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 It's Going To Be Me

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PostSubject: It's Going To Be Me   Thu May 18, 2017 11:13 pm

[May 18, 2017]
{As you begin watching, the scene is a throwback to the old black and white version of TV shows. Adrien Pierce is sitting at a dining table with Mr. E talking about the upcoming Hell From Above Free-Per-View, specifically Adrien’s XHW Legacy Championship match. Adrien is wearing a buttoned up short sleeve shirt with a light blue and white checker design. He’s got blue jeans on, old tennis shoes, and he’s eating a ham and cheese sandwich. Mr. E is wearing the Sheriff costume that looks like what Andy Griffith used to wear in The Andy Griffith Show. It looks like Adrien Pierce is playing the part of Opie Taylor.

::Adrien Pierce::
Let me get this straight. The XHW Legacy Championship is a battle royal?

Adrien takes a bite of his sandwich.

::Mr. E::

::Adrien Pierce::
So that means that if I want to become the XHW Legacy Champion…I have to eliminate all five of my opponents?

Adrien looks at his sandwich and takes another bite.

::Mr. E::

::Adrien Pierce::

Adrien looks at Mr. E with a confused look on his face. He tilts his head to the side, waiting for Mr. E’s explanation.

::Mr. E::
Not just you. You can hope for your other opponents to help you…in a round-about way. Why, you could share with them, Adrien.

Adrien takes another bite. He finishes what he has in his mouth before he opens his mouth to talk.

::Adrien Pierce::
How can I become the XHW Legacy Champion by sharing, Mr. E? Ain’t that title meant for only one person?

Adrien takes another bite as Mr. E’s brow furrows as he begins to explain further.

::Mr. E::
Well, yes. But, you see, Adrien. If you let everyone else get their kicks in, it makes it a whole lot easier for you.

::Adrien Pierce::
Ah. Okay, so all I gotta do is let them beat the crap out of each other, wait until there’s just one left and toss them over the top rope. That sounds easy enough.

Adrien looks at Mr. E with a grin on his face. Mr. E shakes his head. He scoots his chair back and stands up. He slowly walks toward the kitchen counter and turns to face Adrien as he leans back against it.

::Mr. E::
Not exactly.

Adrien finishes the last bite of his sandwich. He allows his jaw to drop, revealing a mouth full of food.

::Adrien Pierce::
Ah shucks, Mr. E. You’re giving me fits.

Adrien swallows the bite of ham and cheese sandwich in his mouth.

::Adrien Pierce::
What do you mean, ‘not exactly’?

Mr. E gives an Andy Griffith like sigh and crosses his arms.

::Mr. E::
Well you see, you can’t eliminate anyone by throwing them over the top rope. Ain’t no way, ain’t no how.

::Adrien Pierce::
Then how do I eliminate them?

Mr. E smiles big and shakes a finger at Adrien.

::Mr. E::
I like your spirit, Adrien. And that’s a great question.

Adrien looks at Mr. E with the best look of intrigue he can do as far as acting skills go.

::Mr. E::
Well, not every match is a fight is one of those beat them down until they can’t get back up anymore. This thing you’re heading into is a good ol’ fashioned battle royal. The only way to eliminate your opponents will be to pin them or force them to quit.

::Adrien Pierce::
Ah, I did that to Stephan Sword the third…

::Mr. E::
Yes, you pinned him. One, two, three. Good, good.

::Adrien Pierce::
Oh yeah, and then last week…I did it twice.

Adrien balls his right fist and pumps.

::Mr. E::
Yes, yes. Twice you did. Though, some might argue that pinning Trixie and the victory should have belonged to Kaz Bonham.

Adrien gives a shit eating grin.

::Adrien Pierce::
Some? How about trying everyone that actually saw what happened knows damn well that I capitalized on Kaz Bonham’s moment.

::Mr. E::
Then we’ll say everyone thinks so.

::Adrien Pierce::
It’s always nice to agree don’t ya think, Mr. E?

Mr. E grins with a nod.

::Mr. E::
Yes. It’s a mighty fine thing to always agree, Adrien.

Adrien looks at the camera shooting the footage and smiles. A graphic of a shining flash goes off from Adrien’s pearly whites just as you hear the beginning of the whistling theme to ‘The Andy Griffith Show’ play before it stops. You hear Mr. E in the background.

::Mr. E::
Adrien, I can’t whistle no more. Seems I lost my chompers.

You can hear Adrien laughing his ass off just as the black and white footage squeezes shut like a circle quickly.}

Adrien is sitting in a beat up reclining chair with his feet up, remote in his hand. He sets the remote down on the arm of the chair and looks at the camera.

::Adrien Pierce::
At Fallout…it was not about sharing. It was simply about taking advantage of circumstances. And I seized the opportunity, snatching it out of Kaz’s hands. But, the truth is…it never belonged to Kaz Bonham in the first place. And neither will the Xtreme Honor Wrestling Legacy Championship.

Adrien takes a moment before he continues on. He stares at the camera with a smirk on his face, playfully twiddling his thumbs.

::Adrien Pierce::
Kaz, I could talk about how you and few others did not really earn your spot. I could talk about how you’ve just been given another chance to come up short. I could tell you that your only chance to become XHW Legacy Champion is when I’m either taking time off from the wrestling business or I’m holding onto what Cosmo Cooper, ‘The Yes, No, Maybe So, Spank Your Granny To Make Her Teeth Show Man’…the XHW World Championship. That’s the only way, that Kaz Bonham would one day become the Legacy Champ.

Adrien smiles and reaches down beside the recliner for a moment. He grabs whatever he’s searching for and holds it up to show the camera.

::Adrien Pierce::
This is something you should get used to. When it comes to matches we’re both involved in, you will sooner or later experience déjà vu. I’m serious, Kaz. It’s like you’re doomed and condemned to always let things slip out of your hands. Big Foot, for example, continues avoiding you. And that is why I dub thee…Kaz ‘Butterfingers’ Bonham.

Adrien opens the Butterfinger and takes a decent size bite. He chews for a bit, and looks at the candy bar in his hand.

::Adrien Pierce::
Now, don’t think I forgot about you, Trix. What’s that vlog going to be about most? How you were outnumbered two on one, but the numbers were too great? Perhaps you’ll talk about how your two partners weren’t mentally prepared for a match like that? Maybe, just maybe, you’ll talk about how pissed off you were that I hired a big fat slob to play a mockery of you to get inside your head? Hmmm?

He shakes his head.

::Adrien Pierce::
The way I look at it is, there’s no excuse in the book for Kaz not pinning you and there’s no excuse in the book for why you lost. Just like there’ll be no excuse for you to lose this match, like you’re going to. If you and I sat down at a table, took out a game board, and decided to play checkers…in a matter of minutes I’d say ‘king me’. I’d take all your pieces and the game would be over. That’s how you compare to me, Trixie. Every move you have, I can do better, faster, and make it more productive. Why? Because I am that…perfect.

Adrien gives a smile, but of course no flash of light or sparkle on his teeth this time. He continues on.

::Adrien Pierce::
Trixie, you’re no different than Stephan Sword, or Kaz. Sure you all have your different personalities, abilities and such. But, when compared to me…you just…Fall short. Last Fallout, you should have been on my team. That’s victory for you Trixie, but it would have been nauseating for me. That wasn’t something that I wanted to deal with when my hunt to become the first ever XHW Legacy Champion was mine for the taking.

He shakes his head and continues to speak as he sits there comfortably in the recliner. He leans over and grabs the lever to make the chair recline.

::Adrien Pierce::
Trixie, just as you ended up on the losing side, I’m moving on from you to one of the remaining members of our little play date at Hell From Above. Why? This one was on the losing side in the main event and to make things more interesting, another one of our friends was one to pin him in the main event. Wulf Erikson, I’m talking about you. Not only were you on the losing team, but you were the first one in the Main Event for Tag Team Hell to be eliminated. How does that feel to know that the very one that took you out of that match is part of our XHW Legacy Championship fiasco? You had to sit back in the back, watching as your team struggled without you…then, lose because…

He gives a big shit eating grin as he pauses.

::Adrien Pierce::
…Perhaps because you’re injured. Or that could also just be a rumor going around on social media. You know how it is, Wulfy boy. But, my opinion of why you were eliminated first and had to watch your team lose the entire match is because…you just don’t have the balls. You’re the kid that walks up to the plate, trying and trying to hit the ball, but too afraid to even swing the damn bat. Makes me want to ask you a question…

Adrien pushes the footrest of the recliner down and stands up. The camera pans up to his face as he stares at it like he’s looking through it at Wulf Erickson on the other side.

::Adrien Pierce::
When you are going to be in the ring with someone that won’t care if you’re injured or not, how safe do you feel? I’ve been dominant the moment I showed my face in XHW. I didn’t just talk the talk without backing it up. I went a step further and put my foot in wet cement and before the ink ever had a chance to dry on my contract, I made a statement that I have continued to make. Dillion’s beating. Completely dominant against Stephan Sword, and taking every shot of glory I could find among inferior partners and foes. I said I would do it. I did it. And not even my own so called partners could stop me.

Adrien turns and walks away from the camera going through the hallway of his Malibu Estate towards the front formal room of the house. He stops and turns to look at the camera.

::Adrien Pierce::
If you’re injured, Wulf, then you already you’re endangering yourself. Some say they won’t care. But they actually have a conscience. That doesn’t make them a danger for you.

He shakes his head.

::Adrien Pierce::
No. I’m the one you need to watch out for. Any injury rumor will be small time news. I’m the kind of guy that will make a rumor true for you and I won’t care. I’m the guy that smiles when that rumor comes true if I’m the one who causes it. And Wulf…I will not hesitate if you decide to make your attempt at winning that XHW Legacy title. It belongs to me this very day, and there is nothing that even if it were five-on-one could do to stop me from hoisting that championship gold above my head as I’m announced as the first ever XHW Legacy Champion.

Adrien turns back around, reaches for the door handle, but stops before grabbing it.

::Adrien Pierce::
And, I hear that Kristian Bane has finally won a match, thanks to Brandon Siomas.

He grabs the door knob and twists the door open.

::Adrien Pierce::
How’d it feel to be the reason why Kristian Bane gained a victory, Siomas?

Adrien doesn’t exit his estate, but instead turns his head slightly to look over his shoulder for a moment.

::Adrien Pierce::
I find it intriguing. A make up wearing freak decides, ‘hey, I think I’m going to wrestle today’ wins his debut match, carrying his partner. Siomas, pal…buddy…congratulations. As a guy who won his debut as well, I’m not impressed. Nonetheless, I don’t see how a make-up wearing imbecile ever even has a right to be in the same ring with me. You won. And? What will not be next? You becoming the XHW Legacy Champion. Do not waste your time thinking otherwise. I don’t care what creature you claim to be. An enigma you are not.

He turns to face the camera, door still wide open behind him.

::Adrien Pierce::
You’re true form of being enigmatic is about as pathetic as if a female square were to ask if a corner made her look fat or asking how long it takes for a giraffe to throw up. And, don’t take this the wrong way, but I laughed myself to sleep thinking about you last night.

He shrugs and continues on.

::Adrien Pierce::
I came up with your true story. It’s probably best considered to be your bibliography. So, I’m going to lay it down for you so that there will be no more spoilers.

He looks up at the ceiling his arms held out to the side, only bent at the elbows. His shoulders barely rotated upward with his palms up.

::Adrien Pierce::
It was Hell From Above, XHW’s first Free-Per-View. Brandon Siomas sat in the back after a tough loss to the newly crowned XHW Legacy Champ, ‘The Prodigy’ and ‘One and Only Cuddle Pie’, Adrien Pierce. Brandon, he wanted a hug so bad, but the champ rejected his ass and threw him to the curb where the trash and cigarette butts linger. Brandon...sitting there on the curb of the sidewalk, notices two grown men coming out of the alley. They give poor Brandon a pitiful look and say…

Adrien alters his voice a bit.

::Adrien Pierce:
‘It seems you can’t beat a better foe. You need practice.’ So Brandon, weary, follows these two men back into the alley. He doesn’t notice the amount of napkins in one of their back pockets.

Adrien snickers a little but continues on.

::Adrien Pierce::
Then after a few more years, Brandon Siomas re-emerges on the scene. There’s another huge match for his career. Yet, he realizes one thing. He could never defeat the better foe. No matter how hard he tried, his ability was just so, so. But, he tried. He walked into the ring. Thanks to twiddle doofus one and two, poor Brandon came to the ring as if walking on glass. I would just assume that Brandon has plenty of experience picking up coconuts without his hands.

You can hear someone in the background.

That’s just wrong.

The camera pans over to the area where the voice came from to find Mr. E with a disgusted look on his desk.

::Adrien Pierce::

The camera pans back to Adrien trying to keep a straight face.

::Adrien Pierce::
If the dude wears the makeup…

Adrien looks out his door for moment and then closes the door. He walks back to the recliner. He sits down, pulls the lever again. He sits there with his hands folded in his lap. Looking down at his hands he begins to speak.

::Adrien Pierce::
We have one more thing to discuss for Hell From Above. That’s little dougie. I have to wonder whether this guy has what it takes. So far, so good. But, he hasn’t entered a ring with me, yet. And come this Sunday, the man of the dancing beard will figure out exactly what it’s like to face a man like Adrien Pierce.

He looks up at the camera.

::Adrien Pierce::
Have you thought about that, Douglas? You probably think that I’m not the only one to focus on. You know from my last matches that there is nothing I won’t do to make sure that I become the first ever XHW Legacy Champion. That may not scare one such as you. You’re…tough…right?

Adrien shrugs.

::Adrien Pierce::
Well, I’m about to find out and you’re about to find out that no matter how tough you might be, no matter what risks you’re willing to take, you still have a line you won’t cross. You probably disagree. That’s fine. I like proving people wrong and you believing that you will become the first ever XHW Legacy Champion is the first of many things that I am going to be proving you wrong about.

He looks over his shoulder at Mr. E who has sat down in another chair and already fallen asleep.

::Adrien Pierce::

Adrien turns to the camera one last time.

::Adrien Pierce::
It doesn’t take a mad scientist or some other genius to figure out right away who will be the first XHW Legacy Champion. It’s me, for all those who hate spoiler alerts. But really, what else could you expect. I’m Adrien Pierce. I’m better than everyone at everything because I am perfect. And that’s what matters to every Aunt B…say hello…

Adrien gives a wink at the camera.

::Adrien Pierce::
To the soon to be first XHW Legacy Champion.

Adrien sits there as the scene slowly fades out to black.

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It's Going To Be Me
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