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 One Legged Man In An Ass Kicking Contest

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Michael Kelly


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PostSubject: One Legged Man In An Ass Kicking Contest   Fri May 19, 2017 7:06 pm

Michael(inner monologue): The moment you fear moving forward, the moment you fear difficulty, the moment you fear the future... It becomes the moment that you reveal your biggest obstacle... is yourself. We all have to overcome ourselves, one way or another, in order to achieve our goals. In strength there is weakness and in weakness there is strength. The strength to improve, the strength to become greater, the strength to do better for yourself and those around you.

*Michael is seen sitting on a folding chair at his home gym in Mt. Sinai, New York. Wearing a large black shirt, gray running shorts, and a pair of black Adidas running shoes, Michael stares at his badly injured left knee in disappointment. With his left leg at an elevated position, Michael grimaces while putting on his heavily protected knee brace. With a substantial amount of pain written on his face as clear as daylight, he tightens the brace and begins the rigorous training session that awaits him. Focusing more on his upper body due to obvious reasons, Michael continues on with the workout, disregarding any lack of comfort and pain he may be feeling. *

Michael(inner monologue): It quickly became apparent that for me, my strength and my will to go on was solely predicated on the fact that there were people who needed me. Every step of the way, every step towards rehabilitation, it was those same people that needed me that ended up saving me. Addy, Wulf, Ashley, the fans.... In the end it was I that truly needed you. With you all by my side, there's no hurdle that can't be leapt over. Even if that “hurdle” is keeping me from walking at a normal pace or is stopping me from jumping, I will overcome and I will leap.over.it. Regardless of any current problems or injuries I may be facing, I'll never stray too far from a fight knowing that I have an army of friends by my side and a wave of support cheering me on.

*Michael who is usually very careful with his recent knee injury hits the ground after a less-than gingerly step with his left leg. Michael tries to pull himself up but is met with a helping hand. This hand, of course, is the hand of none other than his fiance Adeline La Roux, the person who's been with and has known Michael for the majority of his career. Michael's face changes from downright anger to a smile out of embarrassment when he sees who's helping him up. The two laugh off the fall as they continue the training together. *
Michael(monologue): A fitting beginning to a fruitful career here in XHW. A titular start as I debut in front of 7,600 of these fantastic people at the Ashville Civic Center and for the shot at being #1 contender for the Medal of Honor no less. I face 8 of the toughest competitors in this business in a company very foreign to me..... and I'm loving it. The rush of adrenaline, the pain shooting up my leg... This is what wrestling is all about. This is why I'm here, for the fun, for the moments, for the thrill of it all. Somewhere along the line, I forgot that. So for me, for Michael Kelly, this right here, this moment,  is the start of my redemption.

*Michael, Adeline, and Ashley Williams now are seen together on the road in Adeline's black 2017 X1 xDrive28i BMW  heading to North Carolina for their XHW show. With Adeline in the driver's seat and Ashley in the passenger's seat, Michael lays across the seats behind them with his left leg elevated. Missing in action is Wulf Erickson, who's recent injury has halted him from competing at Hell From Above. *

Michael: So, uh Ash... Why did you accept the offer to join the team? I know we talked about it and all... but really.. I mean Wulf and I are banged up and you've had to have some other offers to join up with some other worthy group of fellas...Or lasses.

Ash: Michael, you should know by now why they call me the Future of Female Wrestling. I embody everything that a female wrestler should be, the same as you and Wulf embody everything that a wrestler and a luchador should be, WE are the future of this business and it doesn't matter what anyone else has got to say about it. Even banged up, you two are still twice the athletes than any of the rest of this roster. That's why I accepted your offer, because I know that you two have the same values as me and I know that, like me, you want your just deserved glory.

Michael: Yeah, we are pretty great aren't we?

Adeline: Is that all that you got out of that?

Michael: *chuckles * No.

Michael Kelly (monologue): My redemption and my gold hunt both start at Hell From Above.
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One Legged Man In An Ass Kicking Contest
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