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 Tales From Monmouth County V: Lesbians and Prostitutes

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Ashley Williams


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PostSubject: Tales From Monmouth County V: Lesbians and Prostitutes   Sat May 20, 2017 3:03 pm

Tales From Monmouth County V: Lesbians and Prostitutes.
Content Warning: This story includes adult content, do not read if easily offended, under the age of 18 or a Donald Trump supporter.


Three things had happened earlier that day that had completely threw Ashley. First, she’d found out that Cosmo seemed to be scared enough of her to basically single her out and try to bury her. Secondly, she’d met a little girl who fully restored her faith in the sport of wrestling and the positive things it could do. Thirdly, she had a slight inkling that she maybe wasn’t entirely straight.

There had been something about that woman, however, that had Ashley very confused. This was easily the worst time this could have happened as well, right before her World Title match at Hell From Above.

SCENE ONE: The meeting of minds. And bodies? Part I
LOCATION: Ashley’s Home
INVOLVING: Ashley Williams, Emma Lawrence

Against her own better judgment, Ashley clicked the enter button on her laptop. Telling Emma that she wanted to meet up to discuss her management services had been a massive risk. Deep down, she wasn’t even sure she didn’t just agree to the dinner just so she could see her again. She’d always been into guys but this woman set something off in her that she had never felt before in her life.

As the dreaded notification sound came up on her laptop, she opened it up to find this:

OK, so, she could still get out of this situation. Part of her knew that this woman was bad news, she just had that scent about her. Confident in herself and her sexuality and that part threw Ashley because right now, she was anything but confident in her own sexuality. Hesitating, she went and poured herself a whiskey, downing it in one and instantly regretting it. It was 3.40 in the morning and she was drinking whiskey, right before an important event.

I’m gonna break the fourth wall now, reader. I’m gonna tell you something that every good storyteller knows. No good story ever started with “So, I was drinking a nice warm milk and some cookies”

It was roughly after the third whiskey that Ashley direct messaged Emma. She then fell into a slightly drunken stupor and fell asleep.

Ashley woke up in her bed, completely naked. Under any normal situation this would have been fine. However, this situation was just a little worrying because she could have sworn that she’d dozed off on the couch, shortly after messaging Emma.

Rubbing some of the sleep out of her eyes, she reached for the glass of water by her bed and took a huge gulp out of it, her tongue feeling like a wild animal had come and taken a shit on it. Turning around, she nearly did the same thing.

Emma Lawrence
”I was wondering when you were going to wake up. I was genuinely upset that you seemed to just fall asleep after what you just did to me” She said with a slight purr. The sexuality dripping from each sentence as she stroked Ashley’s hair.

What had Ashley just done to her? Pulling the covers up ever so slightly, she could see that her strange bedfellow was indeed naked as well. If Ashley hadn’t been so shocked at the proceedings, she probably would have remarked that the young lady now sharing a bed with her had a great body.

Ashley Williams
”What do you mean, what I did to you? I’m sorry but I was having a whiskey not even forty minutes ago and you arranged to meet me at eight this evening..How did you get in my house? More importantly, how did you wind up in my bed?”

Emma Lawrence
”Does it really matter? The point is, you made me very happy….Then you just fell asleep….Do I not get to return the favour?”

Without even waiting for an answer, Emma leaned forward and kissed Ashley. Her soft lips pressing into her own. Against her own wishes, she deepened it, running her hand through Emma’s long brunette hair.

Ashley threw her head back as Emma kissed her neck, her fingers gently running along the New Jersey native’s jawline. The kisses beginning to get lower down her body, Emma’s lips now hitting her collarbone.

Feeling every gentle kiss sent shockwaves through Ashley’s body as her fingers gripped into the bed sheets, her knuckles whitening as her grip intensified as Emma got lower down her body. Now at her groin, Ashley’s lips curved into a slight grin as she bit her lip by accident. Then the kisses got just that bit lower…..


Aislynn jolted awake, this time back on the sofa where she had originally fallen asleep. Looking around, she tried to register any sign of Emma Lawrence in her home, even foolishly checking behind her curtains.

SCENE TWO: The meeting of minds. And bodies? Part II
LOCATION: NJ Restaurant
INVOLVING:Aislynn Moore/Ashley Williams, Emma Lawrence

Aislynn stood in front of her full length mirror, clad in an Armani suit. With the dream still in the back of her mind, she began to sort out her clutch bag. As the knock came, she had to turn into Ashley Williams to even muster the confidence to even answer it.

Well, to take all of Ashley’s confidence out of the picture, this woman looked beautiful, clad in a Victoria Beckham suit, with a Ferrari sitting outside the front drive. In any normal circumstance, this would have been a dream. For Aislynn, it was the continuation of a nightmare, albeit a very good nightmare.

The whole drive there had been just chatting idle bullshit but the sexual tension had resonated around the air for the whole agonizing fifteen minutes, Aislynn completely taken by this woman.

Emma Lawrence
”Table for two, reserved for that booth over there?” Emma enquired with the waiter.

The waiter paid no mind, leading both Emma and Aislynn over to the table.

Emma Lawrence
”I am the advocate of many successful wrestlers and I have been keeping a very keen eye on you. I want you. I want Wulf Erikson and I want Michael Kelly.” Emma said with a simple smile.

In short, I want you to be part of the next great faction.”[/i][/color]

Ashley Williams
”Never gonna happen. This group is down to all of us, there is no leader, it is that simple.”

As the food was served, Emma and Ashley continued their meeting.

Emma Lawrence
”How about if I offer you leadership?”



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Tales From Monmouth County V: Lesbians and Prostitutes
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