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 Tales From Monmouth County III: Hell Is Near (For Our Opponents)

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Ashley Williams


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PostSubject: Tales From Monmouth County III: Hell Is Near (For Our Opponents)   Fri May 12, 2017 7:13 pm

Tales From Monmouth County III: Hell Is Near (For Our Opponents)

WARNING: Potentially R Rated Content, do not read if easily offended, or have the maturity of this writer


Walking back through the curtain into the gorilla position after a hellacious match with Wulf Erikson, Ashley once again had to fight off the urge to vomit all over the floor again. There was something about fighting the #flippy superstar that actually gave you vertigo and right now, that was exactly what she was experiencing. The fact remained though that she had done exactly what she said she was going to, beat him.

With 21 points now to her name, and contendership for the XHW Legacy Championship pretty much guaranteed, she smiled a little, grabbing a bottle of water off of a nearby table and made her way to one of the producers of the show. So, she would be teaming with Wulf the following week and their partner would be none other than her trainee and protégé, Angelica Vaughn.


The scene opens to show Ashley walking down one of the small streets in New Jersey. A cameraman follows her as she looks back from time to time, speaking to him as they get ready to film her opening promo. The sun is shining and this allows her to be wearing a strappy white top and what can only be described as denim hot pants. Her features break out into a smile as she begins speaking.

Ashley Williams
”Well, what did I tell you all when I debuted here a little under a month ago? I told you all that The Future of Female Wrestling was here to make a statement and so far, I have.

I told you all to watch me and see what I could do and thus far I think I have kept my promise. I have taken on everyone thrown at me and I have weathered those storms. I have gotten to the point where I have felt so sick after matches that I have nearly vomited, I have been laid out on medical tables and I have broken my fingers and it is all in the name of this sport. I told you all that I was here to put a stop to all the wannabe Barbie models who use this sport that I love, as a stepping stone to modelling contracts or porno shoots. Do you know why I do it? It’s because thirteen years ago, I was the girl who was always told “You’ll never do it, you may as well give up”. That wasn’t just about wrestling either, that was about cheerleading, getting a job, hell, someone even told me I’d never be an MMA fighter .”

She continued walking, taking a moment to flick her hair back out of her face, once again forgetting to bring a hair band. Too many hours on Skyrim had forced her to rush around earlier, causing her to forget some of the important things.

Ashley Williams
”I’m going to be a bit candid here and let you XHW Faithful into parts of my personal life that I wouldn’t normally divulge. I’m going to explain to you all about a fateful day that The Future of Female Wrestling was born. I remember it like it was just yesterday although it happened about twelve years ago, when I was still in school.”

Life for young Aislynn Marie Moore was pretty damn good. Her grades could have been a little better, but she was dating easily the hottest guy in the whole school and she was a cheerleader! She was quite literally living the American dream (If you were a dopey, vacuous teenage girl anyway, which Aislynn was). She never had to worry about money as her parents were stinking rich and it appeared that she was going to get into one of the prestigious colleges. However, her whole world was going to come crashing down.

For weeks, she’d been getting giggles thrown her way by people that she considered friends and she knew something was up but it was when the little whispers started that she really began to worry. She’d heard it all. “She was a lesbian”, “She couldn’t please her boyfriend and that’s why he was fucking Tiffany”. She’d even heard one preposterous rumor saying that she was a little bit “Teethy when giving a blowjob”. The fact that she’d not even had a cock near her mouth ever not withstanding, it was still upsetting to essentially be the butt of a joke that she didn’t even know the punchline to.

One day it had all hit boiling point when she finally saw it for herself and realized why she had been the butt of some cruel joke for weeks. Tiffany and Ashley’s boyfriend kissing! It wasn’t even like it was in a private place either, it was right in the middle of a crowd, the little slut even having her hand on his crotch as she did so. Aislynn did the walk of shame as people started laughing, Tiffany and Aislynn’s now ex laughing along with them. This of course caused a reaction in our favourite New Jersey native that she was not expecting at all. Anger. She’d expected to just curl up into a ball and hide herself away, however, all she felt was sheer rage. She’d had weeks of hearing little rumors and having snide comments shot her way, but this had just taken the cake and she felt her fists clench, almost against her own will. Then, the next few moments were a blur.

Seeing the claret streams down Tiffany’s nose and hearing the crunch of her nose bone as her fist impacted it filled Aislynn with a strange euphoria and she quickly realized that she couldn’t stop as another fist hit, this time connecting with the girl’s cheekbone. The scumbag boyfriend was now backpedaling as Aislynn advanced on him, making sure to give Tiffany a kick to the stomach as she did so.

His begging and pleading fell on deaf ears as Aislynn completely lost control and just aimed her foot straight toward the area she’d supposedly had trouble pleasuring. Of course, he had no time to get out of the way and her foot connected with his balls and he fell to the floor, screaming in a much higher pitch than he was known for. Aislynn, stood over him and punched him in the face once again, breaking another nose in the process. The crowd looked on in shock as she turned on them.

Aislynn Marie Moore
”You all happy now!?! Must be fucking nice to see the Queen Bee get taken down a peg or two huh?.”

It was then, as she came to the sick realization that her boyfriend had not only cheated on her, but with one of her friends as well. She was a social pariah around the school and more importantly, she was more than likely going to be suspended, or worse, expelled. That realization had finally forced the tears to come and she fell to her knees, some of the crowd now beginning to rush to her in a show of false sympathy.

Suffice to say, she had been suspended and her hope of a prestigious college were pretty much out of the window. However, she was no longer interested in cheering on a bunch of jocks as they chased a pigskin full of wind around a field. She was more interested in being one of those jocks!

Turning back toward the cameraman, Ashley gave a quick smile.

Ashley Williams
”I’m not proud of it but I did what I had to do. You cannot imagine what I felt I was going through. That feeling that the whole school saw you as some kind of fool. It turned out that it wasn’t anywhere near the whole school. But I felt like my life was over. Of course, kicking that bastard in his nuts helped me soon realize that my life had in fact, just begun, also, I broke a girls nose with my fist, pretty proud of that moment, now I think back.” She said with a faint smile and a slight giggle.

As they turned the nearest corner, she asked him to cut the recording, inviting him for a coffee at one of the local Starbucks, her way of saying thanks for him having to listen to all that drama.


A single spotlight. Sometimes a simple little effect like that could make or break a promo.

Ashley stood in one such spotlight, her home gym darkened and a microphone in her hand. The ropes barely visible as she walked around the ring, the spotlight following her every move. Raising the microphone to her black tinged lips, she spoke.

Ashley Williams
”I told you all that I was going to make an impact here and I told you what The Future of Female Wrestling was going to do. After all the bravado and all the claims, I lost my first match here. Since then, however, I have amassed twenty one points in the Bound For Gold Tournament and am in contention for the Legacy Championship. If I even get ONE pinfall in this match, I’m in contention for the World Championship! Of course, the match that I need that one pinfall in is against two of the toughest guys on the XHW roster….And Cosmo Cooper

See, I’ve heard all he has to say and I will be honest….I’m not impressed. He spits venom like it’s going out of style, he calls me a walking cliché because I actually RESPECT my opponents and I build them up as much as I do myself. Well don’t you worry Cosmo, I actually don’t even have the respect for you to even pretend. All I wanna do is cave your face in with my Unprettier. I seriously think that for a guy who needs to hold tights to get a pin, to call himself the greatest thing since sliced bread is an absolute joke! But it’s all good Cosmo because now you get in the ring with the ONLY wrestler that you FEAR! You’re scared of me Cosmo, like it or not! You sit there and make claims that you’re the only person worthy of that World Title but here’s the doozy, Cosmo. I don’t make claims, I make promises and you know it. Everything I have promised, I have done! I am the greatest female wrestler on this planet today! .”

The spotlight follows her as she perches herself on the top turnbuckle of her practice ring.

Ashley Williams
”It eats at you, doesn’t it? It eats at you that there is someone that stands across the ring from you this week and you’re not entirely sure that your little underhanded tactics are going to be enough. The worse thing is, not only do you have The Future standing opposite from you, you also have the greatest luchadore in this business, Wulf Erikson standing across the ring from you, you have a young lady who nearly won a match after having to be dragged to the ring by yours truly, all because she didn’t want to lose by forfeit. You have someone who is my damn tag team partner and is also the owner of the finest beard in this business. On your other side, you have a woman that could have kicked your ass and should have, had you once again not cheated! I’m not gonna lie here, but either one of them could easily turn on you, just to get you out of this damn match. To be honest, Cosmo, you’ve hardly made yourself popular, this could be a five on one handicap match by the end of this. But, who am I to say? It’s just a possibility.”

Ash twiddles her hair with a smile before jumping down from the turnbuckle, the spotlight following her as she walks into the center of the ring.

Ashley Williams
”You can sit there and make fun of me and my team all you like, Cosmo, but, when all is said and done, we will be the victors because the difference between your team and mine is the fact that I actually trust and respect my team, whereas you only have time for yourself. If I’m honest, I hope it’s Angelica that eliminates you, just so that young lady can say she put the supposed best in this business out of the match! I’ll promise you this though Cosmo, I get the chance and I’m taking it. Just so happens I’ve added a new move to my arsenal and it’s a Kimura Lock…..You damn right Cosmo, I’m looking at hurting you. Once I get that move applied, you have three choices. TAP, SNAP or NAP!”

With this, the lights come back on, the spotlight gone and Ashley making her way out of the ring, mumbling something about Logan being released in July and her disgust that it isn’t coming out any sooner.


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Tales From Monmouth County III: Hell Is Near (For Our Opponents)
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