cuddle Me’ is sponsored by Grimy Tactics Inc. and Movement Analogies, and now…here is your host. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. E!
As the cameras turn on you see…
‘Cuddle Me’
…come over the screen as an old man with a gray fedora and matching suit, complete with a vest walking out onto a platform that is really just a slab of concrete in the back yard of an old abandoned home.
::Mr. E::
Good evening, good evening. I am your host Mr. E and thank you for watching, ‘Cuddle Me’ brought to you by Grimy Tactics Incorporated and Movement Analogies. This is a very special game. The rules are simple. One contestant sits in the chair to my right. They ask three other players three sets of questions. Each player is asked one question per round. At the end of the third round, the contestant must choose who they wish to cuddle with.
You hear a pre-recording of clapping and cheering playing over a cheap speaker system set up.
::Mr. E::
Now let us all meet our players this evening!
Mr. E takes out a few flash cards from the inside pocket of his suit jacket. He squints to read them at first and then smiles at the camera.
::Mr. E::
I’m afraid I will need to use my glasses to read this despicable handwriting.
Mr. E takes his glasses out and puts them on. He then looks at the cards again.
::Mr. E::
The first contestant is a youngster from Venice Beach, California. He enjoys taking great risks and failing miserably to defeat Douglas Armatage and Kristian Bane. He’s a flier ladies and gents, and I don’t mean the kind you hand out on the street.
Audible clapping is heard, followed by a drum roll that sounds pre-recorded as well. Mr. E gestures with his hands, turning his body just enough to look behind him as he calls out the first player’s name.
::Mr. E::
Give it up for…Matt Disabled!
Out walks a guy just a few years younger than Mr. E dressed in a t-shirt and shorts, wearing black elbow and knee pads with a matching helmet. He’s got a skateboard in hand that he accidently drops and rushes clumsily to catch it before it rolls off of the concrete slab. Obviously this character is a mockery towards Matt Angel.
::Mr. E::
Welcome Mr. Disabled. How’s the risk taking going for ya these days?
::Matt Disabled::
Ah, not so good. I seem to have come up short last week. That bearded guy beat me to a pulp and I can’t remember the last time I ate a sandwich.
::Mr. E::
Oh, dear me. Well your luck might turn around someday. Perhaps today?
::Matt Disabled::
I don’t know, Mr. E. It doesn’t look good.
::Mr. E::
Keep your head up and head over to the first cubby if you don’t mind.
The mock character tries to use the skateboard but as soon as he attempts to push off, loses his balance and falls off the board. Mr. E watches the board comes back in his direction and rolls past him. He waits until it rolls off the concrete slab before continuing on. The Matt Disabled character gets back to his feet and limps over to the first cubby. He stands in front of a shower curtain with the numbers one, two, and three duct taped to it at the entrance of three cubby areas for the players to sit in. He enters the cubby and the camera returns to Mr. E.
::Mr. E::
Player number two is from Detroit, Michigan. She enjoys dressing up for Halloween and making egg salad while listening to something called Skillet.
::Woman’s Voice::
That’s Skrillex!
Mr. E turns to look as the second player walks out dressed up like she’s the wicked witch of the west with a fake monkey on a plastic broom. She comes running out, a big smile on her face doing the best possible witch impression she can. The woman has a good amount of teeth missing, one black, and not due to the costume.
::Mr. E::
Ladies and gents, here is our second player! Tiffy Taffy Despair!
The mock character of Tiffany Sinclair stops and stands beside Mr. E. The look on Mr. E’s face shows that she’s standing a bit close for comfort.
::Mr. E::
My, my, my…when was the last time you showered, Tiffy Taffy?
::Tiffy Taffy::
I can’t seem to remember. Too many dress up gigs and I lost my drawers. If you happen to see them, would you please holler for me?
::Mr. E::
Oh, I will scream for sure, Tiffy Taffy. You can count on that. Now, please head over to cubby number two, if you don’t mind.
Tiffy Taffy Despair does another impression of the wicked witch from the classic movie and jumps down from the concrete slab before heading over to cubby number two. She enters and the cameras return to Mr. E once again.
::Mr. E::
Player number three enjoys many odd naughty things, things I wish not to speak of. She’s a bit loose in the…
Mr. E tries to read the card and tosses it over his shoulder.
::Mr. E::
I refuse to read that.
He looks toward the direction of where the other three players had been coming from but no one is there.
::Mr. E::
She’s from Las Vegas, Nevada! Ladies and gentlemen! Please give a hand for Trix Enormous!
The camera pans a full one-eighty degrees as it finds the mock character of Trixie at a buffet table and holding a box of Trix. The character turns around to reveal himself as a grotesquely overweight man wearing a belly shirt, tight shorts, and blonde wig. His eyebrows are a close second of odd in comparison to a huge man wearing a belly shirt and tight shorts. The man smiles and starts skipping towards Mr. E. Mr. E cringes and points firmly toward cubby number three.
::Mr. E::
Go over there! Now!
Trix Enormous frowns, but then gleefully skips over to cubby number three and enters. After making some adjustments, causing all three cubbies to shake, Trix Enormous settles into the seat behind the shower curtain.
::Mr. E::
And now ladies and gents, it is time to meet our contestant. He’s undefeated and dominant in XHW. He’s ‘The Prodigy’, the sooner than later to become the XHW World Champion, ‘The One and Only Cuddle Pie’! Adrien Pierce!
Adrien Pierce walks out with a black hoodie, jeans, black biker boots, and a smirk on his face. He turns around to reveal the writing on the back in blue letters…
‘The Prodigy of Perfection’
…he walks over to Mr. E and puts his hand on the old man’s shoulder.
::Adrien Pierce::
What’s the hold up, Mr. E?
::Mr. E::
Hold up? We’re moving right along.
Adrien pats the man’s shoulder and heads over to a nice chair and sits down. He pulls the lever on the side and the chair reclines almost to a laying down position.
::Mr. E::
Adrien, let me ask you one question.
::Adrien Pierce::
What question is that, Mr. E?
::Mr. E::
Are you ready to cuddle?
::Adrien Pierce::
I’m the One and Only Cuddle Pie, Mr. E. I’m ready and waiting.
::Mr. E::
Okay. As you know, there are three players that are desperate. They yearn for a cuddle. They need a hug. Do you know why?
::Adrien Pierce::
Why yes, Mr. E. I know why. Tiffy Taffy Despair may be all smiles. She may love to enjoy life to the fullest. But come this Saturday, Tiffy Taffy Despair, Trix Enormous, and Matt Disabled are all going to figure something out.
::Mr. E::
What might that be?
::Adrien Pierce::
They’re going to figure out that Sapphire, Kristian Bane, and Douglas Armatage are nothing more than little ants to be stepped on in comparison to me. They’re going to find out that my comment on social media when the announcement came that I would be teaming up with loser dee and loser Wii that I can take on all three comers on the opposite side of that ring. Like I said, Kaz and Cass need to just bring their ipads, iphones, or something to pass the time. This match…is mine. And it is that simple, Mr. E.
::Mr. E::
Well, I think we need to start round number one, Adrien. Matt Disabled is in cubby one, Tiffy Taffy Despair in cubby two, and Trix Enormous is in cubby three.
::Adrien Pierce::
Unless the floor gave out underneath Trix Enormous. Right?
Mr. E gives a grin and nods. He hobbles over to stand beside Adrien.
::Mr. E::
Adrien, you may begin asking your first question for each player.
Adrien sits up in the chair, no longer reclining back as the footrest retreats back where it was. He rubs his hands together, thinking for a moment and then raises a finger.
::Adrien Pierce::
Matt Disabled?
::Matt Disabled::
Yes, Adrien?
::Adrien Pierce::
Let’s look back to your debut match against Douglas Armatage and Kristian Bane.  When you came out to the ring, what was really going through your mind? Was it…fear? Was it…constipation? Or was it…relief?
::Matt Disabled::
It was relief, Adrien.
::Mr. E::
Thank you, Matt Disabled. Onto the next player, Adrien. Tiffy Taffy Despair. What is your question for her?
Adrien gives Mr. E a smirk.
::Adrien Pierce::
Tiffy Taffy Despair?
::Tiffy Taffy::
::Adrien Pierce::
When you signed your contract with XHW, rumors say that you wanted to be the next Angelica Vaughn.  They say because you’re facing me, and the losers that must not be named, that you might run away from this match. Would you say this is fifty percent true? Twenty-five percent true? Or one hundred percent true?
::Tiffy Taffy::
One hundred percent, Adrien.
::Mr. E::
Now, Adrien. Time for the final round one question. What is your question for Trix Enormous?
Adrien pretends like he’s about to throw up.
::Adrien Pierce::
I can’t do it, Mr. E. Just the thought of asking her anything or even talking to her at all makes me sick to my stomach.
::Mr. E::
I’m sorry Adrien, but rules are rules and you must ask Trix Enormous a question or forfeit your prize for playing.
Adrien gathers his thoughts and tries to stomach asking Trix Enormous a question. He finally musters up the control to do so.
::Adrien Pierce::
Trix Enormous?
::Trix Enormous::
Yes Mr. Pierce?
Adrien gags just before he asks the question. He has to take a moment before he can say anything. Finally he asks his question.
::Adrien Pierce::
What happened to the last person that you cuddled with? Did they disappear under the layers upon layers of grotesque fat? Run away from your dimwitted personality? Or…did you eat them whole?
Before Trix Enormous can even answer the pre-recorded male voice-over comes over the speakers of the cheap speaker set up.
::Male Voice-Over::
Sorry folks but that’s the end of ‘Cuddle Me’…mainly because if Trix Enormous is given a chance to even answer I am going to lose my dinner.
The camera cuts to black. As you watch the black screen, a few moments later the camera comes back on with Adrien Pierce’s face up close. He taps the lens of the camera before he begins to talk.
::Adrien Pierce::
I bet you three think I’m arrogant and cocky. You probably have something special coming for me May thirteenth. And each and every single one of you may just try to gang up on me…including my own tag team partners.
Adrien gives a smile, showing his teeth as he pauses briefly. He looks away from the camera for another few seconds and as his smile disappears he looks back at the camera.
::Adrien Pierce::
Well, I’m here to tell you that I welcome that attempt. I hope it happens because you will all end up somewhere you don’t want to be. You’d be in my line of sight. You’d all end up as my targets. And when it comes to a target…I will not lift my foot off your throat for any reason.
He tilts his head to the side.
::Adrien Pierce::
See Trixie may continue her vlog and say this and that and how she’s going to be the last remaining to score a victory for her team. Matt Angel is probably going to say how he’s going to beat us. And Tiffany Sinclair thinks she’s going to come out, get her fifteen seconds of fame. But…
He smiles.
::Adrien Pierce::
Trixie, Matt Angel, and Tiffany Sinclair haven’t calculated in the equation of what perfection truly is. Perfection means that Trixie’s sex appeal is not going to be unveiled in victory, but it will be another necessary need to see a sex therapist after she sees the perfect body of Adrien Pierce raising his arms in victory. Matt? No arsenal in your playbook will ever be worth the risk because I will be there to reward you. And Tiffany, the joys you take out of life are going to have a new meaning when you crumble.

Pausing for a moment for effect
::Adrien Pierce::
And as for my opponents. Don’t get in my way because I am the one and only cuddle pie. And I am one Teddy Bear that you won’t want to hold come Saturday night.
He reaches for the top of the camera to shut it off, but before he does he speaks a few last words.
::Adrien Pierce::
Why am I going to be coming out of this match with the right to compete for the XHW World Championship? Because I’m better than each of you and it’s because I’m perfection. Nothing else matters.

He presses the button to turn the camera off and the screen on your monitors goes black.

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Cuddle Me (Adrien RP)
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