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 Hell From Above Results

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Jacob Steele

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PostSubject: Hell From Above Results   Mon May 22, 2017 1:48 pm

A recap of every Fallout leading up to Hell From Above begins to play.

Clips showing Wulf Erikson and Cosmo Cooper becoming co-holders of the XHW Medal of Honor, Angelica Vaughn showing her inexperience, Sapphire showing her dominance, Jacob Steele sitting with the board about fan interest all play through.

Clips showing Angelica Vaughn meeting Kaz Bonham after an open challenge and Kaz’s depression about the downfall of malls, Sapphire continuing her dominance, Ashley Williams proving to be an underestimated talent, and Cosmo winning sole possession of the Medal of Honor in a Ladder Match against Wulf Erikson all play through.

Clips showing the debut of Douglas Armatage, destruction of Adrien Pierce, very close victory by Kaz Bonham, Trixie’s first victory, a victory for Ashley Williams over her friend Wulf Erikson, and Cosmo Cooper ending Sapphire’s two win undefeated streak all play through.

Clips showing Brandon Siomas dominating tag team elimination action, Adrien, Kaz, and Trixie picking up some more points in the 6 person elimination tag match, and a crazy main event with Sapphire and Ashley earning enough points to contend for the World Championship all play through.

The recap fades out.

As the camera turns on, the beautiful Asheville, North Carolina is being shown off. We start with the area surrounding the Asheville Civic Center which is Downtown Asheville. The sun is out, the skies are mostly clear with a few dark clouds. The streets are busy with cars, people walking on the sidewalks, quick glimpses of the insides of some of the shops, and then the camera starts to zoom out. As it zooms out, the relaxing view of the mountains can be seen. Hiking trails, people on the trails, mountainous overlooks, all of this makes up the area surrounding Downtown Asheville, NC.

Instantly, the camera cuts to the outside of the Asheville Civic Center, where the sign reads, Xtreme Honor Wrestling Presents: Hell From Above! People are flooding into the building, holding signs that read, “XHW!”, “THIS IS HELL!”, “HI, MOM!”, and then many other signs of catch phrases or symbols resembling their favorites on the XHW Roster. Time begins to fast forward, showing the sun starting to go down, more and more people entering the building, then a sign posted outside that says, SOLD OUT!

The camera cuts to backstage where we make our way to the office of Owner and Chairman of XHW, Jacob Steele. Jacob is seen sitting at his desk watching his television screen that shows the inside of the Civic Center and all the fans in attendance. A smile forms on his face as he continues to look at the television.

Jacob Steele: Looking at this and seeing how we’ve grown since the very beginning… it’s magnificent. What started out as a mere thought in my head to open up a wrestling promotion while relaxing in a pool has turned into this. I constantly think about how things played out in our debut where the arena wasn’t even halfway filled up and even though we’re in lower capacity arena’s, we’ve sold out every show since the debut. We get tweets everyday about fans wanting us in their cities and in their big arenas, our roster has grown immensely, and the profit we have made so far is groundbreaking. It’s been quite the ride and we’ve made it to the first ever XHW Free-Per-View Hell From Above.

Steele takes a quick breath and gets a serious look on his face, turning his attention from the television to the camera.

Jacob Steele: Hell From Above… Tonight is going to alter the lives of many. Injuries will take place, tears will be shed, dreams will be shattered. On the other hand, dreams will come true, tears of joy will be shed, and entertainment will be provided. Tonight is no joke. Tonight, everything is at stake. The World Championship, Legacy Championship, Contendership for the Medal of Honor, and most importantly, Honor. The men and women you see tonight that are putting their entire lives on the line are fighting for Honor. Whether a Championship or Contendership is on the line or not, Honor is the ultimate glory one can possess.

It began 5 weeks ago and continues tonight. Tonight is Hell. We’ve been building to this point from the very beginning and now’s our chance to make an even bigger statement than the ones before. We’re just getting started. Tonight changes everything. Everyone here will walk out tonight a different person, good or bad. Everyone here has something on the line and you all are witnesses in all of it. Welcome to Xtreme Honor Wrestling. Welcome to… HELL FROM ABOVE!

Jacob Steele picks up a glass on his desk and throws it at the camera, glass shattering and the camera cutting immediately.

A video package begins to play, showing various XHW Superstars in front of a black background.

Angelica Vaughn: I’ve worked really hard to get to where I am today. I started knowing absolutely nothing, tonight I become one step closer to holding the Medal of Honor.

Kaz Bonham: I really can’t believe malls are in such a decline… How could people not want to go and shop there?!

Douglas Armatage: The Bearded Army General has his eyes set on victory tonight and I will redeem myself after last week.

Trixie: I’m the best woman in this business. You think otherwise? Watch how things go down tonight when I become the first ever XHW Legacy Champion!

Brandon Siomas: I worked my ass off last week to get here tonight. I’ll be damned if I let this opportunity slip away.

Jacob Cass: It’s been a rough start for me, but tonight, Hell is just the least of everyone’s worries.

Adrien Pierce: I don’t care what it takes, I will claim what I deserve. My opponents? Just pawns in my own game. Tonight is game over for them.

Matt Angel: Kristian Bane is going to regret ever messing with me. He made the challenge, I accepted, now he needs to accept more than just defeat.

Ewan Boyd: Not one of this fuckers is or ever will be better than me. I’m the best there ever is or will be. You’re looking at the best this company has to offer and I will walk out of here victorious.

Troy Devereaux: You’ve been given the honor to look at such a beautiful person. Welcome me to MY show and I know you’ll enjoy.

Ambrose Kingsley: You’re about to step into my trap. Let’s hope this place is worth my fucking time.

Tiffany Sinclair: I just want to wish everyone good luck tonight and let’s enjoy ourselves! I know I will!

Michael Kelly: My destiny will be fulfilled tonight.

Sapphire: I’ve been in the gym every day. I’ve been here since the very beginning. I made it to the Main Event even though I’m still new to this. Tonight, I wish the best of luck to my opponents, but I will walk out as Champion.

Cosmo Cooper: No one else deserves to be in this match more than me. Actually, no one deserves to be in it other than me. I’m already your World Champion.

Ashley Williams: I have been underestimated since the beginning. I will not be underestimated anymore. It ends tonight and a new beginning will begin.

Tyler Chambers: Tonight is going to alter the lives of all of these competitors. Please do not try any of this at home.

Entire XHW Roster: Welcome to HELL FROM ABOVE!

The video package ends with a burst of fire lighting up the scene and then fading out.

The scene fades into the inside of the Asheville Civic Center where the SOLD OUT crowd is on their feet, cheering at the top of their lungs, and “Indestructible” by Disturbed is playing in the background! We circle around the arena to see the various signs, then to the stage where flames burst through the floor in a type of a wave across the entirety of the floor, and then to ringside where Chris Walker and Vincent Price are standing by.


Chris Walker: The crowd is on their feet, each and every fan is electric right now and we can feel that throughout our entire bodies!

Vincent Price: This show will go down in history as our FIFTH EVER SHOW! What a great way to make history than here tonight, with our fans, AT HELL FROM ABOVE!

Chris Walker: Quite the show we have, too! Kicking us off is the powerhouse Kristian Bane, in singles action against the daredevil, Matt Angel!

Vincent Price: After that, we witness a couple debuts and some returning to action as we decide the #1 Contender to Cosmo Cooper’s Medal of Honor! Troy Devereaux, Michael Kelly, Logan Burgess, Jacob Cass, Tiffany Sinclair, Stephen Sword III, Angelica Vaughn, Ewan Boyd, and Ambrose Kingsley will all be fighting for the same prize!

Chris Walker: Following that Battle Royal, we determine our first ever XHW Legacy Champion! Adrien Pierce, Wulf Erikson, Brandon Siomas, Trixie, Douglas Armatage, and Kaz Bonham will enter the first ever XHW Hell From Above Match to see who stands above the rest!

Vincent Price: And then… in the Main Event of the first ever XHW FPV… The World Champion will rise! Cosmo Cooper, Ashley Williams, and Sapphire put absolutely everything on the line to claim the rights of being the best in the company as the XHW World Champion!

Chris Walker: All of that and more as we get this hellacious night started! Here’s what you need to know going into the opener of the night, Kristian Bane vs. Matt Angel!

A video package starts playing, showing last week’s footage of Fallout. Kristian Bane is seen getting eliminated from his tag team match. Then it cuts to backstage where Matt Angel is walking the halls until Kristian ran right into him. The two begin to bicker, then Matt is seen getting eliminated from his tag team match. The camera then cuts to show Kristian Bane in the ring issuing an open challenge to the roster for a match at Hell from Above and Matt Angel accepting it. That brings us to now...

The camera cuts to the ring where A.J. Richards is standing by with the mic pressed against his mouth, ready to announce the opening match of the night!

A.J. Richards: The following contest is tonight’s opening match, and it is scheduled for one fall!

“I Will Show You” begins playing over the PA system, and Matt Angel walks out onto the stage with his arms raised over his head. The crowd cheers a bit as he walks down the ramp, taking care to high-five and clap hands with fans on both sides of the walkway.

A.J. Richards: Introducing first, from Venice Beach, California, weighing in at 180 pounds...Matt Angel!

Angel jumps from the floor onto the apron, then climbs the turnbuckle from the apron, raising his arms and amping up the Asheville crowd. After a few seconds of this he hops over the top rope into the ring and goes to his corner.

A.J. Richards: And his opponent...

“Cradle to the Grave” starts playing over the PA system and the crowd boos as Kristian Bane walks out onto the stage. He stops on the stage, looking like he might do a bit of flexing to show off his power, but then he sees Matt and glares down the ramp at him. He starts mouthing off and pointing angrily down at him, but the mics can’t pick up what he’s saying.

A.J. Richards: From Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 285 pounds, the “Creator of Chaos”...Kristian Bane!

Kristian slides into the ring under the bottom rope and keeps jaw-jacking at Matt until the official steps between them. He backs off a bit, then turns his ire to the crowd, berating them for being fat and lazy while flexing and displaying his superiority over them, getting boos back for his trouble.

Vincent Price: Kristian certainly lived up to his nickname in Matt Angel’s opinion last week. A shoulder bump, albeit a completely needless one, has blossomed into a full-on fight tonight.

Chris Walker: Yeah, but I don’t see what Angel thinks he’s gonna’ gain from this, other than an ass-kicking.

Vincent Price: It’s all about pride, Chris. Matt wants to stand up for himself, which is admirable, but he’s got a tall order ahead of him.

Chris Walker: A lot taller than he thinks it is.


Vincent Price: And that means we’re underway, and Kristian tried to take Matt’s head off with a clothesline right out of the gate.

Chris Walker: That would have created some chaos in some lives.

Vincent Price: It would, but Matt ducked the clothesline and ran for the ropes. He’s bouncing off, but he gets caught with a huge back body drop!

Chris Walker: Kristian tried to throw Angel high enough to meet some real angels. No such luck for the kid, coulda’ used some wings to avoid that splat. Now he’s getting hauled off the mat like a bag of potatoes, and Bane’s got him in a bearhug!

Vincent Price: He’s obviously in a lot of pain, but he’s still got way too much energy to give up so early, and he starts fighting back. He tries to box the ears but can’t figure it out, he has no leverage for punches...oof! Not pretty, but clawing at the eyes will certainly do it, and all the ref can do is admonish, as all XHW matches hereon are Xtreme Rules, making eye rakes perfectly legal.

Chris Walker: If that’s what it takes, then do what it takes, I say. But now he’s free, what can he do?

Vincent Price: He has to try something fast, Bane won’t be off balance long. Looks like he’s got an idea as he charges for the ropes, hopping up and springboarding off of the middle rope and twisting himself around to land a flying clothesline! But Bane doesn’t fall down, only staggering back into the other ropes! Matt quickly charges forward, looking to clothesline him over the top rope, but Bane goes for another back body drop.

Chris Walker: Yeah, but Angel lands on the apron. Big man better turn around quick and see him there. Matt kicks him through the middle rope to stagger him, then leaps up and springboards off the top, but he gets caught! Looked like he was going for a big springboard neckbreaker, but all he got was caught, then whipped around and powerslammed into the canvas! The crowd boos as Bane falls into the night’s first cover.

Ref: ONEE!!


Vincent Price: Angel kicks out just after the two count, and as soon as he has separation from Bane, he quickly rolls out of the ring. Smart move there.

Chris Walker: Is it? Kristian is going right after him, so it’s not like he’s going to get any time to breathe.

Vincent Price: True, but Matt seems to have the same idea, as he hits an inverted atomic drop on Bane as soon as he’s on even footing. Oh, then there’s a drop toe hold and Bane has smacked his head on the barricade! The big man is stunned, and Angel looks to take advantage!

Chris Walker: If by take advantage you mean jump on the barricade and run away.

Vincent Price: Yes, but he’s given himself room to run, and he waits for Bane to get to his feet, balanced precariously on the barrier...Bane is up and Angel is charging at him on the barricade, he leaps off! He jumps into a hurricanrana and sends Bane careening into the ring post, also hitting it head first!

Chris Walker: The man might have a concussion. Somebody get in there and check on him!

Vincent Price: No can do, remember? We’re Xtreme Honor Wrestling, Chris.

Chris Walker: Yeah, not “Xtreme Concussion Givers!”

Vincent Price: We won’t know until later if Bane has a concussion, but he is visibly bleeding from the forehead after that meeting with the ring post. He’s still dazed, so no telling if he knows that yet, as Angel is pressing the advantage. He hops up onto the ring apron this time, and as Bane staggers up to his feet, he runs forward and flips, landing the blockbuster neckbreaker he was going for earlier! The crowd is cheering as Kristian is laid out on the floor!

Chris Walker: Yeah, but Angel’s got a big problem now. The rules are Xtreme, but there are still rules, and one of them is that he’s got to beat Bane in the ring. And I don’t see him lifting Bane up anytime soon.

Vincent Price: He’s giving it a go, though. A good thing there’s no count outs. He’s starting to get Bane up.

Chris Walker: Or maybe he’s just stirring and starting to get up on his own.

Vincent Price: Either way, Bane is up enough that Angel is starting to shove Bane into the ring.

Chris Walker: It’s taking awhile, but Bane does get shoved in. Angel is rolling in after him and immediately covers him.

Ref: ONEEE!!



Vincent Price: Bane gets his shoulder up just in time. Angel bangs on the canvas in frustration, then looks down at Bane lying beneath the turnbuckles. Angel seems to be thinking about something from the top rope.

Chris Walker: Hopefully he doesn’t think too long or he’s not going to have a target.

Vincent Price: It looks like Bane’s already getting up. Concussion, cobwebs, or whatever it is, he’s obviously tough to shake off so many shots to the head. He’s on his feet, but Angel is leaping off the top rope with a huge missile dropkick! Bane falls down, and Angel is quickly up and rushing to the opposite turnbuckle. He climbs up the turnbuckle, sets himself, then leaps off with Heaven Sent! He lands with his full weight on Kristian’s chest, and he rolls back over into a cover!

Ref: ONEEE!!!




“I Will Show You” begins to play and Matt Angel stands in the ring ring with his hand raised in victory and a smile on his face.

A.J. Richards: Here is your winner...Matt Angel!

Vincent Price: At first this match looked like it was going to be all Bane, but a few choice counters turned it all around, and Angel came out of it with a win.

Chris Walker: And now there are EMTs coming down to check on Kristian. I hope he’s not too fucked up, but he did take a lot of head shots.

Vincent Price: I think I speak for everyone when I say that we wish him the best and we’ll keep everyone updated on his condition.

The camera fades out.

A special Wulf Erikson video blog entry slowly fades in on what Wulf would refer to as a dank, dreary and depressing hospital ward. It is early in the evening of the Wednesday after his recent Hellsfire Extreme title defence on HellsGate.  Due to being on the receiving end of a horrid beating at the hands of rival Travis Blake, Wulf is laying in his hospital bed staring at the ceiling, looking pretty damn sorry for himself and also pretty damn bored. Sierra is seen catching some much needed sleep on the visitor couch next to Wulf’s bed. He smiles as he reaches over, touching her hand to let her know he’s awake, but she’s exhausted and he doesn’t get much more than a murmur from her.

Wulf’s head spins to face the opening in the curtain as a nurse pokes her head into his cubicle..

Nurse: How are you doing tonight, Mr. Erikson?

Wulf attempts a lopsided smile, then he grimaces in pain with the toll that effort took on his facial muscles. He gives her a half hearted thumbs up..

Wulf Erikson: Fine and dandy..how’s..ahh..how’s your night, Nurse Garnet?

Nurse Garnet: Busy, busy. Same as always! Hey, you can call me Jill! Do you need anything?

The sounds of people talking loudly and also blowing on those annoying novelty noisemakers can be heard fast approaching Wulf’s ward..

Wulf Erikson: Oh...man..if you could get them damn kids with the noisemakers to pipe down, that would be fantastic..

Jill Garnet: Oh, these people are not kids. At least not in the traditional sense..oh!

Jill starts laughing as she is hustled out of the way and three familiar faces burst on in through the curtains..Angelica toots her noisemaker once more as Wulf covers his ears..

Ashley/Michael/Angelica: WULF!!

Wulf winces and Sierra stirs with the amount of noise they are making and their happy laughter, but he throws open his arms and grunts as they put down their gifts and they all play ‘stacks-on’, giving him a group hug..

Wulf Erikson: Hey, you guys! This is a surprise and a half!

Sierra sleepily waves..

Angie toots her noisemaker, Wulf covers his ears and Sierra shakes her head..

Wulf Erikson: Angie, shit..

Michael Kelly: Howdy, Si!

Ashley Williams: Hi, Sierra!

Angelica Vaughn: It’s nice to meet you, Ma’am. Angelica.

Sierra Williams: Hi there, MK! Hey, Ay-Dub! Hi little one, I’m Sierra..that Ma’am stuff is overrated..

Angelica giggles.. 

Michael Kelly: We all saw what happened, and were on our way to North Carolina. We just had to come down and see how our little bro was holding up!

Ashley Williams: It didn’t look so great, man..especially the night after already getting split open in Vancouver.

Angelica Vaughn: Ew. So much blood. Stop it!

Wulf Erikson: Heck, not like I could help it, Angelica..

Michael Kelly: Actually, the Travis Blake attack could have been avoided. That was actually really stupid of you, Wulf. A member of Bad Moon Rising should know better.

Wulf sighs hearing this. Sierra comes over, sits down on his bed and pats his arm.

Wulf Erikson: It’s high time somebody stood up him..

Ashley Williams: Did you really think that phrases such as ‘Do you wanna test out how extreme you think you are’ and ‘Come on fucker I’m right here’ were going to get you far against a man twice your size? Get real, Wulf. That’s all we’re saying!

Sierra Williams: To be fair, Travis Blake was verbally laying waste to a lot of things that some of us work hard for.

Wulf nods and Ashley also nods in acceptance..

Wulf Erikson: They’re right, babe. And you heard what Mr. Sanderson said, I have to be smarter about how I approach this Travis duder. He will end my career in a heartbeat and not think twice about it.

Sierra Williams: But then he said he would have to end his career by proxy!

Wulf Erikson: While I agree that it would be funny to watch, I would rather keep that guy around and prove to him that there’s a new sheriff in town, and that people actually like him.

Ashley Williams: Nobody likes a sheriff, Wulf. Get serious..

They all laugh..

Wulf Erikson: True, this is true. Bad example, but you all know what I mean.

Michael Kelly: Geez, Wulf are you even eating while you’re in here? You look like shit, frankly.

Sierra Williams: No, he just can’t. And I can’t blame him. I keep bringing him food all the time, got him a bean burrito earlier. Half of it’s still sitting there.

Angelica Vaughn: Ew.

Sierra Williams: Right?

Wulf Erikson: The food sucks here, it’s hospital. And that burrito is awesome, I’m just really not in the mood to eat right now. I want out of this dickhole hospital.

Ashley Williams: I get it, I’ve been here ten minutes and I want out. I hope that you get out soon and you can make it to Asheville in time! BMR wants them a Legacy champ!

Wulf hangs his head..then he looks back up at them sadly..

Wulf Erikson: I hate to break this to you since you all have your own issues right now, however there is no chance that I’m going to be cleared to work any time this week. I’m sorry guys..

Sierra squeezes his hand as he hangs his head once again. Ash and Angelica look sad. Michael puts a hand on both of their shoulders..

Wulf Erikson: It’s not all lost, you know. BMR is no stranger to gold, accolades and accomplishments. I mean, little miss Vaughn and that goober, MK - they are giving us a damn good shot of bringing home the number one contendership for something I have once held myself. The Medal of Honor!

Ashley, Wulf and Sierra applaud as Michael gives Wulf the ‘screw you’ look, and then he and Angelica look to each other. Michael attempts a fist bump, but Angelica goes for a handshake..and she ends up shaking Michael’s fist as everyone laughs..

Wulf Erikson: And perhaps most interestingly of all at our Free Per View, Hell From Above, we have our very own Ashley Williams mixing it up with Virginia Stone and Cosmo Cooper, getting a shot at the XHW World Championship!

Wulf grimaces as he claps and everyone cheers..Angelica even gets out one of those party poppers and lets it off with a loud BANG, damn near deafening everyone and shooting little multi colored streamers at Ashley..

Wulf Erikson: Ouuuchh..

Michael Kelly: Yeah, the man has a sore head, Angie. Give him a break..

Angelica giggles mischievously..

Ashley Williams: Could have been a clean sweep for BMR tonight, ya know?

Michael Kelly: That is the competitive nature that will come to define Bad Moon Rising, but give the guy a break, Ashley. He feels bad enough as it is.

Ashley Williams: Sigh. Alright. But he has to eat more. And so does Sierra. And we’re going to get him and Sierra something and they’re going to eat with us because they loves us. If they don’t I can and will kick Wulf’s ass..and Sierra’s scary but I’ll try!

Michael Kelly: I will help you carry it all. And I am also happy to kick his ass. And bring it on, Sierra!

Wulf gives MK the ‘yeah, yeah’ look and Sierra poes her tongue out. MK just laughs back at them..

Angelica Vaughn: They better. Or I have a noisy maker thing and I am not afraid to use it!

MK stops Angie from making the noisy just in time..

Wulf/Sierra: Alright, alright we’ll eat..

Ashley Williams: Good kids! Angie, you keep ‘em company. No hanky panky you two. We’ll be back soon, ok?

MK and Ashley laugh between themselves as they take their leave. Angelica takes her seat on the couch..

Wulf Erikson: This hospital sucks, huh, Angie? Don’t stress too much, because I saw Ruby the other day..

Angelica Vaughn: Ew. Ruby.

Wulf Erikson: I have that thingamajiggy that you asked for me to get..

He opens his drawer and pulls out the personally signed Lucilla 8x10, handing it to Angelica..

Angelica Vaughn: Wulf! You’re the best! You mean it? WOW! Thank you so much!

Sierra and Wulf grunt and they chuckle as Angie crash tackles them and Sierra gets caught in the hug crossfire..as do the machines that Wulf is hooked up to, some of them starting to beep like mad as Angie has knocked the cables..

Wulf Erikson: Woah, easy! You’re welcome..

Jill Garnet: Is everything alright in here?

Wulf shrugs as best he can with the body pile on his bed..

Wulf Erikson: Fine and dandy, Nurse Garnet..just fine and dandy..

The scene closes out..

XHW’s “Hell From Above” comes back as it focuses on the arena with the dozens of fans awaiting for their favorite wrestler to emerge. The camera’s then focus on the two commentators sitting in their respective seats. 

Vincent Price: WELCOME BACK TO XHW’S HISTORIC FIRST EVER FPV.. HELL FROM ABOVE! As you may know, I am Vincent Price!

Chris Walker: And I’m the famous, extravagant, one-of-a-kind CHRIS WALKER! Jeez Vince, you must be pretty happy to have me here with ya!

Vincent Price: Oh, uh, I guess so? But we should BOTH be happy to be here today because we are witnessing history in the making, Chris! Especially with our next match-up!

Finally, A.J. Richards presses his lips against the mic and begins to speak.

A.J. Richards: This next match is a battle royal! The last person in the ring will become the #1 Contender for Cosmo Cooper’s XHW Medal of Honor! The only way to eliminate your opponents is by pinfall or submission and it has to be INSIDE the ring. Already in the ring… Jacob Cass, Tiffany Sinclair and Ewan Boyd!

All three competitors are embraced by the crowd as they each go to their respective corners. 

Chris Walker: The jobbers! 

Vincent Price: HEY! No, don’t say that! Every individual in the XHW roster is a prized member.

Chris Walker: Yeah, yeah. You’re right, I apologize. Don’t tell big daddy Steele over there, I have a family to feed – I can’t afford to get fired!

Suddenly, “Centuries/Rise Mashup” by Fall Out Boy and Skillet begins to play. The arena is clouded by smoke as Logan Burgess emerges from behind the curtains. Logan is met with boos from the XHW crowd but he brushes them off as he confidently walks towards the ring. 


Chris Walker: My man! Completely ignoring the haters. 

Logan slides into the ring and further shows himself being unimpressed by the fans. Suddenly “Hands like Houses” by Colourblind begins to play as an eager, yet cocky Stephen Sword walks to the ramp.


Vincent Price: An impressive young man ready to leave his footprint on XHW!

“Sinister Purpose” by Creedence Clearwater Revival begins to play all throughout the arena as a beautifully dressed Angelica Vaughn emerges from backstage.


Vincent Price: It surely seems like Ms. Vaughn has the crowd’s approval.

Chris Walker: Even if she didn’t, who cares! This woman has talent and I can always see that from a mile away. 

“DNA.” By Kendrick Lamar begins to play throughout the arena. Troy Devereaux emerges…


Troy enters the ring as Michael Kelly’s theme song begins to play. Michael Kelly walks through the curtains, points both index fingers to the sky, and brings them down pointing his finger guns towards the crowd. He turns his back to reveal the design on his leather jacket and his signature "Chsn1" shirt behind him, wrapped around his waist.


Chris Walker: Yo Vince, is it me or are these entrances going by really quick??

“Doctor Strange” by Abstract begins to play as the agent of chaos, Ambrose Kingsley, runs towards the ring.


Chris Walker: CAREFUL VINCE! There’s a bear trap next to ya foot! Hah, just kidding. You shoulda seen the look on your face!

Vincent Price: … Had me fooled for a split second… Ambrose would never play a trap on me, Chris. We’re good friends! 

Chris Walker: Yeah, you keep thinkin’ that. 

Vincent Price: Ladies and gentlemen, we have nine competitors standing in that squared circle ready to fight for the prestigious medal of honor. May I remind the viewers at home that the Medal of Honor allows the holder to obtain a championship match of their choosing. This is a huge deal, Chris!

Chris Walker: Indeed it is! These nine XHW stars are ready to battle it out here, on Hell from Above. Let’s see some bloodshed, fellas!

Vincent Price: … and women! Let’s not be sexist here, Chris.

Suddenly, “Indestructible” by Disturbed begins to play and the crowd gets ecstatic. Tyler Chambers walks out onto the stage with a mic in hand and starts to quiet down the crowd.

Tyler Chambers: Easy, easy. I’m going to make this really quick. I see everyone in the ring now and I see all the fans in the crowd and I can only think one thing… I WANT TO SEE BODIES FLYING! I am officially making this match an Over-The-Top-Rope Battle Royal Match to determine the #1 Contender for the XHW Medal of Honor! With that being said… Let the bodies fly!


The bell rings and Tyler Chambers heads backstage.

Vincent Price: AND THERE’S THE BELL! I have to tell you, Chris, it feels as if I’m watching rabid animals finally left out of their cage. These wrestlers are antsy but quite frankly, no one has made a move! They’re staring one another down, trying to see which wrestler will break focus first! However, this short-lived staring contest has been immediately stopped by none other than Angelica! Angelica throws a vicious forearm to the individual on her left, and who may that be? Jacob Cass! He seems a bit baffled at the fact that he is receiving these jaw-crushing forearms out of nowhere! And this ruthless aggression has surely sparked something inside of everyone else because everyone has begun to brawl! Oh goodness, Chris, it’s like a mad house in that ring!

Chris Walker: For once in my life I agree with you, Vince-boy! There’s so much going on but these people are REALLY going at it! There’s so many things happening at once, but let’s focus to the left corner where we see a rejuvenated Troy Devereaux pummeling Tiffany Sinclair with harsh rights! Hey, if we weren’t in XHW this would count as domestic violence! Either way, this ego driven maniac is unleashing all of his fury on the defenseless Ms. Sinclair. But what’s this?! Troy grabbed Tiffany by her hair and wrapped his arms around her… oh, are we about to get some action, Vincy? OH, WAIT, I WAS WRONG! Troy just wrapped his arm around Tiffany’s neck … SNAP SUPLEX! Tiffany landed right on her tail bone as she winces in pain! Poor gal! Troy is on his feet and is standing tall in front of his opponent but Tiffany is showing some life in her as she begins to kick the daunting Troy Devereaux! Some of her manic kicks land on his midsection that bring Troy down to one knee! Tiffany is beginning to feel momentum seeing her opponent down as she slowly rises to her feet. She finds a free spot in the ring ropes and runs towards them… she bounces back but SHE IS STOPPED DEAD IN HER TRACKS AS TROY GIVES TIFFANY A BIG BOOT TO THE FACE! 


A.J. Richards: Tiffany Sinclair has been eliminated!

Chris Walker: AND THEN THERE WERE 8! Our first elimination and it happened so soon! But this is good because this shows that NO ONE gets a free ride in XHW! Troy must feel pretty confident since he has one elimination under his belt … but that is shortly lived as Jacob Cass and Ewan Boyd decide to briefly team up and attack Troy! They’re viciously stomping on the body of Troy as he is cornered. Unfortunately, he seems to be outnumbered! You can see the energy simply being DRAINED from the body of Mr. Devereaux! God, this is hard to see! Jacob Cass and Ewan Boyd seem to be pretty proud of what they have accomplished as they took a second from the harsh beating to embrace the booing crowd. 

Vincent Price: Jacob Cass takes the initiative and demands for Ewan to bring Troy to his feet. Ewan listens as he reaches over for Troy. He slowly lifts him up as Troy’s body is supported by the turnbuckle in back of him. Ewan grabs Troy’s left leg and puts it over the top rope! He is now putting his entire body weight on Troy in attempts to having him lean over the tope rope! Troy is showing resilience by not allowing the headhunter gain any momentum! BUT IT LOOKS LIKE TROY’S RESILIENCE IS SIMPLY NOT ENOUGH! EWAN IS USING HIS ENTIRE MIGHT AND IS HE GOING TO DO IT? DID HE DO IT? HE DID! HE SUCCESSFULLY PUT TROY OVER THE TOP ROPE! TROY HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!


A.J. Richards: Ewan Boyd has been eliminated!

Vincent Price: Ewan is furious as he doesn’t know what the hell just happened! He’s yelling and screaming at Jacob Cass as Jacob simply shrugs him off! There is definitely no sportsmanship in this scenario. Although, let’s gear our direction towards Ambrose Kingsley and Logan Burgess who are battling out in the far right corner! It seems as if Logan has the advantage but Ambrose hits Logan with a vicious backbreaker! He’s not done yet as he puts Logan’s head in between his arms... DDT! A DDT THAT SENDS LOGAN’S HEAD STRAIGHT FIRST INTO THE MAT! Ambrose begins to pull Logan’s body but he is quickly met with a kick to the back of the head by none other than Michael Kelly! A bit of a risky move from the occasionally loved Michael Kelly but having gold will make a man do questionable things! Michael quickly stands on his feet to see who dared stopped him as he was doing his business… BUT HE IS MET WITH A SUPERKICK! MY GOD! AMBROSE’S HEAD COULD’VE POPPED OFF IN THAT MOMENT! AMBROSE SLOWLY FALLS TO ONE KNEE AND EVENTUALLY FALLS TO THE GROUND COMPLETELY! BUT BEFORE MICHAEL CAN DO ANYTHING HE IS ATTACKED BY BOTH STEPHEN SWORD AND JACOB CASS! Hopefully Stephen knows better than to trust the untrustworthy Jacob Cass! Both Jacob and Stephen give each other a glance signifying some sort of thing… WELL, I GUESS WE’RE ABOUT TO FIND OUT! JACOB GRABS MICHAEL AND THROWS HIM AGAINST THE ROPES AS STEPHEN IS WAITING FOR HIM TO BOUNCE BACK… HE DEFINITELY DOES AND HE HITS HIM WITH AN UPPERCUT! – WAIT, NO! IT DIDN’T CONNECT! BEFORE MICHAEL GOT NEAR, HE MANAGED TO GIVE STEPHEN A DROP KICK! OH MY GOD, A DROP KICK THAT SENDS STEPHEN OVER THE TOP ROPE! AND HE’S GONE! 

A.J. Richards: Stephen Sword III has been eliminated!


A.J. Richards: Jacob Cass has been eliminated! 

Vincent Price: The once crowded ring is slowly trimming down as people begin to fall left and right! There is an intense battle going among Ambrose and Logan! Logan throws Ambrose towards the ropes and meets him with a kick to the midsection! AND IN THAT MOMENT LOGAN TAKES THE ADVANTAGE AND IS ATTEMPTING TO HIT AMBROSE WITH A FALCON ARROW! HOWEVER, LOGAN TRIES TO PICK AMBROSE’S BODY BUT AMBROSE IS NOT ALLOWING FOR THE FALCON ARROW TO CONNECT! Logan is visibly becoming frustrated as Ambrose won’t budge! Logan is rethinking his strategy as he corners his defiant opponent! Logan grabs a wad of Ambrose’s hair and A BUTTERFLY SUPLEX CONNECTS! BUT WHAT’S THIS? IT’S TROY! OFF OF THE TOP ROPE! SMILE PRETTY CONNECTS! THE SPRINGBOARD ROUNDHOUSE KICK COMPLETELY CAUGHT LOGAN OFF GUARD! Troy grabs him by his neck and throws him out of the ring!

A.J. Richards: Logan Burgess has been eliminated!

Chris: It’s crazy to see these people going down like flies! But look at this now, Vincent, it’s the final four! In one corner, we have the Chosen One, Michael Kelly, staring down his opponents as he warily paces back in forth. To his left we have the Mr. Man of the Hour, Troy Devereaux, confidently staring down Angelica Vaughn! And who is left is Ambrose Kingsley who is down in one knee, looking at his opponents as well. Who will be the first to make a move? I GUESS WE’RE ABOUT TO FIND OUT AS ANGELICA VAUGHN SHOWS NO FEAR AS SHE APPROACHES THE TIRED AMBROSE KINGSLEY AND GIVES HIM A BACKHAND SLAP! GOOD GOD! YOU COULD HEAR THAT SLAP ECHO THROUGHOUT THIS ARENA! She’s not stopping there as she throws an elbow jab to the neck of Ambrose! She’s attempting to throw him out of the ring but over here to the left side of the ring Michael Kelly and Troy Devereaux are going at it! Michael is giving Troy stiff forearms but Troy blocks a few of them as he stands on his feet. Troy kicks Michael in his midsection and then hits Michael with a vicious neckbreaker! Michael takes a second to recompose himself as Troy rushes to the top turnbuckle… oh god, Vince, this isn’t the greatest idea! He’s on that top turnbuckle and… LUNGBLOWER FROM THE TOP ROPE! AMAZING! 

Vincent Price: BUT LOOK OVER HERE, CHRIS! Ambrose is laying on the mat as Angelica heads over to the top rope as well! She’s trying to gain her balance BUT AMBROSE QUICKLY RISES TO HIS FEET! HE RUSHES OVER AND ATTEMPTS TO PUSH ANGELICA OFF! Angelica fell to her bottom on the turnbuckle and has managed to wrap her legs around Ambrose’s neck! ANGELICA IS FALLING BACK… BUT SHE’S TAKING AMBROSE WITH HER! SHE’S HOLDING ONTO THAT RING ROPE FOR DEAR LIFE AS AMBROSE IS SLOWLY TIPPING OVER! 



A.J. Richards: Troy Devereaux and Ambrose Kingsley have been eliminated!

Vincent Price: Angelica just eliminated Ambrose by wrapping her legs around his neck and taking him down! Absolutely amazing bout we are witnessing tonight at Hell From Above! Angelica has managed to scoot her body underneath the bottom rope as Michael Kelly is staring her down. Angelica is quickly bombarded by Michael Kelly who just grabbed Angelica by her hair! BUT ANGELICA ANSWERS WITH A BACKHAND SLAP! SENDING MICHAEL A FEW STEPS BACK. THIS ONLY INFURIATES MICHAEL AS HE CHARGES TOWARDS ANGELICA! ANGELICA STOPS HIM IN HIS TRACKS AS SHE GIVES A BIG BOOT! NOT AS IMPACTFUL AS THE FIRST ONE, BUT STILL STRONG ENOUGH TO KILL A BIT OF MOMENTUM MICHAEL HAD! AS MICHAEL IS FEELING HIS JAW, ANGELICA BACKS UP… BICYCLE KICK! THE CROWD IS ROARING AS ANGELICA IS FEELING THE FLOW OF THIS MATCH! THE KICK SENDS MICHAEL TO HIS BOTTOM! Angelica forces for Michael to stand but Michael IMMEDIATELY shoves Angelica away! He quickly grabs her and the FALCON ARROW, IT CONNECTS! He’s attempting to wear her down!

Chris Walker: Michael is now attempting to throw Angelica over the edge but she is putting up a fight! She immediately gives a GRUESOME soccer kick to the leg of Michael! Those small little legs sure are working to Angelica’s advantage! Wait, who’s coming up to the ring? OH GOD, THAT’S MICHAEL’S MANAGER! ADELINE LA ROUX! She managed to get on the ring apron but the referee quickly stopped her! She’s DEMANDING to let her go in but the referees are swarming around her! This has gotten Michael’s attention and he’s asking for the refs to leave his manager alone! And god damn it I agree! Let the woman do as she pleases, have you taken a look at this beauty?! Michael is yelling at the refs but OH MY GOD! A DROP KICK! TO THE BACK OF HIS HEAD! BY NONE OTHER THAN ANGELICA! SHE TOOK THE OPPORTUNITY AND SHE DID IT! SHE GRABS MICHAEL BY HIS TRUNKS AND THROWS HIM OUT! AND IT’S DONE! IT'S OVER! 


“Sinister Purpose” by Creedence Clearwater Revival picks up where it left off as a shocked Angelica Vaughn drops to her knees. After a couple seconds, she then rises up and climbs to the top turnbuckle as the crowd is ecstatic and on their feet cheering her on.

Vincent Price: SHE DID IT! SHE’S THE NEW #1 CONTENDER FOR THE MEDAL OF HONOR! I’m in utter shock! Adeline came out in hopes of helping Michael out but it seemed to all work in Angelica’s favor! 

Chris Walker: I hate to say it but Angelica truly does deserve it. She showed that women can also win in a sport that is predominately conquered by men.

The camera fades out for a split second.
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PostSubject: Re: Hell From Above Results   Mon May 22, 2017 2:01 pm

The camera fades back in, showing the Asheville Civic Center and the fans in their seats clapping and cheering. “Indestructible” by Disturbed begins to play throughout the arena and Tyler Chambers is shown, already in the ring. He’s got a mic in hand, suit looking nice, and a concerned look on his face. “Indestructible” fades and the mic is now pressed against his mouth.

Tyler Chambers: I can’t believe I’m out here saying this right now, but after all the interest, all the talks, all the time spent in getting this together… the Trios Tournament will have to be postponed.

Crowd: WHY?!

Tyler Chambers: I know, I know… We had so much interest in it, but it just looks like it wasn’t the time for it. Don’t worry, though. We have something in mind that’s going to draw interest in the Trios rather than a silly tournament, because let’s be honest, tournaments are just too basic for us. We are XTREME HONOR WRESTLING! As a company, we are so much more than basic. With that being said, I would like to announce the 2 trios we do have currently. They will not be coming out here due to either getting ready for their matches, or have already competed and are recovering. Our first trio...


The crowd begins to cheer at the same of those names. Tyler facial expression changes in a look of disappointment and then announces the next trio.


The crowd lets out a roar of boos and Tyler Chambers forms a smirk on his face.

Tyler Chambers: After Hell From Above, we’ll begin to think of ways to improve the Trios Division now that we have two teams showing interest in it. We have one way already, but things will start to get a little… violent. We’ll keep everyone up to date with everything regarding Trios and if more sign up before then, the better! Enjoy the rest of your night!

“Indestructible” begins to play again and Tyler Chambers slides out of the ring and walks towards the commentary table as the scene fades out for a split second.

The cameras fade back in, showing the dreaded Cell lowered and locked in place. Four ladders sit on top of the Cell and the Legacy Championship is hung twenty feet above it. Tyler Chambers is at ringside with Vincent Price and Chris Walker on commentary and A.J. Richards is in the cell with a mic in hand.

Vincent Price: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome your General Manager, Tyler Chambers!

Chris Walker: You gonna be commentating with us?

Tyler Chambers is finishing fixing the headset and adjusting it to fit his head.

Tyler Chambers: That’s right. I want to be close to the action tonight with these next two matches.


A.J. Richards: This match is a HELL FROM ABOVE MATCH and is for the XHW LEGACY CHAMPIONSHIP! The only way to win and become the Legacy Champion is to climb the cell, climb the ladder, and the first to unhook the Title wins! Introducing first...

Asheville ERUPTS as the house lights go dim, the stage and ramp flickers with neon green strobe and the opening bars of 'Surprise, you're dead!' kick in through the PA, though there is no sign of Wulf..

Tyler Chambers: Oh here we go, this is going to be disappointing! He's just going to flip flop all over the place until somebody finally tires of his crap and puts him down, I can see it!

Chris Walker: I wouldn't count this kid out, Chambers. Listen to this crowd! I do wonder where he is, though.

Vincent reads from the monitor on his side of the commentary desk with a look of dismay, before he quickly rushes over to ringside where he calls A.J over before whispering something in his ear, before Vincent returns back to his spot at the commentary table..

A.J Richards: Folks, I'm really sorry to be the one to be the bearer of bad news, but I have just been informed that Wulf Erikson was injured earlier this week, and as such he won't be taking part in this match!

Tyler Chambers: Oh, there is a God! Praise be to the wonderful person who took out Wulf Erikson!

Vincent Price: Stop it, Tyler. That's harsh. We here at Xtreme Honor Wrestling wish Wulf Erikson a speedy recovery!

Wulf's theme dies down and fades out, and the Asheville crowd are clearly confused and disappointed, though it doesn't last long as they perk up again when 'Take it off' hits the PA!

Chris Walker: Oh hell yeah! We can finally get this thing happening, it's Trixie!

Vincent once again looks at his monitor and shakes his head as he receives a message from above and he walks over to ringside to whisper something into AJ Richards' ear..

AJ Richards: And once again, I hate to be the one to break it to everybody, but unfortunately Trixie has experienced transit issues and was not able to make a flight from Las Vegas in time to make it for this match, and she likewise will not be participating!

Tyler Chambers: Damn it, XHW! Are there going to be any actual competitors in this match?! Give ME the Legacy Championship already!

'Take it off' dies down and the Asheville crowd sound as though they are even deeper in their state of confusion, and are clearly starting to become frustrated..

'The Vengeful One' hits the PA and there is a mixed reaction and then a loud cheer as Douglas Armatage appears on the stage with his arm raised and a confident expression..

A.J Richards: On his way to the ring at this time, he hails from Staffordshire in the United Kingdom and is now residing in New Orleans, Louisiana! This man stands at five feet, eleven inches tall. He weighs in at two hundred and sixteen pounds, he is the master of The Bane Effect, ladies and gentlemen..The Bearded Badass, DOUGLASSSSS ARRRRRMATAAAAGE!

A smile crosses Armatage's face as he stands atop the entrance and straightens his beard and moustache then waves at the crowd as he walks down to the ring. Walking up the ring steps he steps between the ropes and stands in the middle of the ring turning to each side and waving at the crowd before removing his towel and hanging it in the corner as his theme dies out..

There is a HUGE cheer as 'Still of the Night' kicks in and Kaz Bonham appears on the stage encouraging the Asheville fans to get louder and they oblige as she starts making her way down the ramp, high-fiving the outstretched hands as she goes..

Tyler Chambers: Oh wash your hair, woman!

Vincent Price: You should really stop insulting the diverse appearances of our XHW superstars, Chambers. You're supposed to be a General Manager here!

Chris Walker: He does kind of have a point with Kaz Bonham and Wulf Erikson, though.

A.J Richards: Coming to us from Watertown, Tennessee at this time, she stands at five feet tall and she weighs in and one hundred and twenty one pounds. She is the master of the Sasquatch Sleeper, she is the Little Bigfoot, she's the Southern Cinderella and the Graps Goddess, this is KAZZZZZ BONNNNNHAMMM!!

Kaz slides into the ring to another huge ovation and she locks eyes with Doug Armatage, both giving one another a respectful nod as Kaz's them dies out and both Armatage and Bonham look apprehensively up the ramp as they hear the roars of a motorcycle engine when "The Black Ones" hits the PA and the crowd loudly disapproves!

Vincent Price: Listen to them! BOOOOO!

Tyler Chambers: I think they have got this guy all wrong, Price. Look at this entrance! How do you not like this guy?

The crowd start booing even louder as the so-called 'Cuddle-Pie' appears on the ramp atop his roaring motorcycle, a cocky sneer on his face as he revs the engine a few times..

A.J Richards: Making his entrance at this time, from Portland, Oregon – he stands at six feet two inches tall and he weighs in at two hundred and forty two pounds, he is the master of the Perfect Snapper and he is known as The Prodigy in these parts – ladies and gentlemen, AAAAAADRIENNN PIEEEERCE!!

Pierce rolls down to ringside to a further chorus of boos and takes a lap with that same sneer on his face. He flips off the XHW crowd before parking, turning off the engine and hopping off the bike and then sliding in the ring and giving both Bonham and Armatage a dirty look all to themselves while his theme dies out..they are only to happy to return the dirty looks as Wretches and Kings blasts through the PA and the light start to flicker a variation of green, black and yellow colors.

A.J Richards: Coming to the ring at this time, standing six feet two and weighing in at two hundred and seventeen pounds, this guy hails from Sydney, Australia and he is the master of Project: Conclusion, ladies and gentlemen… ”The Enigmatic Creature”... BRANNNNDONNN SIIIIIOMASSS!

Out comes TEC, he interacts with his fan base on the way to the ring. Once in the ring he quickly eyes off his opponents and he poses for the fans one more time and throws his signature shirt to the audience..   


The bell finally rings for this contest as the Asheville crowd revs themselves up into a frenzy. They clap their hands and thump on the barricade walls in a rhythmic fashion as Siomas and Armatage circle one another as do Bonham and Pierce..

Vincent Price: This match is well and truly under way! Woah, nope, Armatage changes his mind at the last second and drew Pierce in for a collar and elbow tie up, and by default Siomas and Bonham lock up too!

The Asheville fans cheer as Siomas appears to instantly get the better of Bonham and Pierce seems to get the better of Armatage..

Chris Walker: Siomas attempts to irish whip Kaz Bonham but she's too smart for that, she reverses and it's Siomas who ends up on the receiving end.. Oh! Siomas and Pierce are spun around and whipped headlong into each other!

Tyler Chambers: Don't worry about head shots, fellas. No sense, no feeling with these guys!

The Asheville crowd burst out laughing as Siomas staggers back and falls hard on his rump and Adrien Pierce is also sent reeling..

Vincent Price: Wow! And that was a beautiful jumping neckbreaker on the part of Kaz Bonham, that took Cuddle-Pie to the mat in a hurry!

Chris Walker: As Kaz attempts to drag Pierce up with a handful of hair, she grimaces as she takes a hard double axe-handle shot to the back from Siomas followed by a HARD spinal kick which echoes through the arena and makes Kaz slump forward, arching in pain..

Vincent Price: Brandon Siomas is SO proud of himself! Look at the posturing..

Chris Walker: The fans ERUPT as Douglas Armatage, who had been watching the whole thing and stroking his beard sarcastically, suddenly sped in and delivered a HARD dropkick to the back of Brandon's neck, forcing him to flip over onto his back, narrowly avoiding the Bonham/Pierce body pile!

Vincent Price: OH well that was short lived! Superb dropkick by the crazy bearded man! Armatage, picking up a semi conscious Siomas once again, irish whip...Armatage goes for his famous lariat but nobody's home as Siomas ducks and rolls..

The fans ERUPT again with the first sign of aerial offence presenting itself..

Chris Walker: Wow, Siomas hit the ropes with a springboard, but Armatage ducked the flying cross body attempt! Siomas hit Pierce with it instead!

Vincent Price: Pierce gets up to his feet clutching a shoulder and protesting to the referee to a BOOOO from the crowd, and then a cheer as Kaz comes up behind him and attempts to hook him in the Lotus Lock, but she lets out a shrill scream as she is easily hip-tossed onto her back and the crowd once again BOOO as a frustrated Pierce lays in the stomps on a dazed Kaz Bonham..

Chris Walker: She had this coming to her, fellas! OH! Look out, Pierce! Armatage FINALLY nailed his famous running lariat right to the back of Pierce's head, dropping him like a ton of cuddle-pie!

Tyler Chambers: So who put this guy on commentary, anyway?

Vincent Price: There is a burst of cheering from the crowd as they see Kaz Bonham look around at the stunned Pierce, the semi-conscious Siomas and the struggling Armatage and then point to the skies before running to the corner and quickly clambering to the top rope..

Vincent Price: Look at this! Bonham's going airborne!

The crowd tries to warn Kaz Bonham as it is too late..

Chris Walker: NO! Siomas is moving! Armatage is clear too! The Dixie Stampede attempt is going to hit a big pile of noth....GERMAN SUPLEX INTO THE SIDE OF THE CELL BY ARMATAGE!!! Kaz's body goes limp just in time for Siomas to spring up the cell wall..

Vincent Price: Picturesque moonsault onto Bonham off the cell wall! How the hell did Siomas even DO that?

Tyler Chambers: No time to worry about that now, Pierce has left the contents of that cell behind him and Armatage is hot on his tail! The fans POP as the second Pierce gets out of the cell, Douglas Armatage bounds after him and bounces his head off of it..

Chris Walker: I guess that's using your noodle! Hah! Armatage, he's starting to climb up to that all important grim structure above the cell..and Siomas has just managed to crawl out of that cell to join his 'colleagues'. Though Kaz Bonham still hasn't moved..

Vincent Price: I would like to see you move after taking a german suplex into the cell wall and a moonsault from the side of the cell wall directly after it, Walker! OH, what am I seeing here?! There is another HUGE pop as Brandon Siomas bounced off the barricade wall and nailed Doug Armatage with a risky whisper in the wind, knocking him back down to ringside from where he had climbed to..

Tyler Chambers: That's not your biggest worry there, Siomas. Look how quickly the biggest man in this contest is climbing that cage!

Chris Walker: Pierce looks over his shoulder as he absorbs the BOOOO from the Asheville audience and spots Bonham stirring in the ring, Armatage writhing in pain at ringside and Siomas hot on his heels with a grimace..

Vincent Price: Siomas is one hell of a cage climber in his own right! It's neck and neck right now! OOOH! Vicious back elbow by Siomas to Pierce! OUCH! There's Pierce's famous forearm from hell, that staggered Siomas who STILL hangs on! The crowd OOOOHs and AHHHHs for the next moment as Piece and Siomas bitterly exchange hard elbows and forearms as they cling for dear life and slowly make their way up the cage wall toward the ladder..

Chris Walker: Kaz Bonham STILL has barely moved in there! Maybe we should consider some medical attention for this poor woman. But wait, never mind that now! Armatage is using the cage to pull himself to his feet and he is still very much in this!

Vincent Price: As Siomas and Pierce seem to stay in the one spot as they brawl back in forth to OOOOHs and AHHHs from the crowd, there is a different reaction as Armatage carefully makes his way up a vacant section of the cage. Pierce and Siomas spot him and they finally decide to stop brawling and make some ground before Armatage steals this! All three competitors minus Bonham are now atop this Hell from Above torture device!

Tyler Chambers: OH MY GOD! The brawling between these three continues! It's SO dangerous right now, gentlemen. Back elbow to Siomas from Pierce sends him staggering! Flying knee lift to Pierce from Armatage which drops him to his knees, OH! What was THAT, Siomas?!

Chris Walker: Armatage easily avoided a somewhat silly spinning heel kick from Siomas who just ends up SAILING CLEAN OVER THE CELL AND DOWN TO RINGSIDE! OH MY GOD HE’S NOT MOVING! Smart move on the part of the bearded badass! It looks like this is down to Armatage and Pierce! OH!

Vincent Price: The crowd BOOOOO as Armatage approaches Pierce, but he is quickly brought to his knees with a low blow, and a hard forearm thrust which sends Armatage face-down atop the Hell From Above cell..

Chris Walker: Kaz is starting to get to her feet now and Pierce is re-positioning the ladder right under the Legacy Championship that hangs 20 feet above. Armatage is getting to his feet and grabs a hold of Pierce’s leg! Kaz is climbing the cell, slowly, but she’s getting there. Pierce kicks Armatage off of him and then turns around. HE JUMPS OFF THE LADDER AND HOLY SHIT HE CONNECTS THE PERFECT SHOT! SPINNING COMPLETE SHOT AND SHIT SHIT SHIT… THEY WENT STRAIGHT THROUGH THE CAGE! ARMATAGE IS SENT DOWN TO THE RING, BODY ABSOLUTELY LIFELESS NOW! PIERCE SOMEHOW MANAGES TO HANG ON TO THE SIDE AND KAZ IS ON TOP OF THE CELL NOW!


Vincent Price: JEEZ I CAN’T BELIEVE HE WAS SENT THROUGH THE CELL! THAT IS REINFORCED STEEL, CHRIS! Pierce is pulling himself up and Kaz has her eyes set on the Legacy Championship! She starts to climb the ladder, but it’s Pierce that walks up to her and pulls her off! He starts to climb and then she gets on the other side! She is showing no fear right now, especially after what happened to Armatage! They both reach the top and start exchanging blows! Kaz throws a vicious elbow that staggers Pierce! She climbs up to the absolute top and grabs a hold of Pierce’s neck… What is she looking for… NECKBREAKER OFF THE LADDER STRAIGHT ONTO THE STEEL CELL! THIS IS KAZ’S TIME! SHE’S GOT TO GET UP THAT LADDER AND UNLATCH THE LEGACY CHAMPIONSHIP!

Tyler Chambers: You’re kidding me, right? An elbow from her staggered him and then that? It’s a joke right. Pinch me I gotta be dreaming.

Chris Walker: Well, I won’t pinch you because you’re not dreaming and lucky for Pierce, he wasn’t driven through the cell, but unlucky for him because Kaz is halfway up the ladder again and has her eyes on the Title! She gets to the second to last step and reaches for the Legacy Championship! She can’t reach it! She keeps trying, but is unable to extend her reach much further. She looks down at Pierce who is still down and then climbs to the very top step. That same second Pierce is on his feet and he dropkicks the ladder! THE LADDER FALLS OUT FROM UNDER KAZ AND FALLS RIGHT ON TOP OF IT! He pushes that ladder out of the way and grabs the one last ladder that sits on top of the cell. He puts it in the middle and begins to climb! NO ONE IS MOVING AND HE’S REACHED THE TOP OF THE LADDER! HE REACHES… HE’S GOT A HOLD OF THE BELT… HE’S UNLATCHING IT… LADIES AND GENTLEMEN WE HAVE YOUR FIRST EVER XHW LEGACY CHAMPION!! HE’S DONE IT!!


“The Black Ones” by Abdullah blasts through the speakers and the crowd releases a huge roar of boos directed right to the first ever Legacy Champion. He stands on top of the cell with the Legacy Championship raised high above his head. Tyler Chambers takes off his headset and stands up, clapping for the new Champ.

A.J. Richards: The winner… and your first ever XHW Legacy Champion… ADRIIENNN PIERRCEEE!!!

Vincent Price: That was insane… Brandon sent flying off of the cage, Douglas driven straight through the cage, Kaz landed awkwardly on a ladder after Pierce dropkicked it and now this! Our first ever Legacy Champion!

Chris Walker: I can’t even imagine how this reign as Champion will go. If you think, the first time we ever saw this man, he absolutely demolished Dillion Kruger and since then he’s been on a tear.

Vincent Price: I’m sure he will do anything it takes to retain that Title and keep it propped up on his shoulder, or wrapped around his waist.

Chris Walker: It looks like he has the approval of Tyler Chambers, too, and I wonder what this means for that going forward.

Vincent Price: We have a new Champion and now we need to crown the first ever XHW World Champion! That’s up next!

The camera cuts backstage to show Ashley Williams getting ready for her upcoming Main Event match. She’s lacing up her shoes and while doing so, begins to speak.

Ashley Williams: In this game, you can’t please everyone. By all means, you can try to please everyone..

Footage from the XHW video library quickly flashes into the video package as Ashley continues to speak: It shows Ashley’s ERASE/REWIND being reversed and Ashley falling victim to Wulf Erikson’s Wits End, and then just two weeks later, it showcases how Ashley learned her lesson and managed to finish their one on one encounter on HER terms by reversing his Wit’s end into her ERASE/REWIND before covering him for an emotional victory.. 

Ashley Williams: You will almost certainly grow to be severely disappointed time and again! My best advice? Screw all those haters and the naysayers whose voices seem to be louder than most..your career is not for them to scrutinize and your accomplishments are NOT for them to dissect!

The segment quickly flashes to footage of a supremely confident Ashley Williams. Under the ring lights in an otherwise darkened arena, Ashley is grinning knowingly as she approaches the cage wall. She is dressed in her iconic ring gear, and the footage shows Ashley reaching as high as she can on the inside of the famous Hell From Above cell and clinging to it, her face also pressed right against it giving the camera a look of intensity as her voice over speaks..

Ashley Williams: I've said it before and I'll say it again!  I’ll be happy to allay all doubts and make it nice and sparkling clear for my opponents, Virginia Stone and Cosmo Cooper! After all, this is the XHW World Championship we’re talking about!

Some quick footage shows firstly of the XHW Championship in its display case, and then in the manner of a time lapse montage, we see the gold being removed from the case by an expensive suit-clad Jacob Steele and finally we see the belt being handed to the official timekeeper with several nods and words being exchanged, before the video comes back to Ashley Williams cutting her promo..  

Ashley Williams: I am the FUTURE of Female WRESTLING! I’m not only built for this moment in time, it’s my destiny. I have never been this sure of my expertise and as excited about my FUTURE as I am right now. It’s bad news for the two of you. You’re not only staring into the eyes of the future in this hellacious match!

The camera locks in on the steely determination in Ashley’s eyes as she says her final words..

Ashley Williams: You’re looking at your inaugural XHW World Champion! I have worked my ass off to be here. I have earnt this. I have waited for this moment longer than I care to mention, and nobody is standing in my way!

The scene fades to complete darkness as Ashley’s voice over speaks once more..

Ashley Williams: Nobody..

The scene fades in, showing the Hell From Above cell lowered and locked in place. The XHW World Championship is hanging 20 feet above the cell and the crowd is on their feet.


A.J. Richards is at ringside sitting in a chair until he stands up and presses the mic against his mouth.


A.J. Richards: THIS IS YOUR MAIN EVENT OF THE NIGHT! It is a HELL FROM ABOVE MATCH and is for… THE XHW WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!! The only way to win is for any one of the contenders to climb the cage, climb the ladder, and unlatch the Championship. The first to do so will be crowned the FIRST EVER XHW WORLD CHAMPION!

The opening beat to "Lifted" by CL begins playing as Cosmo Cooper cockily smirks as he walks out onto the stage.

A.J. Richards: Introducing first… from Santa Rosa, California… weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds… He is the holder of the XHW Medal of Honor… COSMOOOO COOOPPPERRR!!!

Cosmo drops to one knee with both arms out at the top of the stage as he looks up at the sky before standing back up and walks down the ramp before opening the door to the cage and then rolling into the ring. From rolling he pops up to one knee again and holds out his arms once more before the music fades as he goes to the corner.

“Miracle” by Shinedown plays through the speakers and the crowd begins to cheer at the top of their lungs. Ashley Williams steps out onto the stage, focused.

A.J. Richards: And his opponent… from Monmouth County, New Jersey… weighing in at one hundred and seventeen pounds… She is “The Future of Female Wrestling”... ASHLLEYYY WILLIAMMMSSS!!!

Ashley makes her way down the ramp, still focused. Usually she interacts with the crowd, but just keeps moving forward. She stops at the cell, looks up and down, then opens the door and stands in her respective corner as her music fades out.

"2010" starts playing at the 1:05 mark in the song, giving about ten seconds of build-up with the drums building to a crescendo. When 1:15 comes and the guitar slams through, Sapphire walks out onto the ramp.

A.J. Richards: And their opponent… from Seattle, Washington… weighing in at two hundred and thirty two pounds… SAPPPHIIREEEEE!!!!

Sapphire is smiling as she walks down to the ring, but she doesn't spend any time posing or playing to the crowd until she reaches the cage, grabs a hold of it and shakes it, then enters through the door and slides into the ring.. She does stop and do a side chest pose, flexing to the hard camera for a few seconds before retreating to her corner, awaiting the start of the match.

Vincent Price: Here it is, the Main Event! Sapphire, Cosmo, and Ashley! Hell From Above! XHW World Championship on the line!

Chris Walker: All of 3 of them look 100% focused and you can tell there’s bad blood between the three. Let’s get started!

“Indestructible" by Disturbed begins to play and the crowd has a ‘not again’ feeling. Instead of Tyler Chambers, Jacob Steele emerges onto the stage and walks straight to the commentary table, interacting with the crowd along the way. He sits down next to Chris Walker, puts on a headset and everyone in the ring and in the crowd are curious as to why!


Vincent Price: The bell has sounded, Ashley, Sapphire, and Cosmo all stare each other down, and our Chairman is joining us in commentary for this match! While everyone in the ring just continues to stare each other down, why are you out here anyways?

Jacob Steele: It’s the Main Event of our first FPV, it’s for the World Championship, I’m just here to witness it in front of me rather than on a TV in the back!

Chris Walker: Fair enough. Cosmo charges right at Ashley and they start trading punches to the face! Ashley is taking all these hits for being 100 pounds lighter than him! They both back up to the ropes and Ashley sends a vicious elbow to the jaw of Cosmo, then whips him across the ring. Sapphire is waiting for him, however, and connects a spine crushing spinebuster! Ashley then charges at her with a cross body and Sapphire catches her! She drops her for a backbreaker and still holding on, lifts her up and over her, tossing her across the ring!

Vincent Price: The power of Sapphire is just ridiculous! She has a huge advantage in this match, especially against Ashley. Sapphire changes attention to Cosmo and pulls him up to his feet. Cosmo staggering while standing up takes a couple punches straight to the face, only to be sent into the corner turnbuckle! Sapphire runs at him and drives her knee right into his face! Not wasting any time, she lifts him up to the top turnbuckle! She climbs to the top with him and he starts fighting her off with body punches! Ashley is on her feet as sees them both on the turnbuckle… OH MY GOD SHE JUST DROPKICKED THEM BOTH OFF OF THE TOP TURNBUCKLE AND BOTH GET SENT RIGHT INTO THE SIDE OF THE CELL!

Jacob Steele: Atta girl, way to wait for the right moment to strike. She’s playing this safe right now given the size advantage. That’s a smart competitor.

Chris Walker: Well said, Mr. Steele.

Jacob Steele: You can call me Jacob or Steele. No need for formality here.

Chris Walker: Understood and Sapphire and Cosmo seem to have really hit the cell hard after the dropkick from Ashley. She climbs to the top now and looks down at her two opponents, waiting for them to get to their feet… CR-ASH LANDING RIGHT ONTO BOTH SAPPHIRE AND COSMO! SHE’S ABLE TO BRING THEM BACK DOWN! ASHLEY IS ON FIRE RIGHT NOW! She just needs to keep this motivation now! She grabs a hold of Cosmo and rubs his face right against the steel cage! SHE ISN’T STOPPING! This is a different side of Ashley we haven’t seen before! I think she’s tired of feeling stepped on! She stops and sits him up against the cell… Ashley slides back into the ring and runs against the ropes… BASEBALL SLIDE THAT SENDS ASHLEY’S BOOTS RIGHT INTO COSMO’S FACE AGAINST THE CELL! NO COSMO MOVES AND ASHLEY FALLS TO THE GROUND!

Vincent Price: She waited too long, man. She should’ve just driven her knee into him or something. Cosmo is back to his feet, his face all scratched up! Sapphire is getting to her feet and he positions himself in front of her, back towards the door to the cell! He grabs her in a belly-to-belly position… BELLY-TO-BELLY OVERHEAD SUPLEX RIGHT THROUGH THE DOOR! THEY BROKE THE DOOR! HOLY SHIT SAPPHIRE JUST GOT THROWN INTO THE DOOR! HOW MANY TIMES AM I GONNA SAY DOOR?! THAT WAS AWESOME! Cosmo looks a little drained now throwing two hundred and thirty two pounds of a woman over his head, but he walks out of the cell and then connects a leg drop right onto Sapphire and the door to the cell! Cosmo then climbs onto the top of the barricade in front of the crowd. Ashley is on her feet and looks on at Cosmo and Sapphire…. DIVING FOREARM SMASH ONTO--- HOLY SHIT ASHLEY JUST CONNECTED A VICIOUS ROUNDHOUSE KICK ONTO COSMO AS HE WAS GOING FOR THE DIVE MOVE AGAINST SAPPHIRE!

Chris Walker: COSMO FALLS TO THE SIDE OF SAPPHIRE AND ASHLEY IS GETTING TO THE TOP OF THE BARRICADE NOW! CR-ASH LANDING ONTO SAPPHIRE! ASHLEY IS JUST ON FIRE! Both Cosmo and Sapphire are laid out! Ashley begins to climb the cell now! She looks down and Cosmo is starting to get to his feet. Focusing on getting to the top, she just continues to climb. Cosmo begins to climb and is rapidly getting closer and closer to Ashley! About halfway up now and Cosmo reaches her! They both start throwing weak strikes while holding onto the side of the cell… THIS COULD END BADLY! Cosmo grabs a hold of Ashley’s head and slams it right into the cell! She’s still holding on tight! He’s trying to push her off… SHE GRABS A HOLD OF HIM AND THEY BOTH FALL OFF THE SIDE OF THE CELL RIGHT BACK DOWN TO THE FLOOR! SHIT! THAT’S GOTTA HURT! BOTH ASHLEY AND COSMO ARE HOLDING THEIR BACKS WRITHING IN PAIN!

Vincent Price: Sapphire is back to her feet and sees an opportunity to start climbing, but I think she realizes she’ll need to do more before she attempts that climb! She’s coming over to our side of the cell now… What is she doing?... SHE GRABS A STEEL CHAIR! The ironic thing here, is Cosmo’s favorite weapon is a steel chair, Sapphire’s is brass knuckles, and Ashley’s is either a steel chair or brass knuckles! She’s walking back to Cosmo and Ashley, who at this point, are trying to get back to their feet! Both are on their knees and throwing strikes at each other again. Sapphire runs right at Cosmo from behind and slams the chair right into the back of his head! He holds his head and Sapphire lifts up the chair to hit Ashley, but she begins to punch her in the gut. Sapphire seems unphased, but continues to punch her! She lifts the chair up again and then swings it at Ashley!

Chris Walker: ASHLEY ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY! Sapphire is holding the chair against her chest, I think she’s about to just throw it at her… ASHLEY IS UP AND DROPKICKS SAPPHIRE, DRIVING THE CHAIR INTO HER CHEST AND SENDING HER INTO A SEATED POSITION ON THE BARRICADE! She’s still holding onto the chair and delivers another dropkick this time against the barricade! Ashley just will not stay down and has been in complete control most of the match so far! She walks over to Cosmo and lifts him up, but Cosmo pushes her arms off of him and delivers a couple open hand strikes, THEN THE SPINNING BACKFIST! Ashley is groggy and barely standing… HE’S PUTTING HER IN THE PILEDRIVER POSITION… CRATER MAKER!! THE JUMPING SPINNING TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER! ASHLEY JUST GOT DRIVEN HEAD FIRST INTO THE GROUND!

Jacob Steele: This doesn’t look good for Ashley now… Cosmo is on his feet, Sapphire is slowly realizing where she is, and Cosmo is standing tall. She’s gotta come back soon or this could be over for her.

Vincent Price: You’re not saying much, is something bothering you?

Jacob Steele: I did say I was out here to watch the match as it happened in front of me. Didn’t realize I was obligated to speak a lot while I’m out here. Isn’t that your job?

Vincent Price: Touche...

Chris Walker: That’s what you get for saying something like that to him!

Vincent Price: Anyways, Cosmo is starting to climb the cell now and Sapphire is on her feet. She notices Ashley laid out and Cosmo already a quarter of the way up. She follows behind and catches up enough to grab a hold of his foot. He’s trying to kick her away, but she’s holding onto his foot tight! He’s able to push her off enough to stagger her and give him the room he needs to continue climbing to the top! Sapphire recovers after a couple seconds and then continues her climb to the top. Cosmo reaches the top of the cell where there are four ladders set up, one near each corner! He steps back some and watches for Sapphire as she’s climbing onto the top now! COSMO CHARGES AT HER… SHE SLIDES OUT OF THE WAY! COSMO IS ABLE TO STOP HIMSELF IN HIS TRACKS BEFORE RUNNING OFF THE CELL! SAPPHIRE IS BEHIND HIM AND WRAPS HER ARMS AROUND HIM… COSMO CONNECTS A COUPLE ELBOWS TO HER FACE AND IT’S ENOUGH FOR HER TO RELEASE HER HOLD! He turns around to face Sapphire AND HE CONNECTS A LEG LARIAT!

Chris Walker: That’s the space that Cosmo and Sapphire both need so they’re not so close to the edge! Cosmo takes a second to breath, I’m sure he thought he was close to running off a second ago. He gets back to his feet and then picks up one of the ladders. He struggles for a second which gives Sapphire enough time to at least get back to her knees. Cosmo finally gets full grasp on the ladder and turns around to face Sapphire who had just gotten back to her feet! He charges at her with both hands on the ladder perpendicular to his body. SHE DUCKS AND IS NOW RIGHT BEHIND HIM… NECKBREAKER WITH THE LADDER RIGHT ON TOP OF HIM! Oh lord… STANDING BODY SPLASH ONTO THE LADDER THAT’S RIGHT ON TOP OF COSMO! SHE JUST RISKED HER BODY FOR THAT AND IS NOW ON HER BACK HOLDING HER STOMACH!

Vincent Price: Ashley is still laid out at the bottom of the cell while both Cosmo and Sapphire are on their backs on top of the cell! The World Championship is still hanging twenty feet above them and everyone is slowly running out of fatigue! With two-thirds of the contenders on top of the cell already, it looks like this could be nearing the end any time now! Sapphire rises to her feet, still holding her stomach and grabs one of the other ladders that are placed near the corners. She’s moving it to the middle, directly under the XHW World Championship. But… she’s not climbing it yet? Wait… She’s grabbing another ladder and sets it up right against the other one. Two ladders set up, side by side, what’s her motive with this? Cosmo pushes the ladder that’s still on top of him to the side. He’s slowly getting to his feet now and Sapphire is climbing the ladder directly under the Title! She reaches for it and can’t grab it yet, Cosmo starts climbing the same ladder and the two begin to exchange strikes to the face! Cosmo grabs a hold of Sapphire and her hair and slams her face right into the ladder! He climbs down then climbs up right behind her.. The ladder is starting to show the imbalance of the four hundred plus pounds on one side of the ladder… He locks his legs on the ladder… GERMAN SUPLEX OFF THE LADDER AND ONTO THE CELL! THE PART OF THE CELL SHE GOT SLAMMED ONTO IS NOW BENT, BUT HASN’T FELL THROUGH YET!

Chris Walker: WE’VE BEEN FOCUSING ON THE TOP OF THE CELL AND DIDN’T EVEN REALIZE THAT ASHLEY IS UP AND HALFWAY UP THE CELL ALREADY! Cosmo has no idea and unlocks his legs from the ladder and climbs back up… Ashley is on the top and reaches in her boot… SHE’S GOT BRASS KNUCKLES! SHE PUTS THEM ON AND RUNS RIGHT TO COSMO, DRILLING THE BRASS KNUCKLES INTO HIS BACK MULTIPLE TIMES! She’s climb the ladder right next to Cosmo and on the same side of him now… She turns him around… SHE’S GOING FOR THE ERASE/REWIND!! SHE’S GOT HIM IN POSITION!!! AND… OH MY FUCKING GOD!!

Vincent Price: HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!

Jacob Steele: WHAT THE FUCK!




“Miracle” by Shinedown begins to play and the camera zooms in on Ashley Williams with both hands on the World Championship. She pulls it closer to her face and kisses it. Tears start rolling down her face.


Chris Walker: I am speechless. This match headlined Hell From Above and this is exactly why. All three didn’t quit and even after Ashley was driven into the ground outside by Cosmo and his Crater Maker, she was able to come back into it later on and close the match.

Vincent Price: Ashley Williams. XHW World Champion. She deserves it man. Since the beginning she’s been pushed around and underestimated, but tonight. She’s on top of the roster.

Chris Walker: Cosmo Cooper, even though he lost, still holds the XHW Medal of Honor. All he has to do is say he wants a match for the World Title and he’s got it. Whether he won or lost tonight, he’s still right there and able to fight for it again.

Vincent Price: What’s next for Sapphire? Ashley is World Champion, Adrien Pierce is Legacy Champion, Angelica Vaughn is the #1 Contender for the Medal of Honor and she is still a dominant force in XHW.

Chris Walker: Fallout is still to come in a week and everything will be answered then. Until then… That’s all we have for tonight. We’ve crowned our Champions, our contender, witnessed injuries, saw the drama, and now we close out with the World Champion on top of a Cell with the Title raised high in the air.

Suddenly, Jacob Steele sets down his headset and asks for a mic as “Miracle” fades out. A mic is handed to him and he stands up next to the announcers table and Chris and Vincent. Both look at him confused and he puts the mic up to his mouth.

Jacob Steele: Ashley Williams, congratulations. I’ve been watching you since the very beginning. Through each win, through each loss, I saw something special in you. You earned your way here yourself and you earned the right to be the first ever XHW World Champion. Cosmo and Sapphire, both of you have been unstoppable since arriving in XHW and tonight you put on a hell of a show for every fan in this building and every fan watching at home on Spike TV. Tonight was one for the books. Tonight was hell. All of you went through hell to get to this show tonight and all of you went through the depths of hell and back tonight to reap the rewards or to fall short. Every single person in this building is a winner in my eyes. Win or lose tonight, you all have something to be proud of; being a member of the XHW Roster. I want everyone in the back, current and those who have yet to debut, to step out onto the stage and give yourselves a hand. You deserve it.

“Explode” by Written By Wolves begins to play throughout the arena and the new song has the crowd confused. As every roster member enters onto the stage, some in ring gear, some limping, some dressed up, they all form a line clapping and looking out to the crowd.

Jacob Steele: We’ve made it through the first Free-Per-View in XHW history and with that… I give you the new theme song of XHW. Thank you to Written By Wolves for this song and what a better song to have. You all exploded tonight, XHW exploded, and look at where we are now. Which, by the way, I have a huge announcement to make regarding XHW and it’s progress thus far.

Crowd: WHAT?!

“Explode” fades out after every roster member is on the stage except for Wulf Erikson who is still hospitalized.

Jacob Steele: I’m seeing everyone on the stage besides Wulf, and I just want to send a shout out to him as I’m sure he’s able to watch in the hospital for a speedy recovery. I’m sure we’ll see you next week. That being said, where is XHW headed next? What arenas, halls, buildings, whatever will be able to hold the talent that XHW offers? Since the beginning, we’ve grown exponentially and with that, we will be occupying bigger arenas. We haven’t hit the grand stages quite yet, but being as the rapid growth and selling out every week since our debut, we have earned this. Without further adieu, this is our upcoming schedule heading into the next FPV;

First, we travel to Everett, Washington where this week’s edition of Fallout will take place in the Xfinity Arena, home of the Everett Silvertips!

Next we go to Uncasville, Connecticut and to the Mohegan Sun Arena, home of the Connecticut Sun!

And in the final Fallout stop before our next FPV, we go to Wichita Falls, Texas in the Kay Yeager Coliseum, home of the Wichita Falls Nighthawks.

Broken Creed is the name of our next FPV. Broken Creed will take place in the Dee Events Center in Ogden, Utah, home of the Weber State Wildcats!

Crowd: XHW! XHW! XHW! XHW!

Jacob Steele: There’s our upcoming schedule! We hope you enjoyed Hell From Above and we’ll see you next week in Everett, Washington for Fallout! Have a great night!

The camera cuts from Jacob Steele at ringside to the top of the cell where Ashley Williams is still holding the World Championship on her shoulders. Cosmo and Sapphire are both sitting up in the ring, looking up at Ashley.

The camera fades to black with the XHW Logo flashing before they cut off.

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