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 The Arrival

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PostSubject: The Arrival   Wed May 17, 2017 9:23 pm

A black limousine pulls up beside a building. The front of the building is plastered with XHW signs and merch. The chauffeur quickly exits the driver's seat and jogs to the back of the limo, opening the door swiftly. A few moments pass before Bryan Blaze steps out of the limo, dressed in suit pants and a crimson red blazer. Behind him, his “Director of Public Relations(PR), Jessica Crane, steps out. She is dressed in a long red dress. They link arms as they proceed into back entrance of the building, flanked by several reporters who snap pictures as they pass by.

The scene flashes to inside the arena. It looks to be a ball room. A big banner hangs from the ceiling sporting both the XHW and Bryan Blaze logos. Many thought Blaze was done in the business before sending shockwaves throughout the industry when he signed with two promotions last week, one of course being XHW.

The ballroom is packed with what you can only assume are members of the press and pro wrestling writers and bloggers. Every chair is filled as they await their guests. Blaze and Crane enter, walking up onto a stage. Blaze in one of two chairs stationed on the stage, as Crane walks up to a podium.

She is all smiles as she makes somewhat of a homecoming. She had done this very thing with Blaze many times. However, it had been over a year now, and it felt great to be back. A small applause is heard as she prepares to speak.

“Thank you, Ladies and Gentlemen, for your attendance here tonight. As many of you know, my client, Bryan Blaze signed with Xtreme Honor Wrestling just last week.”

Another small applause from the crowd. Jessica is beaming.

“My client made a pledge to me a little over a year ago. Not just me though, but to everyone who is a fan of professional wrestling. He promised to be different. To change the game. To… Heh.

It would be a little better coming from his mouth, wouldn't it? So, I would like to introduce you to the former World Champion, Bryan Blaze!”

The crowd applauds as Blaze stands from his chair slowly, and walks over to the podium. He shares a hug with Jessica as he passes by, and takes the podium. He inhales deeply, before addressing the crowd.

[color=red] “Thank you, Ms. Crane.

Indeed, I made a pledge to the wrestling world, as part of a group that isn't worth mentioning, here today. Unfortunately, my cohorts were not as passionate about the cause as I. They were selfish. They only sought to use me and my cause as a front to push themselves into the limelight. It was a failed endeavour.

However, make no mistake about it, my dream...my vision for the future is still held firmly in my heart and in my mind. This great business is being diluted by self-proclaimed “heroes” who only seek to be at the top. They do not care about the fans, they only seek to use them to become popular and demand their spot on top. Then there are the cookie-cutter “villains”. The cartoonish “bad guys” who are the most typical caricature you could possibly find.

We can do better.

I intend to do better. I intend to change the paradigm that has dominated this sport for far too long. I don't intend to call myself a prodigy or a king like so many before me. I don't fancy myself “The Future”, nor do I plan on proclaiming it is my destiny to become Champion.

It is just all...so...tired.

We can all do better, and we all deserve better. Where my group efforts have failed in the past, I will learn from those mistakes. I will not trust another soul to help me realize my goal. I will not look for assistance in finally delivering the modern day golden era of wrestling. It's all on me, and nobody else.”

Blaze flashes a smile as he nods solemnly. He looks out to the audience, most of whom are either snapping pictures or jotting notes. Jessica Crane walks up to the podium alongside her client.

“At this time, we will take any questions the audience may have.”

Several hands shoot up immediately. Jessica points to a woman in the third row.

“How do you think you will fair among the elite of XHW?”

Jessica smirks. “Here we go…” She whispers to herself.

“The ‘elite’ of XHW do not concern me in the slightest. Their position in this company is of no consequence to me. It is irrelevant to my arrival. As I have just stated, I am in this for one reason, and one reason only.

That is, to make a change. To transform this business into something it desperately needs to be, if it wishes to survive. To weed out the fakes and the frauds. To eliminate the self-proclaimed messiahs and kings. To obliterate all those who oppose my goal of a future that we can all be proud of.”

A smirk follows, as do applause. Another person stands. This time, an older gentlemen with a long, grey beard. He takes his time.

“What do you, Bryan Blaze, actually bring to the XHW?”

Blaze scoffs. Jessica knows this may be a hot-button question for Blaze, as it essentially questions his ego. He asks her to step aside before she is able to take control, however.

“Okay, you want to beat around the bush? Okay.

You know what? I'm the biggest damn star this company has signed so far. You think I just jump to sign with every single promotion that calls my phone? Hell no. I don't know who the hell you are, but I don't really care. My name carries weight, got that? I told you all my plans. I'm not prima donna that walks in and expects everything to be handed to him. That's never happened and it never will.

That being said, I'm a revolutionary. I'm an innovator. Both up here…”

He points to his head.

“And in the ring. My accomplishments speak for themselves, I've got no need to list them. Just like I have no need to pander to any of you blow-hards here tonight. You came to see me. You came to see what I was doing. You wanted to know what my plans are.

Now you know.”

Blaze storms off the stage leaving Jessica with a nervous look on her face. She breathes deeply and takes back the podium.

“Thank you, Ladies and Gentlemen. That will be all for this evening. Drive safe.”

Jessica quickly runs off stage to meet Blaze, who she does find near the back exit. He is leaned against the wall, water bottle in his right hand and he looks...lost.


Blaze glares at her. He hated that tone. That...pitiful tone.

“Don't.” He ordered, emphatically.

“I know what I did. I know. It's what always happens. I lost my cool. I maybe...went a little too far. I don't regret it, not this time.”

Jessica looks confused. Something Blaze instantly picks up on.

“My entire career has been spent trying to impress someone else. Whether it was the fans, or a mentor, or tag team partners. There was always someone. Someone that I wanted to prove myself to. Nowadays as I look into the mirror every morning, I don't even recognize myself.

I need this for me. No more trying to prove myself to anyone. This go around, it's make it or break it for me. I can feel it.

Yeah, I've won Championships in the past. I've won tournaments. So what? I've always harped about forging my own legacy. One unlike any other in the history of the sport. There's a reason that even to this day, I still talk about it.

It's because I've yet to accomplish it. Bits and pieces maybe, but not much else.”

His eyes gloss back over to Jessica. They've changed. He isn't angered anymore. He isn't confident. Perhaps he's scared.

“I've tried many times before, and I always fall short. Always. It's a reputation that has followed me practically everywhere I've gone. It's going to end here in XHW, one way or another.”

“What does that mean?”

Blaze doesn't say another word. He turns and pushes through the door and disappears into the parking lot.

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The Arrival
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