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 MAJOR News Update!

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Jacob Steele

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PostSubject: MAJOR News Update!   Mon Apr 10, 2017 2:27 am

Welcome to Xtreme Honor Wrestling!

Before I begin with all the news and updates that I’m bringing to XHW, I’d like to introduce myself so you can get to know a little bit about me. My name is Jacob Steele and I’m the owner/founder of XHW. I’ve been fedding since ‘08 which is when I joined NWF. My buddy at the time, Kevin Devastation, brought me into this and have highly enjoyed it since. I spent some time at NWF where I became the NWF No Limit Champion and was the second longest holder of that Championship at 91 days and 2 successful title defenses. Besides NWF, I’ve been in several other feds including; EAW, LEGION, CWF, WHW, XMW, AEW, EWE, S.E.X., and probably a couple others I’m missing. I have held World Championships a couple times in those feds, several mid card titles, a tag team title, and a couple lower card titles. I’ll be honest, I never really kept track, just kinda enjoyed what I was doing and that was that. I’m sure I have the exact history of that somewhere, but I’ll dig for it later.

Before creating XHW, I kept saying how I want to be done RPing and I want to run my own fed and I want to run it well. I want it to go on for years and years and I want it to be the spot people just want to turn their computers on to go to, to hang out, chat, write some cool RPs, just have a good time. Because I was still associating myself with one specific group of the E-Fed world, I wasn’t getting anywhere. I took off for a few months and when I was finally ready and prepared, I came back. I redid the site, added a couple things, made some more graphics for the sites, and here we are today. I still got stuff to make and little things to do here and there, but I’m here to stay and I’m ready to make this one hell of an E-Fed. I can promise you, I’m giving this place everything I got, but I can’t do it alone. I need the help of others. I need writers, more people who can make graphics, video makers, people who can just watch over things while I’m not around, those type of things. I want to make this place a kingdom, but it can’t just be me. It’s about you guys, you guys make the fed what it is and what it could be. Without you, there’s no fed. That simple. You guys are and will always be appreciated for everything and that’s how it’s going to be here. You get what you work for and that’s that. People lose, people win, some take a while to get where they want to be, some don’t take long at all. It’s the name of the game and it shouldn’t be disheartening to anyone if you’re putting in the work. If you get to a point where you really are unhappy, voice how you feel about it whether it’s to me privately or to the fed in an open discussion. I know I’m personally here for anyone and everyone that decides to join. We won’t just be a fed, but a community, a family.

If anyone has any questions about me, the fed, or just anything in general, never hesitate to PM me on the forum, DM me on Twitter, or whatever it may be. I’m always here to help and listen at all times. Granted I won’t always be on so it may take a little bit some time. With all that said, I’d like to get down to some business now!


I’m noticing a lot of different types of feds from being on Twitter and how a lot of you are accustomed to those types. Well, the type of fed I’m used to is a Scripted fed. The weekly/biweekly show is completely written out by the writing staff and winners are solely based on who the head writers of the shows think RPed better. For instance, say Joe is going against Tony and I, Jacob, am the head of the show. Both RPed very well, but I believe that Joe did better. Joe will win, but because Tony lost, doesn’t mean he’s out of the question for anything. There are still storylines in place for most of the roster, if not all in some cases. Sometimes the storyline will cause interferences, countouts, wins and losses, but roleplays still come in effect at all times. There are no limits on how many RP’s you post for your matches and no limits on a word count either. The rules of RP’s are posted under our “Rules & Regulations” topic if you have any questions regarding that.

Our weekly show is called, “Fallout”. It will take place on Saturdays. The RP deadline for Fallout will be Friday night at 11:59 PM EST. Cards will be posted Saturday nights after the show is up and a little time is given for people to read the show. Sometimes the card will give spoilers, so I like to give a little time in between just in case. The first Fallout card will be posted depending on how many and when people start to sign up. I’ve stated on Twitter that I would like to have 12-15 members to start. If we have more, that’s awesome. If not, we’ll make do with what we have for the time being. Spread the word to your friends, sign up yourself, whatever it takes. This place is headed straight for the top and I’d like each and every one of you to be a part of it.

As for the Championships… I got something awesome in store for you all! Currently, our Championships are as follows; XHW World Heavyweight Championship, XHW Legacy Championship, XHW Tag Team Championships, XHW Empresses Championship. These four are the only four we have currently and only ones we might have for some time depending on how things play out. I have something in store for each Championship, so let’s begin with the Empresses Championship.

Empresses Championship: If we have enough women sign up, I would like to throw them all in a cage to battle till the last one standing is crowned Champion. We call this a Rage In A Cage match. If someone is pinned or submitted, they are eliminated and the match continues until there’s one Empress left standing. Depending on how many women sign up, this could change, but for now that’s what I have planned. That could possibly happen on the first show.

Tag Team Championship: I’d like to use a concept Wulf actually mentioned… Tag Team Turmoil. It’s basically an elimination tag match, except when one team is eliminated, another team comes in. So, basically, a tag team gauntlet match until one team is left standing which will be crowned Champions. I would really like for this to happen, but it depends on how many tag teams we can get signed up! This is likely to happen on the first show.

Legacy and WHC: Thought about this for a while because I didn’t want to just do your typical tournament or your typical choose a couple superstars and throw them in the ring. This is what I decided… EVERYONE is able to contend for the Legacy Championship and the World Championship. Here’s how; EVERY match that takes place on the cards has a chance of so many points, or a chance to lose so many points. You win, you get 3 points. You lose, you lose 1 point, you draw, no points are gained nor lost. If it’s a tag team match, both the winners get 3 points, both the losers lose 1 point. Easy enough? This will begin on the first show and will continue until the week before the first FPV, Hell From Above. Which is subject to change depending on when we begin our first show. Both Championships will be on a certain interval level to contend for. FOR EXAMPLE, we’ll say the FPV is extended a week or two, which may happen anyways. That gives us 4-5 weeks of Fallout to get going for this. To contend for the Legacy Championship, you must accumulate 7-9 points. Whoever fits in that interval will automatically be contending for it at the FPV. 10 or more points will automatically put you in the World Championship match at the FPV. Everyone understand that? If not, feel free to ask me more about it.

That’s all I got for now. Everything official I will have written in script form so that everything starts to happen in character from this point forward as we get closer to being officially open. Everything here is still subject to change and if anything changes, updates will be posted immediately and everyone will be made aware. As of now, everything stated is sticking. Hopefully this draws your attention because me personally, I’m hella excited to begin this adventure with you all.

Until next time!
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MAJOR News Update!
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