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 A Legacy Begins

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PostSubject: A Legacy Begins   Fri May 19, 2017 4:46 pm

(A cell phone flies across the room and smashes into a wall shattering on impact as we hear a very familiar voice come from off screen.)

Douglas: FFUUCCKKKK !!

(Douglas steps into the screen and sits on the couch in the small nondescript hotel room. He puts his hands in his face as Grace Corrigan his girlfriend comes and sits next to him leaning against his shoulder.)

Grace: What's wrong hun someone in trouble?

Douglas: (looking over at the petite blonde next to him) Yeah hun Synn is in some trouble and she is taking off to do something I tried to get her to let me send someone with her but she said she could handle it. I am worried about her she has had a hard couple weeks.

Grace: (hugging Douglas) Babe I know you love her and she is a member of the Bearded Army but she is tough I am sure she can handle herself, plus you have something else to worry about and that is bringing home the Legacy Championship this Sunday. I know you can do it and this is the goal right to be champion?

Douglas: (Smiling at Grace) Yes Gracie luv it is the goal I am just worried about her but you're right I need to focus on this match I let myself get distracted at the last show and only earned one pin fall and now I missed out on my chance to shut that loud mouth Cosmo up and help stop him from getting the belt.

Grace: Yeah but Ash is in the match and I think she has a good shot walking out with the belt Now stop thinking of what have’s and what could have been and focus on this match (She tugs his beard playfully) Now do what you do best and kick some ass. I need to head out we are shooting some scenes today.

(She kisses him before heading out the door. Douglas leans back and lays his hand across his eyes. Then he suddenly sits up straight and pulls his laptop over in front of him typing quickly on the keys the camera angle suddenly changes so we are looking right at Douglas as if we are looking through his web camera.)

Douglas: I figured I would take a page out of Wulf’s book to address the upcoming match at XHW Hell From Above. Jacob Steele realizing what was best for the company and decided to make the Legacy Championship a 6 Person match. The participants are a very diverse group I have to admit it is going to be a very interesting match for sure and really when involved in a match like this there has to be some strategy. Just last last weeks match where 6 people who honestly have all been singles competitors had to face off in a 6 man Elimination match.

(Footage from the match plays across the screen and we see all 6 competitors giving it their all. Wulf, Ashley, and Angie vs. Armatage, Cooper, and Sapphire. The 6 pros giving everything they have in that ring.

Douglas: I lost focus and I let Ashley and Wulf both of whom are hell of competitors take me out of that match. Was I surprised yes to be honest I almost wanted to walk out of that match when it was announced I would be competing with fucking Cosmo Cooper. I didn’t I went out there to do what I wanted and I came up short.

It has been pointed out that I seemed to focus on Wulf throughout the match stalking him at points. I did it because I have respect for that high flying little turd bag. (Shakes his head and laughs) Seriously out of the other 5 men in this match I think it comes down to Wulf and I for that belt. Now don’t get me wrong nothing against the others but I know the man and I know myself and when we face off in that ring we really bring out the best in each other and honestly the worst. I also see that you seem to think Cosmo and I had something worked out and you know better I hate that prick more than he hates a case of syphilis.

Though to be honest that's not even the point here I will get my shot at Cosmo but first I have 5 other people to beat in a match so I can walk out the first ever Legacy Champion of XHW.

(Pausing for a moment he sits there thinking deciding on his next words.)

Douglas: I was going to go through each and every person on the list one by one and point out why I am better why I will win and why they should just give up now but that doesn't seem to matter. I mean we can point out Kaz Bonham a woman who looks like the 80’s threw up in a blender and they added some of Bill Cosby from the Cosby Slow but less rapey and you have Kaz. That woman is more bubbly then one of those crazy foam parties kids through. I feel like just watching her I have diabetes from all that sweetness, and let's be honest about one more thing Kaz you barely beat Angie even after she had to be carried to the ring the prior week.

Then there is Siomas in all his painted high flying risk taking glory. Honestly he is a poor man's version of Wulf it's like getting tickets to see your favorite band and when you show up you find out it is some shitty hack cover band that doesn't know half the lyrics to the songs. (Shaking his head) I mean really when you think about it Wulf has been there done that and done it better.

Ahhh that brings us to Pierce wait why is he in this match who did he beat? Let me look over my notes here ...hmmm seems like really I have no clue….. Oh wait here it is ah that explains it he let the producer sleep with his mother totally makes sense now why he is in this match I finally see it for what it is his mom slept her way into the match for him.

( Douglas stands and stretches a little before sitting back down.)

Douglas: Damn Wulf how do you do this shit and sit in from of this computer posting vlogs man. So really I am sure many people will look at this and think wow he is really underestimating half the people in the match that's can be a mistake. No you have it all wrong I am not underestimating them in fact I am giving them all credit because they are stepping into that ring with 3 top notch competitors You have “Prime Girl” Trixie who hold at least 2 belts I am aware of and I believe Wulf has or does hold a belt somewhere. Which is honestly understandable I mean when you work for half the feds in the world is it any surprise you have at least one belt. Then you have me the man with one of the best beards in wrestling today, a talent on the rise and ready to capture the Legacy title.

Really what it comes down is the three of us Trixie, Wulf and myself the three people that will make or break this match and the three people most deserving of that title. We will be the ones to bring honor and respect to the first ever XHW Legacy Title.

Trixie I have watched you I have studied you and I know all this cross country cross continent flying must be getting to you. The daily grind the 3 to 4 shows a week, the going to see friends all over the place. I have seen it in your eyes the fatigue the strain of it all. You are going into a match where half the competitors only compete in one show. They are rested and ready and I just don’t see how you will be able to hold on to it at the end. No you see when it comes down to it that's something Wulf and you have to consider have you worked yourself to hard. Have you both pushed beyond your limits and sacrificed to much.

I think Wulf sees it after spending some time in a hospital by the way Wulf did you get the XBOX One I sent and a copy of Injustice 2? I figured you would need something to speed along your recovery. The last week has been a hard one for sure on all of us but mostly Wulf and I hate the fact he may not be 100% because when I beat him I want him at his best tip top shape. That makes when the belt winning this match worth more. It means I have beaten one of the highest flying innovate guys out there at his own game.

(Leaning toward the camera a little.)

Douglas: Lets get it all out there and on the line after Sunday you are looking at the first ever Legacy Champion and when I take out those other 5 people you can beat your sweet ass beard I will walk out with my head held high and my arm raising that belt over head.

(To Be Continued)
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A Legacy Begins
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