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 Ain't No Mountain High Enough

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Kaz Bonham


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PostSubject: Ain't No Mountain High Enough   Sat May 20, 2017 11:52 pm

Thursday, May 18th

Pumping iron. The sounds of some generic 80s mix blaring in the background. Kaz took a deep breath with every rep of the bench press. It was training day. Which had been part of training week. More than ever, Kaz pushed herself to the limit. She had one goal in her mind. One object. The Legacy Championship. Whenever it was time to workout, she always took it seriously, but nothing ever like this. This was a new beast to her. Training to get back into the ring wasn’t even as hard as what she was doing. For the first time in a long time, she felt motivated.

But also for the first time in a long time, she felt the world on her shoulders. It wasn’t the weights, but the pressure that was starting to crush her. There wasn’t any time dedicated to Bigfoot or seeing her ma and pa. It was all about one thing: Graps. No time for anything else or anyone else. She had XHW on her mind and Red State Revolver. Everyone was going to be watching her and what was she going to do? Let them down? Prove to everyone that coming back was a mistake? Not possible. Giving up? Not possible.

Hell From Above had given her a chance. A chance to show everyone that what she was doing was real and it wasn’t just some silly dream to her. It was reality and something she could do. She could hang with a lot of people and that she was meant to be a wrestler. All it took was one match. The burn starting in her shoulders and going down to her arms was just an obstacle to overcome. Something that was getting in the way of making her dreams come true. Much like people in her life, she’d have to overcome it. She’d have to show everyone who doubted her wrong.

Could she do it? Perhaps. But she didn’t know. That’s the thing with wrestling. You never know. One day you’re on top of the world and the next, no one knows who you are. That, in a nutshell, was the story of Kaz Bonham. Never on top of the world, but when she started gaining some traction in her career, she just left. Vanished. It all became too much for her. The pressure, the workouts, and everything in between. She freaked out and ran back home when the challenge became too great. In her mind, becoming a banker wasn’t what she wanted and it’d drive her crazy to do it, but she didn’t know if she could mentally keep up with the hunger of every other wrestler.

As she sat in the weight room, catching her breath, and drinking every ounce of water she could; that’s all she could think of. The hunger. The drive that fueled that hunger. When somebody wanted something, could she prove that she wanted it more? The Legacy Championship was her first test. Part of her hoped that she’d be able to ease her way back into the world of wrestling, but it wasn’t meant to be. There are no easy days when it comes to wrestling. No “you did your best”’s. It was either give it your all every single night or don’t bother trying at all. The thought alone terrified her.

Hunting for Bigfoot, that was just for fun, nothing serious. Mostly. But wrestling? That was everything. Some days, it was the only thing that motivated her to keep on fighting, to keep on pushing through everything. Five people stood in her way. Five people who are just as motivated as her and just as ready to roll. They all had that hunger. That all had the fuel to give them that hunger. Did Kaz? Was Kaz going to be able to be strong enough to keep going? There wasn’t an answer. No one was going to come in, pat her on the back, and say that she’s got a chance.

There was only one person who could prove that. Just one person who could push Kaz over that bump in her life and get her right on track. When the world was pushing down on her, telling her to back down or face Mother Nature’s power; she could rely on one person. Winning that Legacy Championship would be the ultimate gift. Not just a reward for everything she’s done so far, but a simple gift. As she rose up from the bench, she looked over to the mirror and studied her reflection closely. The sweat pouring down from her forehead, her cheeks flushed red with blood, and the look of that hunger in her eyes.

There was only one person who could tell Kaz that she had everything it took to become a champion. Looking in the mirror, a smile crept over her face

Kaz Bonham was that person.

“The Legacy Championship. Gosh, what it’d mean to become a champion. My whole life, all I’ve ever wanted to do was become a professional wrestler. Well, after finding Bigfoot, but, like, beggars can’t be choosers. But now that I’m here, now that I can tell everyone back home and across the world that I became a wrestler...I’m not stoppin’ here. I got another gnarly goal I want to go after, dudes. Becomin’ a champion. Y’all know how much something like that means to a wrestler like me, but not everyone gets to that point. And I’m here. I ain’t got no sad story like nobody thought I could do it...but I won’t lie and say there wasn’t a time in my career where I felt like givin’ up.”

“It’s a real bummer, but I came close to just endin’ my career and stayin’ outside the ring, but when I saw graps on TV again and seein’ it everywhere else...I got that itch. Wrestlin’ is the raddest thing out there and I wasn’t gonna let my dream slip away. So I got back into my aerobic classes, I started liftin’ my weights again and within a year...I found myself back in the ring and look at me now, y’all. I’ve got a championship opportunity right in front of me. I got the chance to fight harder than I ever have before and I got the chance to call myself a champion. How sick is that?!”

“Of course, it ain’t easy. Nothin’ worth havin’ in life is. Huntin’ for Sasquatch? Ain’t easy. Acceptin’ the fact that malls are declinin’? Ain’t easy. But I’m not givin’ up. When I see a challenge in front of me? I welcome it with a smile on my face and grabbin’ a sticker out of my fanny pack. I’m not one to brag, but in this business, you gotta put a little flair into yourself to really make it. So I became the Graps Goddess and that’s who I am, y’all. The hair band lovin’ Graps Goddess. And now I got a test that’s going to rock me to my core.”

“Five other wrestlers. I’ve wrestled against one and I’ve wrestled against three, but five? Doesn’t seem like much of an increase, but, like, it totally is. Five! It’s easier to think when you’ve got a team with you and you’ve got eyes everywhere, but now? At Hell From Above, I don’t have any eyes watchin’ my back. I’m all on my own and it’s all on my shoulders to make sure I leave the show with the Legacy Championship around my waist. Nobody else’s responsibility, but my own. Sounds wicked, right? Got a mountain of pressure settlin’ down on me, but dudes, I was raised in the mountains. If there’s one thing I know very well besides 80s trivia, Bigfoot, and wrestlin’...it’s how to overcome a mountain.”

“The first valley I gotta overcome is Wulf Erikson. He spends a lotta time makin’ people upset, but don’t let that fool anyone into thinkin’ he’s not a great wrestler. He’s about the only man I’ve seen go toe-to-toe with Cosmo Cooper and come out lookin’ for more. That’s a kind of fight you’d only see after some training montage, but Wulf makes it a reality. I gotta overcome that. I’ve gotta take the same energy that Cosmo Cooper had to dig down and find in order to take down Wulf. And I know I can do that. But it ain’t gonna be easy. Finding that strength is like finding Bigfoot...shoot, it may not be there, like, at all, but if you believe hard enough? That’s all you need.”

“Trixie? We’ve already tangled once before, but just cause I beat her don’t mean a thing. Anyone can get lucky once and maybe that was me. Maybe I got lucky when I beat Trixie, but you know what? Negative thinkin’ like that gets you nowhere. You gotta stay positive, dudes! Like, totes positive. And maybe I did get lucky, but that’s not gonna stop me. I’m not gonna just stop and give up. Trixie isn’t either; she might find some questionable methods to get herself to the top, but that doesn’t care me. Like, be as twisted and uncool as you want, that’s not goin’ to stop me. That’s just one peak I’m climbing over.”

“Just like any good mountain, there’s some uncertainty. That comes in the form of Siomas. I’m not gonna act like I know an awful lot about you, but if you’re in this match, that’s basically all I need to know. No one just waltzed into this one. This was a fight to get here, y’all. Like, all out war. I’m headin’ into this territory without a map, but that’s not gonna scare me. The unknown doesn’t frighten me, the unknown is mythical land...and that’s gnarly. That’s what I want and I’ll play it smart, safe, and scout it out, but I’m not slowin’ down. I got a goal in mind, Siomas, and I’m getting it.”

“When you cross that unknown, you get closer to your goal. Then the elements of the mountain come in. The Douglas Armatage portion of the mountain. Someone who is gonna try to wear and tear and break you down...but no matter how hard that fight is, you keep pushin’ on. If you don’t? It’s totally downhill from there, dudes. You keep pushin’ on cause you’re just one step away from reachin’ the top. And I know Douglas is going to fight; fight real hard to try and stop everyone in this match, but to my Bonham Care Bears...you already know he ain’t stoppin’ me.”

“And when it’s all said and done...you’ve only got a few feet to go before you can reach that final peak. Reachin’ what you’ve been clawin’ and crawlin’ all the way up for. Success. Glory. Radical prizes. All of that stuff. And maybe those few feet look easy, like a breeze...but gettin’ comfortable in those last few steps is dangerous, y’all. When you’ve got someone like Adrien Pierce there? That’s real danger. Someone I partnered with just last show, someone who got up close and personal with me in our match, but never had to fight me. If he was smart..and he wouldn’t be in this match if he wasn’t...he kept an eye out on me.”

“Shoot, he probably knows me better than most people in this match, even more than Trixie. But let me repeat myself, y’all...I ain’t scared. I’m not afraid of what’s gonna happen. I’m prepared. I’m workin’ hard every day and every night in order to be ready for this. This Hell From Above match is unlike anything I’ve ever been in, but I’m not backin’ down. I’m goin’ to climb every rung, like, EVERY SINGLE RUNG...to become the Legacy Champion. I’m gonna do what I’ve been wantin’ to do all my life. Nobody is stoppin’ me. Y’all might be just as prepared as me, but I’m walkin’ into a shootout...and I got every corner covered.”

“When the match is over...I’m gonna be the Legacy Champion.”
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Ain't No Mountain High Enough
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