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 The Perfect Team

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Will Neilson


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PostSubject: The Perfect Team   Fri May 26, 2017 12:13 pm

*The scene opens up in a nightclub, music blaring in the background, various people dancing and drinking as well as lights scattering all over the club itself. The camera rotates a full 360 degrees before coming to a stop, with the scene itself freezing. It reflects that of a picture, no noise and no action happening. Then, a noise is heard, faint footsteps coming from the main entrance, with the camera not moving, only sound is heard and whoever is making the noise can't be identified. The footsteps pick up and seem very close, then a man walks into into the fame, wearing black sunglasses, a black leather jacket with two red stripes down both arm, slightly roughed up blue jeans and black and white adidas trainers. The individual walks up to the camera with a puzzled look and taps on the lens three times.

"That should make things better."

*The scene is brought back to life, and as the camera rotates around again, it seems like nothing has changed whatsoever, however the music is slightly quieter than before.

"Over here."

*The camera follows the voice of the man to a nearby table, he sits down and looks straight at the camera which sits in the seat opposite him.*

"Ah yes. XHW, a place to hone my skills and face new people. This is probably the first time you have seen me, the name is Will Neilson. A setting like this is just perfect to send a message to each one of my opponents at the next Fallout. A trios match, me, Matt Angel and Synn... take on Ambrose Kingsley, Ezekial Fenix and Ewan Boyd. A great opportunity to show myself to the people of XHW, teaming with the unknown and facing the unknown. Firstly, to my teammates... it's not that I'm bragging or anything but as long as you let me work my magic then everything will be under control. It's simple really, we work together and beat the 3 of them to move on and to fight 3 other teams for this, ahem, 'Special Opportunity'. Whatever it may be, it's something that could mean big things for all of us, and that's why we're going to win."

*Will reaches beside him to a nearby table, grabbing an empty glass and placing it on his table. He reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out a bottle of plain water, and takes the lid off, then pouring some of the water into the glass. After pouting to around 3/4 high, Will puts the lid back on and puts the bottle back into his pocket.*

"So first on the agenda is Ambrose Kingsley. You got a bit of a reputation for your traps ain't ya? However, it doesn't matter what you bring to this match, it's a matter of how you perform in the ring, relying on traps and other items will only slow your career to the point where people don't view you as a wrestler. I couldn't give two shits of what you want to put out there, bring your favourite gas mask so you'll have something to walk away with, maybe it will ease the pain of losing. Just try me man, because whatever you do your face will either be connecting with the mat or my knee, and trust me, it ain't gonna be a happy ending.

*Will takes a sip of water, and then places it back down on the table. He looks over at the dance floor and snickers, before turning back to face the camera again.*

"Now onto Ezekiel Fenix. Inmate 39... ah who's counting anyway? This guy is from prison, so you can say he's got a bad attitude and way with his hands, heck he's gotta be handcuffed when walking to the ring! That's some crazy stuff. No matter the size or where you come from, or what you are fighting for, you ain't going to be getting any compassion from me. I bring my A-game every time I step in the ring, it's not of an individual like me to simply go easy on someone. So Zeke... or whatever the hell people like to call you... just because you're big doesn't mean you can throw me around easily. You've got two other guys to work with, and if you think you can do it all by yourself in order to get more 'dollar dollar', then you'll find that you're facing three people all by yourself. I'll send you back to your cell with a bruise on your head from my knee, a gift to take home perhaps."

"Finally we come to the man known as Ewan Boyd hailing from Glasgow, Scotland. I've been to Glasgow before, nice place... that's all there really is to say though. He seems like a nice fella, however all I see are words on a piece of paper. If you say that your finisher can cause bloody mouthes and broken noses, you'll need something to back that up, show me this 'Glasgow Kiss' when me meet in the ring at Fallout, because at the moment you don't scare me whatsoever. I'm sure you want me to be scared but I'm not. Facing me in the ring will show you what a real hard hitting strike is like, and it comes from down here. *points to knee* I'm sure that you 3 will all try your best, but in the end... the winners will be us, the best team, the perfect team."

*Will picks up his glass of water and heads over towards the dance floor, he looks back at the camera one last time and the scene fades to black.*

OOC - Didn't have much to go on but gave it my best shot, good luck to my opponents.
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The Perfect Team
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