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 A New Beginning

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PostSubject: A New Beginning   Thu May 25, 2017 4:40 pm

The scene opens to Bryan Blaze, dressed in an expensive suit and tie. He is sat in front of a monitor, although it isn't clear what is playing. After a few moments, he sits back, and sighs.

“This is ridiculous.” He says to himself, dejected.

“I was Triple Crown Champion. Cruiserweight Champion. Prestige Champion.

The most entertaining and athletic man in the sport, bar none. For all intents and purposes, my debut should be the most anticipated in the short history of XHW.

Let me ask you, is that the case?”

He glares into the camera.

“A Trios match?  

A goddamned TRIOS MATCH?!

Blaze is seething as he stands from his recliner, walking to a nearby window, which overlooks a lake.

“I've given my life to this sport. I've won Championships practically everywhere that I've been. I was called by XHW, not the other way around. Yet...this is how I am received? Thrown into a Trio Team with two men I have never heard of.

So, no. It's not the case. I being lumped in with the rest of the roster that really has nothing better to do with it's time. All in pursuit of…

A Special Opportunity.

Whatever the hell that means. Truth be told, I deserve better. The red carpet should have been rolled out, but instead I'm thrust in this Trio’s match. I am the biggest star in this company. Make no mistake about that. If I have to annihilate everyone in the ring that stands before me, so be it. It doesn't matter how many of them there are. I came here to shine, and I came here to define my legacy. Nobody is going to step in my way. I don't care who I face and I don't care who is on my team. Ultimately, it will not matter.”

A hand comes from behind, wrapping around Blaze and gripping at his chest. As he turns he sees his sultry, ebony girlfriend, Akasha Monroe.

“Mmm baby, you're so tense. So...on edge.”

Blaze forces his eyes shut. He certainly is on edge. As his reputation that has followed him everywhere can attest, he is a powder keg of emotion.

“Akasha, what can you expect? I've barely got my foot in the door and they are already disrespecting me.”

Akasha tilted her head to the right. “I don't see it that way, baby.”

“Which way do you see it, then?”

“Well...this “Special Opportunity” could be something big. Something important and valuable. You don't know. Furthermore, even if you are being disrespected, the best way to combat that is to be as dominant as I know you can be. To show them all that you are as talented as you say.”

She seems to calm Blaze down, at least for the moment. He nods, and places a kiss on her lips, and she smiles.

“That's better.” She says proudly. She walks out of the room promptly.

Blaze doesn't seem to be in better spirits, though. Perhaps it was all an act. He storms back over to his monitor, shutting it off. His phone buzzes, and he quickly retrieves it from his pants pocket and checks his message.


Hey, are you there? It's been a long time.

He appears saddened by the message. It isn't clear who ‘Heather’ is, but it seems to have an impact on him.

“It gets harder and harder to stay in this business. Each day is more difficult than the last.”

He speaks, mostly to himself. He walks over to a refrigerator, retrieving a can of Sleeman Clear 2.0. He pops the can open, guzzling a significant amount.

“Not many realize what I've done. What I have to live with day by day. Many think they know who the “true” Bryan Blaze is. However, in most cases, whatever they think they know about me, they are dead wrong.

Some think I'm a has-been. Others say I'm a never-was. Others claim I'm a burnout. Talentless. Wasted potential. The list goes on.

In time, the entire roster of the XHW will find out what my adversaries have been finding out for years. I am undefinable.

Many people ask what motivates me…”

He smirks, looking over to the window once more. His eyes do not focus long, as he shake his head and removes his gaze.


He says thoughtfully.

“That's really what it is all about. Championships and accolades are all well and good. They pad your resume, but it's only part of the equation.

Too many names in this sport nowadays stand for very little, if anything at all. They do not concern themselves with being remembered. It's mostly about a paycheque.

That's a large aspect of what is wrong with this business right now.

For me, though...the legacy is the be all, end all. I want to truly stand for something. I want to make this business mean something again. More than simple Championships. More than an impressive win-loss record.

You know, it's actually kind of funny…

This isn't the first time I've made this speech. A company that no longer exists...they couldn't accept this paradigm shift. They were unable to see the truth even when I was smacking them dead in the face with it. They refused to accept reality. They allowed their old time mantra define what they stood for. Ultimately, that was their demise. They refused to accept that I am the future.

Let's talk about that, for a moment. I'm aware how often that line is used. I don't mean it in the sense that most do.

Most claim they are some sort of prodigy. That they are ‘destined’ for greatness. That they will overcome all odds blah blah blah…”

Blaze shakes his head and rolls his eyes before fixating them back on the camera.

“It's all misdirection. It's all a ruse. It's to take away from the fact that these men don't believe in the one words they speak, or in the very thoughts that occupy their minds. They need to put themselves on such a high platform, to take away from their own insecurities. Furthermore, these men stand for nothing at all. They are caricatures of what a Professional Wrestler should, and needs to be. They are weak minded and fraudulent.”

Not only the tone, but the facial expression changes on his face. He seems...proud.

“That is precisely what I intend on changing. I will revolutionize how people view this sport. I will bring this sports reputation back from the grave. No longer will it be a laughing stock among pop culture. Among MMA culture. We will finally all get the recognition that we have deserved all along.

So, I would like to take this time to reach out to my partners, for this week.

Deveraux, Bonham...I hope you realize the wonderful chance you have in front of you. However, you also have a choice.”

Blaze clasps his hands together, in front of his chest. He speaks slowly and emphatically.

“You can accept my paradigm. You can believe in my cause and allow yourselves to become great agents of change in this business. To be pioneers of this sport that will be remembered for generations and generations. You have the opportunity to say that the status quo is no longer good enough. To revolt against the forces that conspire to keep you down; to keep you from truly breaking through to superstardom.


Blaze pauses, he gets this scowl on his face and speaks with utter malice.

“You can take the easy way out. You can accept your role and stick to it. Not bothering to do anymore or any less. To be a puppet. To be a robot.

To be a coward.

To seal your own fate. To allow someone else to tell you exactly what you are worth. The choice is yours, gentlemen.”

Blaze paces back and forth, rapidly. He seems antsy.

“That being said, this should be an easy choice. For the both of you.

XHW is relatively new. It's first Champions crowned just last week. There is plenty of time for legacies to be forged, and for stars to be made. Gentlemen, this could be the very beginning of your XHW stardom.

But you won't need to thank me for it. I may hold the key vision in all of this, but no mistake about it.

I control nobody else's destiny. Or fate. Or anything of the sort. I can merely guide you.

That's something else that will no longer fly. This notion that management makes a star. Or that fans make a star.

I want to make something crystal clear to everyone, right now. YOU make yourself a star. You make someone love or hate you. You put their butts in the seats. You raise your game to elite level. Everything you are given. You earn. That's simply how it is.”

Blaze runs his right hand through his hair. He seems conflicted.

“So there it is, gentlemen. This is the choice that is  in front of you. The decision that faces you in just a few days, at Fallout. Do you tow the company line, or do you smash through the proverbial glass ceiling? You have the facts, and you have the opportunity. What will you do with it?

It could be a career defining moment for you. Or an ultimate failure. As I've said, the choice is entirely yours. If you are not strong enough for this undertaking, I'm confident there are others who are. This crusade will not end this week, and if I've not found my soldiers, it will not die at your hands. So either way, my mission will continue. It's just a matter of which side of history you choose to belong to.”

As Blaze smiles, his gaze fixates on the doorway where Akasha Monroe has re-entered. She has changed into Pearl White lingerie. Her eyes catch Blaze, she barely needs to say anything.

“I'm waiting.”

That's all that she utters. It's more than enough, as Blaze promptly walks to her, and as they share a kiss, the scene fades to black.
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A New Beginning
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