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 The Hunter's Past: One

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Blaise Hunter


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PostSubject: The Hunter's Past: One   Wed May 24, 2017 8:11 pm

“The Hunter’s Past: One”
Date: 5/23/17
Time: 2:57 PM
Place: Troy High School in Fullerton, California
People: Blaise Hunter
I’m thinking to myself, this is where it all began. When I first stepped foot into this school, my life changed forever. Standing here now, all these thoughts are coming back to me. They never completely left, but were just stored in the back of my mind and being here at this moment, I remember everything. I can feel the cool breeze flow against my skin, the sound of the trees rustling in the wind, the sound of the school traffic ready to pick up their kids. It's crazy to think this was 10 years ago. Jeez. How time flies. After thinking all this to myself, I finally turn my head to the left so you can see half of my face.
Blaise Hunter
“My name is Blaise Hunter… this is my story.”
With those words, the scene slowly starts to fade out with my head still turned to the left. Right before everything fades out, you hear the sound of the school bell ringing and the sound of the kids running out of the school.
Then the scene fades to back.
Date: 8/16/03
Time: 4:32 PM
Place: Blaise’s House
People: Blaise Hunter, Blaise’s Mom & Dad
It’s dinner time at my house. I’m sitting at the table waiting for the dirty rice to finish. My mom had started it later than she usually does. The boneless chicken breasts are thoroughly cooked, seasoned, and on the table ready, along with the sweet corn. Dinner looks amazing and I am absolutely hungry. This is the last day before I start my Freshman Year of High School. Middle School hasn’t been my brightest years yet, but I’m finding a new start in High School. I don’t want to participate in any after school activities or sports, I just want to focus on my grades and do something that I love most; wrestle. I haven’t even started yet, but I’m pretty nervous for it. I actually don’t think I’m the right size for it yet either. I mean, I weigh freaking 140 pounds and I’m 6’0 tall as a Freshman. I guess I’ll worry about that later, my mom is coming up with the rice now. My dad just walked out of the bathroom, so I really hope he washed his hands…
Blaise Hunter
“Dad, please tell me you washed your hands…”
Just as I thought, the second I said that, he walked right back in and then I heard the water start running. He always does that. You’d think he’d learn by now? My mom let out a slight chuckle.
Blaise’s Mom
“Nothing escapes you, Blaise, does it?
Blaise Hunter
“Well, you raised me to wash my hands before I come to the table, so I figured it would apply to everyone in this house.”
My dad walks out of the bathroom drying his hands and turned off the bathroom lights on the way out.
Blaise’s Dad
“Just so you know, I am the adult, so I can do what I want. I went through my years of listening to my parents and if I don’t want to wash my hands, then I won’t.”
“Excuse me?”

“I said dinner looks delicious, honey!”
He always did that. He always found a way to go from having my mom questioning him to them just smiling and laughing. How does he do it? I would’ve just repeated what I had said originally, but maybe that’s just part of growing up. All this time, my mom had been putting the food on the table and getting the silverware ready for us to use. We all had to make our own plates, which I was okay with.
“So, Blaise, you were saying that there was something you wanted to talk to us about earlier today? Is everything okay, sweetie? You’re not out getting in trouble are you?”
Of course I sigh at this. She’s always thinking I’m getting into trouble when I want to talk to her. Even if it’s just about what dinner plans are.
Blaise Hunter
“No, mom… Everything’s fine. Just wanted to talk about school since I start tomorrow.”
“Well, we already talked about the classes you’re taking, what else is it?”
Blaise Hunter
“I want to start taking up wrestling after school.”
“After school?”
Blaise Hunter
“Yeah, I don’t want to be on the wrestling team at school, but I want to start training for wrestling outside of school. I want to train to make it into a big wrestling promotion one day.”
“When did you decide this was a thing? I thought yesterday you wanted to be a writer?”
Blaise Hunter
“No, you wanted me to. I showed interest, but this is really what I want. I’ve been watching wrestling for years and it’s something that I love and enjoy.”
“You know we support you in any decision you make and I think this makes sense for you. I see how passionate you are about it, I just never thought you wanted to make anything out of it.”
Blaise Hunter
“It was kind of a spur of the moment thing, but, like you said, it just makes sense.”
“After dinner, I would like to talk with you further, son. Let’s eat and enjoy this fine dinner your mother has made tonight and then we can go to the backyard and talk."
Blaise Hunter
“Okay, dad."
This could go either way. He either wanted to support my decision in front of my mom to seem like everyone was on the same page, or he was going to try to change my mind and want me to chase something he wanted. I picked up my fork and decided to enjoy my dinner and to not worry about it for the time being. Man, was this delicious. My mom definitely knows how to cook some good food.
15 minutes later…
We finished our dinner and we’re cleaning up now. It’s a daily thing, mom or dad makes dinner, then we all help clean the kitchen up so it’s never a mess unless I raid the fridge at night. I’m getting better at doing that less, well… cleaning up after myself actually. After I finish cleaning up my part, I go ahead and head outside. We have a decent sized backyard and I set up a hammock so I could just come out here to relax sometimes. Maybe read a book and swing a bit. I went ahead and sat down on the hammock and waited for my dad to come out, which wasn’t that much longer. He came out probably a minute after I sat down on the hammock and sat down right next to me.
“I just want you to know, I really do support your decision in doing this. I can see it now, honestly. My son being in a wrestling ring on TV, showing off the endless amount of talent he has!”
Blaise Hunter
“Yeah, except I haven’t even started training yet. I look like a toothpick and I’m honestly terrified I’ll get laughed at.”
“If anyone laughs at you for wanting to pursue something you want, they’re not the person you want to go through. You find somewhere else, but never give up on what you want. If this becomes your dream, you follow it no matter what. I don’t care if someone tells you that you absolutely suck and you’re the worst they’ve ever seen, you tell them to fuck off and you keep training and getting better.”
My dad almost never cursed. He always finds other words to replace curse words and it’s actually quite hysterical. Him cursing just now shows how serious he is about what he’s saying. It’s weird to believe that, but trust me, it’s true.
Blaise Hunter
“I don’t plan to ever give up and I think this is becoming my dream. I have to take the first step and go to this training gym around here and talk to someone about it, but I gotta get through my first day of High School.”
My dad put his arm around my shoulder and gave me one of those awkward side hugs that dads always give you.
“If you ever take any advice from me, son, listen closely because this is what I want you to remember for years to come.”
At this point, I wasn’t sure if I was scared or confused. My dad has given me plenty of advice over the years, but he’s never said anything like this. I never knew that telling my parents what my possible dream was would make them act like this.
“Anything you go through in life, whether it be a financial problem, family problem, argument with your wife, your kids aren’t listening, whatever it is, always have fire in your eyes. That may sound weird, but think about it. You want to have a burning desire to succeed. You want a fire lit under your ass to push yourself through every obstacle you go through. Let that sink in for a second.”
I did. I thought about it enough for it to be engraved in my head the rest of the day. My dad was giving me some life advice to apply to, well, life and also to wrestling. This solidified what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it. My dad sealed the deal for my career choice. I always thought it would be my mom, honestly. My dad, though.
Blaise Hunter
“Thanks a lot, dad. I need to shower and figure out what I’m wearing tomorrow. I have a big day ahead of me.”
“You’ll do great, son. Just remember what I just said.”
Again, I did. I showered, laid my clothes out for tomorrow, then relaxed the rest of the evening playing Xbox One. Tomorrow really was a big day for me. All I could think about was what my dad had just said. ‘Always have fire in your eyes. You want to have a burning desire to succeed.’ I murmured to myself. I ended up falling asleep repeating those words in my head.
Date: 8/17/03
Time: 4:15 PM
Place: Knokz Pro Entertainment
People: Blaise Hunter & Marvin (Wrestling Trainer)
It had been a decent day at school. Nothing bad happened, classes went okay, no one tried to mess with me. I think it’s a good start to what I hope is a great year for me. I’m currently outside of Knokz Pro Entertainment and my nerves are worse than ever. I’m about to walk into this gym and everyone’s going to look at me like I’m some jokester. I remembered what my dad had said yesterday and I walked in. It was amazing what I saw. From people lifting weights, to fighting in the ring, to having a water break. This was amazing. It’s like I walked into what is going to be the rest of my life. A man walked up to me and looked me up and down.
“Can I help you, kid?”
I froze, I didn’t know what to say or do.
“You going to say anything or waste my time?”
Him being like this wasn’t helping any, but I guess I don’t blame him. I’m the idiot that’s just standing here not saying anything.
Blaise Hunter
“Uhm, yes. I would like to start.. Uh..”
“Spit it out, kid, I’m busy.”
Blaise Hunter
“I would like to start training to become a professional wrestler.”
That second, I felt his eyes stare into my soul. He looked me up and down, looked me in the eyes, and then the next words that came out of his mouth were…
“My name is Marvin. I’m one of the many trainers here. You really want to start training, huh?”
Blaise Hunter
“I really do. This is a dream of mine. I know I’m a toothpick and I probably don’t look like I have what it takes, but I have a burning desire to succeed and I have fire in my eyes.”
I didn’t realize it at the time, but I said exactly what my dad had told me. I thought it was stupid since Marvin formed a smile at me after I said it. Until he said…
“Don’t ever talk down about yourself. How old are you?”
Blaise Hunter
“I turn 16 in February.”
“I can tell you have heart, kid, and I can see that fire in your eyes already. It’s weak right now, but I think we can turn it up for you. It’s good to see kids your age wanting to do something professional with this and it being their dream. We’ll work on payments later, I can tell you don’t have anything on you currently. Let’s get you started on a meal plan and a lifting schedule. We need to bulk you up some. What’s your name again?”
Blaise Hunter
“Blaise Hunter.”
“Ha, ironic.”
I followed him as he started walking towards a computer. Sat down next to him and did exactly what he said we were going to do. Walking into this building, talking to Marvin, working on what we were, I knew this was my dream. I knew this is what I wanted.

The scene fades to black.
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The Hunter's Past: One
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