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 Old house, old family - New house, new family

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Angelica Vaughn


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PostSubject: Old house, old family - New house, new family   Fri May 12, 2017 8:06 pm

Three months ago
Vancouver, Canada

“Angelica!” her father roared at the top of his lungs. The girl herself was caught off guard. She was lying on her bed, smartphone to the side, Nintendo 3DS in her hands, and nothing much else. Her little bedroom was plain and boring, with no such thing as posters on the walls, or flashy wallpaper or large mirrors, or any kind of entertainment. Such things were forbidden. The only thing that adorned her room, apart from her dresser and a desk for studying, was a large wooden cross that hung on the wall over her bed.

As fast as she could, and with a racing heart, Angelica stuffed her 3DS and phone under her pillow and reached for the Bible on her bedside table. She hopped on over to her desk, and opened a random page, pretending to be reading intensely as her father stormed into the room, almost ramming the door out of its hinges.
Richard Vaughn was a short, stubby man, with a head as bald as a cue ball, and a greying moustache so immense it could be used to mop the floor with if so desired. His head was red with anger, and the grey hairs of his moustache were shivering as he spoke, little drops of spittle flying forth from his mouth like missiles; all aimed at his daughter.

“You have some explaining to do, young lady!” he shouted as his wife, Angie’s mother, shuffled quietly into the room as well, looking at the floor, seemingly all flustered. Mrs. Vaughn was everything her husband wasn’t: tall, good-looking, long-legged and in good shape. Not that it showed in her baggy, conservative clothes…
“I’ve just been talking to some of the people at church, one of them said they’d heard from a friend that he’d seen you go to a wrestling show. A WRESTLING show!! A daughter of mine, watching barbaric heathens trying to inflict pain on their fellow man… I have tolerated your soccer games, but this I can’t abide! What do you have to say for yourself? Is this true?”

Angelica was at a loss for words. Mostly, because… yes, it was true. Angelica had been sneaking out of the house every Monday night for the last couple of months to go watch the local wrestling show, watching world-class athletes perform incredible feats of skill and bravery. One of them in particular always stood out to her. She never in a million years thought that people would recognize her and tell on her…

“I’ll take your silence as a confession,” her father continued, as Angelica just sat at her desk, speechless, and afraid of whatever consequences might follow. “In any case, you are severely grounded, young lady. Until you show remorse for your actions and swear off this shameful wrestling stuff! I am bolting your windows and locking your door from now on!”

This made Angelica panic. She HAD to go and watch wrestling, it was the only way she could be close to her! She rose up from her chair so quickly that it flew to the side.
“You can’t!” Angelica screamed hysterically. “You can’t forbid me, I need to go; I need to go and see her!”

Realizing that she had said too much, Angelica covered her mouth with her hands, but it was too late. Her father erupted into a frenzy.
“What do you mean, ‘her’? Don’t tell me that… What else have you been hiding from us??”
In his rage, Richard Vaughn began to open the drawers of her desk, and then her dresser, throwing out all the stuff on the ground, looking for any kind of items that might incriminate Angelica in any kind of ungodly activities. And Angelica gasped as he opened the bottom drawer of the dresser, as for sure he would find…
“Good Lord Almighty!” he shouted, before drawing a cross across his chest, and retrieving something hidden beneath a stack of clothes. He held up a Playboy magazine, an old edition dating from 2011, featuring the woman Angelica had come to admire so much. ‘Lucilla’ could clearly be seen on the front, showing off her assets as seductively as she could. Mr Vaughn held it between his thumb and index finger and dangled it in front of him, like it was a sheet of used toilet paper. “Blasphemous, sinful material in my house? From my daughter, no less? My own daughter, looking at women?”

“Not women, a woman!” Angelica interrupted, but her father kept on raging.

“My own daughter, a filthy degenerate lesbian?”

“I’m not a lesbian, dad!” Angelica shouted, and her father cocked his head in surprise.

“That’s not what this is saying!” He rattled the magazine. “No decent woman would ever look at this filth!”

“She is not filth!” Angelica felt herself becoming angrier and angrier. She wasn’t in love with the woman in the magazine, not even sexually attracted. She simply idolized and idolated her. Wanted to be like her. Wanted to BE her. Strong, powerful, smart, charismatic, sexy and successful. Everything that Angelica was not. Everything Angelica wanted to be. And her father wasn’t going to stop her from achieving that.
“Give it back to me!” She outstretched her hands, but her father shook his head.

“Absolutely out of the question! This is going on the fire, and you’ll be lucky if you don’t burn in hell for your sins either!”

“NO!” Angelica charged at her father as her mother looked on in horror. She ripped the magazine from his grubby little hands, and in the process hit him so hard that he got knocked down. She cradled the pieces of glossy paper like a newborn child, as her mother shrieked.

“My little Angie, what have you done!?”

Richard crawled back to his feet, muttering words he’d rather not utter in his god-fearing household. He used the dresser to get back to a vertical base, dusted off his trousers, and pointed at Angelica.
“You… you’re no daughter of mine! You have 20 minutes to pack your belongings. I want you out of this house of God! No blasphemers and sinners shall live under my roof!”


March 12th
Around 2 AM
Ashley Williams’ house

Angelica woke with a start, her heart beating so fast it felt like it wanted to escape her chest. It had been a while since she had dreamt about the day her parents had kicked her out of their house. It was an unpleasant memory, and one that plagued her still…

Had her mother not quickly given her some pocket money before watching how her father threw her out, Angelica wouldn’t have had any resources whatsoever to have survived out on the street those first few weeks. If not for her mother’s act of mercy, Angelica might’ve been forced into doing stuff she’d rather not even think about. And even then, she was still very much broke, and possessed almost nothing but the clothes on her back. Thank God for Ashley Williams…

After last week, Angelica had been hospitalized for a few days, and with bills stacking up, no place to go to, and a severe lack of winner’s purses, the Future of Female Wrestling had kindly invited her to stay over at her place, which Angelica had gladly accepted.

Ashley Williams’ house was a far cry from the inhospitable, uncomfortable and intimidating landscape that was her parental Vancouver home. It was so big it could almost be called a mansion, and even though Angelica didn’t know as much about Ash as she’d like, it was obvious the woman came from money. Not that it showed, Ashley had been nothing but kind, hospitable and gracious to Angelica, and on top of that, she was learning her the ropes in the wrestling world. She’d become a friend, and a mentor, in very short time.
Angelica wondered what she had done to deserve a friend like her, who would not only take her into her house, but also empower her and keep her safe. It almost felt too good to be true at times, even as Angelica sat in one of the guest bedrooms, trying to regain her emotional balance following her nightmare.

She got up out of bed, and heard the thunderstorm raging outside. A bright flash lit up the room and the thunder followed seconds later, like a bellow from God. Raindrops patted on the windows, and ran down their surfaces, making it look like the house was weeping. Angelica on the other hand, was quite happy; but she wasn’t going to be carefree forever. She had chosen the life of a wrestler, which meant that sooner or later, she’d have to get into the ring again. And it was fair to say that her career had been a disaster so far. Losing to Sapphire in her debut (despite not eating the pin), then a ouble count-out with Kaz Bonham, only to lose to her the week after that… Yes, it hadn’t been a great start to her career. But the losses weren’t that hard to deal with, since she was young, inexperienced, untrained, and it had impacted nobody but herself.

This week was different though. She was put in a 3-on-3 tag team bout, and she was going to team up with two of her best friends: Ash Williams and Wülf Erikson, both of whom had made her feel accepted, and gave her the confidence not to run back home and beg her father for forgiveness, but to continue on the path she had chosen. She was forever indebted to them, and that was precisely why this match had her so worried.

What if she cost them the match? What if her inexperience got her pinned straight away, and what if that impacted the match so badly that Ash and Wulf would fall to the numbers advantage? Would they blame her? Angelica didn’t want to find out, and also didn’t want to let Ash and Wulf down. She HAD to repay them for their kindness and confidence in her, and Angelica wanted to make sure that she wouldn’t impede the progress of either of them as they looked to become champions in XHW. But to do that, she had to be strong, and utilise every trick in the book that Ash had taught her. She owed them as much.

Angelica walked back over to the bed, which was damn more comfortable than any kind of bed she’d every slept in before. Last week had been hell, fighting off a rapist trucker, having to walk hundreds of miles, before finally collapsing in Jackson, and losing to Kaz Bonham. She’d been in excruciating pain for days, and just as she’d somewhat recovered from her hitchhike from hell, the training sessions with her mentor were putting the hurt on her. But as the old saying goes: ‘pain is just weakness leaving your body’. And she felt a lot less weak than she used to.

She pulled the sheets over her and closed her eyes. She had to remind herself that she was no longer the little girl she was who got kicked out of her house. She had friends, a wrestling family, and an actual future. Life, she had to remind herself, was good.


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Old house, old family - New house, new family
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