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Kaz Bonham


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PostSubject: From Overkill   Sat May 27, 2017 4:48 am

Saturday, May 17th

It was the day of the show, Kaz Bonham entered the arena feeling a bit off. The loss at Hell From Above lingering in the back of her mind, but that wasn’t what was bothering her. She knew the nature of professional wrestling. The ones you really want to win, you may never. The ones you never expect to win, you end up winning. Something as simple as a loss, no matter how devastating, didn’t affect her too much. Sure, it did suck to know she let people down including her friends and family, but they assured her they didn’t mind. As long as she kept wrestling, that’s all that they could ask of Kaz.

Even with that support system, Kaz couldn’t help, but feel like she was lost. Perhaps it was vain of her, but she didn’t feel like the rest of the wrestlers in XHW or elsewhere. Ever since returning to the ring, she’s gone from town to town and wrestled face after face, but something was missing. Companionship. To feel like she was one of the guys. Whenever she entered a room, she was quick to greet everyone with a smile, but rarely did she get one in return. It’d be a bit shallow for that to bother her, but it definitely was enough to make her step back and evaluate things.

Like, does she belong? XHW has its fair share of hard asses and Kaz was all too aware of that each time she stepped into the ring. Friends in the industry come and go, but for that to happen, you needed one in the first place. As she walked down the corridors, she noticed the absence of the person who influenced her to come to XHW: Cosmo Cooper. Wrapped up in a world of drama, his firing from XHW left Kaz on the outside looking in. What was she going to do? She had a match to prepare for against three competitors; two of whom she’s already beaten before, but that didn’t mean she could stray away from her training.

She’d only gotten to know most of the roster by name and those who met her were usually put off by her over-the-top positivity. She tried not to let it show just how much it bothered her, but there was a fatigue that came with it. An outsider in a foreign land. She wasn’t really even sure if Cosmo was her friend to begin with, but at least he was someone she could talk to. Even if he was just pretending to listen. Someone to help her with pre-match jitters. Now she walked in the back, looking for any kind of signs pointing her in the direction she needed to go. She caught sight of a crew member walking by and asked for directions.

“Hey, could you point me to the locker room?” Kaz asked, a smile on her face.

“Sorry, I’m late for a meeting; I think it’s down there somewhere.” The staff member blurted as he rushed past Kaz, nearly knocking her down in the process.

Of course, the staffer never looked up from his phone and pointed in a vague direction. Her shoulders slumped and she let out a sigh. Continuing on her journey, it wasn’t all too long before she was able to find the locker room on her own thanks to a few wrestlers going in and out of it. As she entered, a few members of the roster were already there, dressing up for the show, but none of them lifted their heads up or strayed away from their conversations. Kaz dropped her back in front of the lockers and sat for a few seconds.

A special opportunity awaited her later in the night. She wasn’t exactly sure what the “Special Opportunity” would be, but it was definitely an exciting concept. Kaz liked her surprises. Especially when they were wrestling related. A trios match against Trixie and Jacob Cass as well as an unfamiliar face to her: Chris Matthews. Arrogance definitely wasn’t in Kaz’s nature, but she was confident in knowing she’d already bested one of the names on the list. When it came to Cass, she’d already teamed with him once, and to say he didn’t pull his weight would be an understatement. Now it was just about being able to beat Matthews.

Could she do it? Maybe. Maybe not. But that wasn’t going to stop her. Her partners Bryan Blaze and Troy Devereaux were a mystery to her too, but again, it didn’t bother her. Much. Part of her had hoped that maybe she’d find Bryan or Troy backstage to chat with them, pick their minds, and see where they were at prior to heading into the tag match. Instead, she was isolated in the locker room with no one to talk to. She twiddled her thumbs, in hopes that maybe someone would say something to her, but it wasn’t meant to be. Tough crowd, she thought.

Having to navigate on her own again, Kaz managed to find where the makeshift catering area was set up. As she picked up a plate, she started looking at what was offered. In her way was another staff member who she greeted with a smile, but again, she was ignored.

“Pretty exciting night, huh?” Kaz said, hoping to get some kind of response.

“Oh yeah, definitely.”

She nearly exploded with glee at the response, “It’s gonna be a lot of fun! I’ve got this crazy trios match where I can get a chance at a special oppo-”

“Yeah, hold on real quick,” The staffer pressed the mute button on his Bluetooth earpiece, looking at Kaz, “Sorry, can I help you?”

“Oh.” The sound of complete disappointment. “I was just talking to myself…” Kaz forced her smile and again: nothing.

The staffer just went back to his own conversation as Kaz put some food on her plate. By now, she didn’t have much of an appetite. Though, she knew it’d be too weird for her to just pick up a plate with food and walk away. Then again, that’d imply that someone was paying attention to her. She took her plate and sat down at an empty table as she looked around the room; everyone off in their own little world.

Did she say something wrong? Or was it Cosmo who brought this on her? Hanging out with someone disliked by nearly everyone and now she was the odd one out. She almost wanted to rush out of the building, leaving her bag behind, and fly back home to Tennessee, but then she’d just be a quitter. And Kaz Bonham was anything, but a quitter. She knew leaving wasn’t an option. She had a match to get to. Partners to support and opponents to beat. If that meant not being on speaking terms with anyone, so be it. It’d be impossible to get everyone to like her, but she just wanted at least one person to say something to her. But did it matter?

She wasn’t going to let one bad seed ruin her career.

Kaz was tired of not being heard and as the show drew closer minute by minute, she’d make sure her voice would be heard.

“A special opportunity. Well, technically, a special opportunity to further be entered into a match with a special opportunity, but, like, you get the picture. At Hell From Above, I was already given a special opportunity to become a champion and I tried as hard as I could...but it wasn’t meant to be, y’all. But if you think I’m lettin’ that bother me for one minute, you’re out of your mind, dude! You win some, you lose some, but you keep on fightin’ no matter what. I didn’t come all the way out to Washington just to say I’m quittin’ on all my Bonham Care Bears!”

“Instead, I’m here to tell everyone I’m ready to get back in the ring and start wrestlin’ again. I’m ready to put Hell From Above behind me, to congratulate Adrien Pierce, and move on to this upcoming edition of Fallout. Last match, I had a TON of pressure, y’all, but now? I’ve got even more pressure. Real heavy, dudes. It might not be a championship shot, but it’s a chance at something special and a chance at gettin’ back on the right track. I want Hell From Above to be a learnin’ lesson for me as well as something I can put behind me when the bell rings.”

“It’s gonna be scary though. That uncertainty of gettin’ back in the ring after a big loss. What if everything leadin’ up to it was a fluke? Or what if, like, I couldn’t handle the pressure? That’d be a pretty big bummer. And maybe one of those things is true...but I ain’t gonna let that hold me back. If I can’t handle the pressure? I’ll keep workin’ every single day until I can turn that pressure into results and produce diamond studded fanny packs! If it was a fluke? I’ll study tape after tape after tape until I get everything right. On the surface, I’m just a dork. But when it comes to wrestlin’, y’all?”

“That’s an entirely different story. You can see me as a joke and that’s fine...my real big singles win here is beatin’ a woman who was already beaten. It’d be easy for one of y’all to say I was carried to a victory at the last Fallout and shoot...you could be right. But if that is the case, I ain’t gonna let it happen again. No way, dudes. Bein’ a team captain is far too rad and I’m not lettin’ anyone down this week! I didn’t know my partners the last time I won and I don’t know them this time...but I’m feelin’ just as confident as ever!”

“Totally gnarly entering that unknown. Just so much excitement in it! Will I get along with Bryan? Or Troy? Who knows! It’s a total mystery and you already know how much I like mysteries. But you know who isn’t a mystery? Trixie. Don’t get me wrong, she could actually be, like, totes mysterious in her own way, but when it comes to wrestlin’ in the ring? I got an idea of who Miss Trixie is. Especially when it comes to some trios action. You got your mace and all this, but I ain’t seen anything to be afraid of, Miss Trixie. Headin’ into this match, I’m feelin’ pretty good!”

“Now, don’t get me wrong, like with my partners, there’s still a lot of unknown in this match. For example, I’ve teamed with Jacob Cass, but I don’t know what he’s like when he’s standin’ across the ring from me. Though, maybe we’ll get lucky and him and Trixie will get into a scuffle or something. But I know Jacob is gonna want that special opportunity just as bad as us. That’s cool. Real cool! Means Jacob’s gonna give it his all and fight for this opportunity. Just gonna have to see who wants it more. And I had the benefit of teamin’ with him...as an opponent? Who knows. But Jacob, I got a few ideas about you.”

“And while I know Jacob and I definitely know Trixie...I don’t have a single clue who Chris Matthews is! I mean, of course, I know the name, dudes, but in the ring? I ain’t ever faced him. That’s the unknown! That’s what’s so darn excitin’! I know it’s gonna be, like, a total blast, but I can’t let all this excitement rush to my head. I gotta stay focused in on winnin’ this opportunity. And Chris, I’m sure you’re nice and a great wrestler, but...I gotta get this special opportunity. I know soundin’ all selfish like that isn’t very gnarly. Trust me, it hurts even sayin’ it!”

“But that’s just the reality of it. Like malls closin’, I gotta deal with the fact that if I want to be successful...I gotta act selfish. I gotta be aggressive. Maybe I will carry a tiny bit of arrogance with me...okay, maybe not that far, but I’ll sure as heck be confident though!  Anything’s possible once that bell rings, but I promise you that I’m not goin’ down without a fight. Even if Bryan and Troy leave me hangin’, but once they see the fanny packs I’ve made, they won’t, BUT IF THEY DO...I’m goin’ down swingin’.”

“Ain’t nothin’ come easy for The Graps Goddess! And this tubular opportunity will be ours!”
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From Overkill
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