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 5/27/17 Fallout Results

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Jacob Steele

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PostSubject: 5/27/17 Fallout Results   Sun May 28, 2017 8:25 pm

A recap plays from last week’s Hell From Above Free-Per-View. Matt Angel is shown victorious after a short feud with Kristian Bane. Angelica Vaughn is shown being named the #1 Contender for the XHW Medal of Honor after Adeline distracted Michael Kelly in the final seconds of the Battle Royal. Adrien Pierce is shown winning the XHW Legacy Championship in a Hell From Above Match. Ashley Williams is shown winning the XHW World Championship in a Hell From Above Match in the Main Event.
The scene fades in backstage, showing Jacob Steele sitting in his office. He’s signing some paperwork and after finishing he looks up at the camera.
Jacob Steele: After a hellacious week at Hell From Above, I’ve decided to make this week contested under Pure Rules. As much as I love violence and to see everyone rip their bodies apart, I want my roster to also have some sort of rest within the week. All the ‘Special Opportunity’ Trios Matches tonight will be contested under Pure Rules and everything will go back to normal next week. Trios Matches will require one member from each team to start the match, with the rest of the teams on the outside of the apron. The referee MUST see the tag being made in order for it to be legal. These matches will be scheduled for one fall, so the first to secure a pinfall or submission in the ring will claim the victory for their team.
I hope everyone is ready for an eventful night. There’s a lot happening and a lot to look forward to. We’ll see you out there. Enjoy the show.
The camera fades with Jacob Steele smiling at the camera.
The scene fades into the Xfinity Arena in Everett, Washington, showing the SOLD OUT crowd of 10,000 in attendance on their feet. “Explode” by Written By Wolves is playing in the background. The camera circles around to the stage to show green pyro going off. When it stops, the camera switches to ringside where Vincent Price and Chris Walker are standing by with their headsets on.
Vincent Price: WELCOME TO THE FIFTH EDITION OF FALLOUT! I’m Vincent Price alongside my partner in crime, Chris Walker! We have a damn good show in store for you all and a ‘Special Opportunity’ for the winning Trios tonight!
Chris Walker: Jacob Steele has announced that the winning Trios tonight will go on to next week to face off in a four-way Trios Match, where the winner of that will be awarded a ‘Special Opportunity’.
Vincent Price: There’s been no word on the ‘Special Opportunity’ yet and I’m sure we won’t know anything until next week. Tonight, we see Ashley Williams defend her newly acquired XHW World Championship against the man who turned in his Medal of Honor for another chance at it!
Chris Walker: With him turning that in, Angelica Vaughn will now be rewarded the Medal of Honor after her victory last week making her the #1 Contender for it! But, that’s not all!
Vincent Price: No, sir! We will see Adrien Pierce celebrate his Legacy Championship victory which I can only imagine will be an eventful one.
Chris Walker: We will also have Fallout General Manager, Tyler Chambers, come out here shortly to talk about the Trios Championships and what is happening with them.
Vincent Price: Earlier in the week, we received word that there was ‘new gold’ being introduced tonight, so maybe it’s the Trios Championships?
Chris Walker: $20 bucks it is new belt designs for our new Champions.
Vincent Price: Fine, you’re on!
“Explode” by Written By Wolves blasts through the speakers and plays throughout the arena. The crowd begins to cheer and Fallout General Manager, Tyler Chambers, walks out onto the stage in his suit and has a mic in hand. He stands there and starts to clap, then settles down the crowd and puts the mic to his mouth. “Explode” fades out.
Tyler Chambers: It is because of you that we are in our 6th total show in XHW, our 5th Fallout show. We just got through our first ever Free-Per-View and we’re just a few weeks away from our next. It is because of you that we are now competing in higher capacity arenas. It is because of you that we continue to grow and prove our dominance as a company and as your entertainment. I, along with the rest of the staff and roster here in XHW, would like to thank you for your continued support. Give yourselves a fucking round of applause. You deserve it.
The crowd gets ecstatic, everyone rising to their feet clapping and chanting all together, including A.J. Richards, Vincent Price, and Chris Walker.
Crowd: XHW! XHW! XHW! XHW!
The crowd begins to settle and Tyler puts the mic back up to his mouth.
Tyler Chambers: Let’s get down to business. Over the past couple weeks, we’ve been promoting the hell out of Trios and the Trios Tournament. We welcomed people from all over the world to compete in our ring and the winner of the Tournament would be crowned the XHW Trios Champions. Unfortunately, the Tournament idea didn’t work out, but it won’t be cancelled, just postponed to a later date, which has not been confirmed yet. Actually, all together we’re going to put the Trios Championships to the side. Even though we had a great reaction and drew a lot of interest, we only had 2 Trios sign up, both of them being within our current roster. That being said, we’re going to put the Trios Championships aside for the time being.
Crowd: WHAT?!
Tyler Chambers: I know, I know. We spent these past 2 weeks promoting it and people got excited, but we just rushed into that way too quickly and we need to focus on what we have going on now. The Trios Championships will not be cancelled, just like the Tournament, but just postponed to a later date. We hate to bring this news, but we are looking forward to the Legacy and World Champions and them defending their Titles and then whatever is to happen of the Medal of Honor after tonight! The Trios Championships will be back soon and better than they would’ve been now!
Tyler takes a breath and looks out at the crowd, then puts the mic back up to his mouth again.

Tyler Chambers: Oh, yeah. One last thing… As you know, tonight’s Main Event is Ashley Williams defending her XHW World Championship against Cosmo Cooper. Well, as you did know.
Crowd: WHAT?
Tyler Chambers: Cosmo Cooper has been released from our roster for reasons you have probably heard rumors of, but we'll just leave it at that. There's no reason to dwell on it any longer. We wish him the best of luck and we'll continue on with what we got going on as usual. Replacing the Title Defense for Ashley, she will instead celebrate winning her first ever World Championship. That's all I got for ya, everyone enjoy the rest of your nights!
A short clip of “Explode” by Written By Wolves plays as Tyler Chambers exits backstage.
The camera switches to the ring where A.J. Richards is standing by with a mic in hand.
A.J. Richards: The following contest is our opening match, the first of four Special Opportunity Trios matches, and it is scheduled for one fall!
“Lockdown (Instrumental)” by Three Six Mafia begins to play as Super Kit Super, Brandon Siomas, and Logan Burgess all emerge onto the stage. Super Kit leads the three as the other two just sit back and look at him.
A.J. Richards: Introducing first, at a combined weight of 641 pounds, the team of Super Kit Super, Brandon Siomas, and Logan Burgess! And their opponents...
There’s a lull as no theme music hits, then one of the runners that is next to ringside runs up to A.J. and whispers in his ear.
A.J. Richards: I have just been informed that Jon Lyons will not be competing tonight, making this a three-on-two handicap match.
A mashup of “Shepherd of Fire” by Avenged Sevenfold and “Memory” by BrokenRail begins to play as both Blaise Hunter and Succubus make their way to the ring.
A.J. Richards: Therefore, their opponents have a combined weight of 379 pounds, the team of Succubus and Blaise Hunter!
Vincent Price: Almost immediately, the team of Lilin and Hunter are up against a wall without a full team. It wouldn’t be as bad if this were a normal fed, but we here in XHW hold matches with Xtreme Rules. Unfortunately for them, that means the official can’t disqualify anyone for fighting out of turn, so the normal tactics of trying to keep the legal man isolated and dividing the ring aren’t going to do any good here.
Chris Walker: Still, they have to start the match as a tag team match, with the partners on the aprons, and the pinfalls have to take place inside the ring, so there are angles to take. But I agree, Succubus and the Shepherd of Fire are in for a long night.
Vincent Price: And off we go, with Blaise Hunter the legal man for his team and Brandon Siomas starting the match for their team. At first, at least, it looks like we’re going to get a normal start, as Hunter asks for a lock-up, and Siomas looks like he’s going to give him one. But just as they are about to lock arms, Siomas ducks behind Hunter! Hunter whirls around, trying to catch Siomas, but he turns right into a spinning wheel kick! Hunter staggers back a few steps, and Siomas rushes in, but Hunter twists himself around and leaps, nailing a double mule kick square in Siomas’s chest!
Chris Walker: If Siomas had been paying any attention, Hunter would have been flat on his face there, but he waited until he knew he was committed. Clever. Less clever is picking Siomas up after he fell down and grabbing him in the suplex position. He doesn’t hook the arm, just gesturing to the sky with his free hand, but that’s the signal for Siomas’s partners to rush into the ring to stop whatever was about to happen!
Vincent Price: Super Kit gets to Hunter first, nailing a forearm as Hunter lets go of Siomas. Hunter staggers back, but Succubus leaps off the top rope with a huge crossbody! That takes care of Super Kit for now, but Logan is in the ring still, and he grabs Hunter, spinning him around to face away before hooking in a waistlock. He heaves, trying to lift Hunter up, but Hunter blocks the attempt, using his weight advantage well. Logan tries again but this time Hunter wraps a leg around Logan’s to prevent him getting leverage. Logan lets go long enough to blast Hunter in the back of the neck with a clubbing blow, but this sends Hunter towards the ropes, which he proceeds to springboard off of, nailing Logan with a leaping roundhouse kick!
Chris Walker: Succubus and Super Kit are both recovered from that cross body, with Succubus up first. She stalks Kit, who turns around and gets a face full of mist! Kit cries out in pain as the mist stings his eyes, staggering back into the ropes. Succubus then launches herself at him with her full weight in a leaping clothesline that sends both over the top rope!
Vincent Price: That leaves Hunter alone with Siomas in the ring, and Siomas tries to capitalize, kicking Hunter in the stomach to stoop him over. He hooks him for a butterfly suplex or something similar, but we’ll never find out as Hunter gets under him and back body drops Siomas to the mat! Siomas is already starting to get up, but Hunter stalks his prey, grabs his arms, twists--
Chris Walker: Spinning Unprettier! He calls that one the Trailblaze, and the Enigmatic Creature is now a pile of ash! Here’s the cover.
Ref: One...
“Shepherd of Fire” by Avenged Sevenfold begins to play as Blaise and Succubus stand in the ring with their hands raised in victory.
A.J. Richards: Here are your winners… Blaise Hunter and Succubus!
Vincent Price: That one was quick and chaotic.
Chris Walker: Just how I like ‘em.
Vincent Price: As impressive as it was for Succubus and Hunter to persevere there, the fast pace benefited them one hundred percent. I have to think, in a longer, more drawn out fight, that would not have gone the same way.
Chris Walker: They’re still in a bad way. Whatever the special opportunity is their team is now in the match for next week, they need to find a third wheel, and fast. Assuming none of the other trios explode, they’re still at a big disadvantage.
A brief ad plays, showing that Hell From Above is available for replay via Spike TV!
As the broadcast comes back from a commercial break, the crowd is still extremely excitable after the opening six man tag contest of XHW Fallout as the camera turns to A.J Richards in the ring..
A.J Richards: It is now time for the second in our series of six man tag encounters tonight!
Vincent Price: This Everett crowd is white hot tonight, Walker!
"Sounds Like Balloons" hits the PA and there is a mixed reaction as a seemingly cocky yet disinterested Ewan Boyd appears on the stage and makes his way down the ramp with his arms raised..
A.J Richards: Introducing first, from Glasgow, Scotland, weighing in at 219 pounds, this is The Ghoul from Glasgow, EWAAAAAN BOYYYYYD!
Ewan slides into the ring and gets to his feet with another arm raise to yet another mixed reaction from the Xfinity arena fans as his theme dies out and 'Doctor Strange' kicks in and Ambrose Kingsley appears. He keeps his head down and he shadow-boxes on his way down the ramp, ignoring the outstretched hands of the Everett crowd..
A.J Richards: And his partner, from Baltimore, weighing in at 193 pounds, this is The King Of Lows, AMMMBROOOSE KINNNNGSLEEEEY!!
Ewan gives Ambrose space as he slides in the ring, continuing to shadow-box and the crowd reacts as he grins and pumps his fists in the air as his theme dies out and there is a stronger reaction from the crowd as “A Warrior's Call” blasts through the PA..
A.J Richards: And their partner, from Tulsa, Oklahoma weighing in at 266 pounds, ladies and gentlemen, EZEEEEKIEL FEEEEENIX!!!
Fenix walks out to the ring in handcuffs accompanied by multiple security guards.
Chris Walker: I think that Ezekiel Fenix could bust out of those handcuffs any damn time he wants!
Vincent Price: It's the best thing for our sake that he doesn't, Walker!
When they reach ringside, Fenix is uncuffed and he rubs his wrists briefly as he makes his way up the steps and ducks in between the top and second rope and he eyes off his partners suspiciously as his theme dies out..
A.J Richards: And their opponents..
"I Will Show You” blasts from the P.A system and there is a big POP..
Vincent Price: WOW!
A.J Richards: From Venice Beach, California, weighing in at 180 pounds, this is MAAAATT AAAANGELLLL!!
Matt Angel walks out and with his arms raised he walks down the ramp way high-fiving the fans. He jumps onto the apron and climbs the turnbuckles and also celebrates cheering to the fans as Ewan, Ezekiel and Ambrose eye him off before “Paradise City” blasts from the P.A and that POP from the Everett Fans keeps on getting louder!
Synn rides out on her custom red Harley-Davidson motorcycle she affectionately calls The Cardinal.
"Yeah, it's still strong, ya don't stop
Keep on rockin' the break
We got my main man Slash hittin' the break
We got the Cypress Hill hittin' the break
We got the Dutchess, Fergie and it's like this!"
A.J Richards: And his partner, on her way to the ring at this time, from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 128 pounds, she's The Punk Princess of the Sunset Strip, this is SYNNNNN!!!
As the iconic guitar starts to play, Synn steps off the bike and starts to do an Axl Rose-style serpentine dance, clapping hands with fans down the ramp and around the ringside area, hugging children, smile beaming as she makes her way around the ring area.  She evens takes the time to either hug or hi-five ring crew around the ring area.  She slides in under the bottom rope, runs the ropes a couple of times, doing fist bumps in time to her music as it fades out and fades into “His world remix” and the loud cheering continues!
Vincent Price: Wow, they're deafening in Everett tonight, I love this!
As "His World" plays around the arena, the lights go out, a single white spotlight at the top of the ramp. At 13 seconds, Will emerges from behind the curtains, he enters the spotlight and jogs on the spot, his head looking down at the ground.
A.J Richards: And their partner, from Shropshire, England..
At 25 seconds, Will leaps up and the lights come back on with different shades of green. Neilson walks down the ramp with a smirk on his face, occasionally hi-fiving fans.
A.J Richards: Weighing in at 241 pounds, this is The Perfectionis of Pro Wrestling, this is the Best of Britain, ladies and gentlemen, WILLLLL NIEEEELLSON!
He gets to the apron and looks up either at the ring or his opponent, before slapping his hands on the mat and leaping up to the apron. Will stands on the apron for a few seconds and then climbs into the ring, scaling the turnbuckle, Will holds both arms out to the side before turning around and sitting on the top turnbuckle, looking to his partners with a reciprocated smile and then looking at his opponents with a reciprocated sarcastic snarl as the music dies down and then Will jumps down from the top rope and joins his partners in a quick discussion..
Vincent Price: And it looks like it's going to be Ambrose Kingsley and Matt Angel starting things off in this encounter, folks! Matt Angel starts Everett off on a rhythmic clap as he and Ambrose circle one another.. This Everett crowd lets these guys have it as they lock up!
Chris Walker: Kingsley with a sharp knee to the solar plexus of Matt, doubling him over now.. Oh damn. Kingsley takes Angel down with a vicious DDT almost right off the bat! Hah! These fans aren't liking it as Kingsley drops to the mat and starts delivering punch after punch and then choking Angel either! The ref gives him the count for this illegal tactic!
Ref: ONEE!!
Vincent Price: Kingsley acts innocent as he backs off and Angel gets to his feet.. Kingsley now, with a kick to Angel's ribs and a backbreaker attempt..NO, Angel counters with an inverted atomic drop! Kingsley hops around clutching is crotch and backside in pain towards his corner.. Oh! Beautiful corkscrew neckbreaker by Angel! Kingsley is down and here's the cover!
Ref: ONEE!!
Chris Walker: A last second kickout! Matt Angel nods and drags a groggy Ambrose Kingsley to his feet and he irish whips him into his corner.. And Angel tags in Neilson. Neilson now, OH! An immediate cravate neckbreaker out of the corner! The fans POP for the creative move! And a cover!
Ref: ONEEE!!
Vincent Price: Ezekiel runs in and breaks it up! There is a BOO as the bigger man dives in and breaks it up by delivering a hard stomp to the small of Will's back, causing him to writhe in pain and roll off Kingsley.. And the referee now, as he should, hurrying Ezekiel back to his corner where he belongs!
Chris Walker: Kingsley recovers and gets Neilson to his feet..irish whip into the turnbuckles and a tag now to Ewan Boyd! Ewan holds a finger over his lips and makes the crowd hush before licking his hand.. Boyd with a knife-edge chop which was brutal enough to echo through the arena! The crowd is really not liking him for that effort!
Vincent Price: They sure as hell aren't about to like this effort either.. The Everett fans BOO as Ewan delivers two quick throat uppercuts followed by a european uppercut as Ezekiel and Ambrose hold onto Will's arms in the corner and then they finally thrust a groggy Neilson towards Boys as he catches him and hooks him up for a snap suplex.. This doesn't look good for Will Neilson, Ewan's got him halfway up for the snap suplex..
Chris Walker: There is an overwhelming POP from the crowd as Will kicks his legs like crazy and flips out of the attempt.. He fought out! Look out Boyd! He's hooking him up..KINGDOM CLASH!!
Vincent Price: The second Neilson brings Boyd down to the mat with his vicious move, he holds on and locks in another.. Overthrow Hold! Overthrow Hold! Kingsley and Ezekiel storm the ring but they haven't got a chance! Boyd is tapping! This one is over! Ring that bell!
“His World” begins to play again as Will quickly rolls out of the ring and heads up the ramp, his arms raised in victory.
A.J. Richards: Here are your winners… WILL NEILSON, MATT ANGEL, AND SYNN!
Matt Angel and Synn both walk up the ramp as the security guards put the handcuffs back on Ezekiel Fenix.
Vincent Price: Will Neilson put on a show tonight and Matt Angel and Synn should be glad they were on his team tonight!
Chris Walker: I’m interested to see how things play out with Ezekiel Fenix. I’m glad he’s been doing good enough to be able to be here, whether escorted by guards or not.
Vincent Price: We’re still young, Chris. We have plenty of time to see how everything unfolds! We aren’t going anymore. XHW IS HERE TO STAY!
Chris Walker: Damn, right. We got the talent, we got the staff, people can come at us all they want, but this is where people are going to want to be.
The scene briefly fades out.
The scene fades back in, showing Jacob Steele with the Medal of Honor in one hand and a mic in another hand. “Explode” by Written By Wolves is playing and the crowd is cheering until the camera zooms in on Steele. “Explode” fades out and the cheers from the crowd do too.
Jacob Steele: The most honorable in this business will be the ones that wear this around their neck. The ones that consistently prove their worth in XHW and rise up in the ranks will hold this Medal as they reach their next goal, the Legacy or World Championship. Tonight, it brings me great honor in recognizing and handing this Medal to a woman who has not only defied the odds in this company, but started as a little girl who was just getting into wrestling and is rising rapidly among our illustrious roster. Please welcome… ANGELICA VAUGHN!!!
“Sinister Purpose” by Creedence Clearwater Revival blasts through the speakers as Angelica Vaughn, Michael Kelly, and Wulf Erikson all walk out onto the stage. Angelica leads the three out, with Michael and Wulf standing behind her clapping away. The reaction from the crowd is off the charts as everyone is on their feet and cheering for Angelica.
Angelica continues to lead the three down to the ring. Wulf and Michael climb up on the apron and pull the ropes apart, letting Angelica climb through easily. Angelica walks right up to Jacob Steele while Michael and Wulf sit back and soak in their stablemate receiving the Medal of Honor. Jacob and Angelica shake hands, then Angelica bows her head down. Jacob places the XHW Medal of Honor around her neck and hands her the mic, backing away slowly and clapping for her. The crowd continues to cheer for her. She looks down at the Medal, grabs a hold of it, lifts it up and kisses it. She puts the mic up to her mouth and the crowd begins to settle.
Angelica Vaughn: I don’t even know where to begin. Like Jacob said, I started out as a beginner. I had never wrestled before until coming here to Xtreme Honor Wrestling. I was kidnapped, had to fight my way out of that on my way to Fallout a few weeks ago, and here I am now. Your XHW Medal of Honor holder. This… this is an honor. But, I have worked so hard to get here and I couldn’t have done it without the help of these two and Ashley Williams. Without you all, who knows where I’d be. Honestly probably laid out like a pancake of that she-beast had gotten a hold of me. She’s a nice lady, though. I don’t want to let Michael or Wulfie down and I don’t want to let anyone else down in the crowd or at home. Because of that, I am announcing that I will be going for the XHW Legacy Championship, whoever may be the Champion when I am ready to use it. Adrien Pierce, I’ve seen what you’ve done since you’ve been here and I’m watching you. I don’t like how mean and violent you are... I can’t say that I’m ready, but I will do what I can to make sure I am ready. Thank you all and I can’t wait to continue to get better! You are my inspiration!
With that said, Angelica waves at the fans as they all walk out of the ring with “Sinister Purpose” playing again. Angelica stops midway up the ramp and holds up her Medal of Honor was the go crazy for her. As they reach the stage, the camera starts to fade to a commercial break.
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Jacob Steele

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PostSubject: Re: 5/27/17 Fallout Results   Sun May 28, 2017 8:25 pm

An ad begins to play, showing that Hell From Above is available for replay on Spike TV!
The scene fades in and we are greeted by A.J Richards in the middle of the ring.
A.J  Richards: The following contest is a Special Opportunity Trios Match!
As the opening to "Haunted" begins to play through the PA system, the lights dim and red/blue spotlights circle around the stage. As the first verse is sung, Bryan Blaze enters from behind the curtain, and is instantly showered with boos from the fans.
A.J Richards: Making his way to the ring, weighing in at two hundred and seven pounds, from Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada....BRYAN BLAZE!
Blaze struts down the ramp wearing his signature crimson red jacket and a cocky smirk across his face as fans continue to pelt him with hate and obscenities. As he reaches the bottom of the ramp, he drops to his knees and throws his arms up. Bryan jumps to his feet and begins to circle around the ring to the far ring steps, but before he can climb the steps his theme is cut short by Troy's theme song, “D.N.A”.
As “D.N.A” starts to play, Troy Deveraux bursts through the curtains, walks down the ramp oozing with confidence, seemingly focused on the match at-hand. The fans get up from their seats as they begin to boo and cheer as they see fit.
A.J Richards: On his way to the ring, weighing in at two hundred twenty nine pounds, from West Palm Beach, Florida, he is “Mr. Man of the Hour”... TROY DEVEREAUX!!!
Troy Slides into the ring and makes his way to his corner, ignoring both his teammate and the fans alike.
Vincent Price: This seems like an unlikely duo, what with Bryan getting all of the hate and now Troy Devereaux and his mixed reaction.
Chris Walker: Well hold your horses, Vince. It's about to get even odder.
Vincent Price: Odd? You just hate anyone who's got a good head over their shoulders, and this kid is one of them.
“In the still of the night
I hear the wolf howl, honey
Sniffing around your door
In the still of the night
I feel my heart beating heavy
Telling me I gotta have more.”
Kaz Bonham jumps through the curtain as “Still Of The Night” begins playing throughout the arena. The “Graps Goddess” begins making her way to the ring, giving high fives to her fans' outstretched hands along the barricades on both ends and down the ramp.
A.J Richards: And their partner, Weighing in at one hundred twenty one pounds, hailing from Watertown, Tennessee, KAAAZ BONHAAAAAM!!
Vincent Price: “Totally Radical” entrance for a radical personality like Kaz Bonham, wouldn't you agree Chris?
Chris Walker: Please refrain from asking me any dumb questions like that for the rest of the night. Another thing, don't use the words “Totally Radical” ever again, okay?
Kaz Bonham circles the ring, giving high fives to all the fans in the first row before going up the steps and into the ring.
A.J Richards: And their opponents....
“Take It Off” begins to play across the P.A system. Trixie comes out at around the 0:37 mark, and begins making her way to the ring. Half of the crowd start eating it up, as the “Bad Kitty” panders to them with poses on her way down the ramp.
AJ Richards: Making her way to the ring, weighing in at one hundred thirty three pounds, from Las Vegas, Nevada, “The Prime Girl”... Trixie!!
Vincent Price: Close your mouth Chris, you're drooling.
As Trixie gets in the ring, “STARTARIOT” begins playing.
“You can cut me, knife me, shoot me, jab me carve me up and stab me but you'll never defeat me,
You can shoot me, blast me, gun me down, try to put me underground you'll never defeat me.”

Chris Matthews comes out and the crowd immediately begin booing him. Donning his signature “Chris Freakin' Matthews” T-shirt and a blank stare towards the crowd, he begins making his way down the ramp.
AJ Richards: On his way to the ring standing in at six foot one, weighing in a two Hundred and twenty pounds. He hails from Grand Rapids, Michigan....HE IS THE ARCHITECT, THE ICON KILLER ....CHRIS MATTHEWS!!!
Chris Walker: Now here's a man with it all! The look! The attitude! He's got all the tools that make a person successful in this business.
Vincent Price: While I do agree that Chris does have the talent to make it big, are you really rooting for him because of his skill? Or are you just  fascinated with the fact that you both share the same first name?
Chris Walker: Me? No....
Chris Matthews makes his way down the ramp and stops midway. He grins in a cocky manner, mouthing off to the fans near him whilst pointing at himself. Chris makes his way to the ring, climbs the turnbuckle and raises his hands in the air.
Three gunshots are rapidly heard throughout the arena and a black fog begins to engulf the atmosphere before the sounds of “Immortal” would hit the P.A system. Out of the fog comes Jacob Cass donning his signature leather jacket and shades. The crowd continues their booing from before, pouring it on extra hard for the wrestler. Naturally ignoring the fans, Jacob walks down the ramp and stops to wait for his announcement.
A.J Richards: And their partner, standing at six feet two inches tall, weighing in at two hundred and forty pounds, hailing from Detroit, Michigan by way of Tokyo, Japan, he is “The Devil Of Dark Arts” JACOB CASS!!
Jacob continues towards the ring, climbing up the steps and entering the ring. He steps towards the middle of the ring and performs his signature gun taunt, cutting off his own theme.
Vincent Price: The two teams seem to be arguing with each other as to who's going to start first.
Chris Walker: I say no one starts and we go on about our day!
Jacob and Chris Matthews begin yelling at each other, with Jacob insisting that Chris goes first, while Chris naturally objects to this. The yelling turns into shoving, which ends with Kaz stepping in. Over at the other side, Bryan is making a case that since he is the oldest, that he should obviously go first. Troy states over and over that “This moment is about me” and says that he should go first. Before the argument escalates, Trixie steps up and tells the boys that she's starting the match out.
Chris Walker: After what seemed like an eternity of bickering, the two teams settled on Kaz Bonham and Trixie to start out the match.
Vincent Price: The bell has sounded and here we go! Kaz and Trixie are now circling each other, seeing who's about to make the first move.
Chris Walker: Well Vincent, they are both well known for their submissions, one wrong move and your day could go from good to horrible.
Vincent Price: The two lock up, and What's this? A DDT by Kaz and.....NO it's reversed, Trixie rolling out of harm's way.  Kaz attempts to lock up again and is thwarted by a kick to the midsection by Trixie! Trixie is going for her spike DDT she's known for and conne....NO! Kaz with a roll of her own and just in the nick of time. Trixie and Kaz begin trading punches, each punch cocking their head back with extreme force. Both of these women have to be flustered as they are not known for their striking.
Chris Walker: Though it looks as if they should be! The flurry of punches delivered by both of these women could kill a normal man! Trixie ends this “sparring session” by grabbing a chunk of Kaz's hair. Kaz the smaller of the two is clearly overpowered by sheer strength, as Trixie drops Kaz flat on her back with a Fisherman Suplex, bridging herself while hooking the leg.
Ref: ONE...
Vincent Price: The 80's personified Kaz Bonham with a quick kickout at one. Kaz with a kip up, and a smile on her face? Seems that Kaz is enjoying herself in the ring with Trixie and... What's this? Kaz begins circling around the her opponent.
Chris Walker: It seems as if Kaz is trying to use her speed to her advantage. Personally I think this running about is idiotic, she's only going to tire herself.. Oh?
Vincent Price: Kaz with a quick reverse elbow to the side of Trixie's head sends her backtracking to the corner. Trixie doesn't look so amused as she charges toward kaz in hopes to take her down. Kaz side-steps Trixie and grabs her by the neck. She's going for her “Scrunchies Hold” sleeper, she's about to lock it in, SHE'S GOT IT! SCRUNCHIES HOLD, will Trixie tap? Trixie is slowly reaching for the ropes to save her from passing out from  the tight hold and is saved!!
Ref: Break!!
Chris Walker: The referee in charge is trying to get Kaz to break the hold here!! Kaz slowly getting off of Trixie but what is this? Trixie is grabbing Kaz's arm!! She might lock it in here! She's got it!
Vincent Price: ARMBAR! ARMBAR! KAZ COULD TAP AT ANY MOMENT NOW! Kaz is reaching out with her leg! She's got her foot on the rope!
Chris Walker: Talk about Lucky! Kaz and Trixie are at a stalemate with each other. They both seem confused, not knowing what to do with each other. They're backing up away from one another? Both of them are backtracking to their respective corners, glaring at each other in the process. Tagging themselves in are Chris Matthews and Troy Deveraux and they waste no time, as they charge forward and begin trading stiff forearms. Troy takes advantage as he sets Chris up for a snap suplex, pulls him up, but Chris flips out of the suplex and hits an inverted version of his flip DDT. Chris hits the ropes and attempts a knee drop on troy, but troy is too quick as he rolls out of the way.
Vincent: Chris is clearly enamored with the fact that he couldn't connect! The icon-killer charges toward Troy with ill intent on his mind. Whats this?! Troy with a kip up hurricanrana of some sorts, hyping himself up with no help from the crowd. Chris crawls towards the corner nearest to him, and is met with a monkey flip by Troy that sends him flying to the middle of the ring. Troy runs over to chris and sets him up for a powerbomb lungblower, but Chris isn't too keen on that as he low blows Troy leaving him prone to a SLING BLADE! Chris is setting up for his patented springboard knee. Troy stumbles to get up, falling on one knee while Chris leaps off the rope... OHHH, ROUNDHOUSE KICK BY TROY! Chris is down, cover!
Ref: ONE...
Chris Walker: Wow! Talk about a close call! The two winded superstars begin to crawl to their respective corners. Troy makes the tag to Bryan Blaze! Chris makes the tag to Jacob Cass! Both come in with a hot head of steam, but it’s Blaze who gets the upper hand with a clothesline! And another one! OH! Pele Kick connects! Cass is slowly getting back up… Blaze springboards… THE HEATWAVE! THE SPRINGBOARD ENZIGURI CONNECTS ONTO JACOB CASS! KAZ AND TROY RUN TO THE OTHER SIDE AND KNOCK EVERYONE OFF THE SIDE OF THE RING! BLAZE GOES FOR THE COVER!
Ref: ONEE!!
“Haunted” by Disturbed begins to play as Bryan Blaze stands in the ring with his hand raised in victory. Kaz and Troy get to the middle of the ring and have their hands raised also.
A.J. Richards: Here are your winners… BRYAN BLAZE, KAZ BONHAM, AND TROY DEVEREAUX!
Vincent Price: There’s another trio of winners tonight! Next week, we’ll find out what this Special Opportunity is as all the winners tonight will collide in a HUGE trios match, determining the winning trio of the Special Opportunity.
Chris Walker: I’m sure Steele has something interesting in mind and something worth while for all of these competitors. For the people who lost tonight, pick it back up next week in whatever you’re involved in.
Vincent Price: That’s right, it’s not the end of the world. Just keep doing your thing and you’ll get to a point where you’re happy.
The scene briefly fades out.
The scene fades back in, and suddenly the arena lights go out as a blue hue comes over the crowd until it becomes a laser light show. A voice comes on over the speakers that sounds almost like you’re at a major football game.

Voice Over: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages! It is now time to introduce to the world the first Xtreme Honor Wrestling Legacy Champion! He is the only true main event of his time. The One and Only Cuddle Pie! Give it up for ‘The Prodigy’! XHW Legacy! Champion!

The fans begin to boo as ‘The Black Ones’ by Abdullah begins to play over the speakers. Adrien Pierce rides out onto the stage on a Harley Davidson Motorcycle. A gold briefcase latched onto the seat space behind him. He revs the engine so loud it drowns out the rest of the introduction. He then takes off down the ramp and takes a right turn as soon as he reaches ringside. He circles the ring, making sure not to hit anyone or anything. He stops as he returns to the entrance aisle and revs the engine some more before allowing it idle some before turning the engine off. He reaches behind and grabs the gold suitcase. He raises it above his head and gets off the Harley. He gives a smile as the fans continue to boo him.

Vincent Price: Here is our XHW Legacy Champion!

Chris Walker: He must love those boos because that smile is just antagonizing these fans even more.

Vincent Price: I don’t doubt he enjoys it. This guy is the same that buys out his own father’s company and I’ll say he fired his old man day one. That’s how I see it.

Adrien walks toward the ring steps and stomps purposely up them to make more noise as his music continues to play. He looks at the referee for a moment and motions for the referee to come over to him. He gestures the ring ropes and mouths something to the referee. The referee doesn’t look happy about it, but he holds the ropes open for Adrien Pierce to enter the ring.

Vincent Price: Seriously? Has winning the title made Adrien Pierce’s ego even worse?

Chris Walker: You have to ask that? Of course winning a champion is going to give the guy an ego boost. He comes to XHW. He dominates Stephan Sword III. He takes advantage of circumstances the week before Hell From Above. He becomes the Legacy Champ at Hell From Above as Kaz Bonham could not quite reach the title before Adrien Pierce once again took the opportunity he saw. All of that spells out EGO BOOST!

Adrien walks over to the ropes and motions for a microphone. As the ring announcer brings it to him, he shakes his hand and points to another microphone that he wants, just using control to get his way.

Vincent Price: Come on, now. This is ridiculous. He asked for a mic, but wants a specific mic that is no different than the other?

Chris Walker: Hey, this is his time right now. He’s taking advantage of it in his own way.

Adrien receives the microphone and still with the gold briefcase in hand, he leans back against the ropes facing the ring entrance stage. He looks at the briefcase for a moment before he begins to speak.

Adrien Pierce: So, I arrive here tonight and they give me this silver briefcase. But, there was a little problem. Silver is just something inferior to gold, and I was…I’ll say disappointed. Why? Because I’m the very guy that set out to win gold from the get go. I made sure that everyone knew that what was coming was inevitable. I proved that it was and here I stand before you all tonight as the XHW Legacy Champion.

The fans boo.

Adrien Pierce: Oh? You don’t like that? And that’s what amuses me. You people being forced to see someone being referred to as a champion that you don’t like…gets under your skin. And that…

He chuckles a bit.

Adrien Pierce: …is something I am very good at. Now, before you idiots get to see something that you’ll never be able to touch…I want to talk about this whole…fighting champion type of group that claim they’ll defend their championship against anyone, anytime, day or night…blah blah blah.

Adrien looks down at his briefcase and pushes off the ropes still staring at the briefcase.

Adrien Pierce: The way I see it, I earned the XHW Legacy Championship. And I’ll be damned if someone shows up in XHW thinking that if they just throw challenges out towards me, that I am going to accept. That whole mess of claiming to be a fighting champion is…in a lack of superior words for you morons to comprehend…is bullshit.

The fans start booing even louder than before. Adrien still continues on regardless if he can be heard well enough or not.

Adrien Pierce: I want to make something clear. I earned the title by defeating five others that just could not come up big when it mattered. So, those of you thinking you’re going to get a title shot at me…I only have two words for ya.

He gives a smirk.

Adrien Pierce: Earn it!

At that point Adrien Pierce sets the gold briefcase in the very center of the ring. He slowly unlatches the case and looks out to the fans for a moment with shifting eyes back and forth. He turns his face towards the camera closest to him, forcing the broadcasting crew to switch to that camera. He gives the camera a wink and with the leather facing outward, not yet revealing the plates of the title itself, he holds it as tightly as he possibly can.

Adrien Pierce: Now, I not only had them get me a better more superior briefcase. But this XHW Legacy Championship belt has had its plates polished so well that you can see your reflection.

He smiles and gives a shrug.

Adrien Pierce: Don’t worry. For those of you who are too ugly and break mirrors when you look in them, you can be rest assured one thing. You can feast your eyes on this, but don’t look at it too close. You’ll go blind.

Adrien Pierce drops the microphone in his hand as he raises the title, plates out, revealing the new and improved http://i.imgur.com/NK8bPxV.png above his head. With a huge smile on his face he turns to all sides of the fans so that everyone can get a good look at the new championship he possesses.

Chris Walker: Now that! That’s a nice championship strap he’s got there!

Vincent Price: That is a beauty of its own, Chris. You know that even Adrien Pierce has got to appreciate something like that.

Chris Walker: Let’s hope he treats that XHW Legacy Championship with some respect.

Vincent Price: Oh, I hope he didn’t hear you say that. We know how the Legacy Champ can be.
Chris Walker: No matter, we’ll be right back after this commercial break! Stay tuned!
The scene fades out to a commercial break.
XHW's next Free-Per-View, Broken Creed, will be LIVE June 18th at the Dee Events Center in Ogden, Utah!

The scene fades back into the ring where A.J. Richards is standing by with a mic in hand.
A.J Richards: Welcome everyone to our XHW Fallout MAAAAAAAIN EVENNNNT! This six person tag encounter is scheduled for ONE fall with a twenty minute time limit.
Vincent Price: Many, many people have been looking forward to this one all night! I for one, am one of those people! This is going to be great!
Chris Walker: You're a suck-up.
As “The Vengeful One” by Disturbed plays Douglas walks out from the back strangely calm compared to the music the is playing. A smile crosses his face as he stands atop the entrance and straightens his beard and Mustache then waves at the crowd as he walks down to the ring.
A.J Richards: On his way to the ring at this time, from Staffordshire, West Midlands, UK, weighing in at 216 pounds, this is the Bearded Badass, ladies and gentlemen, DOUGLASSSSS ARRRRMATAAAAGE!!
Walking up the ring steps he steps between the ropes and stands in the middle of the ring turning to each side and waving at the crowd before removing his towel and hanging it in the corner as his theme dies out..
"The Black Ones" hits the PA and the fans BOOOOO as they hear Pierce's motorcycle, and it only gets louder when they actually see him roll out onto the stage..
A.J Richards: And his partner, rollin' down to the ring at this time, he's coming to us from Portland, Oregon, he's weighing in at 242 pounds, this is The Prodigy, the One-and-Only CUDDLEPIE, ADRIENNNN PIIIIIERCE!!!
The fans BOOOO as Adrien takes a couple of laps of the ring on his bike while flipping them off, before finally parking the bike and turning off the ignition. Pierce slides into the ring and hits his trademark gesture to another negative response before his theme fades out..
"2010" starts playing at the 1:05 mark in the song, giving about ten seconds of build-up with the drums building to a crescendo. When 1:15 comes and the guitar slams through, Sapphire walks out onto the ramp to a much more positive response than her partners in this match!
Chris Walker: Oh great, it's the hometown girl!
Vincent Price: Shhh. Can't you be positive just this once, Walker?
A.J Richards: And their partner, she hails from Seattle, Washington, she weighed in this morning at an impressive 232 pounds, ladies and gentlemen, this is VIRGINIA STONE, this is SAPPHIIIIIIREEE!!!
Sapphire is smiling as she walks down to the ring, but she doesn't spend any time posing or playing to the crowd until she slides into the ring. She does stop and do a side chest pose, flexing to the hard camera for a few seconds before retreating to her corner, awaiting the start of the match.
A.J Richards: And their opponents..
The Xfinity arena crowd EXPLODES as the opening bars of 'Dogman' blast out through the P.A and the extremely excitable team of Wulf Erikson, Angelica Vaughn and Michael Kelly burst out through the curtain, causing an even louder reaction on sight!
A.J Richards: Joining us at this time, at a combined weight of 538 pounds, WULLLF ERRRRRIKSSSSON, ANNNNGELLLICAAA VAAAAUGHN, MIIIICHAEL KELLLLLY, this is the faction known as BAAAAAD MOOOOON RIIIIISINNNNG!!!”
Michael Kelly's knee is clearly still giving him trouble as he hangs back behind Angelica who poses with the fans for 'selfies' and Wulf who does his patented 'flippy parkour stuff', with a bit of a hobble to his walk..
Chris Walker: A smart man in this match would target Kelly's knees in this match, this is the truth!
The fans have been going crazy for Bad Moon Rising even more as Wulf 'skins the cat', holding his weight upside down in the middle of the top rope as Angelica leaps up to the apron and dives through the top and second rope, landing in a tight army roll and MK shrugs and slides in under the ropes, as Wulf finally shifts his weight and lands in the ring. The two teams eye each other off as BMR's theme dies down and the referee calls for the bell..
Vincent Price: And it looks at though it's going to be Mr. Hangtime starting things off against Sapphire! WOAH! Sapphire wasted no time in lunging at Wulf straight away with one of her patented heavy punches, but the ever-resourceful Wulf shows off his agility with a Matrix-style arch to avoid it before nipping back up to his feet! Sapphire growls, throwing a kick at Wulf's chest, but the crowd LOVES it as Wulf narrowly avoids it with a forward roll! Ahh, Michael is laughing! Angelica is jumping up and down and applauding! They love this! And so does our Everett crowd!
Chris Walker: Sapphire has no idea what's happening! Wulf back to his feet, LOOK OUT, SAPPHIRE! Pele kick to the back! Listen to these fans!
Vincent Price: Sapphire, taken down to the mat on all fours. Wulf flips over her and rolls up Virginia Stone with a tight schoolboy pin!
Ref: ONE!!
Vincent Price: No, shoulder up! Wulf immediately to his feet, appealing to the crowd, and Everett lets Wulf have it!
Chris Walker: Why does he do this? He should capitalize! Whoops! Told ya! Sapphire with her own scoop roll up pin!
Ref: ONE!


Chris Walker: Kick out by Wulf! Both these competitors get back to their feet putting up their dukes! And Everett ERUPTS for both Sapphire and Wulf for the action so far in this match!
Vincent Price: These two lock up in the centre now, I don't know what Wulf is thinking trying to match muscle with Sapphire! WOW! Did you see that, Walker? She grabbed a handful of dreadlocks and flung Wulf across the ring like a paper plane! Modified beal throw! I bet she designed that one specifically for Mr. Erikson who currently writhes in pain!
Chris Walker: It's science, Price. He's light, she's strong! Sapphire now, getting down and dirty and locking Wulf in a mat-based sleeper! Look at the strength on this woman, Price! Erikson's already turning purple!
Vincent Price: I don't think this will keep him down, though I could be wrong. He does seem to be fading fast. Oh no, Wulf's eyes have closed and he has gone limp..
Chris Walker: The referee has noticed! He raises one of Wulf's arms, and it also falls limp. ONE! Wulf is pretty much motionless! Another arm raise, and AGAIN Wulf's arm falls limp! This doesn't look good for Erikson! Here it is, Wulf's arm is being raised one more time and IT'S OV..NO!!
Vincent Price: HE'S STILL IN THIS! Look at Wulf's legs kicking wildly! Look at him getting to a knee!
Chris Walker: OH! A hard elbow to the ribs of Sapphire! And another! She is forced to let go! Wulf now, free to crawl towards his corner to make a tag..NO, Sapphire grabbed his leg and easily dragged him back to the middle! OH! Sapphire looked as though she was going to catapult Wulf into Pierce's waiting boot, but as soon as he was upright, Wulf leapt up and hit Sapphire with an enziguri kick so hard it echoed through the arena. Sapphire is down!
Vincent Price: Wulf now, crawling towards his corner, YES! A tag to MK! Just as Sapphire tried to get up, Michael Kelly takes her down with a clothesline! MK is a machine, Walker! He's hobbling around like crazy but he's cleaning house!
Chris Walker: Another clothesline! Michael Kelly utters a groan as he drags Sapphire to her feet! OH NO..this was probably not a wise move, but he hard irish whips Sapphire into her own corner and when he attempted to capitalize with a patented stiff forearm, Pierce slapped her shoulder to indicate a sneaky tag and shoved her aside before kicking MK right in his bad knee! Michael Kelly immediately drops to the mat and is rolling around in agony!
Vincent Price: Pierce in the ring now, he capitalizes! Michael Kelly is in BIG trouble! Cuddle-Pie is looking for the agonizing Movement Lock! He turns him over! NO! How the hell did MK find it within himself to launch Pierce off him with a knee in that kind of condition. I think this guy is something special, Walker!
Chris Walker: No time to dwell on it though! Pierce is pissed. Adrien Pierce now, easily dragging MK to his feet and sending him ropeward with an irish whip. Michael Kelly's having a hell of a time with that knee as he hits the ropes..WOW, quick thinking by Kelly as he ducks the running forearm! WOW! Taking a leaf out of Erikson's book here! Springboard moonsault! He catches Pierce across the chest and catches him in a pin!
Ref: ONE!!
Vincent Price: Armatage ran in and broke it up with a stomp to the back! The referee hurries to push Beardo back out of the ring where he belongs! Pierce isn't about to rest on his laurels either! Pierce now, roughly dragging MK to his feet. Pierce attempts to whip Kelly into the corner, but it's reversed! WOW, look at that athleticism! O'Connor roll and DRAGON SUPLEX! Here's a pin! NO! Armatage breaks it up immediately!
Chris Walker: Armatage giving the referee a hell of a time keeping him out of this match when he isn't the legal man! Anyway, Michael Kelly attempting to bring Pierce to his feet, but he grimaces and hits the deck as Pierce sweeps his legs out from under him and runs over to his corner, finally tagging in Douglas!
Vincent Price: Armatage, making a beeline for Kelly, looking for a figure four leg lock! OH LOOK AT THIS, Pierce is back in there now! He's going to add insult to injury...WOW...he doesn't get a damn chance! Wulf Erikson just leapt to the top rope and launched himself across the ring, WHAT A TOP ROPE HURRICANRANA! PIERCE GOES REELING TO THE OUTSIDE!
Chris Walker: Get him out, ref he's not legal! Finally! Armatage now, fighting with Kelly on the mat, still trying to lock in his figure four! Nope, he seems to have taken far too long, MK manages to sweep Armatage's legs and send him to the mat, just in time for him to slide over to his corner...YES! The fans ERUPT as he makes the hot tag to Vaughn! I wonder what this crazy youngin can do! WOW! Soccer kick to the face of Armatage! She nearly took his head off! Here's the quick cover!
Ref: ONE!!
Vincent Price: Sapphire grabbed her by the scruff of the neck and dragged her to her feet, is she going for a beal throw? NO! Vaughn blocks the attempt! WOW! Jumping roundhouse to the head of Sapphire! Where did she find THAT?! Sapphire is down and out! OH! Angelica hits the deck HARD as Dougie roars and takes her down with the shortest, sharpest shining wizard we have possibly ever seen him throw! Here's the cover!
Ref: ONEE!!


Chris Walker: NO! Armatage is FURIOUS and this crowd can't get enough! In her dazed state, Sapphire must have thought that it was Angelica who had the pin! She broke it up! Armatage SCREAMS at Sapphire, he just wants her to get the hell out! She looks hurt as she obliges. Armatage now, bringing Vaughn to her feet, and he whips her into his team's corner! WAIT! DOUGLAS CHARGES AT ANGELICA BUT SHE MOVES OUT OF THE WAY AND HE RUNS RIGHT INTO SAPPHIRE, KNOCKING HER OFF THE ROPES!
Vincent Walker: DOUGLAS TURNS AROUND! Angelica elates the crowd with him leg-scissors takedown, sending him crashing to the mat! And there's a running senton! And a cover!
Ref: ONE!!
Chris Walker: DOUGLAS KICKS OUT! This crowd can't believe it! Angelica is on fire! She manages to bring the big guy up to a knee, where she delivers a brutal short forearm and dazes him enough to bring him the rest of the way to his feet! WOW! Where is Angie finding all this strength and ability?! This is amazing! Hard whip into the BMR corner, Douglas is met with a combination sandwich roundhouse from MK and 619-inspired spinning kick from Wulf.. Douglas is in a daze coming back out of the corner..
Chris Walker: Stick a fork in it, folks! She's done! WOW!! Can you believe that we just saw Angelica Vaughn make DOUGLAS SUBMIT?!?!
Michael and Wulf jump for joy in the corner and quickly join Angelica in the ring who looks positively stunned as 'Dogman' hits the PA and the Everett fans ERUPT!
Vincent Walker: What a gal, what a main event, what a victory, what a match!!
Chris Walker: MK's knee isn't so good, Vince. But Michael and Wulf gently hoist the gleeful Angelica up onto their shoulders as the crowd goes CRAZY for Bad Moon Rising, and to their amazement, they are showered in streamers! What a mess! This new faction, I tell you, I expect BIG things!
After the six man tag match, Michael Kelly’s knee was really giving him trouble and Angelica Vaughn had already helped him backstage. However, Wulf Erikson was still ‘hanging out with the fans’ as he makes his way back up the ramp, taking selfies with them and signing things that the fans brought with them and also doing a bit of ‘flippy’ showboating..
Chris Walker: Come on, come on. Get on with it Wulf, we have a World Champion’s celebration to get to!
Vincent Price: Oh let him have his moment, Walker. He is a big reason they make this much noise. And I don’t think Ashley Williams would mind one iota that the fans are still hot for her celebration. In fact, it’s a fair assumption that’s pretty much Wulf’s plan.
They ooh and ahh as they watch Wulf leap up to the barricade wall and catch a lot of air-time as he backflips onto his feet, and in the background an angry looking figure appears on the stage with his hands on his hips before he nods and starts making a beeline for Wulf who has his back turned and there is a thunderous BOOOOOOOOO as the fans realize that it’s Bryan Blaze and an even louder one as Wulf spins around and catches a HARD lariat which sends him backflipping back down the ramp, bouncing upon impact.
Blaze looks on with a callous grin as Wulf rolls down to ringside. Blaze strolls down casually as Wulf struggles to his feet. Wulf throws a wild punch which Blaze ducks, and immediately smashes Wulf in the side of the head with the Pele Kick!
Wulf faceplants and it looks that he is out cold.
Vincent Price: What the hell is this about? Bryan Blaze has just debuted!
Chris Walker: I'm sure he has his reasons.
Blaze lifts Wulf up by his hair, and tosses him back into the ring. He slides in after him. He pulls Wulf up again by his hair placing his head between Blaze’s legs- BLAZE OF GLORY!
Vincent Price: Oh my god!
Blaze begins laughing maniacally as he grabs a microphone from the timekeeper and rolls back into the ring. He points down to the fallen Wulf Erikson who is now lacerated.
Bryan Blaze: This. This is the sort of ‘man’ that you all cheer for. The kind of pathetic, showboating mess that gets you out of your seats. Wulf Erikson lacks substance. He lacks purpose. He is a shell of what a wrestler ought to be. You can boo and defame me all you well want, but it won't hide truth. It won't change reality. This man is the epitome of what I plan on changing around here. And believe me Wulf, it's only the beginning.”
Blaze casually rolls of the ring and strolls up the entrance ramp as XHW personnel check on Wulf Erikson as the fans voice their disapproval..
Vincent Price: I..I don’t..what’s this guy’s problem?
The fans BOOOO Bryan Blaze heartily as he sarcastically does his own parkour-style backflip off the barricade wall and imitates Wulf’s trademark hand gestures before flipping them off and making his way backstage with a shake of his head..
Chris Walker: WOAH! That was cool! Hey, didn’t you hear a word he said, Price? Blaze is sick of Wulf’s crap and he is putting a stop to it, this is just the beginning. Well, if this is just the beginning, I can’t wait to see him really get going with this! I have to admit, Erikson isn’t everybody’s first choice. He’s certainly not mine!
Vincent Price: Like him or not, I don’t think Wulf deserves this, Walker.
A shaky and barely conscious Wulf Erikson is helped to his feet and out of the ring by the XHW team..the fans POP as they realize he is relatively okay..  
Chris Walker: Ehhh sometimes, there is only so much that someone can take. Frankly, Wulf Erikson can be annoying. Bryan Blaze is annoyed.
Wulf nearly falls out of their grasp and there is a gasp from the crowd, but they catch him and they keep marching him back up the ramp to another cheer..
Vincent Price: Annoyed? That’s putting it lightly. Well, fans. What do you think about what’s happening on XHW Fallout this week? Hit the Facebook and Twitter pages, we want to hear what you have to say!
The camera fades out for a split second.
The scene fades back in, showing a case in the ring that’s covered so the contents can’t be seen. A mic sits on top of the covered case. “Miracle” by Shinedown blasts through the speakers and the entire crowd rises to their feet, giving their new World Champion a standing ovation. Ashley Williams emerges onto the stage with a smile on her face.
Vincent Price: If that’s what I think it is in the case, you owe me $20.
Chris Walker: … yeah.
She takes a second to soak in the reaction from the crowd, and then makes her way down the ramp, interacting with the fans along the way. When she gets to the ring, she climbs to the outside of the ropes, and then goes to the top turnbuckle, pointing to the crowd. They continue to chant while she jumps down and stands next to the covered case. Placing one hand on the case while grabbing the mic in the other, she takes a deep breath and forms a serious look on her face. “Miracle” fades out and the crowd’s chants and cheers do too.
Ashley Williams: The Future of Female Wrestling is now your World Champion…
Ashley moves the mic from her mouth and points it out towards the crowd. They begin to chant her name again.
She then moves the mic back and begins talking again.
Ashley Williams: I’ve been here since the opening of XHW and I’ve earned this. I have earned this right and I have proven my nickname to be true. So many people doubted me and I proved them all wrong. Tonight, I am your World Champion. Tonight, I am at the top of the food chain. Tonight, I celebrate this. Before XHW, I was overlooked. I was never a World Champion anywhere else, even when I deserved it. I gave my all in everything I did. It got to the point where people started to think of me as a joke, some kind of fake talent. Look at me now. All of you were wrong and the ones that stood beside me, you’re the reason I kept pushing. You’re the reason why I am the World Champ today. Thank you.
I’m sure at this point, you have probably realized that I don’t have the World Championship on me and that I’m standing next to a case that is covered up… so the puzzle is probably already solved. Inside this case, is a brand new World Championship. The old one was a little boring. It was decided that a new design was in the best interest of the company and for the new World Champion. Without further adieu… The new XHW World Championship…
Ashley pulls of the cover which reveals http://i.imgur.com/UrUUqb0.png. Ashley pulls the newly designed XHW World Championship out of the case and places it on her shoulder.
Crowd: YES! YES! YES! YES!
Ashley Williams: I know that everyone is eyeing the new belt and has their eye set on destroying me. I’m ready for you. I’m ready for all of you. I’ve proven that the Future of Female Wrestling will stand up to any challenge and prevail.
After those words, “Miracle” by Shinedown begins to play and Ashley climbs to the top turnbuckle and lifts the Championship high as the crowd rises to their feet again, giving their World Champion a standing ovation. The camera starts to fade with her pointing at the Championship.
The camera fades to black.
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5/27/17 Fallout Results
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