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 Will Neilson

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Will Neilson


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PostSubject: Will Neilson   Thu May 18, 2017 11:51 am

Ring Name: Will Neilson
Nickname(s): "The Perfectionist of Pro-Wrestling" "The Best of Britain"
Height: 6"1
Weight: 241lbs
Hometown: Shropshire, England

Pic Base: Shane Thorne

Theme Song:

Entrance Actions:
As "His World" plays around the arena, the lights go out, a single white spotlight at the top of the ramp. At 13 seconds, Will emerges from behind the curtains, he enters the spotlight and jogs on the spot, his head looking down at the ground. At 25 seconds Will leaps up and the lights come back on with different shades of green. Neilson walks down the ramp with a smirk on his face, occasionally hi-fiving fans. He gets to the apron and looks up either at the ring or his opponent, before slapping his hands on the mat and leaping up to the apron. Will stands on the apron for a few seconds and then climbs into the ring, scaling the turnbuckle, Will holds both arms out to the side before turning around and sitting on the top turnbuckle, either waiting for his opponent or looking straight at them.

Disposition (Face, Tweener, or Heel): Face/Tweener (slightly more towards Tweener)
Will grew up always wanting to be the best, always wanting to exceed expectations and break limits. Calling himself "The Perfectionist of Pro-Wrestling", Will believes that he is the perfect and the ultimate all-round in-ring performer, and his skills inside the squared circle show that. No matter the opponent, he will put on an instant classic, but isn't afraid of going for a quick win either. However, there is a dark side inside of him. Being a villain for most of his career, Will can be ruthless and unforgiving inside the ring, either depending on his mood or the opponent he is facing. With a technical and hard hitting style of wrestling, Will can either be your best friend or your worst nightmare.  

Favorite Match Type: TLC/Ladder
Least Favorite Match Type: Steel Cage
Weapon of Choice: Baseball Bat

Common Moves (10 Max):
- Pumphandle Suplex
- Kneeling Jawbreaker
- Straight Jacket German Suplex
- Inverted DDT (Lifting variation included)
- Pumphandle Gutbuster
- Impaler DDT
- Cravate Neckbreaker
- Inverted Suplex
- Half Nelson Backbreaker
- Jumping Neckbreaker

Signature Moves (5 Max):
- Perfecto (Go Home Driver)
- Down to Earth (Full Nelson Reverse STO)
- Whirlwind Cutter (Springboard Cutter)
- Neilson Driver Remastered (Small Package Driver/God's Last Gift)
- Great British Elbow (Diving Elbow Drop to a standing opponent.)

Finishing Moves (3 Max):
- Kingdom Clash (Inverted Belly to Back Mat Slam/Styles Clash)
- Perfected Bullet (Running Knee/Kinshasa)
- Overthrow Hold (STF)

Name: Will
Age: 16
Experience: 2 years
Twitter Handle: @NeilsonSpeaks

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Jacob Steele

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PostSubject: Re: Will Neilson   Thu May 18, 2017 11:58 am

Glad you were able to get the sign up done! Welcome to XHW. We'll have a new card up Sunday night, until then, post around and introduce yourself!
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Will Neilson
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