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 The Race Is On

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Kaz Bonham


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PostSubject: The Race Is On   Fri May 12, 2017 9:15 pm

Monday, May 15th - 1:54 AM

“That’s our girl right there! She kicked some Yankee ass!” Kaz’s father loudly proclaimed as she pulled up to the house, hooting and hollering in the middle of the night.

“Richard!” Her mother was quick to try and hush him.

Her father laughed, “Ah, forget them, Dee,” Putting his arm around his wife’s shoulder and pulling her in, “How many folks you know got their daughter whoopin’ on some hide?”

Kaz’s face was flushed with red, even though there was no one else out, she had no doubt the whole town heard her dad letting out his own rebel yell. She got out of her truck and took her bags from out of the bed before heading up to meet her parents. Her father was quick to go up to her and lift her up with a big hug.

“I’m so proud of you, baby girl!”

“Thanks, pa, but I think you’re crushin’ me!”

The dad strength was definitely there as his bear hug definitely caught Kaz by surprise. Her father picked up the bags she had dropped and started carrying them inside as she walked up to her mother. The moment she met eyes with her mother, there was that unforgiving glare that shook Kaz to her core. Though, it only existed for a few seconds before her mother broke way and gave her daughter a hug.

“I’m proud of you too, Kaz,” Her mother smiled at her, but it wasn’t long before it was replaced with a slight frown, “Just...don’t do what those boys did at the end of the show...I don’t think I could stand watchin’ you get beat up like that.”

“I know, ma, I ain’t a fan of that either...but if I do gotta do that, I’ll be careful.” It wasn’t the most reassuring statement and Kaz herself didn’t even put that much stock into it, but at least it was something to calm her mother. “But hey, at least all this wrestlin’ is keepin’ me out of the woods, right?”

Her mother chuckled, in a sense she was right. The schedule of having to go out of state to wrestle interrupted the time she had dedicated to camping out in the woods and, as she called it, “Hunting for Sasquatch”. Another hobby of her’s that her mother was constantly freaked out about. “What if you got eaten by a bear? Or lost in the woods”, her mother would yell at her. But now it was wrestling. Her mother still wasn’t sure which one was more over the top.

“Don't remind me...let’s just get you inside.”


It was nearly past 2 AM by the time everyone got inside and Kaz was able to another shower. She spent an hour talking with her father about the good ol’ days of Southern wrestling and the territories before they eventually went their own ways and headed to bed. Though a decent rest wasn’t in Kaz’s cards as her phone went off and she scrambled off her bed to reach it and answer it


“Kaz? Where the hell are you? You said you were gonna meet us at six!”

“What?” Still trying to piece everything together, it all started to slowly come together as she checked the time on her phone: 6:35AM. “Ah, crap...sorry, Lionel...I must’ve not heard my alarm, I’ll be there in a minute.”

“Alright, well, hurry up!” And the line went dead.

A short montage of getting dressed and packing up her gear, Kaz was out on the road and pulling through to some dirt roads before stopping nearby a few other trucks. She felt bad making everyone wait for her as she got out of her vehicle and took her bags, meeting up with the rest of the party.

“Girl, you’re a mess.”

“Ugh, Lionel, hush. I got in late last night.”

“Oh, right, cause of your ‘wrasslin’’, right?” He said tongue-in-cheek, causing Kaz to dig her elbow into his side.

“And I believe it’s actually pronounced, ‘wrestlin’’ for the record.” Her response caused Lionel to roll his eyes. “Y’all set up the campsite yet? I got the sleeping bags.”

Before Lionel could respond, Kaz was already tossing some of the sleeping bags at him and brushed past him, heading toward the sound of Hank Williams blaring in the wilderness. Upon arrival, it was a true sight to behold. Camo on everything from the tents to the clothing, a campfire rolling, and just about everything else you need to hunt for Bigfoot. A bit out of the way of Kaz’s training regime, but being out in the woods was like a third home to her. After actual home and the ring, of course.

“Sorry everyone! Lionel was holdin’ me up.” Kaz apologized to the other four “Bigfoot hunters” with the group.

But it’s not like anyone had any real issue with it. The sun had barely been up for an hour and it was evident everyone else was feeling just as sluggish as Kaz. Lionel eventually caught back up with Kaz and the two began handing out sleeping bags.

“Hey, good match, Kaz.”

“Aw, thanks, Shooter.” She smiled as she handed him his bag and then turned back, facing the majority of the hunters. “Alright, everyone, do whatever you gotta do...got nothin’, but time to kill.”

“Can you tell me why we’re here so early, Kaz, if we’ve just gotta kill a whole day?”

“You see, Lionel, huntin’ for Bigfoot...it’s a lot like wrestlin’.” She started explaining, but Lionel had already tuned out, pulling up his phone and playing some game on it. “You may not have a match ‘till later in the night, but ya don’t wanna go in without bein’ warmed up. Anything can happen, ya know? Just like bein’ out here.”

It was almost like a scene out of the countless sports movies she’s seen until she turned back to see Lionel on his phone.

“Have you even heard a word I said?”

“Huh? What? Oh, yeah, sorry, uh...yeah, something about wrestling Bigfoot.”

“Would you put that phone away before I break it?” Kaz reached out for it, but Lionel was quick to notice and step back. “Give me the phone!”

With the significant height difference, Lionel just held his phone high above Kaz’s head. Instead of making a fool of herself by trying to jump, she shot in for the double leg takedown and caught Lionel by surprise, snatching his phone from him.

“See?! Like Bigfoot huntin’, need to keep an eye out for anythin’ when you’re dealin’ with a grappler. Now,” Kaz got up, pocketing his phone in her coat pocket, “I need you on the top of your game here, Lionel, I got a match on Saturday and I can’t have no Bigfoot gettin’ the jump on me ‘cause you were starin’ at your phone.”

“Oh yeah, you got that pepper spray chick, right?”

“Something like that...yeah. Her and two others. Then I got these points I gotta win...you need to make the elimination to get any, but I got two guys on my team.” She sighed. “It’s a mess.”

Nodding his head, trying to understand the concept, but failing, Lionel just continues to nod, “Sounds like it. But, Kaz, I know you...you got this. Just do that thing you do where you rally everyone up and then go win it. Like the Mighty Ducks or something.”

“Yeah, but...it ain’t that easy.” Her shoulders slumped, “Adrien and Cass are gonna be fightin’ to get those points too. I dunno...I got a few days to figure it out, right? We’re out here lookin’ for the legend.”

Lionel just rolled his eyes; not completely convinced in the concept of Bigfoot, but Kaz definitely appreciated the support. Though, it wasn’t for long as Lionel nearly screamed at Kaz the moment she pulled out her own phone and started messing around with it.

“What’s that?! How come you get to keep your phone?!”

She laughed, shrugging her shoulders and looking at Lionel,

“Sometimes, ya gotta be selfish.”


“Oh boy, a tag team match! But, dudes, it’s not even just a normal tag team match. It’s a six-man tag team match! And I thought last week was gnarly. Now I got the opportunity to make some new friends, y’all, and win another match. That’s, like, the best of both worlds. Speakin’ of last week, I won! You don’t really want a record of one win and one draw, but...hey, I’ll take it! Unfortunately...I couldn’t quite have the match I really wanted due to Miss Vaughn havin’ to be carried to the ring, but I totes respect her for tryin’.”

“And shoot, this week’s Fallout? We got ourselves a chance to fix that! Rad, right? I mean, Angelica and me won’t be wrestlin’ each other, but she’ll at least be able to show everyone she’s back at full strength and that’s pretty sick, y’all. I even stitched together a fanny pack for her when I see her at the show! But Jacob and Adrien, don’t think I forgot about gettin’ my partners some fanny packs too! Also I figured since we don’t have an official name, like, I thought it’d be cool if we had one. I’m proposin’ the idea of...Team Unity!”

“Cause we’re, like, all rad and I’m sure we’re goin’ to become the best of friends and yeah...it’s gonna be gnarly. Matching fanny packs and a cool name? Sign me up! And even if it’s just for one night, we’re gonna make it a night to remember. Even if it wasn’t exactly the kind of win I wanted...I won in Tennessee! I made everyone home proud of me and Trixie, Matt, and Tiffany...I ain’t plannin’ on lettin’ anyone down this week. The Kaz Roller Bladin’ Express ain’t gonna stop! We’ve only just begun and we’re gonna keep on rollin’ through Fallout all the way to Hell From Above!”

“See, I’m not one to brag all that often, but...I like our chances. Adrien and I won last week...Jacob didn’t, but, hey, it wasn’t for a lack of tryin’ though. Trixie did great last week, Matt fell short, and I haven’t seen Tiffany wrestle yet. For those keepin’ track at home, that’s two wins for us and one win for them. Granted, like, anything can happen in a match, but we got momentum on our side. Adrien and I got the opportunity to get that Legacy Championship in our sights. And I know Trixie is hot on our heels, she’s gonna want it just as bad as us.”

“But this these kind of matches, you either live by the team or, like, you get totally wiped out by the team. It’s all about us workin’ together and sure, I ain’t gonna lie, I’m not the biggest fan of how Jacob and Adrien carry themselves, but it ain’t all that bad, right? Like, it gives us a little bit of an edge. And I’ll be there to rein everyone back in when it’s startin’ to get a bit hectic. I’ve seen enough movies to know when everyone starts gettin’ all wild, someone’s gotta come in and get them focused. I don’t have a problem with it, if y’all don’t have a problem with it.”

“We all want the same goal at Fallout and that’s to, like, win. I’m sure it won’t be pretty, but wrestlin’ ain’t meant to be pretty. I’m sure we’re gonna have some bumps and bruises along the way, but I know if we just keep our heads in the game...we got this one. We’ll all be one match closer to the Legacy Championship and there’d be nothin’ sweeter than gettin’ to, like, wrestle against my teammates and hopefully new friends! So let’s get it, boys! All the Bonham Care Bears in ‘Bama are gonna be on their feet and I’m not gonna let them down!”

“Trixie, bring your pepper spray. Bring whatever you need to win cause we ain’t gonna take it easy. I’m all about makin’ friends, but I’m also here to wrestle and to succeed. And while I imagine that pepper spray is actually very, very, totally painful...I’m gonna wrestle right through it. You can cheat and do whatever you want, but know I’m all about graps and that’s all I’m gonna do. I just hope you can hang with me, girlfriend.”

“Same goes toward Matt. He lost last week and he’s gonna be gearin’ up to make a bounce back. That’s the type of fire where you can lose every match for a month, but all it takes is just one win and, like, you’re on top of the world. That’s what Angel is gonna be fightin’ for. And as much as it pains me to see someone at a misfortune...we’re gonna be ready for that fight. At least I’ll be ready for that fight. And if I gotta...I’ll take you down to the mat too, Matt. No hard feelings though.”

“I don’t have a whole lot of knowledge when it comes to Tiffany Sinclair, but she’s into cosplay and that’s tubular! If you came out dressed as, like, Bigfoot or something...shoot...I might have to let y’all win. Though, kind of like Angel, you’re gonna want to come out and make your name. And it pains me to say...I can’t let you do that, dude. That, like, really hurts me to say and it makes me sound selfish, but that’s what graps are all about, right? Gotta be selfish every now and again if you wanna succeed.”

“With Hell From Above not that far out...I gotta be selfish, y’all. It’s heavy stuff, I know. But I know if you just keep workin’ hard, you’re gonna earn somethin’ great. Even if I don’t win at Fallout, I’m gonna keep workin’ hard. And if Trixie and all them don’t win, if they keep workin’ hard, we’ll meet again and I sure as heck would love that. This Fallout is all about tag team graps and it’s gonna be a battle. There ain’t much left to say now I reckon. Just gotta gear up and go out there and wrestle.”

“So let me say this: The Graps Goddess is ready! Are y’all?!”
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The Race Is On
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