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 "The first in a long line"

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PostSubject: "The first in a long line"   Thu May 25, 2017 4:04 am

Scene One: “Like a Wulf with a sore head..”

Warning: The following blog contains dangerous stunts and coarse language. Parental advisory is recommended. All views expressed within this Bad Moon Rising production are not necessarily the views of XHW or our affiliates.

XHW also assumes no responsibility for any attempts to re-enact the stunts performed in this video.

Bad Moon Rising #$%&in' dares you!

The video blog opens with just audio.  Before Michael speaks, the only indications of which BMR members this entry belongs to are the Red Hot Chili Peppers 'Blood Sugar Sex Magik' album and the purr of a 393 Chev. It's currently Tuesday morning and there is a plaintive tone to MK's voice..

[Michael Kelly]: “Wulf, why are we cramped up in your Camino when we could be stretching out in the comfort of a plane? How much further?”.  

Wulf takes his eyes off the road for a second, turning to MK before turning the volume on the stereo down a few notches..

[Wulf Erikson]: “Oh bitch, bitch, bitch. Like it's so bad, MK. This is a '79 Royal Knight. And heck we're only about thirty-odd miles out of Everett. The whole drive from Vancouver was like a whole three hours. I'm all kinds of messed up as well, and I really shouldn't be driving but here we are..”

[Michael Kelly]: “Sorry, Wulf. While I can appreciate that it's a sweet ride, my knee is all kinds of banged up. It's not really appreciating the so-called short drive”.

[Wulf Erikson]: “You're speaking the truth here. But don't worry buddy, we're coming through Bellevue. We're only like twenty five miles out of Everett!”

[Michael Kelly]: “Argh. We've been driving forever! Can't we stop for a minute? Grab a bite to eat or something? I really need to get out and walk around”.

[Wulf Erikson]: “You can ride in the tray if you want!”

Both MK and Wulf have a good laugh at this suggestion..Michael opens up the window and gingerly places his leg on the ledge to alleviate some of the pressure..

[Michael Kelly]: “While that sounds like fun, I think I'll pass. Speaking of fun, I had a really good time watching you do your thing up in Vancouver. Even though you definitely have a sore head, you had that Ronnie Cage done for early on! But for some reason known only to yourself, you started screwing around!”

Wulf scoffs..

[Michael Kelly]: “That style of yours already has the crowd eating out of the palm of your hand. You don't need to pander to them so much. It's your biggest problem!”

[Wulf Erikson]: “I won the damn match didn't I? I beat their Ultimate champion for the second time. I must have done something right?”

[Michael Kelly]: “While you may have won, he very nearly took it away from you. I'm sorry to say this, and I'm not going to be as harsh about it, but some of what Cosmo says is correct”.

Wulf is about to object, but Michael gives him a steely gaze that convinces him otherwise..

[Michael Kelly]: “I've seen enough to be seriously annoyed by it. You're having this excellent match, and then you either start messing with your opponent or you pander like a circus monkey. That's not what I want to see from Bad Moon Rising. BMR stays focused and gets it done!”

Wulf is about to wisecrack, and MK DOESN'T want to hear it. Michael is so exasperated that he breaks into Spanish..

[Michael Kelly]: “Si pudieras aplicar tanto a tu entrenamiento como lo haces para joder, serías imparable ¡Si no fuera por nosotros, que por Sierra para ti mismo!”

Wulf looks taken aback, and he clears his throat, but he keeps his gaze on the road..

[Wulf Erikson]: Don't you think for a second that I don't know what you said..you think I should devote myself to training as much as I devote myself to literally 'fucking around', if not for our sake then for Sierra's”.

[Michael Kelly]: “That's about it! I knew you would understand, Wulf. Your in ring stuff smacks of Mexico. I'm seriously not trying to be offensive, it's just fact”.

[Wulf Erikson]: “I get it! Believe me I get it. When you paint a ring and two entry ways with your blood three nights in a row and you're looking up at the ceiling in some shit dive hospital, you kinda get to thinking, ya know?"

[Michael Kelly]: “Then why are you still clownin' around? Why do you pander to the fans instead of capitalizing?”  

Abiding by Michael's request to get out and walk around and get something to eat, Wulf spots a Subway outlet up ahead and he contemplates this question silently as he pulls in and finds a space..he unlocks his door and then turns to face MK..

[Michael Kelly]: “Well?”

Wulf shrugs nervously as Michael winces as he slides his leg back down from the window ledge and opens his door..

[Wulf Erikson]: I don't know. It's what they expect, MK. It's what I do. I hear the response, I hear them chanting my name. I hear them begging me to do something that's, for a lack of better terminology 'flippy'..and I am only too happy to oblige. I don't know how else I can put this”.

[Michael Kelly]: “Do you know how I would put it, kid?”

Wulf glares angrily..

[Wulf Erikson]: “DON'T..”

Wulf's head snaps back as MK growls and delivers a sharp backhand to his jaw!

[Michael Kelly]: “LISTEN! There's more where that came from! Cool your jets and listen to what I'm saying! If you take my advice and work as hard as I know that you can, you will blaze a hole through Adrien Pierce and Sapphire on saturday night alongside Angie and me”.

MK offers the fist-bump and Wulf locks it in..

[Michael Kelly]: “But you're setting the worst example for that girl if you keep up this pattern of wise-assing and bizarre stunts”.      

Wulf nods solemnly, opening his door and shutting it before walking around to give MK a hand out..

[Michael Kelly]: “Easy..ahh that's better already! Thank you! I'm sorry it had to come to that but you have to look at the big picture. Let's get some sandwiches, man. I'm starved. This is what you get for flying with Erikson airlines?

They share another laugh as they walk towards the door..

[Wulf Erikson]: “No, you're totally right. I'm fuckin' hungry! I really have to work hard this week, I have to focus on improving upon my strengths, and on picking apart the various weaknesses of our opponents”.

[Michael Kelly]: “You talk the talk, my man. But can you walk the walk?”

Wulf grins his famous lopsided grin as he holds the door open and MK steps through..

[Wulf Erikson]: “With BMR by my side, I don't have a choice in the matter!”

There's another fist-bump as they walk towards the counter, the first scene coming to a close with a quick clip from Wulf's video library. Wulf hits his double bounce 450 to the outside onto a pack of four anxious looking colleagues who have no choice but to brace themselves..

Scene Two:“Bad Moon Achieving”

The second scene opens up with silent, footage of the new Bad Moon Rising faction meeting up out the front of Columbia Athletics Club on . There is a slight sepia to the footage as they all group hug and exchange pleasantries before making their way inside. Wulf Erikson's voice-over speaks as they all head toward the front desk..

'Man is it good to be back. Congratulations go to Cuddle-Pie, so happy for the guy, but so pissed I couldn't be there to school him. And Beardo. And those other crazy bastards taking part in that match. It's cool, though. This is the formations of the all important trios tournament and this is my chance..our chance to put the world and our colleagues alike, well and truly on notice!'

Michael marches back and forth yelling inspiration as Ashley, Wulf and Angelica do push-ups in unison..

'Staring at the ceiling in Springfield last week was made so much better by these people making the effort to visit me. Bad Moon Rising isn't just a 'team', THIS right here is a unity that many teams wish they could achieve! This is two guys and two gals making the most of a shared passion and a common desire. This is caring enough to go out of your way to help those you respect and care about. You travel? You travel together. You eat? You eat together. You train? You work your ass off?'

Footage is shown of BMR sweating it out on the treadmills. The camera pans across all members, catching the perspiration dripping and the steely looks of determination across their faces..

'You train together! You work your ass off together..'

Footage is shown of Ashley and Angie sparring. They're both showing a lot of intensity and it is awesome to watch. Angie is really coming along, blocking almost every shot and every kick that Ashley is throwing at her, and even managing to get in some shots of her own after throwing the world champion off guard. The footage switches to MK and Wulf in a training ring locking up before MK takes him down with an arm drag then attempting a body-scissors, only for Wulf to roll back and nail him in the side of the head with a double basement dropkick..

'AS A UNIT. You fight? You fight together!'

There is one more quick clip of MK roaring as he applies a wrist-lock, Wulf executing a forward roll and reversing it. MK grins and double-knees him in the solar plexus..

'You achieve? You achieve together! This is why BMR is in good stead to not only win our match at XHW Fallout, we're looking good to take the entire tournament ,bringing home the much-deserved gold that so many teams are frothing at the mouth for'

From the knee, MK sends Wulf to the turnbuckles with a hard irish whip, causing him to bounce back where Michael is waiting with a german suplex, but Wulf backflips out of it, lands on his feet and delivers a picturesque 'poison-rana', arching back for more pressure as they land in a pinning predicament. MK kicks out, and Wulf rolls off. They get to their feet with Wulf throwing out his arms, enticing MK to lock up. MK grins proudly, before the footage switches to another minute of the intense back and forth sparring between Ashley and Angelica before we fade to black for a second..

We come back to Wulf leaving his lakeside room at the Inn at Port Gardner in the small hours of Thursday morning. He takes in a lungful of fresh air and then grins at the full moon reflecting off the water.  Wulf tilts his head back and howls in appreciation before he starts his run, the camera following him and his voice-over kicking in..

'Let's face it. With the combined talents of Ashley Williams, Michael Kelly, Angelica Vaughn and yours truly, BMR has every possible aspect of pro wrestling covered and our opponents are concerned to say the least. This young team is only going to become more phenomenal at our craft as time goes on, and sadly for Armatage, Sapphire and Pierce, the journey starts with them. The wrestling world knows by now that nobody will give them quite as bumpy a road as the tight knit group known as Bad Moon Rising..'    

The footage switches to a slow motion clip of Wulf running down the pier and leaping to the to top of the pier post. Wulf twists around and executes a multiple rotation corkscrew moonsault into the water. The tidy splash he creates is more reminiscent of an olympic diver than a luchadore, and the last scene slowly closes out, the XHW logo briefly flashing up.

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"The first in a long line"
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