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 Angelica Vaughn is now LIVE

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Angelica Vaughn


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PostSubject: Angelica Vaughn is now LIVE   Thu May 25, 2017 4:49 pm

Early Wednesday morning
JFK International Airport

Angelica’s face popped up on the rectangular screen. It was a typical smartphone self-recording: shaky camera, oversized nostrils and scratching noises from accidentally touching the microphone. All of that accompanied by the soundtrack that the airport provided: people chattering, suitcase wheels rolling on the floor, and unintelligible PA announcements.
Walking at a brisk pace towards a destination not discernible to the viewer, Angelica’s face lit up as she now noticed she was streaming live to the world. Or, the XHW Universe, at the very least.

Angelica: Hi there, good people of the Exaitch Dub! It’s Angelica here, as you can see. I’m just about to fly to Sweden to watch the magnificence of Manchester United as they conquer Europe! Apparently, being the trainee of the XHW World Champion opens quite a few doors! And accompanying me, is of course the one and only ‘Chosen One’, Michael Kelly! Whoo!

As Angelica enthusiastically cheered the man who’s chaperoning her to the Europa League Final, the camera in Angelica’s hands swung around. The world turned into a blur for a second, before the image came to a halt again, showing Michael Kelly as he trudges along the rookie wrestler. Angelica’s voice could still be heard off-screen.

Angelica: Say hi, Emkay!

But no matter how hard Angelica was hoping for Michael Kelly to gleefully start bouncing up and down, smiling and waving at the camera’s, it didn’t work. All he did was raise an eyebrow and sigh.

Angelica: Come on! The people wanna hear from The Chosen One!

Michael Kelly: What do you want me to say?

The camera swung back to Angelica’s face in close-up. She had a completely unconvincing angry look on her face, and bared her teeth in almost comic fashion.

Angelica: Tell the world how we’re going to DESTROY our opponents on the next Fallout, like we did at Hell From Above!

Angelica skipped over to MK, and continued her monologue.

Angelica: Tell the world how Bad Moon Rising is going to skyrocket to the sky like a rocket! Come on, do your thing!

Angelica giggled and hopped onto the back of Michael, hoping for a spontaneous piggy back ride as she continued the live video feed. The footage went all shaky and undecipherable, except for Michael’s voice.

Michael Kelly: Watch the knee, girl!

Angelica: Oops, sorry.

Angelica hopped back off, and pointed the camera at her face again. She wasn’t looking at the lens however as she looked at MK, the source of the off-screen voice.

Michael Kelly: Please behave and act like a grown-up, we’re in a public area.

Angelica sighed, and shrugged.

Angelica: Ugh, fine. Just trying to not be bored as heck, you know. Guess I’ll share a few thoughts with the world myself, then.

They arrived at their gate, ready to board. There were still a few minutes left, and as Michael Kelly took a seat, Angelica remained upright, the camera still firmly pointed at her.

Angelica: So, as some or maybe all of you… or maybe none of you… know, after Hell From Above, this super awesome man right there invited me into his locker room. At first, I actually thought he was going to be totally mad at me because I won the Battle Royal earlier that night. Turns out, I couldn’t have been farther from the truth. Seems like I impressed the man because I’ve improved so dramatically these last few weeks. From a scared little girl who had no idea what she was doing to… well, still a girl who has no idea what she’s doing, but at least she’s a little bit less scared, and she’s on the right track because she has the World Champion for a coach!
So what do you know? He officially invited me to become a member of Bad Moon Rising, along with himself, the flippiest guy in both hemispheres and my coach and mentor: Ashley Williams. It was sort of like a dream come true for me, and I obviously accepted right away. So for the one hundredth gazillionth time, thank you!

The camera swivelled back to Michael, who was reading a magazine. He briefly looked up and smiled, if ever so slightly.

Michael Kelly: No worries, kid. You earned it. Big things in store for you. You did well during our match.

Angelica: Ooooh, yes! About that….

She turned the camera back to her.

Angelica: Me winning the Battle Royal also meant that after Kosmos Copper loses to Ash this weekend, I will be awarded with the Medal of Honor. Many, many people have asked me: ‘Angelica, what on Earth will you do with that Medal?’ Well, at least two people asked me, anyway… So let me answer it for you. Obviously I am not going to ‘cash it in’ on my mentor, my coach, and the woman I basically owe my career to. And seeing as there is no chance in hell she will lose her title any time soon, I am hereby officially announcing that when the time is right, I am going to cash it in on the Legacy champion! So Adrien Pierce, I guess after our match this week, we will be meeting in the ring at least one more time. Now I’ve seen you fight. Winning a title is never easy, and I’m not sure if I can actually beat you, but I owe it to myself to try. This week I will definitely get a taste of what you’re capable of. It’ll be a good chance to scout you, find out what your weaknesses are… and with some help from my stablemates, I’ve no doubt I can learn how to fully exploit them.

Angelica moved, and sat herself next to Michael Kelly, her back turned to him so they were both on the screen. She leaned into his shoulder. Angelica started talking, but kept looking at the camera.

Angelica: So hey, Emkay! What do you think of Sapphire?

Michael looked up from his magazine, and took a glance at Angelica’s position, obviously not very pleased with the fact she was using his shoulder as a backrest. But he let it slide. Maybe he found it endearing, in a way?

Michael Kelly: Sapphire? Well, Sapphire is a very capable competitor, very strong. You'd know all about that kiddo, but 'ya know what she doesn't have that you've got? Three people who'd fight with you and for you 'till the very end. Two of which will be fighting by your side, not for the sake of the gold, but because we're a team inside the ring and out.

Angelica: That’s such a good point! You’re so smart, Emkay. I mean, people have been drooling over Sapphire ever since she got here. And with good reason, I guess, because she is such a massive monster of a woman who looks like she could literally break me in half. And she almost did, two weeks ago. Every time I faced her she beat me up, and in spite of that, I felt like we were some kind of friends. But it’s obvious she’s just a very mean, very old lady who likes to hurt me!

Michael Kelly: Don’t take it personally, kid. It comes with the territory. You should know this by now. And please sit up straight, like a normal person.

Angelica: But your shoulder is so comfy! But fine, I guess…

She sat up straight and used the bench properly, like a good little girl.

Angelica: What you said is true though, people marvel at Sapphire and they cower in fear of her. They praise her for the way she looks and for the way she acts. But she’s not a team player, like all of us are. She’s a lone wolf. But all wolves can do is just howl at the moon, right? They can’t actually touch it. Just like Sapphire can’t touch Bad Moon Rising. People respect her, but they don’t like her. Her team doesn’t have the same kind of cohesity…

Michael Kelly: For crying out loud. Cohesiveness, Ange. It’s called ‘cohesiveness’….

Angelica: ….co-he-sive-ness… Gee, that sounds weird. Anyway, they don’t have THAT the way we do! We’ll walk through fire for each other. I can’t see anyone doing that for Sapphire. Not even someone as friendly and cool as the Beardfather seems to like her very much I think, and he loves everybody!

Michael Kelly: Don’t take him lightly, Ange. You two might be friends, but he’ll drop you on your head without a moment’s hesitation if it means winning the match. On Saturday, he’s not your friend. Remember that.

Angelica: Oh, no worries Emkay! I will. It’s one of the first things Ash told me: in wrestling, any notion of friendship vanishes as soon as the bell rings. It won’t be easy, but I will try and look at Dougie as my opponent, rather than the General of the Bearded Army, a pretty cool guy, a funny dude, and of course the boyfriend of the awesome Gracie Corrigan, to whom I send much love and hugs! Gracie’s like a sister to me, which I guess that makes Dougie my brother-in-law? Huh. Never even thought of it like that.

In the background, The Chosen One can be seen rolling his eyes.

Angelica: Anyway, I know you’re smart enough not to take it personally. At least I’ll know you won’t have any PLEASURE in hurting me, unlike Sapphire undoubtedly will. That woman is unbelievable, I’ve been nothing but super nice to her, and all she does is being cranky. It’s honestly just so… urgh!

As Angelica struggled to come up with a better word, a PA announcement could be heard.

P.A.: Flight 2243A to Stockholm is now ready to board.

Michael grabbed his bag from the ground and rose to his feet.

Michael Kelly: Let’s go, Ange. Time to go watch your soccer thing. Put your phone away.

Angelica giggled, and leapt to her feet as if she had springs in her ankles.

Angelica: Yeah, let’s do this! Champions of Europe, baby, here we come! I’ll see you all on Saturday!!

She quickly smooched the lens, before it went all black.

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Angelica Vaughn is now LIVE
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