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 On Sapphie, Dougie, and the Pooper

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Angelica Vaughn


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PostSubject: On Sapphie, Dougie, and the Pooper   Fri May 12, 2017 10:04 pm

Fallout in Birmingham, Alabama
Immediately following Brandon Siomas & Kristian Bane vs. Logan Burgess & Stephen Sword III

After a great first match, the camera cuts to the backstage area, where Christi Byrd can be seen, in stand-up position. The red-headed announcer has a bright smile on her face. She’s obviously very happy to be there, doing what she does best and loves most: interviewing the hell out of people!

Christi: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time… She opened quite a few eyes last week after her valiant effort against Kaz Bonham… Angelica Vaughn!

The camera zooms out and pans to the right slightly, revealing the young rookie wrestler. She’s in her usual attire, her hair braided up, pink lipstick on, glitter around her eyes, and fake blood running up from her throat down to the neck, arms and chest. She manages a nervous smile, with her eyes flashing from Christy to the camera, and back and forth. Christi notices, and gently puts a hand on her shoulder. There is no trace of Angelica’s tag team partners for the night, as this interview slot was specifically meant for Angie.

Christi: Angelica, last week you stunned the XHW crowd, by starting your match after being CARRIED to the ring by Ashley Williams. Now, you have told us that you’d not like to disclose the how’s and why’s of the state you were in last week, but I have to ask… why even start that match to begin with?

Angelica nodded slightly, as if she had expected the question. Her face was rather emotionless; her smile had disappeared, but she didn’t look angry. ‘Contemplative’ might be the best word to describe it.

Angelica: Look, Christi, there is a reason I chose this particular path. There is a reason I wanted to become a wrestler and prove myself in the eyes of those I look up to. And not showing up to a match is the worst thing you can do to make that happen. I wanted to face Kaz, no matter what shape I was in, so that even if I did go down, I’d go down fighting. That’s all there is to it, really. And yes, I was in pretty rough shape, and Kaz took advantage of that. But those are the rules of the game. I have accepted my defeat to her, and I can only vow to learn from it and  become better!

Christi: It’s admirable that you think so. Speaking of becoming better, you are teaming up with your mentor Ashley WIllias tonight, as well as Wülf Erikson. Now, much has been said about your partnership with those two, so let’s focus on your opponents instead. Let’s start off with Sapphire, you’ve been in the ring with her before…

Angelica nodded again, and spoke up.

Angelica: Sapphire? I love Sapphie! She is great, and mean and scary, but all in a good way! She’s the kind of  person who could break me in half, and have one hand tied behind her back, and do it with a smile on her face. I know she likes me though, even though she pretends she doesn’t care much. However, like me though she may, she will undoubtedly look to hit me very hard and pin me. She’s smart, she knows I’m the weakest link in this match and her best shot at getting some points on the board. Is that terrifying? Absolutely, because she’s huge and strong. However…

Angelica ponders for a moment, and then shakes her head.

Angelica: Nope. I got nothing. No ‘howevers’. Sapphire is freakishly good. Good thing Ash taught me a trick or two. Usually my preferred strategy would be to ‘run away’, but I will do my best, count on it!

Christi: Oooookaaay, so let’s move on to the man who has gathered quite the following as of late: Douglas Armatage! Known as the Beardfather, you two seem to be getting along quite well, aren’t you?

Angelica nodded enthusiastically.

Angelica: Oh yes! I like Dougie. He’s kind to me, and he always makes me laugh, and he has such a great personality that his beard might not even be the best thing about him! But unfortunately, I’ll have to forget about all of that tonight. I can’t look at him as my friend or big brother, I can’t look at him as the man who has done nothing but right by me, I can’t look at him as the man I wish nothing but the best for. No, I’ll have to try my best to put him down. And if that means grabbing him by his wonderful beard, stuffing it into his mouth and choking him out with it, then I will do it. I won’t like it, but I’ll do it. It’s the name of the game, I’m sure he understands. No hard feelings, right? That said, I don’t expect any mercy from him. He seems like a professional, ready to do what’s necessary. I’ve no delusions, I don’t expect him to take it easy on me,  and I wouldn’t want him to either. It’s the only way I’ll learn!

Christi: And then that takes us to Cosmo Cooper, who arguably has the best track record here in XHW. He’s been nothing short of impressive during his time here.

Angelica shrugged.

Angelica: Ehh.. I don’t know. I think he’s weird. I mean, he’s got cute pets and all, but that doesn’t mean I particularly like him, or anything. I mean, Cosmic Pooper is a weird name for a superhero or villain, but..

Christi: It’s ‘Cosmo Cooper’. ‘Cosmo. Cooper.’

Angelica: Yeah, that’s what I said. Keep up, Christi. Now, Cosmic Pooper may think he’s a starshit trooper, soaring high above the rest of us, but in truth, he’s a filthy cheating good-for-nothing idiot who is keeping my mentor from claiming he rightful place at the top of the mountain! If I manage to pin Cosmic Pooper tonight,…

Christi: Cosmo. Cooper.

Angelica: Right… If I manage to pin him tonight, or even choke him out, I am dedicating that one to my tag partners: Wulfie, who got screwed over by him, and Ashley, who can then overtake him on the points list! And also a bit to Sapphire, who was also a victim of his blatant cheating. Pooper…

Christi: Cooper…

Angelica: Yeah, him. He isn’t the kind of guy I wanna see on top, let alone hold the belt. Not when it should be around the waist of either Ashley or Wulfie…

Angelica ponders again for a moment.

Angelica: Hey, I was just thinking! If I manage to choke out Dougie, Pooper AND Sapphire tonight, I will have 30 points, meaning I will be in contention for the XHW Championship! Imagine if…

Angelica’s eyes start getting glazy, before she violently shakes her head, and returns back to the real world.

Angelica: No, I shouldn’t be thinking about that just yet. First, I gotta focus on winning this match, contributing to it, and not falling behind. It’ll be hard to keep up with those two amazing partners of mine, but one thing is for certain: I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I know a thing or two about loyalty and friendship. Together, we will prevail!

Christi: I think that’s just about all we have time for. Thank you for your time, Angelica, and good luck!

And after those words, the camera cuts back to the ringside area.

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On Sapphie, Dougie, and the Pooper
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