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 5/13/17 Fallout Results

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Jacob Steele

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PostSubject: 5/13/17 Fallout Results   Mon May 15, 2017 3:15 am

A recap of last week’s Fallout begins to play, showing highlights from every match and any other highlight throughout the night.

The cameras turn on to unveil the inside of the Bill Harris Arena in Birmingham, Alabama where the SOLD OUT crowd is on their feet. Fans are holding up signs of their favorite XHW Superstars, pyro is going off on the stage, the crowd is electric and the announcers are on their feet also. After the camera circles around the arena, it zooms in on Vincent Price and Chris Walker at ringside.


The crowd continues to cheer and starts chanting, “XHW!”

Chris Walker: This is awesome! We’ve made it farther than most people thought already and we have no signs of going anywhere but up! There have been some rumors in the back about XHW possibly expanding after selling out every arena since our debut show and also with the growth of the Roster, Jacob Steele and company have been in talks about what’s next with that.

Vincent Price: Adding to that, it’s also rumored that it could even take place as soon as after Hell From Above! We’re not sure if this means we’re going straight to the HUGE arenas, but maybe a bit bigger than the ones we’ve been in. We have had an amazing time in the arenas we have been in and let’s give a shoutout to Spike TV for airing us each and every week!

Chris Walker: Look at how far we’ve come since the beginning and all the time in the world we have left. XHW has truly cemented its mark in this industry and honestly, there isn’t a place I’d rather be than right here at the Bill Harris Arena right now JUST ONE WEEK AWAY FROM HELL FROM ABOVE!

Vincent Price: Me either, brother. The crowd is ecstatic, we’re ecstatic, and this card we have for everyone tonight is just something for the ages.

Chris Walker: That’s right. Last week Tyler Chambers announced that this week would be labeled as “Tag Team Hell” and that’s just exactly what we’re getting tonight.

Vincent Price: To start us out, newcomer Brandon Siomas will team with the mighty Kristian Bane as they go against another newcomer in Logan Burgess and the Submission Specialist, Stephen Sword III in an Elimination Tag Team Match!

Chris Walker: Don’t forget to mention that tonight we begin XTREME RULES! That’s right, no countouts, no disqualification, it’s just going to be straight hell!

Vincent Price: That’s what we want to see! Every elimination tonight will either be worth seven points if it’s a pinfall or ten points if it’s a submission elimination. Tonight, these Superstars will put everything on the line to enter one of two Championship Matches at Hell From Above; Legacy Championship or the World Championship.

Chris Walker: Twenty points will put you in the Legacy Championship Match and twenty-five points will put you in the World Championship Match. We already have one participant in the World Championship Match… COSMO COOPER!

Vincent Price: We also have one participant in the Legacy Championship Match unless she’s able to pull off AT LEAST one pinfall or submission elimination tonight… ASHLEY WILLIAMS!

Chris Walker: Cosmo still is the holder of the XHW Medal of Honor, so whatever happens tonight going into Hell From Above, he still is the #1 Contender for whichever Title he wants.

Vincent Price: A lot is on the line tonight as we head into the FINAL Fallout before we go to Asheville, NC for Hell From Above! Let’s get right into the action… A.J. RICHARDS… TAKE IT AWAY!

The camera cuts from ringside to the ring where A.J. RIchards is standing by with a mic in hand.

A.J. Richards: This match is a TAG TEAM ELIMINATION MATCH! Introducing first…

“Cradle To The Grave” by Five Finger Death Punch begins to play. Kristian Bane walks out onto the stage in his ring gear. He makes his way to the ring.

A.J. Richards: Weighing in at two hundred and eighty five pounds… From Los Angeles, California… KRISTIANNN BANNNEEEE!!!

“Wretches and Kings” by Linkin Park begins to play.

A.J. Richards: And his partner…

The lights start to flicker a variation of green, black and yellow colors. Brandon Siomas emerges, interacting with his fan base on the way to the ring. Once in the ring he poses for the fans one more time and throws his signature shirt to the audience.

A.J. Richards: Weighing in at two hundred and seventeen pounds… From Sydney, Australia… “The Enigmatic Creature”... BRANDONNN SIOOOMMASSSS!!!

“Wretches and Kings” gets interrupted by “Hands Like Houses” by Colourblind.

A.J. Richards: And their opponent…

Stephen Sword III walks out onto the stage and makes his way to the ring.

A.J. Richards: Weighing in at two hundred and four pounds… From Liverpool, EN, UK… “The Submission Specialist”... STEPHHEENNN SWORRRDDD III!!!!

“Hands Like Houses” fades out and “Centuries/Rise (Mashup)” by Fall Out Boy and Skillet begins to play.

A.J. Richards: And his opponent…

Logan Burgess walks out onto the stage then makes his way down to the ring.

A.J. Richards: Weighing in at one hundred and seventy four pounds… From Chicago, Illinois… LOGGANNNN BURRGEESSSS!!!


Vincent Price: That's the bell to start the match and it looks like Bane and Sword are going to start this match for their respective teams.

Chris Walker: The thing about this, is they may start out as teams, but they will finish as individuals.

Vincent Price: Good point, Chris! OH! It looks like the beast, Bane, is not wasting time and hits Sword with a huge clothesline right off the bat turning the man inside. Bane grabs Sword by the head and lifts him to his feet.

Chris Walker: Look at that strength from Bane as he lifts Sword into a standing suplex and holds him up there before slamming him into the mat. The power from that man is just incredible, but here he makes his first mistake and starts flexing for the crowd and Sword is slowly using the ropes to get to his feet. Bane turns and charges at Sword again who pulls the top rope down, sending Bane flying over it to the hard floor below.

Crowd: HOLY SHIT!!!

Vincent Price: Did you see how Bane landed there? I think he may have hurt his shoulder. Stephen however seems to be trying to catch his breath.

Chris Walker: I am not sure if this is wise, but Stephen rolls out of the ring and struggles to pull Bane to his feet and then slides him into the ring. Maybe he just wants the extra points needed for a pin or submission to move up the standings in the Gold Bound Series!

Vincent Price: I could see that, but as he slides into the ring, Bane has gotten to his feet and drives his knee right into the side of Swords head knocking the man back to the mat. It’s amazing the size of that man and he can move pretty quick as well.


Chris Walker: It looks like Kristian Bane was going to try and finish Stephen Sword off but he stumbles a little and grabs his head. I think that tumble outside the ring took more out of the big man then he expected. He wobbles over to his corner and tags in Brandon Siomas, if that's not a sign he isn't in his right mind. Brandon jumps into the ring and heads right for Sword and starts putting the boots to him. He lifts him to his feet and whips him into the corner then charges from the other side and jumps nailing Sword with a flying knee lift.

Vincent Price: What a vicious knee strike there and Stephen is on the mat! Brandon quickly mounts the turnbuckle and LOOKS LIKE HE IS GOING FOR THE PROJECT CONCLUSION! HE NAILS IT! But why isn’t he going for the pin?? He looks down at Stephen and grabs him by the leg… SINGLE LEG BOSTON CRAB! HE’S GOT IT LOCKED IN! HE’S GOING FOR THE SUBMISSION TO GAIN AS MANY POINTS AS POSSIBLE… WILL HE GET IT?? STEPHEN IS INCHING TOWARDS THE ROPES… HE’S ALMOST THERE… BUT BRANDON PULLS HIM BACK!! THE SUBMISSION SPECIALIST TAPS OUT! STEPHEN TAPPED!

A.J. Richards: Stephen Sword III has been eliminated via submission by Brandon Siomas!

Chris Walker: That's the first win of the night and Brandon making him tap out has to be huge. Logan wastes no time and nails Brandon as he celebrates his win with a huge forearm to the back of his head. The two men trade punches but Logan pushes Brandon into the corner where he delivers a couple knees to his midsection. Logan then whips him across the ring to the opposite turnbuckle.

Vincent Price: That is the corner where Bane is and he tags himself in! Logan misses it and as he charges the corner, Bane shows his agility by jumping over the rope and goes to clothesline Logan! OH! He ducks and then jumps onto the turnbuckle, flips, and delivers a flying kick to the back of Bane’s head. Bane falls straight to the mat! Immediately, Logan turns his attention to stalking Bane who’s on all fours getting to his feet… NIGHT FLASH!! THE PUNT KICK CONNECTS! LOGAN GOES FOR THE COVER!

Ref: ONEEE!!



A.J. Richards: Kristian Bane has been eliminated via pinfall by Logan Burgess!

Chris Walker: That is the second win of the night in this first match which leaves us with Brandon Siomas and Logan Burgess trying for the final win and the points for the night. I have to say so far this has been a faced paced first match.

Vincent Price: Logan and Brandon square up in the middle of the ring looking like they are having a little back and forth as they press their foreheads against each other each. Trying to push the other around, Brandon takes the first swing and the two start trading punches in the middle of the ring. Neither one of this guys is giving an inch as they fight to earn more points in this fight for gold.

Chris Walker: Brandon uses the momentum of one of Logan's punches, spins around and hits a lariat clothesline. He picks Logan up and hits a spinebuster! Brandon is quick to his feet and goes to hit a standing moonsault but Logan gets his knees up and BRANDON LANDS RIGHT ON HIS KNEES! Brandon holds his stomach, writhing in pain on the mat. Logan climbs to his feet and goes to hit a leg drop but Brandon is able to roll out of the way!

Vincent Price: What a great back and forth so far between these two and it looks like Brandon is ready to finish this. He rebounds off the ropes! Logan sits on the mat and he delivers a drop kick to his face. Quickly getting to his feet, Brandon uses the second rope and hits a lionsault on Logan while he is down. Brandon again gets to his feet and climbs the corner turnbuckle. Looks like he is going for the Project Conclusion! HE FLIES THROUGH THE AIR… IT CONNECTS! THE SECOND PROJECT CONCLUSION!!



Vincent Price: Brandon goes for the pin as the ref moves into place.

Ref: ONEE!!




“Wretches and Kings” by Linkin Park begins to play as Brandon holds his arms up celebrating the victory.

A.J. Richards: And your winners… The team of Brandon Siomas and Kristian Bane!

Suddenly, he looks disappointed.

Vincent Price: Why is he disappointed? The dude just took out both of his opponents.

Chris Walker: Oh… He just realized he needed a submission victory over Logan in order to gain the twenty points needed for the Legacy Championship match at Hell From Above!

Vincent Price: A valiant effort overall and I’m sure that was noticed enough to show he is a contender or at least in the race to be!

Chris Walker: Time will tell as we continue through the night! I’m excited to see who’s all going to be in the Championship Matches as we look to crown our firsts!

Vincent Price: The rest of the night we have in front of us still and now it’s about that time where you start to see tempers flare and the roster do whatever it takes to make it to Hell From Above in a Championship match!

The cameras cut to the backstage area, prompting a cheer as they see Sapphire walking down the hall, stretching out her neck as she goes. The cheers turn quickly to boos when Gold Bound leader and Medal of Honor owner Cosmo Cooper suddenly appears on screen, walking towards her. Sapphire rolls her eyes as he stops in front of her, a smug grin on his face.

Sapphire: Here to gloat some more?

Cosmo Cooper: No, I’m just here to make sure you understand what’s at stake tonight. I am going to make sure that I move into that XHW title match, and nobody...Friend or foe is going to stand in my way.

Sapphire rolls her eyes again.

Sapphire: You could stand on the apron all night and move into the title match. Strange you’d forget, you made such a big point about that earlier this week. You know, when you weren’t slandering everyone in sight.

The smugness remained as Cosmo looked over his shoulder with a grin.

Cosmo Cooper: Yeah, you got a point...I just wanted to hear you say it.

Sapphire: Then hear this: I will be in that match too. And if you’re as smart as you think you are, you’ll be the one to stand on the apron and stay out of the way.

Cosmo pondered her statement a moment before he shrugged it off.

Cosmo Cooper: Ha! Yeah! Like I couldn’t beat all three of those jokers and keep all the points for myself. Then I’d be the only one eligible and just be crowned champion, like I deserve. Get real.

Cosmo moves to walk away, but Sapphire holds out a hand to stop him, planting it on his shoulder and physically stopping him. A fire flashes quickly in his eyes before Sapphire leans in and stage-whispers, her own intensity burning in her eyes.

Sapphire: Shut up a minute and listen. Everyone in this match, including me, wants your head on a plate, but we also need points. If you can stop being an insufferable douchecanoe for the next twenty minutes and play for the team, you might leave this city in one piece. Do you think your almighty self is capable of that?

The cocky smirk faded for a moment, Cosmo began to do the math in his head. As good as he thought he was, 5-1 odds...Weren’t that great for him. Cosmo turned and looked back to Sapphire with a more serious look. Finally his body language changed as he turned toward her.

Cosmo Cooper: Well...You have a point. Fine. If you watch my back, I’ll watch yours. But I’m sure as hell not trusting this bearded dude. I’m going to be shocked if he can find the ring without sign-posts telling him where to go.

She doesn’t seem too thrilled about the continued downtalking, but she doesn’t have any love to lose for Douglas, nor does she have time to argue. After a moment of thought, she nods, and there’s a slight boo from the crowd. It’s not clear whether she hears it.

Sapphire: Deal. Now I’m going to go finish getting ready before you give me a reason to change my mind.

Almost like a switch flipping, Cosmo flashed another one of his shit eating grins.

Cosmo Cooper: Ha! Don’t worry about it I--We got this. Shake on it?

Cosmo extended his hand. Sapphire looks down at it for a long moment, the crowd starting to buzz. Then she shakes it, and even though she doesn’t have a smile on her face, the crowd still boos. But before Cosmo can get away, she tightens her grip and pulls him close.

Sapphire: See you at Hell From Above, “champ.”

Wincing at the grip, Cosmo looked worried a moment before Sapphire let go of his hand, he stared her down until she turned her back to walk away and then he waved his hand trying to get the feeling back in his fingers.

A Hell From Above ad begins to play, promoting the XHW World Championship and the XHW Legacy Championship!

The scene fades in showing the backstage area. You see Kristian Bane walking and he’s heading towards his locker room. Kristian looks furious after losing his match earlier in the night. Matt Angel is seen walking towards Kristian, but isn’t paying any attention. Kristian purposely runs into him, knocking Matt into the wall and hitting his head.

Kristian Bane: Pay fucking attention to where you’re going next time.

Matt Angel: You’re the one that ran into me. Just because I wasn’t looking, doesn’t mean I wasn’t paying attention.

Kristian Bane: Excuse me? Do you know who you’re talking to?

Matt Angel: Yeah, some jacked up dude who thinks he’s hot shit because he’s in the gym all day.

Kristian instantly gets into Matt’s face.

Kristian Bane: I can rip you in half if I wanted to right this minute. I don’t know what gives you the right to talk to me like this, but if you want to go we’ll do this right now.

Matt Angel: Actually…

Matt ducks under Kristian and begins to walk away from him.

Matt Angel: I have a match to get ready for. Some of us actually have the capability to make it to a Championship Match at Hell From Above. Others… well… not so much.

Matt continues to walk away and Kristian looks around, clenching his fists. He knocks everything off a table near him, picks the table up, and throws it across the hall, breaking a few things in the process. He then walks towards the camera, pushing the cameraman away.

The cameras switch to the arena, where we circle around showing the SOLD OUT crowd in attendance in Birmingham, Alabama. The camera then zooms in on the ring where A.J. Richards is standing by with a mic in hand.


A.J. Richards: This match is a TRIOS ELIMINATION MATCH! The only way to win is by eliminating all your opponents by pinfall or submission in the ring! Introducing first… The team of Jacob Cass, Adrien Pierce, and Kaz Bonham!

A mixup of “Immortal” by Adam to Eve, “The Black Ones” by Abdullah, and “Still of the Night” by Whitesnake begins to play as Jacob Cass, Adrien Pierce, and Kaz Bonham all walk out at separate times and make their way to the ring. They all keep a safe distance from each other, Kaz more just celebrating and interacting with the crowd.

Vincent Price: A lot of talent in this match and each team is looking to gain the points they need in order to contend for one of the two Championships at Hell From Above!

Chris Walker: I think we’ll definitely see at least one of these six in this match make it that far.

Vincent Price: Guess we’ll just have to see.

As that mixup fades, another mixup of “I Will Show You” by From Ashes To New, “Take It Off” by The Donnas, and “Bangarang” by Skrillex ft. Sirah begins to play. Matt Angel, Trixie, and Tiffany Sinclair all walk out to the ring together, all interacting with the fans and not worrying about each other.

A.J. Richards: And their opponents… The team of Matt Angel, Trixie, and Tiffany Sinclair!

Vincent Price: You got to admire the fact that these three aren’t worried about each other, but putting on a show for the fans.

Chris Walker: That may be the case now, but when the match starts, they’ll definitely start to worry.

Vincent Price: Here we go! RING THE BELL!

A lot of arguing starts to take place in the ring, trying to figure out who will be the first two in the match. Adrien looks to have his feet planted in the ring and shows no signs of moving. Jacob Cass and Kaz Bonham step outside the ropes and Matt Angel tells Trixie and Tiffany he’ll start it out for them.


Vincent Price: The bell has sounded and Adrien Pierce and Matt Angel will be starting us out in this Trios Elimination Match! Matt holds his hand out, looking for a test of strength. Adrien holds his hand out and they lock fingers. They both hold their other hands out, but before they lock up, Adrien kicks Matt in the gut and then grabs a hold of his head in headlock position! He’s walking him towards the ropes, but Matt shoves him off and Adrien runs against the ropes. OH MAN! PELE KICK STRAIGHT TO ADRIEN’S FACE! ADRIEN FALLS BETWEEN THE ROPES AND LAYS RIGHT ON THE SIDE OF THE RING. Matt looks at him and runs against the ropes behind him… BASEBALL SLIDE ONTO ADRIEN! ADRIEN IS SENT INTO THE BARRICADE! This is not looking good for him already!

Chris Walker: No one really seems to be moving, just letting Matt and Adrien go at it. That’s pretty smart, saves their energy for when it matters. Matt is still in the ring and goes to run against the ropes again… He’s got his eyes locked on Adrien who’s back to his feet… SPRINGBOARD CROSS BODY!! WAIT NO ADRIEN MOVES OUT OF THE WAY AND MATT HITS THE FLOOR! THAT’S JUST WHAT ADRIEN NEEDS RIGHT NOW! He gathers himself for a second, then pulls Matt up to a vertical base. Looks like he’s about to whip him right into those steel steps… HE DOES! NO! MATT JUMPS ON TOP OF THE STEPS AND OH A BACKFLIP KICK TO ADRIEN’S HEAD SENDS ADRIEN TO THE GROUND THIS TIME!

Vincent Price: Matt gets up and pulls Adrien up. He rolls him into the ring then climbs to outside the apron where he’s looking Adrien who’s on all fours right now, getting back to his feet… SPRINGBOARD LEG DROP SENDING ADRIEN’S FACE RIGHT INTO THE MAT! HE GOES FOR THE COVER!

Ref: ONEE!!!


Vincent Price: Matt picks up Adrien now and whips him into the corner turnbuckle. He runs at him and monkey flips him to the middle of the ring! Matt is getting up to the top rope now! What's he looking for? Adrien is up to his feet and sees Matt above him… ADRIEN RUNS AT THE ROPES! HE JUMPS TO THE TOP WITH MATT… OH! MY! GOD! PERFECT SHOT OFF THE TOP ROPE! THE SPINNING COMPLETE SHOT OFF THE TOP TURNBUCKLE DRILLS MATT STRAIGHT INTO THE MAT! THIS COULD BE IT! HE GOES FOR THE COVER!

Ref: ONEEE!!!



A.J. Richards: Matt Angel has been eliminated via pinfall!

Chris Walker: Adrien Pierce now has fourteen points towards the Series and is one pinfall away from securing a spot in the Legacy Championship Match! Trixie and Tiffany have Jacob and Kaz knocked out at ringside and both get inside the ring, Adrien watching them closely. ADRIEN CLOTHESLINES THEM BOTH! NO THEY BOTH DUCKED AND RUN AGAINST THE ROPES! ADRIEN TURNS AROUND… DOUBLE DROPKICK SENDING ADRIEN TO THE OUTSIDE!

Vincent Price: Tiffany and Trixie look at each other and then they both go to the top ropes! Kaz, Jacob, and Adrien are all outside getting back to their feet… they wait patiently… DOUBLE SPLASH ONTO ALL THREE! EVERYONE IS OUTSIDE AND HURT IN SOME FORM!


Chris Walker: The fans are on their feet, we're on our feet and they're right… THIS IS AWESOME!! Looks like we're getting Tiffany as the legal person now as she's rolling Adrien back into the ring! She slides in right after and delivers a couple elbow drops before going for the pin!

Ref: ONEE!!!


Vincent Price: Trixie breaks up the pin! Jacob Cass and Kaz Bonham get back up to the side of the ropes and just watch the ring, holding their chests. That was smart by Trixie if she’s wanting to gain some points for the Series! Trixie steps back to the outside of the ropes! Tiffany looks upset and frustrated at Trixie, but she just shrugs it off. She turns around to Adrien who has made the tag to Kaz Bonham and she comes running in with a clothesline! Tiffany gets back to her feet and Kaz connects a dropkick, sending Tiffany into a seated position in the corner! Kaz backs up a little bit and then runs at her again! OH A RUNNING REVERSE ELBOW TO TIFFANY’S FACE! Kaz is standing right above her… THE DIXIE STAMPEDE!! STANDING DOUBLE FOOT STOMP CONNECTS AND SHE GOES FOR THE COVER! TRIXIE AND JACOB CASS ARE RUNNING INTO THE RING!

Ref: ONEE!!!



A.J. Richards: Tiffany Sinclair has been eliminated by pinfall!

Chris Walker: INSTEAD OF GOING TO BREAK UP THE PINFALL JACOB AND TRIXIE START THROWING STRIKES BACK AND FORTH! KAZ GETS BACK TO HER FEET AND TAGS IN ADRIEN PIERCE AGAIN! Kaz just earned herself another seven points putting her at fourteen and tying her with Adrien Pierce and Sapphire so far! With Trixie being the only competitor left for her team going against all three of Kaz, Adrien, and Jacob, you can definitely tell the disadvantage is against her. Jacob and Trixie have been at it over the past week or so now and it’s showing right now as Trixie throws him out of the ring. From behind… ADRIEN WITH A NECKBREAKER TAKING TRIXIE STRAIGHT INTO THE MAT!

Vincent Price: Trixie rolls out of the ring and Adrien taunts from inside. She looks like she’s getting something out from under the ring. Adrien walks over to the ropes and grabs her by the hair. BUT OH MY GOD TRIXIE HAS PEPPER SPRAY AND SPRAYS HIM IN THE FACE! ADRIEN CAN’T SEE BUT SOMEHOW HE BACKS INTO THE CORNER OF HIS TEAM AND JACOB CASS TAGS HIMSELF IN! Trixie still has the pepper spray in hand and Jacob Cass sees it! He charges from one side of the ring to the side that Trixie is in with a baseball slide! NO SHE MOVES OUT OF THE WAY! JACOB CASS SLIDES OUTSIDE OF THE RING AND TURNS AROUND… PEPPER SPRAY TO THE FACE!

Chris Walker: Trixie throws the pepper spray down and rolls Jacob into the ring now! Jacob is on his knees holding his eyes! TRIXIE RUNS AT HIM AND SHINING APPRENTICE! THE SHINING WIZARD CONNECTS! SHE GOES FOR THE COVER!

Ref: ONEEE!!



A.J. Richards: Jacob Cass has been eliminated via pinfall!

Vincent Price: That ties Sapphire, Trixie and Kaz Bonham at fourteen points each now and there’s one person left on one team with Trixie being it. Kaz Bonham and Adrien Pierce still in action for the other team. With Adrien at ringside after taking pepper spray to the face, Kaz Bonham becomes the legal person now as she gets on the top rope! Trixie gets back to her feet and turns around… DIVING LEG LARIAT FROM KAZ BONHAM! THEY’RE BACKED UP INTO KAZ’S CORNER AND ADRIEN IS CLIMBING BACK TO THE SIDE OF THE RING!


Ref: ONEE!!!



Ref: THREEE!!!!



“The Black Ones” by Abdullah begins to play and Adrien Pierce rolls out of the ring, raising his arms up to celebrate his victory.

A.J. Richards: Here are your winners… The team of Adrien Pierce, Kaz Bonham, and Jacob Cass!

Vincent Price: What a match! Even though the entire team is announced as the winner, each pinfall went to the person responsible for it. So, if you really want to be technical, the winner of the match is really Adrien Pierce!

Chris Walker: And well deserving of it too, as he now has enough points and is going to be headed for the Legacy Championship Match at Hell From Above!

Vincent Price: Deserving of it? He stole that pinfall from Kaz! She deserved it after taking care of Trixie.

Chris Walker: It’s all about how you ‘take care’ of something. He took care of himself and now he’s going to be in that Championship Match! What more can you ask from someone?

Vincent Price: No matter, we still have our Main Event to go and then we make our way to Asheville, NC for Hell From Above!

The camera catches Douglas Armatage walking backstage heading to his dressing room. Max King intercepts him and signals to Douglas, getting his attention.

Max King: Douglas, do you have anything to say about tonights match?

Douglas turns and looks at the camera. The smile on his face slowly fades away.

Douglas Armatage: You really want to know how I feel about my match tonight? I am pissed off and tonight people are going to see what that means. I know people follow me on social media. They see a man who is friendly, who cares for his family and friends, and yes, who is very flirtatious. What they don’t see, is the man they are going to meet tonight.

Pausing for a moment, he tries to collect his thoughts.

Douglas Armatage: Wulf, Ashley and Angelica are family and I know I pissed off Wulf with some comments this week. I get it he has had a hard week and been pushed to the limit but even I can only go so far before it’s time I need to push back. Tonight, we see what that means and that all three of them will face the Bearded Badass in that ring.

Max King: What about Cosmo Cooper and his recent comments about you?

Douglas: Ahh, yes, Cosmo Cooper. That arrogant little prick. He and I, we are far from being done with each other. Tonight, we may have to team up but after tonight his ass is mine. I am asking Jacob Steele right now as soon as he can, to put Cosmo and I in a match. I want him one on one and when I win, I want a shot at that Medal of Honor he holds, because the boy has no honor. He has no class and its time he had the ass whooping his daddy should have given him long ago.

With those final words Douglas grabs his bag and turns walking away from the camera.
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PostSubject: Re: 5/13/17 Fallout Results   Mon May 15, 2017 3:21 am

A Hell From Above ad begins to play, promoting the XHW World Championship and the XHW Legacy Championship!

The camera cuts on and shows the arena and all of the SOLD OUT crowd on their feet! We then pan to the ring where Kristian Bane is currently standing with a mic in hand and looks pretty furious.

Kristian Bane: Every week since I arrived here, I’ve stepped into this ring and put everything on the line to prove myself. Every week I’ve competed and I have lost. Well, I’ve had enough and it ends right here and right now. I didn’t work this hard for nothing. So right here, right now, I am issuing a challenge to ANYONE back there tonight for a match at Hell From Above. I don’t care how big or small, whatever gender, whoever wants to go against the Creator of Chaos, come out here right now and accept my challenge.

With the camera showing Kristian Bane in the ring and looking out towards the stage, you can hear Vincent Price and Chris Walker while we wait for someone to emerge.

Vincent Price: Can he even do this? I mean it’s a Free-Per-View. Not just any normal show.

Chris Walker: Do you want to be the one to go tell that machine no?

Kristian Bane: I figured this would happen. All of you back there are afraid of a real challenge. You’re afraid I’m going to break you in half! I don’t blame you, but didn’t think everyone would be too cowardly to accept my challenge.

Suddenly, “I Will Show You” by From Ashes To New blasts through the speakers and Matt Angel steps out onto the stage with a mic in hand. Instantly, the music cuts back off and Matt puts the mic up to his mouth.

Matt Angel: Will you shut up already?

The crowd begins to cheer and Kristian continues his furious look.

Matt Angel: You think people are scared of you? You think that everyone back there is a coward because they won’t accept your little challenge? Half of the roster back there will be in a Championship Match next week at Hell From Above. You think they’re worried about you who can’t even win a match?

Kristian walks over to the ropes and points right at Matt.

Kristian Bane: So, you’re gonna come out here and lecture me about not winning? What have you done? We’ve been here the same amount of time, debuted in the same match, and now here we are. Actually, I was going to run out during your match and absolutely level you, but you were already eliminated by the time I was ready.

Matt’s facial expression changes to a concerned look.

Matt Angel: Alright, fair's fair. We both lost our matches today and we both are looking for a match at Hell From Above. So, you know what? I ACCEPT YOUR CHALLENGE!

The crowd begins to cheer and Kristian forms a smirk on his face.


Kristian Bane: Good. I look forward to breaking you in half.

Matt Angel: I look forward to kicking your face in.

Kristian Bane gets out of the ring and runs halfway up the ramp when… “Indestructible” by Disturbed begins to play and the crowd rises to their feet. Fallout GM, Tyler Chambers, steps out onto the stage with a mic in hand and both Matt and Kristian form a confused look on their face. Tyler settles the crowd down and puts the mic to his mouth.

Tyler Chambers: I admire you both and how bad you want a match, but you do realize you gotta bring this to me, right?

Kristian rolls his eyes and Matt nods in agreement.

Tyler Chambers: Lucky for you, the crowd seems to love what you two got going on and quite frankly, I’d love to see what you two can do at our first FPV. So, I’m going to make this happy. Kristian Bane vs. Matt Angel at Hell From Above!

The crowd gets ecstatic and begins to chant Matt’s name.

Tyler Chambers: You two run along now, I have a couple other things I’d like to announce.

Matt Angel is the first to disappear backstage, then Kristian Bane afterwards. The camera focuses on Tyler Chambers who is now the only one on the stage.

Tyler Chambers: As you all are aware, our first ever Free-Per-View is named, Hell From Above. It’s more than just a name. Hell From Above is… well… exactly what it sounds like.

Crowd: WHAT?

Tyler Chambers: You see, Hell From Above isn’t just going to be your average special event that has Championship Matches and feuds going on and blah blah. Hell From Above is going to bring you and a lot in the back, Hell From Above. Let me elaborate…. Every Championship match that takes place at our first ever FPV is contested in a Hell From Above Match! For those of you who are not aware of what this match is exactly, don’t worry, I’m going to tell you. It is basically a Hell In A Cell match, just with a twist. On top of the Cell, there are two ladders laid out. Above the Cell, twenty more feet in the air, is where the Title will be hanging. The man or woman who succeeds in unlatching it will be announced the winner and will either be your first ever XHW Champion. Whether it’s the Legacy Championship or the World Championship. Just be careful not to fall off…


Tyler Chambers: At the end of the night tonight, Jacob Steele and I will come out to announce the Championship Matches and any other matches that will be taking place next week. As you already know, Cosmo Cooper is the sole body in the World Championship Match so far. Ashley Williams and Adrien Pierce are the ones in the Legacy Championship Match. With our Main Event still to go, Ashley has a chance to make it to the World Championship Match with just one pinfall. All that is up next, but I have one more thing on my chest.

Crowd: WHAT?!

Tyler Chambers: You all have heard the news. It’s all over Social Media, it’s on our website, it’s the talk of the century so far. The 2017 XHW Trios Tournament!


Tyler Chambers: I know you do, that’s why this is happening! The XHW Trios Tournament, as you already know, is going to be an Eight Team Tournament where the winners will become the first ever XHW Trios Champions! At Hell From Above, the 8 Team bracket will be announced. Two of the first round matches will take place the first Fallout after Hell From Above. The following week the other two first round matches will take place. Those winners will face off the week after that and then the finals will take place at our next Free-Per-View! The name is still undecided as we’re currently going through some upgrades and all that good stuff that Jacob Steele is bringing to us, but that will be talked about at a later date. Also at Hell From Above, the Trios Titles will be unveiled after all the matches and the bracket has been announced!

Crowd: XHW! XHW! XHW!

Tyler Chambers: We have a lot of great things coming to XHW soon and you all are the reasoning for that. Without you, we’d still be trying to figure out how to get things started. Here we are about to start our first FPV, we’re a month in, and we just keep growing! Give yourselves a hand then let's continue on with the show!

The crowd begins to clap and cheer, making a roar throughout the arena.

The camera cuts backstage to show Owner and Chairman of XHW, Jacob Steele, in his office talking on the phone to an unknown source.

Jacob Steele: Yes, this is the third week in a row we’ve been sold out.

He pauses for a second.

Jacob Steele: Correct. We’ve been sold out since our first week. We’ve brought a lot of people on since the debut, but we’ve also brought in a lot of money.

Jacob pauses again.

Jacob Steele: That’s why I’m wanting this to happen. I think it’s good for a little change and upgrades and after looking at some figures and planning things out, we’re at a good point in doing this.

He pauses.

Jacob Steele: I understand, but we’re not going anywhere. We’re here to stay and we’ve cemented ourselves in this industry and people are noticing that. Let me do this and I can promise nothing but good will come out of this.

A longer pause than usual this time.

Jacob Steele: Perfect, thank you. Looks like we’re getting the upgrade we need. New this, new that, upgrade to this, upgrade to that. Things are about to look a lot better around here and I’m excited to dump all this money into it. Just watch as we continue to grow and how this is going to affect that.

Jacob hangs up the phone, sets it down, then picks up an empty glass. He picks up a bottle of whiskey, pours some into the glass, then takes a pretty big sip. Jacob looks at the glass.

Jacob Steele: Spending money never felt and tasted so good.

The camera then fades out with Jacob taking another sip of his whiskey.

The camera switches to the ring where A.J. Richards is standing by with a mic in hand.


A.J. Richards: The following match is a six-person tag team elimination match, and it is the main event of the night!

“Sinister Purpose” by Creedence Clearwater Revival plays over the PA system and Angelica Vaughn steps out onto the stage. What looks to be blood is dripping down from her neck all the way to her fingertips. Sequins are placed on both sides of her eyes. She slowly makes her way to the ring, keeping her focus straight ahead, rather than on the fans reaching out to her.

A.J. Richards: Introducing first, from Vancouver, British Columbia, weighing in at 135 pounds...Angelica Vaughn!

Angelica steps into the ring, going carefully through the ropes to not smudge the blood as she stands in her corner, staring at the entrance as she waits for her partners, then opponents. Her face is the definition of anxiety.

A.J. Richards: And her partners! First...

“Miracle” by Shinedown blasts through the speakers as the fans split reactions between cheers and boos directed to the stage where Ashley Williams emerges from. She points out at the crowd and then makes her way to the ring.

A.J. Richards: From Monmouth County, New Jersey, weighing in at 117 pounds, “The Future of Female Wrestling”...Ashley Williams!

Ashley slides into the ring and immediately moves over to her corner to comfort and consult with Angelica. With her trainer there, she seems to relax a little as they go over battle plans.

A.J. Richards: And their partner...

The audience gets louder as the house lights go dim and the stage flickers with neon green strobe lights. The opening bars of 'Surprise, you're dead!' by Revocation hit the PA and the fans ERUPT as Wulf Erikson rips through the curtains throwing his head back, howling like a wolf at the audience who howl along with him, and then they pop loudly as he runs from one side of the stage to the other, screaming at them to encourage them to get louder.

A.J. Richards: From Roswell, New Mexico, weighing in at 181 pounds, “The Silver Bullet”...Wulf Erikson!

Wulf Erikson leaps up onto the barricade wall and the fans reach out to touch him as he stealthily makes his way toward the ringside area, the fans in awe as he does a mid-air cartwheel from one barricade wall to the other and finally, he backflips down to the ringside mats where he 'skins the cat' to launch himself into the ring and he hits another backflip onto his feet and lets out another howl, while the audience ERUPT and they join in with the howl as Wulf moves to his corner, joining the conversation with Angelica and Ashley.

A.J. Richards: And their opponents. First...

“The Vengeful One” by Disturbed plays as Douglas walks out from the back, strangely calm compared to the music the is playing. A smile crosses his face as he stands atop the entrance and straightens his beard and mustache, then he waves at the crowd as he walks down to the ring.

A.J. Richards: From New Orleans, Louisiana, weighing in at 216 pounds, “The Bearded Badass”...Douglas Armatage!

Walking up the ring steps, he steps between the ropes and stands in the middle of the ring turning to each side and waving at the crowd before removing his towel and hanging it in the corner. He stands in the opposite corner and studies his opponents carefully as he waits for his partners.

A.J. Richards: Next...

"2010" by Apocalyptica starts playing at the 1:05 mark in the song, giving about ten seconds of build-up with the drums building to a crescendo. When 1:15 comes and the guitar slams through, Sapphire walks out onto the ramp to a mixed reaction.

A.J. Richards: From Seattle, Washington, weighing in at 232 pounds...Sapphire!

Sapphire is smiling as she walks down to the ring, but she doesn't spend any time posing or playing to the crowd until she slides into the ring. She does stop and do a side chest pose, flexing to the hard camera for a few seconds, earning an even mix of cheers and boos, before retreating to her corner, awaiting the start of the match.

A.J. Richards: And their partner...

The opening beat to "Lifted" begins playing as Cosmo Cooper cockily smirks as he walks out onto the stage, boos raining down on him from the crowd. Cosmo drops to one knee with both arms out at the top of the stage as he looks up at the sky before standing back up and walks down the ramp.

A.J. Richards: From Santa Rosa, California, weighing in at 220 pounds, he is the sole owner of the XHW Medal of Honor...Cosmo Cooper!

Cosmo gets to the bottom of the ramp, pauses a moment to smirk up at everybody in the ring, then rolls in. From rolling he pops up to one knee again and holds out his arms once more before the music fades as he goes to the corner. He stands to one side, putting Sapphire between himself and Douglas.

Vincent Price: This is the big one, Chris. Cosmo has enough points to enter the XHW World Championship match already, but everyone else is gunning for as many points as they can get.

Chris Walker: I’m not good at math, Vince, how is everybody looking?

Vincent Price: Ashley is already in range for the Legacy Championship, she only needs one fall to enter the main event. Wulf also only needs one fall to join Cosmo at Hell From Above. Sapphire needs two falls to enter the main match, but one fall puts her in the Legacy title match. Douglas needs to sweep the whole opposing team to enter the World Title match, or two submission falls. Two falls that aren’t both submissions puts him in the Legacy Title match. Angelica would need to somehow beat everybody on the opposing team, including two by submission, to be in the world title match. Two submissions or three pinfalls puts her in the Legacy Title match. Anything else is not enough.

Chris Walker: Thank god Cosmo’s already in, all that was enough to make my head explode as it is.

Vincent Price: I understand, but the point is that anything can happen and there are a lot of possibilities still. To recap as the teams finalize their pre-match conferences. Douglas and Sapphire both need two eliminations, so one of them won’t get what they want. Ashley and Wulf have the best chances to advance. Angelica needs a miracle.

Chris Walker: And they don’t have many of those in Alabama.

Vincent Price: Alright, looks like the teams have made their choices. Interestingly, Cosmo has elected to start the match.

Chris Walker: You sure? The way Doug and Sapphire backed up, I think he might have had other ideas.

Vincent Price: The faces are all conferring still, wait a second! Chaos has erupted right from the start! They all charged across the ring at Cosmo!

Chris Walker: Lucky for him he came to that understanding with Sapphire or he might be dead now.

Vincent Price: Sapphire intercepted Angelica and Ashley has been caught by Douglas, leaving Cosmo and Wulf to get into a fistfight. The official looks like he’s going to try and restore order...


Chris Walker: Wise man, he said “Fuck it” and is letting them fight! Douglas, Ashley, Angelica, and Sapphire are all at ringside battling it out and Wulf and Cosmo are the lone two men in the ring. The crowd erupts and these two have been back and forth since the opening of XHW! The Ladder Match where Cosmo used dirty tactics to claim sole possession of the Medal of Honor really heated things up for them as they look to lock up in the middle of the ring! Cosmo elbows Wulf in the face! BUT WULF WITH A PELE KICK OUT OF NOWHERE! He immediately gets back to his feet and looks outside at Douglas and Sapphire standing next to each other, walking over to Ashley who’s down on her back.

Vincent Price: Wulf jumps up onto the ropes, runs to the turnbuckle AND THIS IS WHY THEY CALL HIM FLIPPY! CORKSCREW CROSS BODY RIGHT ONTO SAPPHIRE AND DOUGLAS TAKING THEM DOWN! WULF CONSTANTLY CONTINUES TO IMPRESS US WITH ALL THIS FLIPPY STUFF! Cosmo gets back to his feet and sees everyone outside. He runs against the ropes, jumps onto the top of the ropes… SPRINGBOARD KNEE ONTO WULF RIGHT AFTER HE STOOD UP! Cosmo stands tall now as he’s looking for something under the ring… HE PULLS OUT A CHAIR! Everyone is down except for Cosmo and wait… Where’s Angelica? SHE CRAWLS OUT FROM UNDER THE RING AND LOOK! SHE’S GOT BRASS KNUCKLES ON! COSMO DOESN’T SEE HER AND AS COSMO GOES TO SWING THE CHAIR AT ASHLEY, SHE NAILS HIM IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD WITH THE BRASS KNUCKLES!

Chris Walker: HOLY SHIT! SHE COULD’VE JUST GIVEN HIM A CONCUSSION IF SHE HIT HIM HARD ENOUGH! Angelica lifts Ashley up and makes sure she is okay now as Wulf is getting back up on his own. The three now up look like they’re planning something and Angelica is climbing on the side of the ring! Ashley and Wulf lift up Sapphire now… ANGELICA JUMPS AND DRIVES THE KNUCKLES RIGHT INTO SAPPHIRE’S FACE!! ANGELICA IS FINALLY GETTING THE CHANCE SHE DESERVES AND WHAT A BETTER TIME THAN NOW! Wulf and Cosmo are still the legal men in this match, but that doesn’t matter in Xtreme Honor Wrestling when you’re outside of the ring! Angelica throws the brass knuckles over close to us and Wulf drags up Cosmo to roll him inside the ring! He goes for the first cover of the match!

Ref: ONEE!!


Vincent Price: Cosmo kicked out and Ashley and Angelica just looked in like they were going to give him that pinfall! Wulf pulls Cosmo back to his feet and whips him to the ropes. NO REVERSAL! Cosmo has Wulf running into the ropes and WULF JUMPS ONTO THE SECOND ROPE AND FLIPS OFF WITH A MOONSAULT! Cosmo dodges and Wulf lands on his feet! BUT OH COSMO CATCHES WULF WITH AN ELBOW RIGHT TO THE JAW! Cosmo turns around and connects a snap DDT! This is Match of the Year candidate already and we haven’t had any eliminations yet! On the outside of the ring, Sapphire and Douglas are back on their feet Douglas just threw Ashley against the barricade and Sapphire has Angelica in a military press position… OH GOD A MILITARY PRESS THROW RIGHT ONTO THE SIDE OF THE RING!


Vincent Price: Were you expecting anything less?

Chris Walker: NO, BUT THIS IS AWESOME! Cosmo lifts Wulf up and locks his arms around him looking for a belly-to-belly suplex! HE’S GOT IT! Wulf’s back just got driven into the mat and Cosmo doesn’t waste anytime as a connects a standing leg drop! He goes for the cover!

Ref: ONEE!!!


Vincent Price: SAPPHIRE BREAKS UP THE PINFALL! Now is the time for everyone to start turning against each other since everyone’s getting weaker with each move they take damage from! Douglas seems to be stalking either Cosmo or Wulf at ringside now as he’s just sitting there watching. Sapphire and Cosmo stand face to face now exchanging what I can only imagine to be hateful words. Wulf is back to his feet… AND GETS TO THE TOP ROPE WHILE SAPPHIRE AND COSMO AREN’T PAYING ATTENTION… MISSILE DROPKICK SENDING SAPPHIRE OUT OF THE RING! Cosmo grabs a hold of Wulf from behind after he got back to his feet. He pushes him against the ropes and connects a snap german suplex! Ashley is back to her feet and walks over to Angelica who both start stomping onto Sapphire! Douglas is still sneakily watching from ringside!

Chris Walker: Cosmo reaches down to pick Wulf up, but Wulf thrusts him in the throat! THEN THE KICK TO THE FACE! This sends Cosmo groggy against the ropes and Wulf is able to get back to his feet! He whips Cosmo to the other side of the ring. DOUGLAS TAPS COSMO ON THE LEG AND THE REF SEES TO ACKNOWLEDGE THE TAG! NO ONE ELSE NOTICES! Cosmo goes for a strong running punch right to Wulf’s face, but he catches his arm! ARM TRAP NECKBREAKER! He’s going for the top rope and calls out to Ashley to hand him the steel chair! HE’S GOING HIGH RISK! SHE HANDS IT TO HIM AND OH MY GOD THE SHOOTING STAR PRESS WITH THE STEEL CHAIR! THE SILVER BULLET SPECIAL! WAIT HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! DOUGLAS RAN INTO THE RING AND CONNECTED A BICYCLE KICK TO WULF IN MIDAIR WHILE HE WAS CLUTCHING THE CHAIR! WULF IS LAID OUT LIFELESS AND HE GOES FOR THE COVER!

Ref: ONEEE!!



A.J. Richards: Wulf Erikson has been eliminated via pinfall!


Chris Walker: THE WAY HE PLANNED THAT COULDN’T HAVE GONE BETTER FOR HIM AND HE NOW HAS FOURTEEN POINTS IN THE SERIES! Cosmo rolls out of the ring and Douglas rises back to his feet and Ashley Williams is now in the ring and is the legal person in this match now! Douglas still has his back turned to the direction Ashley is and she takes advantage of that as she runs at him and dropkicks the back of his knees sending him onto his knees! She runs in front of him and against the ropes, then connects an enziguri to his face! At ringside, Angelica has her brass knuckles again as that’s the only way she’ll be able to take down Sapphire! She runs at her, but Sapphire catches her fist! Angelica bites her hand then throws a vicious right hand right to her jaw and with the brass knuckles! Angelica gets in the ring now. Ashley lifts Douglas up and whips him right into Angelica who shoves her left hand down his mouth! MANDIBLE CLAW OR AS SHE CALLS IT… ‘...EW!’


Ref: ONEEE!!!




A.J. Richards: Douglas Armatage has been eliminated via pinfall!

Chris Walker: ASHLEY WILLIAMS HAS JUST SECURED HER SPOT IN THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH! BUT SAPPHIRE RUNS THREW ANGELICA SENDING HER HALFWAY ACROSS THE RING AND THEN CONNECTS A SPINNING BACKFIST TO ASHLEY! Cosmo and Sapphire are still here for their team and Ashley and Angelica for their teams! She grabs a hold of Angelica and lifts her up then whips her into the ropes. Angelica’s rebounding and running back at her now… PUGILIST SOUND!! SWISS DEATH ONTO ANGELICA AND SHE GOES FOR THE COVER!

Ref: ONEE!!!



A.J. Richards: Angelica Vaughn has been eliminated via pinfall!

Vincent Price: It’s one on two now as Ashley has to face Sapphire and Cosmo right now! Cosmo slides into the ring with Sapphire as they both look down at Ashley! Sapphire is just one last pinfall away from making it to the World Championship match, so you can only wonder what’s going through her mind right now!

Chris Walker: Same with Cosmo! He’s got to find a way to become the legal man in this match now otherwise he’s gonna have to possibly deal with more than just Ashley in the World Championship Match! They both pick up Ashley and lift her up on their shoulders.. Sapphire has a hold of her hand and a cutter and samoan drop combo is connected! Both Sapphire and Cosmo immediately get into one another’s face and the tensions are starting to get even stronger now!

Vincent Price: What is Ashley having a hold of… SHE’S GOT THE BRASS KNUCKLES! HOW DID SHE GET THEM FROM ANGELICA BEFORE SHE GOT ELIMINATED?! COSMO IS WALKING OVER TO HER TO LIFT HER UP AND SHE NAILS HIM RIGHT IN THE FOREHEAD WITH THEM! She gets back to her feet and Sapphire just sits there… SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT ONTO COSMO! CR-ASH LANDING! She can’t go for the cover because he’s not the legal man! Ashley gets back to her feet and Sapphire is charging at her! SHE DROPKICKS HER KNEES AND SAPPHIRE FALLS TO THEM! Ashley is going for the top rope now… SHE LAUNCHES HERSELF FOR A HURRICANRANA!!


Ref: ONEEEE!!!



A.J. Richards: Ashley Williams has been eliminated via pinfall!


"2010" -- Apocalyptica ft. Dave Lombardo blasts through the PA system as Sapphire stands in the ring with her hand held high.

A.J. Richards: Here is your winners… The team of Sapphire, Cosmo Cooper, and Douglas Armatage!

Vincent Price: The real winner tonight is Sapphire as she just secured two pinfall victories in order to put her in the World Championship Match at Hell From Above!

Chris Walker: Not only her, but so did Ashley Williams! Cosmo has his work cut out for him as he’s now got two other contenders fighting with him to be the first ever XHW World Champion!

Vincent Price: What got me was how early Wulf Erikson got eliminated… I honestly saw him getting a pinfall tonight at least to put him in the World Championship Match, but I guess we won’t be seeing that just yet.

Chris Walker: I’m curious as to why Douglas was stalking him at one point to lead up to that point.

Vincent Price: I’m sure we’ll find out these answers sooner or later. It’s time to wrap things up and get out of here!

The camera fades out for a split second.

The camera then fades back in where Jacob Steele and Tyler Chambers are in the ring, both with mics in hand. “Indestructible” by Disturbed is playing in the background. The music cuts and the fans are cheering. Jacob puts his hand up.

Jacob Steele: I love hearing the sound of all of you cheering as loud as you do. I really do, but let’s wrap things up here tonight so we can get ready for HELL FROM ABOVE!

The crowd’s cheers slowly fade to nothing.

Jacob Steele: All of our matches are done for the night and that concludes our Gold Bound Series! After an action packed night where this roster put everything on the light on their chase for Gold, the matches are set and it’s time to announce them! To start out the night, Kristian Bane issued an open challenge earlier tonight that Matt Angel accepted. Tyler confirmed the match, so these two will face off in the opener!

Tyler Chambers: Following that match, we decided to throw in something exciting for a lot of the roster to compete in and to not be left out of this HUGE event… A NUMBER ONE CONTENDERS MATCH FOR THE XHW MEDAL OF HONOR!

Crowd: YES! YES! YES! YES!

Jacob Steele: Here’s the catch… If Cosmo Cooper is to win in his World Championship Match, the Medal is immediately vacated from him and given to the winner of this Number One Contenders Match. If he is to lose to one of the opponents we’ll announce shortly, the winner of the Number One Contenders Match will face him within the next couple weeks in a Medal Defense! Here are your contenders for this match…

As the names are announced, each name that’s called steps out onto the stage.










Tyler Chambers: One of these eight contenders will be named the Number One Contender for the XHW Medal of Honor!



Jacob Steele: The ONLY way to eliminate your opponent is by pinfall or submission. Anything goes in our Battle Royals…

The crowd is ecstatic and on their feet chanting and filling up the arena with cheers.

Tyler Chambers: Now for the Championship Matches… In the Legacy Championship Match… The contenders are… ADRIEN PIERCE!

Adrien Pierce walks out onto the stage with no music. The fans begin to boo.

Tyler Chambers: AND WULF ERIKSON!

The crowd gets to their feet cheering for Wulf as he walks out onto the stage, still sweaty and recovering from his match just a several minutes ago.

Jacob Steele: Because of how everyone competed during this Series and how things played out tonight… there’s a couple more contenders I’d like to announce, who were just shy of making the cut. I’m feeling pretty generous, plus I’d like to see bodies flying everywhere…

Jacob pauses for a second and Wulf and Adrien step to the side to see who else is announced for the Legacy Championship Match.


Wulf focuses his eyes on the man who eliminated him from the Main Event as Douglas Armatage walks out onto the stage.

Jacob Steele: KAZ BONHAM!

Kaz Bonham runs out to the stage with the fans cheering her on.


Brandon Siomas slowly makes his way to the stage, eyes glaring at each contender standing near him.

Jacob Steele: And lastly… TRIXIE!

Trixie steps onto the stage as all six contenders line up in a row.

Tyler Chambers: There you have it. Your XHW Legacy Championship Match is set. In a Hell From Above Match, Trixie, Brandon Siomas, Kaz Bonham, Douglas Armatage, Wulf Erikson, and Adrien Pierce go to war to decide our first ever XHW Legacy Champion! You all may head back now and good luck next week… You’ll need it.

All six contenders walk backstage.

Jacob Steele: And for the Main Event of Hell From Above… THE XHW WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH! The first contender… COSMO COOPER!!

Cosmo walks out onto the stage wearing the XHW Medal of Honor and the crowd begins to boo him.


Ashley steps out onto the stage with the crowd cheering her on.

Jacob Steele: And making this a Triple Threat Hell From Above Match for the XHW World Championship… SAPPHIRE!!!

Sapphire steps out onto the stage with Cosmo and Ashley as the three of them stand face-to-face-to-face.

Jacob Steele: Would you look at the tension between them already? There you have it. Your card for the first ever XHW FPV… Hell From Above! That’s all for tonight, we’ll see you next week in Asheville, NC for a HUGE event that you don’t want to miss!

Tyler Chambers: Goodnight, everyone!

Jacob Steele and Tyler Chambers stand there watching Ashley, Sapphire, and Cosmo as those three will be headlining Hell From Above. The camera fades to black.

The XHW Logo Flashes on the screen and fades to black again.

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5/13/17 Fallout Results
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