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 A Choice From The Chosen?

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Michael Kelly


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PostSubject: A Choice From The Chosen?   Tue May 23, 2017 10:41 am

*Merely minutes after the 9-man battle royal Michael is limping his way towards the locker room to get dressed and most importantly, to take this uncomfortable brace off of his knee. Adeline is not too far behind as she is power walking to catch up to her exhausted spouse. Echoes of Adeline yelling “I'm sorry” and “I didn't mean to” can be heard throughout the backstage area as she feels at fault with the outcome of the match. Adeline quickly catches up with Michael and opens the locker room door for him. Michael drenched in sweat, sits back on a folding chair and exhales, as his adrenaline begins to slowly simmer down.*

*Slowly feeling the sharp pain of his knee and the beating from that match, Michael grimaces and then looks up at the ceiling with a smile on his face. Adeline clearly concerned with Michael's well-being walks to the injured wrestler and hugs him in an attempt to comfort him. Adeline begins to cry, feeling horrible for “costing him the match” and continues hugging Michael as tight as you could hug someone. Michael quickly reciprocates the hug, and still with his head up towards the ceiling begins to laugh.*

Adeline(FR): Désolé, Michael.(I'm sorry, Michael.)

Michael(FR): Ça va, ma fleur... (It's okay, my flower...)

Adeline(FR):  C'était de ma faute. (It was all my fault.)

Michael: Shhhhh

*Michael plants a kiss on Adeline's forehead, revealing his giant smile plastered across his face. With both of his hands now caressing Adeline's face, Michael wipes any tears Adeline had off of her face. Adeline and Michael embrace in a passionate lock of lips, nothing the seasoned couple isn't accustomed to. Adeline lets go of Michael, sits in the folding chair to the right of him, and puts her head on his broad shoulder. *

Michael(FR): Ce n'était pas votre faute (It wasn't your fault)

Adeline: Huh?

Michael: It was mine...

Adeline: But I was the one who distrac.....

*Adeline is cut off by Michael hitting one of the lockers behind him. *

Michael: More specifically, it was this, this goddamn BURDEN!

*Michael rips his knee brace straps off, breaking them out of frustration. He goes to rip the velcro straps off of his knee pad but is halted when Adeline puts her hands on his shoulders. Michael realizing he's acting out of anger, stops almost instantly and hangs his head. Adeline leans over and slowly pulls the velcro straps off of Michael's knee pad, loosening it in which lessens his discomfort. Feeling her loved one's disappointment, Adeline jumps up and begins pacing back and forth in front of Michael. *

Adeline: So this... We could fix this.
Michael(Whilst Adeline is talking): Addy..
Adeline: I could go up to Jacob and demand a rematch. I could... I could force his hand by telling him that we'll rescind our contracts.. That we'll leave if you don't get what you want.
Michael(Whilst Adeline is talking): Adeline..
Adeline: I should go back out there and show her! Give her a piece of my mind. Show her that it was a fluke and that she could nev...
Michael(Cutting Adeline off): ADELINE!!

*This startles Adeline, who jumps back out of surprise of how loud that was.*

Michael: She... she earned it.

Adeline: But, your knee...

Michael: The kid is good... Still very green, but good.

*Michael saying those words so confidently put Adeline to ease. She begins to help slowly pull Michael's knee pad off, as he mouths “thank you” to his loved one for assisting him. With the brace/pad combo out of the way, Michael begins unlacing his boots, taking them off with an exhale of relief. He starts to fold his gear and place it in his Nike duffle bag before turning to Adeline.*

Michael: Hey Addy, can you please do me a favor?

Adeline: If you're going to ask what I think, then I won't.

Michael: Get the kid and tell her I want to talk to her.

Adeline: Michael, after what she's put you through, how do you expect me to act nonchalantly to her?

Michael: Probably because you love me more than you hate her right now.

*Adeline rolls her eyes at Michael with a smile on her face. The smile on her face fades to an expression that emulates her being lost in thought. The thought of her beating in the face of the person who caused her best friend pain, the thought of seeing that person in the same amount of pain, the thought of her causing that pain onto the young wrestler, all of this going through her head and she loved it. Michael looks at his now spaced-out girlfriend, quickly figuring out what she could possibly be thinking about. *

Michael: Addy, play nice.

*Adeline leaves the locker room, slamming the door behind her. “play nice” was about the most laughable thing she'd heard. She even chuckled thinking about how much of a joke that sounded like. How was she to “play nice” with the person who caused the most important person in her life pain? Her intentions became anything but to “play nice”. She cracked her knuckles while walking down the hall in search for Angelica Vaughn. It wasn't too long before she found her. The woman had her back turned and was isolated from the rest of the roster, as she was standing by a monitor watching Ashley Williams' entrance during the main event. Adeline storms to the girl, and taps on her back extremely hard. The girl turns around to reveal a giant smile on her face, not from the win, but from the sight of Adeline.*
Angelica: H..Hey Ms. La Roux

*Angelica waves hello to the angry Adeline. The awkwardness of her greeting somehow calmed the fuming Adeline. She quickly realized that she wasn't a menace, she wasn't evil, she was just a kid. A smiling, happy-to-be-here kid. This girl, was this the same person? Did Michael's leg give out on him during the match? Is she as good as Michael said she was? All this running through the mind of Adeline, but on the outside was a blank expression. This blank expression confused  Angelica, as she tilted her head trying to figure out why it is that Adeline tapped her. Adeline realizing that this girl clearly means no harm nor foul, begins unballing her fists, feeling embarrassed that she was about to confront this kid for merely winning a match. A big cheesy smile comes across the face of the young, blonde Angelica Vaughn. Adeline reciprocates the smile with a smile of her own as she waves awkwardly, seemingly turning this “table of awkwardness”.*

Adeline: So uh, Michael would like to talk to you in his locker room.

: Gee, really? Is he mad about our match. I mean it was a good match, maybe he's mad about the outcome... I know if I were him I would be too, maybe he's not mad at all... but maybe he is.. I hope he isn't... He probably is... but there's a chance he's not!

Adeline: Uhh.. follow me.

*Adeline walks towards the locker room where Michael is changing with Angelica marching behind her like a little soldier. As they get to the door Adeline cracks the door open a bit, checking to see if Michael is dressed. She sees that Michael is fully dressed in a casual attire of jeans, a gray T-shirt and gray Lebron 9 Nikes. She opens the door and lets Angelica inside the locker room. Angelica stands by the doorway whilst staring across the room at the man who was her opponent tonight. Michael shows no emotion as he just stares soullessly at the eyes of the kid across from him. Angelica waves at Michael who still at this moment hasn't spoken a word. Michael begins slowly limping towards the young Angelica Vaughn still haven't said anything yet. *

Michael: You.

Angelica: Wha..t's going on here?

*Michael limps closer and closer to Angelica with a stone-like facial expression. Angelica fearing a possible second confrontation slowly backpedals to the door, in hopes of escape shall another confrontation ensue.*

Michael: You

Angelica: I..if it's any consolation, I think we had a gr..eat match.

*Michael finally gets face to face with Angelica and sticks his hand out. Angelica goes from being scared of the situation to gladly obliging with the handshake.  Michael dons a smile as big as Texas as the two former opponents shake hands.*

Michael: You're great. Well, good not great, not yet that is.

Angelica: Th..Thank you Mr. Kelly sir!

Michael: Which brings me to the reason I asked you here, congratulations you're on Bad Moon Rising now.

*Flabbergasted, Angelica stands frozen trying not to jump in the air with glee and make Michael Kelly regret the decision to make her a member of the group that her mentor was also part of. Michael looks at  Angie and taps on her shoulder to see what's wrong with her. *

Michael: Ange, you alright? You know, you COULD be a little happier. I thought you'd 've gone through the roof with joy hearing this. Do you not want to be a member?

Angelica: No.. it's not that Mr. Kelly it's just...

Michael: Enough with the Mr. Kelly bull, it's Michael. I believe you can be big in this business and we've got a lot of work to do. 'Ya know what? Give me your phone.

*Michael and Angelica exchange phones and with that phone numbers. Angelica stares at her phone for a second before looking back up at Michael Kelly, another seasoned vet who's peaked interest in her as both a wrestler and a friend. This puts a smile on Angelica and tears her up a bit. Michael hands her a napkin to wipe her tears and smiles. *

Michael: Hey kiddo, remember if you need ANYTHING at all, just call and We'll be there in a heartbeat. We ain't strangers no more, we're partners.

*Michael gets close to Angelica, grabs the back of her neck, pulls her close to him, and they touch forehead to forehead. Angelica confused with what's going on stares at Michael who has his eyes closed, so she closes her eyes as well. This embrace brought a warm feeling to the young star, letting her know that she'll never be alone. Michael lets go of Angelica, pats her on the back, and makes his way out the door leaving Angelica speechless.*
Michael: See 'ya, Ange!

Angelica: Partners....
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A Choice From The Chosen?
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