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 Spotlight Please

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PostSubject: Spotlight Please   Sat May 20, 2017 1:12 am

And on this day, a new number one contender was announced. Well… Not really, but to be honest it’s always nice to dream. That will be left to the imagination of everyone else wishing they could say that about themselves before waking up to reality and realizing you have to earn it first.

Well damnit!

The highly exaggerated words left the mouth of one of XHW’s newest acquisitions, Troy Devereaux. As he stood outside the Asheville Civic Center where Hell From Above would be held, it was a moment of realization for him. Once again he was making his way into yet another squared circle. The look in his eyes could not be determined as to whether he was nervous, intimidated, self-assured. Either way, Sunday was a night to stand out.

These doors will open Sunday evening to a landslide of fans pouring in, to watch one of the greatest pay per views put together on Earth. To explore all the excitement and joy of what it’s like to be close to your favorite superstars. The many oo’s and ah’s on this thrill ride will be expected, but only for one reason… Me!

He whipped around so that he revealed his face to the world. It’s been a nice minute since this face was shown, but the same smug pretty boy look still existed. Which means, the attitude was one hundred percent still the same.

The new beginning starts for a lot of us on Sunday. This battle royal is going to be a make it or break it type of moment. Either you are going to have what it takes, or you will be left behind in the shadows. Standing out has always been my strong suit, and let’s face it if you know who I am, I am always the star of the show. I have eight other opponents in this match and it is going to be my job to hand them all their loss and let them kiss their opportunity goodbye at the Medal of Honor number one contendership. The odds are stacked against us all, but when the back is against the wall is when I do my best work. The thing is we all have an advantage over one another coming from many different backgrounds and not knowing one from the other, so this could be anyone’s ballgame, but I am betting all of my money and your money in it  that I walk away victorious. Not only will I do that but I will begin to cement my name into the books as one of the greatest rising stars to ever set foot in XHW. It’s my destiny, because I have never been one to settle for anything less than the best. In my mind just like everyone else here thinks they are the best, I KNOW it. I always prove day in and day out in everyday life so stepping into that ring on Sunday to show and prove will be a piece of cake. I know everyone is going to have their moment to shine, but when they hog the limelight for too long I will be there to snatch it away.

Lifting his pointer finger up to his face he began to wag it just a tad with a smug look on his face that turned into a smirk.

You see stealing the glory has always been my thing. I will never let anyone overshadow me and sit me down behind them like I am someone’s understudy in a bad play. I am the lead role of this play. I am the hero of this movie that we are in. If any of my opponents want to be relevant here in XHW then the line starts behind me. I ain’t here to make friends. I am here to be the guy that everyone talks about. I am here to be the guy whose name will be in every household conversation at the dinner table. Yeah, that guy is going to be me and me only. It all starts soon and I dare anyone try and stand in my way. I promise I will shorten a career before it even begins. I’m a wildcard and you never know what I am capable of. Don’t let the pretty face fool you, because there is a man who wants to be… no no, thrives to be the ruler of the kingdom under this beautiful exterior. I’ve always had to fight and I have always had to prove myself in many a situation and I have always been the one to come out strong on the top. Could I bore you with my past experiences? Sure I could, but when it comes to this that is pointless. That is out of the door, because coming here it will mean nothing to anyone else. A lot of these people in this match may have better accolades better than me, but I live and breathe this sport in and out, because I AM this. At Hell from Above that number one contendership is as good as mine and I don’t care who is still holding onto it in the end. They will fall before me as well and Mr. Spotlight is going to move up the rankings very quickly.

Noticing how arrogant he was sounding, he had to slam on brakes just for a second and take time to reflect on his past. He had been through so much and accomplished so much in just a short career. However, it was time to set some new goals.

Cocky you say? I say confident. I say I just know me and who I am about. Don’t take me lightly and don’t use me as a stepping stone. That’s my job. I have been in this business for only five years and done just as much as the next person. XHW is going to see that when Troy Devereaux hits that ring it’s nonstop. This number one contendership match is going to be the match everyone is talking about for the next few weeks. The roof is going to blow right off of that very building and you will have me to thank for it. Not one person is safe in this match. Everyone can come around and give their life stories and talk about how they deserve opportunities they never got, or doing something broken down to prove a point, or give a sob story. Newsflash, no one cares. You want opportunity, then you take it. You are broken? Repair yourself and build yourself back up. You want pity? You don’t get it. I’ll strive to get where I have to. Love it or hate it, take this how you want. I am playing no games Sunday. One by one by one everyone will fall. Everyone will want to be me and be where I am. There is no holding back and no regrets to come.

Troy took one final look at the Civic Center taking a deep breath turning his back towards us again.

Hell from Above. It’s my era that will start. Forget Kelly, Burgess, Cass, Sinclair, Sword III, Vaughn, Boyd, and Kingsley. This is about me. Headlines will read about how much of an impact that I make and that soon I will be the new Medal of Honor holder. Every last one of them have a story to tell and have a piece to say, but it’s wasted air. Save your breath ladies and gentlemen, because the only person worth talking about is me. No need to bother showing up, but then that would make it too easy for me and who wants that right? If you don’t then we would be depriving these wonderful fans my awesomeness. When there is more me, everything is better. I guess what I am trying to say is that I want you all to be ready to see a true winner and superstar emerge. Tell all of your families to be upset now and while you are at it, call the press, call the paparazzi, call the president and let them know to be ready to capture this.

With that said he slowly took his time to walk out of the view as everything fades away to black.
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Spotlight Please
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