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 SlamCast ..

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Michael Kelly


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PostSubject: SlamCast ..   Tue May 16, 2017 10:12 am

*We're at SlamCast Studios' Chicago based office in Chicago, Illinois. Home to one of the biggest wrestling podcasts in the world, SlamCast. The host, Gene Paul is dressed extremely laid back with a black “Ashley Williams: Tap Snap Or Nap” T-shirt on, a black Chicago White Sox baseball cap positioned backward on his head, and blue denim jeans. Across the table from him is Michael Kelly, who in fact is extremely over-dressed. Draped head to toe in a dark gray 3 piece suit, Michael begins to walk over to his seat with his crutches from the injury sustained just a few days earlier. The two shake hands, put their headphones on, and sit in their respective seats. *

Gene: Hello you're listening to SlamCast, the number one wrestling podcast in the world, or in my head at least. I am your host Gene Paul and with me today is a very special guest. He's one of THE greatest, if not THE greatest wrestlers in the industry today.

: Oh Gene, stop it. You're making me blush.

Gene: Did I read that right? The paper that you gave me this morning is full of smudges, why didn't you just type this?

Michael: *sigh* Forget the paper, Gene... Just continue.

*Awkward silence, as well as a stare down between host and guest ensues for comedic effect. The silence is broken by both Michael and Gene, as they burst out laughing at the bit. *
Gene: Okay on a serious note, with me here today is none other than Michael Kelly. Many of you have heard the name and know the face, but for those who don't here's a little info. This man right here is having a hell of a year right now, he's been burning through the competition like a wildfire. From basically being on the back burner to becoming a household name. Honestly man, how's this got to feel? From the crowd's reaction at Cold Day In Hell, to the match itself, to you actually winning the big one?

Michael: Well Gene, it's surreal if we're being honest here. The crowd, the fans... Whether it was over at RWK or XWA, whether they love me or they hate me, the reception has always been loud. The people really are the driving force for why we, as performers do this. If we were performing in empty arenas, with no fans in sight, would the energy be the same? Would we have our hearts in it? Would I still love this business? These all rhetorical of course, come to an obvious no.  So really when I heard the roaring of the crowd, how loud they were.... It got me pumped up to do what I do best and that's winning. The match itself was fine, 'ya know? Not my best by any standard, but it was what it was. As regards to winning the big one, quite frankly Gene it was inevitable. I put down the ground work as a performer and I earned it, as everyone should. I've set the standard for people who are trying to break into this business and I'm not saying this in a cocky way, but as newcomers, you have to try harder. You have to be tougher and most of all you have to make a statement to these people who pay money to watch you as well as to your colleagues. I knew that the hours, the months, the years I put into training and busting my ass out there would finally be worth it. Regardless of the roadblock set before me, *rubbing his injured knee* the end result of raising my title in air... was worth it.

Gene: Mike you mention your knee as a roadblock, so how is it holding up?

Michael: My knee? It's a bugger... A nuisance if you will. Luckily for me, I have an angel by my side taking care of me.

Gene: Of course you're referring to Adeline La Roux, who's obviously in the room. You two aren't very far from one another, are you?

*Michael reaches out of the shot to pull Adeline La Roux and her chair into the shot. They look at each other, smile, and let out an exhale through their noses. Michael hands her his headset and is handed another headset from the crew in the background. The conversation continues as a new face is joined into the fold. *

Michael: *Asking Adeline* You wanna take this one?

Adeline: Sure, hey Gene. So the answer is no, not really. Je ne sai pas, I don't really know why that is. We've just known one another forever. Or what feels like forever. Being together has become a thing like drinking water or breathing air, it's just something we naturally do.

Michael: If I may interject, it's not like we plan to do everything together or be together all the time.

Gene: Yeah, it's just something that comes natural, right?

Michael: Yes!

Adeline: Absolutely.

Gene: Sorry to get back to this, but your knee seems to be in really bad shape right now. How's this going to effect the trios tournament? Or more importantly, will you be able to defend your European championship?

Michael: Well, I will still be entering the trios tournament alongside my comrades. Ashley and Wulf need Michael Kelly to enter as a qualifying team, so why should I take away their chances of winning just because of a little boo boo over here. We're friends and if there's anything I've learned recently, it's definitely that sometimes you have to put your friends and your family above yourself. So if I'm healed or if I'm still banged up by the time the tournament rolls around, it don't matter because the entire Bad Moon Rising will be there. As for the European title....

*An awkward silence fills up the room, this time to no comedic effect. Michael is shown clearly uncomfortable with the second question, as he begins shimmying his shoulders to loosen the “tension”. Adeline sees how Michael is acting, so she places her hand on his shoulder closest to her. This almost instantly calms Michael down, as he takes a deep breath, closes his eyes, and brushes his hair back with both of his hands before answering the question at-hand. *

Michael: I will... Not be defending the European title. Due to my injury, I will be having a minor surgery after the trios tourney.

Gene: That sucks, man.

Michael: Yeah, after the trios tournament is over I'll be out for about a month or so. The 30 day defense clause will be up by then so I'm forced to vacate the title effective immediately.  It's extremely unfortunate, but it is what it is.

Gene: Wow.... Let's move on to something much less sad and much more upbeat: Bad Moon Rising. How did this group come to existence?

Michael: Well, I've known both Wulf and Ashley for years. I became fans of their work as singles competitors long before we'd even met. So one day we get booked for the same promotion. The promotion's name I do not recall, but what I do recall is the venue. It was an old dusty armory and there must have been what, 60 people there? Anyway I get back from my match and I catch Wulf in the back munching on a salad sandwich and Ashley was wrapping her wrists. We talked for a bit, Wulf of course, with his mouth full, expressed our love for each others work, and shared contact information. So we would always play with the idea that we should form this sort of team, this faction, but we never worked at the same company together. The day came where I had finally signed my XHW contract, so we quickly made our fantasy into reality.

Gene: Let's talk about Hell From Above. So you'll be going up against Jacob Cass, Angelica Vaughn, Stephen Sword III, Ewan Boyd,  Ambrose Kingsley, Troy Devereaux, Logan Burgess, and Tiffany Sinclair in an 9-person Battle Royal to decide the number one contender for Cosmo Cooper's medal of honor. So let me get this straight: You're going out there on basically one leg, to face 8 opponents who more likely than not, are at 100 percent. Are you nuts or what?

Michael: Just 8 opponents you say? *chuckles * Now I have the privilege of facing some of the best talents this business has to offer on Sunday. We've got prodigies, we've got ghouls, we've got devils, we've got the lovely Angelica Vaughn, but most importantly we've got yours truly. Now it doesn't matter if its 8 opponents, 80 opponents, or 800 opponents the fact of the matter is I am the chosen one. The end all be all in the sport of professional wrestling. The man who will stop at nothing to claim victory in the heat of battle. It doesn't matter if I'm on one leg no legs or a hand tied behind my back, I am built for competition and nothing screams competition then 9 people going at it to claim what they believe should be theirs. So when I heard about this 8-person battle royal I let the boss man know that even if I have to crawl into that ring, that I was going to be a part of it and nothing will stop me from claiming what's rightfully mine. Not my leg, not these 8 worthy competitors... no one. You 8 men and women may have many qualities and many gifts, but what you seem to misunderstand is that when you step up against a man of my stature, your destinies stay at a stand-still, halted by my Desti-Knee. With the fans on my side, a little bit of grit, and maybe a knee brace I'll make sure I outlast all 8 of you guys n' gals. For it is etched in stone and written in the sands of time, Michael Kelly will survive and go on to face whoever is holding that Medal of Honor. Whether that be Mr. Cooper or anyone else in the roster is of no importance to me. The only things that are important to me are the lovely people who pay to see me and the members of Bad Moon Rising. So here's a little lasting message to my current opponents: Just know that every single day that passes by is only one day closer to your fate. One day closer to your Date With Desti-Knee..

Gene: Wow! That was unbelievable. You can catch Michael Kelly and many more wrestlers at XHW's Hell From Above this Sunday at 8 pm only on XHW and SPIKE. I want to thank the both of you for coming over. Michael Kelly! Adeline La Roux! This has been SlamCast, I am your host Gene Paul and we'll catch 'ya next week. Same F'N time, same F'N place. Bye!

*Gene shakes both Michael Kelly and Adeline's hands before the video fades to black. Michael grabs his crutches and heads through the door, leaving the studio with Adeline.*
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SlamCast ..
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