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 Tales From Monmouth County VI: Championship Material

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Ashley Williams


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PostSubject: Tales From Monmouth County VI: Championship Material   Thu May 25, 2017 1:16 am

Tales From Monmouth County VI: Championship Material


Looking out toward the crowd as she synched in the Unprettier on Cosmo filled her with a strange exhilaration. When the spot had been discussed, she had been a touch nervous, simply because of the height. Now however, she felt in another world and as she jumped, that feeling of vertigo had long gone. Impacting the cage had been the worst feeling as all she really had was another human being to break her fall. But, as she stumbled up, her hand touching the first rung of the ladder, she felt that same feeling. The crowd were all cheering her on, which was as surreal a situation as you could get. Looking down at the wrecked bodies of her opponents, Cosmo and Sapphire, that feeling of vertigo came back. She knew what she had to do.

Mustering up every last inch of her strength, memories came flooding back to her. Her unsuccessful MMA career. Her inaugural Young Lion’s/Prestige Championship win. Her inaugural DARC Junior Pro Junior Championship win. As sweat dripped down her face, she threw her hair back out of her face and threw her other hand up, grasping the third rung.

The sound of the fans was deafening by this point and she had to do everything in her power to not let this distract her. Reaching the next rung and dragging herself up, she then stood tall, her foot now stood on the bottom rung.

Looking up, she saw it and knew that it was now time to make history again. That gold title was her way of proving to everyone that she wasn’t just some little girl that would be willingly stepped on, she was an athlete. She was a wrestler. More importantly, she was a champion!

As her hand grasped the championship, she knew that she was going to have to stand up at full height and let go of the ladder as she did so, but it came surprisingly easy as she grasped the title with both hands, unhooking each button before it was finally in her hands.

With her tears now mixing with sweat, she took hold of the title, looking at it before planting a kiss on its front plate. Throwing it over her shoulder, she began to climb back down the ladder, completely unable to control her emotions as fresh tears fall.

SCENE ONE: Championship Material
INVOLVING: Emma Lawrence/Ashley Williams

As the new XHW World Champion, it hadn’t been particularly hard to get some studio time backstage, but Ashley stood on regardless, still a little nervous about everything. Holding her title over her shoulder, she watched as her newly appointed manager, Emma Lawrence, stepped forward into the camera’s view, Max King waiting for her with a microphone in hand.

Max King
”Joining me at this time, Ashley William’s manager, The British Bombshell, Emma Lawrence”

Emma Lawrence
”Hello Max. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Emma Lawrence. People may know me as The British Bombshell. Other people may know me as Sex Personified. For the time being, I am the manager of the greatest female wrestler of this age. She’s been called The Future. She’s been called The Monmouth Miracle. At times she’s even been called unwelcome. But right now she is called the XHW Champion of The World. I give you Ashley Williams!”

Ash walked into the shot, with a water bottle in hand. Looking straight at the camera. She smiled before speaking.

Ashley Williams
”What did I tell you guys? From the minute I stepped foot in here I told you I was going to be The Future. It took a little while to convince most of you but the moment I heard you cheering me on, I knew that my job had finally been done.”

She held the title up toward the camera and smiled.

Ashley Williams
”This! This right here is the validation of everything I’ve said. This championship title is the very proof that I am what I say I AM! While everyone else stepped over me and told me I didn’t belong, I worked diligently for this championship and guess who’s standing here with the title? I’ll give you a hint, it’s not the naysayers and it’s definitely not Cosmo Cooper, the man that I basically Unprettiered into Hell!. Then! I find out he’s invoking his Medal of Honor after blowing smoke up my ass throughout social media. Look, I get it, you lost. To even put yourself through the suffering of a second loss is kinda masochism. What exactly are you hoping to prove here, Cosmo? You’ve just handed your medal to my good friend, Angelica Vaughn and you’re going to lose. After this, YOU. HAVE. NOTHING! You'll have the very real fact that after all the talk about me not belonging and me not being good enough, THAT I BEAT YOU! TWICE! All of the twitter chat and all of the complaining that I was doing WCWs and MCMs and after all that I still stand here with this title! ”

She stops for a second before speaking again.

Ashley Williams
”The point remains, you had all the mouth after cheating against my friend, Wulf. You had all the mouth after handing Sapphire her first defeat. When it all came down to it, you knew that you were destined to fall at my hand because you stood in the ring with a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT KIND OF ANIMAL!”

She stops again, listening to some of Emma’s advice.

Ashley Williams
”You stepped into the ring with something so damn unstoppable that after all the words, after all the snide comments. EVEN your Crater Maker couldn’t do the job! It was my Unprettier that did the job when I sent you and Sapphire into Hell! And then, guess what? I climbed that ladder and I took down the title that I told you all was mine to begin with.”

She takes a swig from her water bottle, adjusting her title.

Ashley Williams
”Do you think that won’t happen again? Can you seriously sit there and look in a mirror and tell yourself that you are going to beat Ashley Williams? Can you tell yourself that you can beat me?”

She stops again, taking another drink from her water bottle.

Ashley Williams
”Honestly Cosmo, I don’t think you can. You had your chance at Hell From Above and you couldn’t even take it! The fact remains that it’s going to be no different this week at Fallout. I am The Future of Female Wrestling, I am Everything That Female Wrestling Hoped For. I am The current XHW World Champion and I am simply. BETTER!”


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Tales From Monmouth County VI: Championship Material
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