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 Cosmo vs. The World

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PostSubject: Cosmo vs. The World    Sat May 20, 2017 11:48 pm

Rarely did Cosmo Cooper let the media in on his daily life—this was one of those times as the film crew had followed him to a gym. It would be a serious workout. All it was going to be is a couple of promotion shots to lead up to the Hell From Above match through the show.

“Just another shot, just like that Cosmo,” the camera man said as a production assistant held up a large dummy bag and Cosmo—in his ring gear pulled up his fists and then shot a few kicks into the bag and the camera snapped and flashed. Cosmo walked over and looked at the shot with a satisfied smile.

“It’s even my good side,” Cosmo said nudging the photographer as Cosmo walked back over to the dummy bag. Cosmo began making grunting noises as he tossed elbows and knees into the bag. As he tossed a spinning back-fist, he looked lazily over his shoulder and gave a sly smile. “I know that’ll be a good shot.”

Cosmo walked back over to the camera, but something else caught his eye. On the apron there was a dark haired girl smiling at him. The top she wore was tight, form fitting around his upper-body and her lower half had cosmic themed yoga pants. The girl completed the look with a pair of ankle wrestling boots on her feet. Instantly, Cosmo caught her smile.

“Hey…I’ve done some modeling,” the girl said as she pulled herself up onto the apron and looked at Cosmo, he was a bit confused. “Why don’t you stop using a dummy and use….Me?” The mysterious girl said as she pointed to herself before stepping in the ring.

While Cosmo was intrigued, he gave a shrug and then flashed a smile, playing it off like it wasn’t a big deal. Walking over, he extended his hand.

“I mean, if you want to get beat up for the camera…I can oblige. Cosmo Cooper, future XHW World Champion, current GCW Legacy Champion…Nice to meet you.”

Harper looked down at his hand and then flicked her eyes back up to him and slowly walked back to her corner, the photographer shrugged. If anything, it would be good practice. With Ashley Williams and Sapphire looming? He could use a little tune up match.

While the photographer looked confused, he shrugged and let Cooper and this new girl circle one another. Cosmo smirked and went in for a lock up, but as quick as a hiccup, the girl had grabbed his wrist, flipped him and put him on his back.

Cosmo blinked a few times up to her as the camera flashed a few times. Cooper didn’t even have time to tell them to stop, the girl looked down at him and then leaned down and offered her hand to him to help him up.

“I’m Harper…Harper Kyle.” she winked. “Nice to meet you, Cosmo.”


“We al know I don’t need to do it…But fuck it…I’m doing it anyway.”

“Ashley Williams, you sit there and try to play innocent. You try and act like I’m saying mean things about you, but you see…It’s rather the other way around. The truth? I didn’t even know who the hell you were until that tag team match. All I said to you, was that you were too good to want respect from a piece of trash like Wulf, and to carry yourself around with people like him and Vaughn. I never said a damn word about you, but that’s what you people do. That’s your way of doing things, Williams. Oh? I’m saying such mean things to you? THAT’S THE GRAPS, WOMAN. That’s what you’re supposed to do the hype the match—SPEAKING OF WHICH.”

Cosmo tapped his wrist.

“That’s what I’ve been taking all of my time doing this week. What have you been doing? Sitting around rubbing dicks with Wulf at Q&A’s where you have to pay people to show up to. Doing Q&A’s on Twitter where nobody wants to ask you questions so you just go with whatever the computer is asking you. I’ve been waiting, I’ve been goading, I’m been trying to call you out, I’ve been trying to get the best out of you…But what do I get?”

“I get the same pre-school shit I’ve gotten from this company and it’s opponents from the beginning. What don’t you people understand about professional wrestling that this isn’t just playful games? What don’t you get that a structure like Hell From Above? There is no RESPECT in a structure like that! There are no friends! What don’t you understand that the moment you step into that structure and the door slams, your life, your livelihood is on the line? Hmm?”

“One wrong move, Ashley. One slip up and you could end your career…But yeah…Go ahead and keep pretending like this match isn’t important. Go ahead and put XHW last on your list like you and others have been doing since the doors opened. Like me or not, but behind closed doors? The XHW management is happy with me. The XHW management is happy they have someone like me on the roster that doesn’t take this as some gigantic joke. I promote the shit out of this, I train the hardest in my life for this. I left loved ones behind for this. And you take it and rub it in my face. You point fingers.”

“Cosmo Cooper? He’s not pointing fingers at you, Ashley. He’s not pointing fingers at Sapphire. You see, I’m pointing right up at that belt hanging above the ring and the cage. I’m pointing and looking up, while you both are looking at me. My eyes are upwards. Your eyes are staring, glaring at me. I’m looking up, I’m looking at the championship and that has been my mindset from the beginning.”

“I came from nothing, because none of you knew what I was—but you should have. You should have heard about my name. You should have saw what I did in AWE. You should have heard from I’ve been doing in the CWC, instead you all slept. Instead you hurl insults to me about being popular on the indys, when you’re a champion elsewhere, Ashley. Where has that gotten you? It’s gotten you proof that you are soft. It’s given you an answer that you didn’t know you needed, and that it’s just because you are the DARC whatever champion…It doesn’t mean you are good enough to hang in XHW…”

Nodding, Cosmo let his hands rub across the facing of his Legacy Championship from GCW in the CWC branch.

“If anything? Ashley Williams and Sapphire should be THANKING me. Actually? Every wrestler in that locker room should be thanking me. XHW should be giving me the highest paycheck here. I should be given the treatment that only the greatest champions should be given because I am raising the bar and I am making EVERYONE in XHW better. Is anyone else doing that? Nope! Where is Wulf Eirkson? The “duder” is faking an injury because he can’t cut it in XHW. Where is Sapphire this week? Hiding behind some gym equipment I am sure with her knees quaking, because she knows exactly what the outcome of the match will be.”

“Hell From Above? When I become champion? Everyone is going to know what it takes to get on Cosmo Cooper’s level. Everyone is going to know what it’s going to take to accomplish what I’ve accomplished. That’s only going to make every single on the roster better because I refuse to half-ass it like most of the roster. I refuse just to do enough to get by. I go above and beyond to be the best wherever I’m at. That’s what it’s looked so easy in XHW.”

“Yes, I’m as good as I say I am. Yes, at my best? Nobody on this roster can touch me. It doesn’t mean you should just give up like Virginia though and decide not even to give the fans a promotional or a meet and greet or anything. If it wasn’t for me? Nobody would know Sapphire is in this match, or who she is, nor would she be anywhere near the main event. I had main event written across my chest from the time I kicked in the door the very first week. The first time I walked in and I let people know what it would take to knock me off—I told them then, I’ll tell them now…It’s going to take more than what everyone is putting out to defeat me.”

“People on the outside looking in…People who want XHW to fail. They ask me why I give the effort. They ask me why I continue to week after week put in the effort in the ring and outside the ring that I do when nobody is doing it. I’ve always been good. I’ve been good at everything I’ve ever put my mind to doing. When I said I would do it, I’ve done it. When I needed a state championship to solidify my legacy? I did it. When I picked up pro wrestling without being a fan my entire life, but just something I wanted to accomplish? I did it. But I’ve also always been the hardest worker in the room. I’ve always made sure that not only was I good? But I set a precedent to being good. Sure. I make it look easy. Sure. I run through people like wet paper but none of you see what I go through every single day…”

Opening his mouth, Cosmo was about to blurt out everything about his grandmother…How much it meant for him to be in this match, how much it would mean for his grandmother to see him the top champion in a new company…Instead he opened his mouth and then shut it quickly. Overcome with emotion, he quickly regained his swagger as he swallowed back tears.

“What I go through every single day. Dealing with the stupid shit this roster throws at me. Let me make one thing perfectly clear for everyone. The moment I unhinge the title, the moment that I hold it up in victory at the top of that ladder—the very moment they write my name into the history books of being the first ever XHW champion…You can put me against the entire roster. You can book me in a handicap match, you can send whoever you want at me…But I will never relinquish it. I will be your XHW World Champion. I will be your villain. I will be your hero. I will be whatever you need me to be…Because regardless of all of that. I will be a champion…”

“There will be no blame game. There’s going to be no foul play. There’s going to be no excuses for Ashley Williams and Sapphire. The only thing they will be left with is me…The only thing they’ll be left with is a reign that everyone in the WRESTLING world will remember. Not just XHW or it’s roster members. I’m about to do something that everyone remembers for years to come.”

“After tonight, little loser bitches like Ashley Vaughn can keep getting my name wrong…Because it’s going to be spelled right the only place that it matters…A place where I knew my name would go from the time I signed on the dotted line, a place that people like Vaughn, Sapphire, Wulf, Williams, Bearded Idiot,Adrien and others will never see. The XHW World Championship….”

“And you know what? I’m a nice guy. I’ll happily turn my Medal of Honor over to whoever wins that Battle Royal, you know why? I want them to enjoy second place. Savor it…They need that medal…”

“And I welcome anyone to try and stop me.”



In GCW, Cosmo didn't have to be alone. There was a lot of smiles shared, a lot of beers drank and at the end of the night—Cosmo was usually traveling with someone to another town or an airport. Whether it be Leela, or Trevor or someone else. Cosmo always had someone to lean in. Even when he had struck out and beat down Trevor because Trevor had put him through a table? Terry McKenna was there for him. Ana Hayden had been there in the past.

None of these names would be with Cosmo as he bounced back and forth in front of a mirror. The locker room he found was anything but the normal confines of a locker room. While he was sure the other wrestlers got a nice, cushy locker room with couches and drinks and catering. Cosmo had fit himself into a smaller room which acted more like a broom closet with a mirror than anything.

“This is your fucking time…” Cosmo muttered to himself. The man’s long brown hair was down in his face. Reaching down, Cooper pushed his hair back over his head and then grabbed the hat on the small, round card table behind him and put the hat on backwards. Cosmo huffed another sigh as he looked at himself in the mirror. This was going to be his moment, so everything had to be perfect.

Reaching back, he grabbed his water bottle and took a deep draft and then slid his shoes on—they were just brown slide on shoes since Cosmo loved to wrestle barefoot. Nodding for a second, Cosmo looked in the mirror.

“This one is for you, grandma,” and then he turned his back and pushed himself out of the door to prepare for his entrance for Hell From Above. The hallway was lonely, but when he walked out a couple of road agents went to his side to walk him towards the ring. The same cocky smile he had on his face at the beginning continued as he rolled his neck back and forth and lightly bounced up and down as he took another drink of water and then tossed the water bottle aside as he headed towards the curtains.

“Just like all of the others…Just like—“ Before Cosmo could get the other words out, a stage hand comes running up to him looking frantic.

“Cosmo…Huff…Cosmo…” The small lady with glasses tried to catch her breath as she put her hands on her knees and then raised up. Somewhere Cosmo could hear music hit in the arena—he didn’t know if it was his music or not. “It’s..”

Cosmo put a hand on her back to try and hurry her up, knowing his time was near.

“It’s your grandmother….She’s…Taken a turn for the worst…She’s in ICU.”


Intensive Care Unit. The rest of the words were jumbled because Cosmo wasn’t hearing things completely straight. Nearly losing his head as it begun to spin, he fell against the wall and felt a ton of emotions. In a moment he thought he was going to puke, in a  moment he thought he was going to pass out. Trying to balance himself, Cosmo looked up and heard some other words the stage manager was mumbling.
“XHW understands if you can’t compete, Cosmo. We can get you out of here and on a plane in the next hour…But you have to make a decision right now.” She said, and Cosmo looked towards gorilla position and then back towards her as he held the back of his head in shock.

“We need to know something now.”

It was as if his body was contorted into two pieces, his brain was trying to carry his upper body towards the ring and his lower half was trying to carry him back to his things and out the door so he could catch a flight back to California. What if his conversation with his grandmother was the last he ever had? What if he never saw her again? What if his last words…Were her wishing him luck in a title match? What if she never got to see him winning the World title?

Mother fucker.

“Just tell me what you want me to do,” Cosmo said to nobody really in particular. He prayed nobody was around him. There was nobody he wanted to see right now—Nobody he wanted to know what was going on. Ashley Williams shouldn’t be around, Sapphire, he didn’t want her to see him weak like this. He was trying to draw the muse of his grandmother up—just to tell him what she wanted him to do. Grandma Cooper always gave the best advice.

Then, as loudly and as clearly as thunder—he heard it in his head.

“Go win it…I’ll be waiting for you on the other side.”

With his hands on the back of his head. Cosmo gathered himself and then nodded. Looking around to make sure nobody had saw his breakdown, he looked to the stagehand and gave a few nods before he swallowed the emotion. Cosmo felt it ebbing away from him, like when your leg or arm had that sleep feeling and then you finally began to get feeling back in it again. Everything was hazy, until he heard his grandmothers voice—even in his head it was enough to bring him out of it.

“See you on the other side,” Cosmo said to himself as he pulled himself straight and held up a finger to the stage hand. One more moment alone for him in a corner as he bounced up and down, he knew the task at hand and he knew what had to be done.

“I’m good…I’m good. Let’s do this.” It was clear and concise, just like his promos had been leading up to the match. There was no way that anything would keep him from being the first ever XHW World Champion.

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Cosmo vs. The World
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