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 Angie in Ashleyville

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Angelica Vaughn


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PostSubject: Angie in Ashleyville   Sat May 20, 2017 9:47 pm

Hell From Above
Moments before the Battle Royal…

With Hell From Above already well underway, the next match on the card is the Battle Royal for the XHW Medal of Honor Number One Contendership. The fans in attendance are already on the edge of their seats, and even more so as the camera cuts to the backstage area, displaying Christi Byrd in stand-up on the titantron. The fans cheer as the red head raises the microphone to her mouth, trademark smile etched on her face.

Christi Byrd: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time… Angelica Vaughn!

The camera pans to the right, revealing Angelica in her full ring attire. She has her trademark, stand-out costume on, complete with the blood spatters and braids. Her heavily made up face still allows the sweet innocence of a teenage girl to shine through however, even though the outfit was made to intimidate. But her shy, cute smile and the way she nervously wrings her fingers as the camera focuses on her has something strangely endearing. Even though it looks like her throat has been cut open and she is bleeding to death, she looks full of energy, life and goodwill. A remarkable contrast indeed.
A section of fans cheers as they see her. While she hasn’t really done anything of note in XHW, very few people will ever forget her most recent match against Kaz Bonham, in which she showed up completely worn down, dehydrated, and damn near unconscious. Speculation has run rampant as to the reasons why, but she turned a lot of heads that night with her valiant efforts.

Christi Byrd: Angelica, many people have been impressed by you. A complete rookie, coming out of nowhere, putting in a great effort week in, week out. Yet the fact of the matter is this: four matches, and four defeats. A loss to Sapphire. Two losses in a row to Kaz Bonham. And gain last week when your team came up short. I must ask this, Angelica… When will you turn things around, and will it happen tonight?

Angelica pouts, having nodded her head while Christi had run down her list of none too impressive accomplishments.

Angelica: Look, I don’t know what to tell you, Christi… You and I have been having these chats for weeks now, and they never really resort to anything else than me saying I’m gonna try my hardest. So that’s what I’m gonna say again… I’m gonna try my hardest! I always do. Asfor when I am going to turn things around, it’s hard to say. It’s common knowledge that I’ve been taken under the wing of the Future of Female Wrestling… Ashley Williams! Now, she’s having her own problems to tend to tonight, but you can be hella sure I’m supporting her every step of the way tonight! Kosmos Koper…

Christi Byrd: …Cosmo Cooper…

Angelica: Yes! Him! Kosmik Cupper is an insufferable little prat who thinks he knows it all, and I’ll squeezing with glee with Ash pins his shoulders to the mat! I hope she does, so she can feed him some humblepie. And while I do like Sapphire, being the massive womanbeast that she is, I hope she’s smart enough to steer clear of this particular demolishing job. I mean… We’re in a town called Asheville, for crying out loud! Tonight, they’ll rebrand it Ashleyville, after the Future of Female Wrestling’s greatest accomplishment to date!  Anyway, I digress…
When will I turn things around? It might be tonight, but it’s not looking likely. I mean, self-confidence is good and all, but I’m up against seven other Superstars out there! Seven! Jeez,, you’d think Mr. Steele would’ve taken it easy on me, but nope! Battle Royal, he says. Against seven others, he says. Thank you very much!

Christi Byrd: Angelica, it almost seems like you don’t believe you CAN win. Is that really a good mindset to carry with you into this match?

Angelica: Ugh, I’m just being realistic, really. I mean, there are some damn good guys and gals in that match. Now I’ll be honest, most of them I don’t even know, or have never even heard of. That happens when you’re a rookie and have joined up with what still is a brand new company. You meet people you’ve never even heard of before. It’s tricky, because it makes it that much harder to prepare properly for a match. Who are they? What’s their fighting style? How do you get into their heads? It’s all a big, ugly blank and I really, really don’t like improvising in that ring out there. Like, Cass, Sword, Kingsley? I honestly don’t know what to expect, other than that Sword likes his submission holds. Sinclair? Burgess? Eh. Not sure if I can tell them apart, to be honest. Now, this Troy Devereaux fellow, him I’ve heard of. Arrogant prick, by the looks of him. He seems to be in this only for himself, and if that’s what he wants… fair game to him. But one day he’ll realize that strength comes in numbers, and that lone wolfing it isn’t the way way to go. See, the one person I haven’t mentioned so far is Michael Kelly.

Christi Byrd: Michael Kelly, who reportedly is on good terms with two of your closest allies: Ashley Williams and Wülf Erikson.

Angelica: Yeah, exactly! I mean, I’ve talked to the guy and stuff. I like him, he’s nice. A bit… stern, but nice! See, the one advantage we both might have is that we like each other, which means we could form a bit of an alliance during this match. Maybe. Potentially. Like, if he’s up for it. Which I’m not sure he is. But I hope so! We could help each other out here and there, have it come down to the wire between the two of us, and then… forego all kinds of friendship and slug it out between the two of us. And granted, that guy has way more experience than me; he hits harder, he’s smarter, and he knows how to get the job done. But you can be damn sure I’m going to use every trick, every move and every move that Ashley has taught me to make sure I stand a chance! I might go down, but I’m gonna go down fighting. I owe it to myself, the fans and the opponents! One of us will face Cosmetic Copper for that Medal of Honor, rest assured!

Christi Byrd: Its… Cosmo… Cooper… And besides, not necessarily. If Cosmo… Cooper… wins the main title tonight, the Medal will be awarded to the winner of the Battle Royal!

Angelica: Oh, that’s not going to happen.

Christi Byrd: Why not?

Angelica: Erm, because Ash is going to win the title, dummy! Which is great, because then either Michael Kelly or myself gets to face Cosm Keppler for the Medal! Yay! Double humiliation for him!

Christi Byrd: For the millionth time, it’s Cosmo… Oh, never mind. Thank you for your time, Angelica. Back over to you, Vincent…


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Angie in Ashleyville
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