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 The Chosen Champion (Michael Kelly/Adeline La Roux RP)

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Michael Kelly


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PostSubject: The Chosen Champion (Michael Kelly/Adeline La Roux RP)   Fri May 12, 2017 6:49 pm

*The lights dim down in the arena and the titantron turns on to show but a bright white screen. The white screen begins to fade leaving nothing but black. The letters “MK” pop up on the screen, leaving XHW fans scratching their heads in confusion to what those letters mean. The “MK” fades to black as we are greeted via camera with an extreme close-up of a man with a smirk on his face. To some independent wrestling fans, it is apparent who it is but to others they are left intrigued with the mystery as to who this man is. The camera pans out to this man in a black Giorgio Armani wool suit accompanied by a silver-haired woman who is in a black cold shoulder cashmere sweater dress. The two seem to be walking somewhere in a hurry backstage, as they are ignoring their surroundings (people and objects alike). The camera follows the two as they walk down a hall, the man turns to the camera man and mouths “off” towards him. He obliges and the footage goes fades to black. As people are left in confusion a theme unfamiliar to the XHW crowd begins to play.  *

*As the bass drops, the mysterious man bursts through curtains in his black suit. The man now not so mysterious is revealed through his titantron as the XWA/RWK mainstay and independent stud Michael Kelly. Michael stands on the stage donning a huge grin on his face. Soon after the woman from the backstage footage comes through the curtains. She plants a big kiss on Michael's cheek, as they hold hands and begin walking to the ring. Michael walks up the steel steps and holds the middle rope down for the beautiful woman accompanying him. He walks towards the other side of the ring and signals for a mic on the outside. A member of the camera crew hands Michael a mic, Michael takes it, and walks to the middle of the ring. *

Michael: Now first things first, I'd like to formally introduce myself. My name is Michael Kelly and this right here........ *looking at the woman beside him * This is Adeline La Roux. We've done many things in many different organizations but none of that matters at this very moment in time. What really matters is what our goal is, what were really here for.  Now we're here for one thing and one thing only.... But first, I'd like to thank the suits and the powers that be for allowing me to stand before you and say what needs to be said.

Michael: 'Ya see, I've always believed in earning what you want. That if you try your best, you'll eventually crash through that glass ceiling. Most importantly, what I truly and wholeheartedly believe is that to get what you want in life you have to go through anyone standing in the way of your prize, of your goals. In the way of your destiny.... And my destiny is exactly what led me here. See I've been all over the world in a ton of organizations for many different reasons. Some for competition, others for money, some to change the landscape... For the better of course. All of these things have led me into different paths that have shaped my destiny to what it is today. Now you have to be asking yourselves “so why did he come here? Was it for the money? The competition? Does he want to change this place?” The answer to all of those questions is a resounding no. The reason, the real reason that I have graced XHW with my presence is because it is time that I start looking to put some weight on my shoulder. It's time that I put some gold on this waist of mine. It's time that we have a chosen champion.

Michael: Starting tonight, you're all put on notice and as for the champions of this company, timer on your reign begins to tick. They say that believing is seeing, well I see some gold around and I believe that I'm coming for it. And when I set my goals on something, I stop at fulfill my destiny. I am a man with nothing to lose and everything to gain in this situation, I am a man who uses his hard work and dedication to expel the frauds and the weak from my presence, I...... am the chosen one and I am here to stay whether you like it or not.  For the record, if you're a champion out there you'd best not get too comfortable, for my destiny is to obtain gold and if anyone decides on trying to deter my destiny,  then they will flat on their face. The reason for that is because they will have a Date With Desti-knee.

Ta ta and goodnight! Addy do you have anything to leave these people with?

*Michael hands Adeline the microphone. *

Adeline: Au Revoir!

*Adeline throws the mic in the air and Michael's theme hits again. Michael holds the middle rope down for Adeline so she can exit the ring. The two hold hands and make their way up the ramp and through the curtain. *
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The Chosen Champion (Michael Kelly/Adeline La Roux RP)
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