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 How Good I Really Am?

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PostSubject: How Good I Really Am?   Sat May 20, 2017 12:00 am

[May 19, 2017]
{Off Camera Scene}

Adrien Pierce enters through the rotating doors of a building in New York City. He stops and looks around. He sees people coming in along the main entrance and a security guard walks up to him.

Adrien, your father gave us strict instructions to not allow you in the building through this entrance anymore. You need to go through the main entrance just like everyone else who doesn’t work here.

::Adrien Pierce::
I’m not everyone else and I really don’t care what the old man doesn’t want. Half of this shit he’s got going on belongs to me and if he wants to argue that, I’ll happily see him in court. Now, move.

Adrien starts walking past the security guard and the man grabs Adrien’s shoulder.

C’mon, Adrien. Don’t make this harder than it has to be.

Adrien doesn’t hesitate as he grabs the man’s hand and crushes it in his grasp.

::Adrien Pierce::
Then don’t make it difficult, Steve.

He lets go of the guard’s hand and pushes past him. The guard holds his hand in pain watching as Adrien presses the button for the employee elevator.

C’mon. It could mean my job, Adrien!

The elevator doors open and Adrien doesn’t respond. He steps in the elevator and presses the button for the thirteenth floor. He turns around to look at the guard.

::Adrien Pierce::
Not my problem.

As the doors begin to close the guard glares, making sure Adrien sees it. Adrien winks back just before they close all the way.

…Two Minutes Later…

The elevator doors open. Adrien sees a man and gives him a smile.

::Adrien Pierce::
Hey, Frank! What’s happenin’?

::Franklin Pierce::
Damn it, Adrien! What the hell is the matter with you? You do not work here! You can’t come up the elevator on this side. Don’t make me have to issue every employee an elevator card.

Adrien shakes his and head before letting out a sigh. He walks past his father and heads down a hallway.

::Adrien Pierce::
That’s how you greet a son, huh? You sure you’re the owner of a company that puts people of the community first?

::Franklin Pierce::
First, you can address me as father or dad. That’s who I am, Adrien. Second, you aren’t a member of this community. You moved all over the place after college and then you decided to buy my own house in Malibu.

::Adrien Pierce::
And I gotta tell ya, great place. I had to remodel a bit. The room on the third floor on the northeast corner wasn’t quite big enough. Probably suitable for you and mom, though. Or perhaps Diana, Nicole, or some other broad you were sleeping with while I was in high school.

Franklin Pierce makes a ball with his fist and raises his voice as he catches up to Adrien and grabs him by the arm as they reach a set of double doors with Pierce Industries on it. Adrien looks down at his father’s hand and then looks the man in the eyes.

::Franklin Pierce::
Leave your mother out of this.

Adrien shrugs his arm free.

::Adrien Pierce::
You left her out of this a long time ago. Look, you want this short and to the point, let me cut to the chase.

Franklin Pierce takes a moment to collect his thoughts and nods his head.

::Franklin Pierce::
We’ll discuss this in my office.

Adrien grabs the handle of the door and opens it. His father follows behind him as they go through the lobby where Franklin Pierce’s secretary is sitting at a desk taking phone calls from other business secretaries around the nation. She looks up to see Adrien and his father pass by.


Adrien hears the voice and stops. He recognized the voice. He looks over.

::Adrien Pierce::

Adrien looks at his father. He turns to his father. His father looks away.

::Adrien Pierce::
Wow. You’re getting around these days…

Without looking at her, Adrien acknowledges her as he glares at his father.

::Adrien Pierce::
Crystal. How’s my stand up business man father treating you?Keeping you warm at night?

::Franklin Pierce::
Adrien! Go to my office! Now!

Adrien looks at the red faced man. He rolls his eyes and turns to walk on towards the man’s office.

::Franklin Pierce::
Sorry, Crystal. He assumes too much.

I guess so, sir. Apology accepted.

Franklin Pierce heads towards his office, but Crystal calls out to him.

Oh, sir!

Franklin stops and turns around.

::Franklin Pierce::

I was wondering…under the circumstances…if I could…

::Franklin Pierce::
Take the rest of the day off, Crystal. That’s fine. I’ll have all the calls forwarded to my office for the rest of the day.

Thank you. And please, consider this my two week’s notice.

Franklin Pierce sighs and nods his head.

::Franklin Pierce::
I understand. If you wish to take those weeks to look for another job elsewhere, I am happy to give you paid vacation to do so.

Thank you for understanding.

::Franklin Pierce::
You’re welcome. Thank you for everything and you will have no problem getting a recommendation letter from me, if needed.

Thank you.

Franklin doesn’t say another word as he goes to his office and slams the door behind him.

::Franklin Pierce::
Damn it, Adrien! I’ve had it! You know how hard it is to find a secretary that actually knows what she’s doing? Thanks to you I have to find another one to take Crystal’s place and train them.

::Adrien Pierce::
Oh, that’s the least of your worries, old man.

::Franklin Pierce::

::Adrien Pierce::
Oh is right, but in a few moments you’re going to say it differently.

Franklin Pierce crosses his arms.

::Franklin Pierce::
Enlighten me.

::Adrien Pierce::
Well, I came here to tell you that the other fifty-one percent of the stocks in this company were sold last night and…since you only own forty-nine percent of this company…that makes me the owner of fifty-one percent of my company.

Adrien’s father looks at Adrien with a dumbfounded look on his face.

::Franklin Pierce::
You’re not serious?

::Adrien Pierce::
Oh, I’m serious. And the fifty-one percent of this company says that the numbers are getting a bit low. I might have to have someone come in and change that for us. Of course, I’d be happy to buy your portion of the stock and hire someone else to do the job you’re supposed to be doing. See, I just don’t have the time to dink around in an office all day and figure out the bullshit. You know…with my career and all. And to top it off, becoming XHW Legacy Champion is going to be the one thing that makes the bank account grow and grow.

Franklin Pierce watches as Adrien walks around Franklin’s desk and sits in his father’s chair. He leans back, putting his feet on the desk, and crossing his legs. He looks at his old man and puts his hand behind his head like a pillow. His father glares at him and looks at his feet.

::Franklin Pierce::
Get your feet off my desk, please.

::Adrien Pierce::
Uh, no. And this is no longer your desk. I’ve taken the pleasure of relocating you to our international location in Brazil. You have three weeks to get things arranged for the move and…I expect good things from you there. But, if you decide you don’t want to relocate, you can always sell your shares at half price to me.

Adrien gives his father a smile.

::Franklin Pierce::
I…am not…moving to Brazil. You’re pulling my leg.

There’s a knock at the door and you can hear Crystal clear her throat.

Sir, I have a few messages for you before I leave.

::Franklin Pierce::
Leave them on your desk, Crystal. I’ll check them when my son leaves.

Actually, one message is really important.

Franklin Pierce stares at Adrien another few seconds and heads for the door. He opens it.

::Franklin Pierce::
What is it, Crystal?

Crystal looks at Adrien who smiles at her and waves.

Um, I received a call that Adrien bought…

::Franklin Pierce::
I got that message, Crystal! Now, leave!

Franklin slams the door in Crystal’s face and turns to his son.

::Franklin Pierce::
This is what you want?! You got it, kid! Company is yours! Now, let me get my shit and go!

::Adrien Pierce::
Hate to see you go, but I’m so used to watching you leave. You have twenty-four hours…

Adrien takes his feet off the desk and stands up. He walks around the desk. He passes by his father and goes to the door. He opens it and stops.

::Adrien Pierce::
Oh, by the way, it’s no longer Pierce Industries. Adrien Industries is sad to see such a fine business man retire after so many years. I hope you’re retirement plan in Pierce Industries will be in line with Adrien Industries’. It would be a shame for all that money you’ve worked so hard for be used for other Adrien Industries business.

Adrien closes the door and Franklin Pierce grabs the name plate off his former desk and throws it at the wall.

[May 17, 2017]

As the scene opens, Adrien sits in the Asheville Civic Center where the XHW ring has already been set up. The date in the bottom left corner is shown so that those watching know that this was pre-recorded. Adrien’s arms are draped on the bottom ropes as he leans his back against the bottom turnbuckle in the corner nearest the ring announcer area. The camera zooms in until only his face down to the middle of his chest can be seen. He looks at the camera.

::Adrien Pierce::
Most people wouldn’t pick the one to win as someone they don’t like. Everyone has a favorite. They always hope for the favorite. And everyone roots for their hometown heroes. But, the hometown heroes don’t always win. Their favorites sometimes let them down, and as those gullible people hope for the best come the next go around…

Adrien winks at the camera.

::Adrien Pierce::
They don’t really care about the past. The fact is, the past is past. And when it comes down to it, nothing can be said of the future until the future starts to form together. Root, root, root as they may…unless there’s a drastic change, the past is usually repeated.

Adrien removes his left arm from draping on the rope and scratches his left eyebrow. He returns his arm to draping on the rope. He looks at something low beyond the camera.

::Adrien Pierce::
Beardo Magoo. You might want to consider the first week after Hell From Above walking around without the XHW Legacy Championship. There’s nothing in my playbook that says it’s going to be you. There’s no one better than me, and if you really think you have what it takes to try to prove that wrong, be ready for the next twenty-four hours of many ‘what if’ questions.

He smiles.

::Adrien Pierce::
By then, all those ‘what if’s’ are going to be woulda, coulda, shouldas. You woulda beat me if you were better than me. But, you’re not. You coulda beat me, but ya didn’t and by this time next week…ya shoulda stayed home and played video games is something you’ll figure was going to be your best solution to avoiding the embarrassment of becoming the guy that didn’t become the XHW Legacy Champion.

Adrien reaches up as the camera backs up. He pulls himself to his feet. He looks around the ring and then back to the camera before he speaks again.

::Adrien Pierce::
I’ll tell you this much, General. You’ve got some spunk. You think I’m not going to be a problem for you? I’m going to be your biggest obstacle. So you need to figure that out before it’s too late. There’s someone out there talking about how you’re going to become the first XHW Legacy Champion. They’re the one rooting for their hometown hero. They’re the one rooting for their favorite. That’s all the hype is about you becoming the XHW Legacy Champion.

He gives a smile before he goes on.

::Adrien Pierce::
But…just like a Denver Broncos fan was let down this past year at not making the playoffs and watching their west coast division rivals there, they’re going to see me walking around with the XHW Legacy Championship belt at the next Xtreme Honor Wrestling edition of Fallout. You’re just about to have an eye opener of how good I really am…

Adrien leaves the ring as the scene goes black.

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How Good I Really Am?
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