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 New Beginnings

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Ezekiel Fenix


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PostSubject: New Beginnings   Fri May 26, 2017 8:35 pm

(The scene opens up in the warden’s office in Oklahoma State Penitentiary. He is staring at a few security monitors as a guard walks in.)

Guard: We got accepted…. sir? Did you hear me? We got picked for the program.

Warden: hmm…. What was that? What program again?

Guard: the program to have one of our inmates wrestle in XHW.

Warden: Ah yes… good. We get to send one of our inmates to fight others and we get to keep most of the money he makes. This will help out the prison well.

Guard: I can give you the names of a few guys I think would be good for the job if you want.

Warden: That won’t be necessary. I think I have the perfect guy for the job, prisoner 37927, Ezekiel Fenix.

Guard: With all due respect sir, Fenix is strong but he doesn’t have a background in fighting. He hasn’t even been in one altercation since he got here. I can get someone better suited.

Warden: Maybe, but I have a feeling about this guy. Bring him to my office.

Guard: Right away sir.

(The scene transitions to Fenix lying down in his cell, when six security guards show up and open the door to his cell.)

Guard 1: Fenix, on your feet!

Guard 2: He said ON YOUR FEET INMATE!

(Fenix notices how many guards are at his cell and decides to get to his feet.)

Fenix: I don’t know what you guys think I did, but I didn’t do shit.

Guard 1: The warden wants to see you.

Fenix: Man, I said I didn’t do…


Fenix: Man this is bullshit.

(Back at the warden’s office.)

Warden: Have a seat Fenix. Don’t worry, you’re not in trouble. Well, not any more than what got you locked up. The guards are just a precaution. No, I need your help. The state of Oklahoma and more specifically, this prison has reached a deal with Xtreme Honor Wrestling. I’d like you to be the one that wrestles there. Before you saying anything, there are a few things you should know. The job pays. Not as much as it normally would, you are still in prison after all. The prison will be keeping most of the money, but you will get a small percentage. Maybe save enough to go see your daughter when you get out. What was her name again? Oh yes, Cora. Plus if you cooperate without any incidents I’ll try to get your sentence shortened. I can’t make any promises though.

(Fenix thinks about it for a minute.)

Fenix: Okay… I’ll do it.

Warden: Of course you will. Your pay is based per match so the more you win the more money you make, and the more I make… and no one messes with my money. You got that? You win or else. You’re first match is a trio tag team match. Now get out of my office.

(Fenix leaves with all of the guards but one who stays behind.)

Guard: You sounded pretty confident he was going to do it.

Warden: I’ll let you in on something. You mention a man’s daughter, you make him do whatever you want.

Guard: Sounds like a good way to get your ass kicked if you ask me.

Warden: That’s why you’re here.

(Later in the yard Fenix is talking to another inmate named Axel.)

Fenix: I hear you’re the guy to talk to if anyone needs to know something?

Axel: That depends. What you need to know?

Fenix: You ever hear of a wrestling company named Xtreme Honor Wrestling?

Axel: As a matter of fact I have,

Fenix: I need to know something on some of its members, Will Neilson, Matt Angel, and Synn.

Axel: And what’s in it for me?

Fenix: How about I don’t beat you into a pulp.

(Axel looks at how big Fenix is and quickly comes up with his response.)

Axel: Fair enough, Matt Angel is what you would call an extreme junkie. Dude loves extreme sports. Could have went into MMA but decided to be a wrestler instead. Will Neilson calls himself the Perfectionist of Pro-Wrestling. I don’t know much about Synn other than she is a biker chick. Pretty hot though if you ask me.

(Fenix begins to talk to himself.)

Fenix:  hmm….so I’ll come out strong and shatter the so called perfectionists ego then he’ll be easy pickings. I’ll show everyone that Angel is a glass cannon. I’m sure he can hit hard but he’ll go down harder, and Synn…. All too easy.

(Fenix walks away as Axel yells to him.)

Axel: What the hell are you talking about? You know you’re not a wrestler right? You in prison man. HEY! …whatever crazy mother-
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New Beginnings
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