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 Kyle Ohio: Cleveland Crippler

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Kyle Ohio

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Join date : 2017-05-28
Age : 24
Location : New Jersey

PostSubject: Kyle Ohio: Cleveland Crippler   Sun May 28, 2017 11:27 pm

Ring Name: Kyle Ohio
Nickname(s): Cleveland Crippler
Height: 5 ft 9
Weight:185 lbs
Hometown: Cleveland Ohio
Date Of Birth: January 1st 1987
[Pro Debut] January 1st 2000

Pic Base: Tommy End/ Aleister Black

Theme Song: Kick In The Teeth by Papa Roach

Disposition (Face, Tweener, or Heel): Tweener( Loved by fans for his in ring acumen))
Gimmick: very short-tempered orphan, when it came to fight or flight it was always fight for him. Rugby, MMA and various martial arts, boxing, amateur wrestling, football, he was always banned from these for his lack of self control and sports man ship. It  A scout for a pro wrestling performance center called Fight Zone discovered him at the age 10  and he was a prodigy and top of the class becoming pro at 13( similar to TJ Perkins) five years under the usual legal age  
Favorite Match Type: iron man match
Least Favorite Match Type: Battle Royal
Weapon(s) of Choice: Bo-staff( both wooden or metal versions)
                                      brass knuckles
Common Moves (10 Max):
1. all combat(boxing, Martial arts, pro wrestling style) strikes
2. all suplex and brainbuster variants
3. All powerbomb and powerslam variants
4. All DDT and Pile Driver variants
5. All hurricanrana, headscissors takedown and frankensteiner variants
6. All arm drag, arm wringer takedown and hip-toss variants
7. All STO variants
8. All pump handle variants
9. All buster and breaker variants( limbs, gut, stomach, chest, neck, shoulder, back)
10. chain/ catch wrestling mixing MMA and Greco roman/ amateur wrestling style, mat wrestling and submissions/pressure point and digit manipulation
Signature Moves (5 Max):
1. running flying roundhouse-
2.Bridging package fallaway powerbomb
3. double chicken wing- double footed gutbuster
4. pumphandle single knee gutbuster + swinging leg hook fisherman suplex
Finishing Moves (3 Max):
1. 540 kick( trouble in paradise) preceded by a feint flying butterfly kick(  
2. crane kick-bicycle kick or  bicycle jumping high knee
3. calf Crippler( AJ Styles' calf crusher/slicer preceded by Ranhei(innovated by Madoka, popularized in the US by Kofi Kingston as the SOS)
Age: 23
Experience: 10 years
Twitter Handle:epic 1993
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Jacob Steele

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Age : 24
Location : North Carolina

PostSubject: Re: Kyle Ohio: Cleveland Crippler   Mon May 29, 2017 12:08 am

Welcome to XHW. Feel free to introduce yourself to everyone and I hope you enjoy your time here. If you have any questions let me know.
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Kyle Ohio: Cleveland Crippler
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