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PostSubject: E P I T O M E   Sat May 20, 2017 5:11 am


In the land of lost causes, I was merely that. With Dominic and Demitry on either side of me and Jonathan Rast leading the way through a large building.

The bitches in suits were baddies. It made you wonder who made their way through these doors by opening theirs. We venture past the cubicles and into the large office with the shut blinds.

"Take a seat." Rast demands while gesturing for us to sit in the chairs directly in front of his desk. "But there's only two chairs...."

"So!" Rast snaps back. He must be having a stress full day. All the bad bitches must be on their periods. "So, like..." Dominic began, "Only two of us can sit. Does one of us have to stand?"

Rast rubs his temples with his fingers. Rast the type to explode on sight. He ran the Republic of Rast managerial services. He was a bad ass. He got you paid what you were worth, always. He was quick his words and charismatic as ever. He could make you hate yourself and wish you were him after complimenting you. He was that type of asshole.

"Just take a fucking seat. It don't matter where you sit. You two sisters can lap up." Rast snaps once more before dropping into his seat behind the desk. "I said, sit...DOWN." He slaps his palm on the top of his desk and we do as we are told. Dominic sat cross legged on the floor. Demitri and I couldn't help but laugh. Rast wasn't in the mood for this shit today. "God damnit! I'm not in the mood for this shit today!"

Rast rises from his chair. "Here sign the contracts yourselves. I'm going to the lounge to get a coffe." Rast storms out of his own office leaving us alone.

"So whose putting his computer on porn?" Dominic asks with a huge grin. I stop him before he can rise from the floor. "No, don't. He'll know it was us and he changed the password."

Dominic rolls his eyes and does his verison of the spongebob meme. It was a repetitive world we lived in. I rise from my chair and sit in Jonathan Rast's comfortable as fuck chair. "Brooo... this mother fucker has everything. Why is he always so pissed off bruh?"

Demitri looks up from his cell phone. "I don't know bruh. That's a good question." Demitri glances over at Dominic and then they both look back at me.

"I'm going to check his files. You guys read the contracts. I know you guys are in BCW with me. But one of these if for Xtreme Honor. Double check it for me. Tell me if you guys think it's worth it. In the mean time..." I began typing on the keyboard in front of me. The macbook's screen lights up and after a few simple attempts, I crack into his desktop.

"I'm going to do some research." I crack my knuckles and continue typing. It's times like these, that I love being mischievous.

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