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 Tales From Monmouth County IV: The Future of Female Wrestling?

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Ashley Williams


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PostSubject: Tales From Monmouth County IV: The Future of Female Wrestling?   Fri May 19, 2017 7:05 pm

Tales From Monmouth County IV: The Future of Female Wrestling?


When all the dust had settled, all the smoke had disappeared, Ashley Williams was a loser. Staring up at the lights, she was a loser. She was also a winner, thanks to one Angelica Vaughn’s mandible claw. She’d gone for the Unprettier shortly afterward and had gained the pinfall, putting her into contention for the World Championship.

Laying there, staring up at the lights, she smiled. She knew that she was involved in her most successful run since becoming a wrestler and she was praying to never let it end.

As the lights dimmed down, signaling the end of the show, Ashley got to her feet, using the ropes for support. Looking around, she saw a sea of fans applauding her effort and she smiled once again. Clambering out of the ring, she made a point to high five fans and also sign autographs if pens were available to her. This was what it was all about. She’d gone out there in that ring with two people that she could now call friends, Angelica Vaughn and Wulf Erikson and all three of them had put on a show. They had made that ticket price worth it and that made Ashley cry a little as she walked through the curtain.

LOCATION: Wrestlecon.

All three members of Bad Moon Rising were sat at an audience panel at the local Wrestlecon. With Hell from Above just around the corner, they decided now would be a good time to promote their team.

She’d been wandering around the con, seeing people dressed up as all sorts of wrestlers. Some guy, wearing a bandana and dread wig walked over and remarked something about being flippy. She smiled and politely made her way out of that situation, walking over to one of the first panels…..

Fan 1
”Miss Williams…What made you want to become a wrestler?”

Ashley Williams
”Thank you for the question. This question is really quite difficult because I have no real way to answer it. I used to be a cheerleader back at the University of New Jersey and I knew, that wasn’t enough for me. I got some training from a girl named Chloe LeBeau. Easily one of the greatest wrestlers in the South. She’d come up for some seminar and we clicked like no one’s business. She taught me everything I’ve ever known and more and I now consider her to be one of my best friends, that is until she beats me on Call of Duty. After that we’ll not speak for days.” She said with a smile.

Fan 2
”Mr Kelly, If I may ask? We’d all seen through the internet rumors that you’d been looking at two other guys to join you for the trios tournament. Could you possibly explain why you chose Ashley Williams and Wulf Erikson?”

Michael Kelly
” It's plain and simple, really. I needed people who I could count on when the going gets tough and you can really look no further than Wulf and Ashley when it comes to that. Wulf is a winner and a champion across promotions, plus there's really no need to convince a daredevil like him to join the cause. Then there's Ashley. In my eyes Ashley truly is what she says she is, the future of female wrestling. She's laid out the blueprint for all female performers, she's tougher than this ol' brace keeping my knee from falling apart, a talent unlike any other and most importantly, she's reliable. She's a world champion caliber wrestler and encourages the rookies, and people who've been around the block like me to want to become better every. single. day. Who wouldn't want to be around that? The rumors that you heard were false, there were no choices that seemed better than this. These two are my best friends in the biz and who better to trust than friends?”

Looking over at the young lady who was now answering questions about her wrestling career, she sighed a little. There was something about her that just hit all the right chords and she found herself transfixed at this panel. The blonde girl had definitely caught her eye.[/ i]

Fan 3
”Mr Erikson, we all know that you are injured, how do you feel about being in the Legacy Championship match?”

Wulf Erikson
"Sadly, it's been confirmed that I'm not going to be cleared to wrestle at the FPV, but it doesn't mean that I'm going to be letting these guys down during the Trios Tournament, trust me when I say that this team means more to me than anything. The Legacy Championship can wait. I just need to be there to cheer on Michael when he becomes number one contender to the Medal of Honor and Ashley when she faces Sapphire and Cosmo Cooper"

Now it all made sense! The guy she had bumped into was cosplaying as this Wulf Erikson fella. Keeping her eye on the blonde, she smiled a little when their eyes met briefly.

Ashley met the woman’s gaze and smiled back at her, feeling something that she hadn’t felt before. Never in her life had she been interested in anything other than men, but this woman was beautiful and she had to get to know her, if at all possible. Jogged from her thoughts, she took another question from one of the many fans in attendance.

Fan 4
[i]”Miss Williams, we all know that Cosmo Cooper has been extremely unkind to you lately, even suggesting that you don’t even belong in the World Title match, what are your views on this?”

Ashley Williams
”You know, it’s easy for him to sit there and trash me. I’ve had this every week from him, he just cannot keep his mouth shut. Like when he claimed that he won his match against me, Sapphire did all the hard work in that match and if anything, he left the match with absolutely no pinfalls whatsoever, he couldn’t even get close to me, it’s that simple. Every match he has been in and won has been down to him either cheating or getting someone else’s help. In my honest opinion, that is not what I would class as a wrestler. He keeps on singling me out in his interviews and to be honest, it's starting to get on my nerves. The very real fact remains though, that he’s going to have to back up his stupid little words when he stands across the ring from me. I am starting to think, with the way that he keeps talking about me and cutting the same damn promo on me time and time again, that he either has a crush on me and is too immature to realize that verbally bashing me is not the best way of showing your love. Either that or he’s actually scared of me.” She said with another smile as Michael and Wulf shared a little chuckle together. Looking over, she noticed the woman was having a slight laugh to herself as well.

As more questions were being asked and answered, time drew near to wrap their panel up and as Ashley waited, getting ready for the autograph session.

There had been fans of many ages, shapes and sizes through that door that day, but, the one that would leave the biggest impression on Ashley was just about to put her picture on the table for Ashley to sign, it was a little girl, possibly couldn't be any older than ten, maybe eleven years old but she was definitely a fan of wrestling, wearing her official Ashley Williams AW t-shirt. As she looked up at Ashley, Ash looked at her with a broad smile.

Ashley Williams
”Well, that is a cool t-shirt, she's my favorite wrestler too haha”

The little girl smiled as Ashley signed her picture but, there was something about this little girl that struck Ashley, she couldn't quite place it, but, she knew that this little girl must have been her biggest fan that day, so, in a change of plans and realising that she didn't really have many autographs to sign, she opted to speak to the little girl for a while, maybe in the hope that it might make her day just that little bit brighter.

Ashley Williams
”Hello, my name's Ashley, what's yours?”

”Littlest Futurefan” Sophie........”My name's Sophie and me and my mommy and daddy have come all the way from Long Island to meet you, I'm so excited!”

Ashley Williams
”Well, that's not nearly as excited as I am to meet you! I've been looking forward to this all day, I'm nearly as excited about this as I am stepping into the ring with Cosmo Cooper and Sapphire. So, have your mommy and daddy made sure to dvr Hell From Above? I wouldn't want them letting you stay up too late just to see me beat up those nasty people eh?”

The little girl smiled as she spoke, a little unsure of what to say, much like Ashley, really.

”Littlest Futurefan” Sophie
”Oh yes, they always let me watch the XHW, it's my favorite wrestling and I love people like all the good guys, Michael Kelly, Wulf Erikson and Angelica Vaughn but my favorite person in there now is you, I didn't like you before because you did nasty things and you would say mean things about people, but now you seem OK”

Ashley couldn't help but smile at this, it wasn't often she was told by too many children that she was a mean person, usually because she didn't do autograph sessions due to her character being a little on the heelish side, but, this was nice, to be able to shoot the shit with a little girl who had adopted her as some kind of heroine. This, she could get used to.

Ashley Williams
”Well, I'm certainly glad that you like me now, I know I was a little mean before wasn't I? I think it might have been that I'd never met you before but now I've met you I think it might be all I need to never be mean to anyone again, what do you say?”

”Littlest Futurefan” Sophie
”You really mean that? Wow, so we're like, friends now? I can't wait to tell my other friends at school that I'm friends with Ashley Williams, they'll all be so jealous. They'll be like Cosmo Cooper, he's scared of you because he knows you can beat him. That's why he always says such mean things about you. I know people like that in school, they get mean to me at times, that's why I didn't like you when you were mean”

Now, Ashley would always remember that moment, even in her later years. She knew that that was one thing she would take with her to the grave, that moment her heart sunk when Sophie spoke about people at school being mean to her. When Ashley had been in school, she had essentially been the Queen Bee and if anything, at times, she was the bully. Was wrestling perhaps this little girl’s only escape? Or was it perhaps the reason she was perhaps being bullied to start with? Ashley fought with her own thoughts at that moment, trying to think of something to say. She knew that whatever she was going to say was probably going to be the most important thing she would say to that little girl today, composing herself, she spoke, this time softly to the girl.

Ashley Williams
”I'll do you a deal Sophie? I promise I'm going to beat Cosmo Cooper and Sapphire at Hell From Above if you promise to make sure to tell your parents what's going on at school eh? If you promise to beat the bullies, then that's all I need to get me through this match, alright? You do that for me and me and you are gonna be friends for life, we got a deal?”

The little girl smiled, her face beaming with pride as she nodded excitedly, her parents walking over now, smiles on their faces as they spoke to Ashley now.

”Littlest Futurefan's Dad” Rob
”I think you've just made our daughter's day Miss Williams, I've never seen her smile like that in a long time, you should see her at home, watching your matches and then making sure to tell us that she will be the future “Future of Female Wrestling”, she won't take that t-shirt off either, and if you can ever get that in the washing machine, she wears your newest one, I don't know how you've done it Miss Williams, but you've definitely inspired my daughter, now if I could only get her to be a lawyer when she grows up rather than a professional wrestler, no offense of course, it just seems a whole lot more dangerous than being a lawyer haha”

Ashley smiled at this, yes, he was right, pro wrestling was a dangerous sport, it was that simple.

Ashley Williams
”I dunno, being a lawyer's gotta be pretty dangerous too, right? I think I'll stick to beating people up for my money thanks haha”

”Littlest Futurefan” Sophie
”So, you're really going to beat up that mean Cosmo? I can't wait to watch it on Sunday!”

Ashley Williams
”Oh, trust me Sophie, I'm going down to that ring on Sunday night and you're going to be by my side, in my heart at least. Cosmo Cooper is going to learn that being mean in life will only get you so far, I know that he's going to throw everything he has got at me, but as long as there is life in me, I will fight back until my last breath if need be because that is what I do and that is what you are going to do from this day forward, then, who knows, one day, if mom and dad are OK with it of course, you can be my tag team partner. But yes Sophie, I may have changed a little bit but, I am still the future of female wrestling after all and it won't be a very long future if I let Cosmo beat me now, will it?” She said with a broad smile, Sophie's parents looking a little uncomfortable with the idea of their daughter becoming a wrestler, but maybe, just maybe it was just what their little girl needed to hear right now.

Ashley reached her hand forward so that Sophie could shake it before making her way round the table and giving the little girl a broad hug before sending them away with a couple more t-shirts than she intended to give away along with about three signed photos, she'd also left them with details of her twitter and facebook pages so that Sophie could maybe stay in touch. As the littlke girl left with her parents, Ashley finally felt satisfied with how her new fan perception was going, after all, how many days could you say you might have helped a little girl, or boy for that matter, have the confidence to stand up for themselves? Maybe that was what this business was all about? Ashley just hadn't realised it up until now. Now, she just had to keep to her promise and beat the evil Cosmo Cooper. If, by God, Sapphire wanted to stick her nose in, she'd just have to learn what it was like to face the future and lose as well.

She’d watched Ashley the whole time that she had been speaking to the little girl and there was something about the woman that turned her on. Not sexually, of course, but rather she had the feeling that this woman was going to go far and she needed to be there to watch it happen. Taking her chance, she walked over, about to speak.

Ash looked up, expecting to see another fan but was greeted by the lady that she had engaged in eye contact with. Once again, as their eyes met, Ashley’s mind went to places that they shouldn’t be going and she really started to second guess herself. The lady spoke, breaking the awkward tension.

”I saw the way you handled yourself in that interview panel and I also saw the way that you made that little girl so happy. If I may be so bold, I think you have a great future ahead of you, both with the XHW and with the other companies you work for. However, I believe, with my help you could reach that potential a lot sooner. I represent a few wrestlers and I would like to ask you to be my next client. Of course that means I will also be available to your team mates, Wulf and Michael”

Well, color Ashley gobsmacked. Trying to remain cool, she spoke.

Ashley Williams
”Look, I appreciate the offer but I’m going to have to think about this. I have a very important match this weekend and I don’t need the distraction. I will think about it though.”

The icy glare of the woman seemed to make its way into Ashley’s head, almost as if she could see and read the New Jersey native’s thoughts. Just at that moment, her lips curved into a smile that was both friendly and seductive all at the same time.

”That is not a problem at all. Have a think about it, sleep on it perhaps and feel free to give me a call as soon as you’ve made up your mind. Here is my card, call me any time and we can arrange dinner perhaps? That way we can discuss any issues or concerns that you may have.”

As she handed her the card, their hands touched ever so briefly and Ashley felt what could only be described as a feeling of electricity surge through her body. The woman must have also felt it as she recoiled ever so slightly. Then without even waiting for Ashley to answer, the woman turned and made her way back through the crowd, Ashley watching her every step of the way. Looking down at the card, she saw that it was for a Miss Emma Lawrence, Management Consultant. So, she knew her name…..Now it was the getting to know her because there was no way Ashley could deny it, there was something between them and she could not place her finger on what it was.

Going back to Wulf and Michael, she mentioned about the offer and both of them told her that it was probably never good to just believe the word of a woman who had spent the whole afternoon staring at her.


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Tales From Monmouth County IV: The Future of Female Wrestling?
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