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 Talking and Getting Together.

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PostSubject: Talking and Getting Together.   Fri May 26, 2017 8:51 pm



Trixie stands in front of the camera just fixing her hair up and letting it fall perfectly down her face.

"Last show before the PPV I was the sole person left on my team. Kaz now has some new opponents and one very familiar, Mr. Bryan Blaze.

Allow me to fill the XWH People in. Ashley Williams, our World Champ, she, Blaze and myself are from DARC. And as a DARC star, I feel it is my duty to inform you that Bryan and myself have faced off once before. I fought Bryan Blaze as he teamed with a man simply known as Coolbreeze while I had the joy, no sarcasm, of teaming up with Jan Van Der Roost and we absolutely won.

Jacob Cass we all know I've beaten for my first win as well as eliminated him in the trios match just gone. I've somehow inherited him as a partner along with Chris Matthews. Our team in the eager to be made Trios Division.

So with that said, I already own a tag victory over Bryan Blaze outside of XHW so this trios tournament is a good an opportunity as any to solidify another win against Bryan and make the fact I'm better an inter fed fact. That will be nice.

As for Kaz, he survived with Adrien. And this is where my drive is. This special opportunity is that the hype is about aside, defeating Kaz in this match-up is my special opportunity at Redemption. I've got new partners, and I'm hoping Chris Matthews and Jacob Cass can pull a Trixie and survive. I was on my own in the Trios match last Fallout. Both my partners left me in a three on one situation. This time around, I'm hoping they can hang on like I did. This time it isn't elimination and I've shown pepper spray plus shining apprentice equals three count. Simple maths guys, we can totally make it happen again on Bryan, on Kaz or Troy.

Troy, I didn't leave you out. You did pretty good in your debut. You survived quite a while in battle royal. Like me, surviving my elimination tag match. You're the man of the hour, but that, to me, could mean the time is ticking until we come face to face, I spray you with some mace and drive my foot into your face for the win. I'm sure my partner Jacob Cass can vow for how it stings when he was pouring milk into his eyes to try and alleviate the pain.

This trios match is going to simply be Trixie, Chris Matthews and Jacob striking lightning twice.

Again, a little history lesson for you. Back in DARC, Jan and myself teamed up for the first time ever, two on two against Bryan Blaze and his partner and we won gloriously, we then became the runners up in an 18-man battle royal, Troy,  I was the runner up in a battle royal. We were paired up to be a brand new team and it has worked out beautifully. So I'm being optimistic. I'm being an optimist in thinking Jacob Cass knows the old saying "can't beat 'em, join 'em" as he joins my team. And Chris Matthews being a very distant competitor to me, never running in the same fed as me finally happens and gives it his all to work to a common goal…

Defeat Kaz. Kaz Bonham's my little piggy I want to carve up and defeat, so allow me that pleasure as I'm the one with 14 points in that Gold Bound Series. I bring it up because it speaks experience. Allow me to captain our team against Bryan, Kaz and the Man of the Hour to deliver the finishing blow and let you both reap the reward of the special opportunity. I've told you, this opportunity is special. Kaz redemption. Kaz. Redemption.

There's something to be admired about myself, because I'll bring Matt Angel's talent out to the ring, along with Tiffany's wild costumes, I think we have a really great team between us.


We find Trixie after her video in a club living it up. A few drinks in her and she's away swaying to the electronic music with a bit of glow in the dark paint on her cheeks happily dancing with a man in his late twenties with a trim cut beard taking her hands and raising them and having her twirl.

Later in the evening, it's clear things got a little physical on the dance floor and he knew her favourite drink before she even asked, giving her just the one, knowing anymore would be a problem for her to keep down and she heads with him home, back to her home with him opening the door by key. Like a gentlemen, he opens the door for her and the pair enter in, the door locks and she rests herself after a much needed get together, tension gone and ready for the match that lies ahead.
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Talking and Getting Together.
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