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 Into The Deep end

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PostSubject: Into The Deep end    Fri May 19, 2017 6:06 pm

(The scene opens up in a abandoned building somewhere, as we pan around we see Matt Angel dressed in street clothes using the surroundings as his own little playground. Jumping from one side to another using his Parkour style athleticism. From a relatively high balcony Matt Angel back flips onto the ground and lands on his feet. With years of practise of Parkour free-running.)

"Here I am in a place I like to call home but it doesn't matter if it's in an abandoned building where nobody is around, it doesn't matter if it's on the Venice Beach in California. And it certainly doesn't matter if it's inside the ring or specifically inside a XHW ring. I know I missed the previous show but due to unforeseen circumstances I could not make it. I felt awful because I couldn't bring the swag I have to entertain the XHW fans. And I know they all was hoping to see me."

(Matt Angel adjusts his long hair out of his eye sight)

" Due to this XHW have decided to give me a chance to prove
myself which is funny because from the minute I stepped foot in a ring I was told I wasn't good enough - I was told to try other sports - I was told to hit the books and stay in the classrooms. That is what I was told. That is what fired me up and fuelled me to continue to be better - to prove it to myself and to give the world the finger. My desire to be in a ring grows and I cannot wait for my match at Hell From Above. It's also funny how I'm supposed to open the show with my opponent. Yet I plan on stealing the show and making everyone else work harder."

(Matt pauses)

"I plan on giving the powers that be the biggest headache they'll possible have because I plan on making my name known in XHW for the better. I plan on making my own destiny here in XHW by what I do in the ring. And to the people who have championship matches don't be ungrateful. Feel the moment you have because it might be your only chance at championship gold because once I get through my opponent. I'm heading to the top."

(Matt confidently laughs)

"But now I need to direct my attention to my opponent Kristian Bane. The man mountain of steroid freakiness. Kristian Bane you have worked so hard to look the way you look and now you're going to be beaten by a kid who grew up literally in a skate park. Who grew up leaping from building to building because heights didn't faze me. Because it was fun. At Hell From Above I put the entire roster on notice and that means it is just beginning."

(Matt pauses)

"Believe me when I say Kristian that I am walking out Hell From Above as winner. I may be the underdog but that's where my fires comes from. The drive to prove people wrong and show the world what I can do. Kristian Bane you may have the advantage being a no-neck freak but you'll have to catch me first. And that is something you won't be able to do. Kristian Bane my speed and agility is what I'm going to use to beat you and it will flash through you like lightening. I am here to prove something and you're in my way."

(Scene ends)

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Into The Deep end
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