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 Two Behemoths

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PostSubject: Two Behemoths   Mon May 29, 2017 9:20 pm

May 27th, 2017
Seattle, Washington
11:47 AM Local Time

Mason Moore pulled his rental car in to one of the farthest spots in the small parking lot, got out and looked up at the large sign in front of him.

“Waist Management, clever.”

Mason had opted for a simple pair of black shorts and his Steam Powered shirt put out by Redemption wrestling. He grabbed his one liter bottle of water, a simple black towel and headed inside. He was stopped at the front desk, but once he said he was there to meet Sapphire, the lady gave him a smile and pointed towards the squat racks. He made his way back there and stopped when he saw her squatting three hundred pounds. He took a few seconds to admire her form, among other things.

“So that’s how they’re supposed to be done, huh?”

Mason flashed a smile as he waited for Sapphire to finish up her set. She doesn’t notice him at first, as she’s focused on her work. Once she’s done, she lifts the rack up to the hooks with a long exhale. She reaches for a bottle of water, but as she lifts it up to take a swig, she sees Mason standing there. She smirks.

“Took you long enough, big man,”

She takes the swig, then puts her bottle back and grabs her towel, wiping herself down as she walks up to Mason.

“Was starting to think you were never gonna’ show.”

“I would never stand you up, beautiful.”

Mason goes over to the rack, looks over at the weights and grabs a fifty pound plate. He acts like he’s about to put it on, but laughs a little.

‘“That’s the same weight I normally do, actually. What do you do, sets of fifteen or ten?”

Sapphire raises an eyebrow, then chuckles, tilting her head a bit as she puts her hands behind her head.

“Fifteen, though I usually go until failure. I didn’t build up these bad boys by going easy on them, after all.”

She tilts her head the other way, still smirking.

“Why, you planning on trying the patented Mason Muscle Massacre on me?”

“If you think that you could keep up.”

Mason smirks and gives her a wink as he takes the bar, settles in and reels off a quick set of twenty. He hooks it back, gives his knuckles a quick crack and turns back to Sapphire, who still has an eyebrow raised, looking more amused than anything else.

“I might have to add in a few extra steps for someone of your fitness level. Not often I find someone I believe can hang with me in the gym.”

Mason smiles as he flexes his biceps a little bit. Sapphire responds by shaking her head, expression somewhere between bemusement and annoyance.

“Well you can let me know when you’ve devised your plan for someone you believe can hang, but that’s not why you’re here. Even if it was, it’d be stupid for me to do hours before showtime.”

She smirks, poker face back on.

“Hang out for a minute while I hit the showers. You can take your toys out when I’m done.”

“I think I could use a shower too.”

Mason smirked at Sapphire and gave her a wink. Sapphire turns around to walk away, but before she does, she speaks over her shoulder.

“Cool your jets, tiger, you’ve been here ten minutes. Maybe next time.”


Mason laughed a little as he watched her walk away.

May 27th, 2017
Seattle, Washington
6:23 PM Local Time

Sapphire and Mason had both changed out of their gym clothes, Mason opting for a nice pair of jeans and a simple black t-shirt while Sapphire went for a white crewneck shirt and jeans of her own, but with an added denim jacket. They sat outside at a small restaurant in downtown Seattle. Mason had a wide smile across his face as he looked over at the amazon like beauty.

“It would definitely be great to the gear in at the gym and have you endorse it. We’re still in the opening stages so probably gonna have it at the gym I usually use and a few others to kind of test market the stuff. I was just looking forward to finally seeing you in person, but then you went with my photo shoot idea, might get my products in the hands of a beautiful athletic woman, and your suggestion for lunch was absolutely fantastic.”

Sapphire smiles; it looks like she might start blushing from the compliments soon. She sneaks a few glances at Mason over her drink, but she plays it off, idly stirring the ice around in her glass with the straw.

“What can I say? I’ve been hanging around the gym’s marketing lady for too long, some of her ideas have rubbed off on me. Besides, as exciting as it is to get paid to punch people in the face, I know that shit doesn’t last.”

“No, it does not. I don’t think you’re giving yourself enough credit for that great idea though.”

Mason smiles back at her and sneaks a few glances of his own, until he notices a few girls pointing over at them and laughing a bit. Sapphire seems to ignore it, but Mason turns his head towards them. They quickly stop laughing, but as soon as he turns away they’re right back at it. Mason finally stands up and walks over towards them. He towers over the two girls who look to be in their early twenties. They’re completely quiet now as he looks down at them.

“What the hell is so damn funny over here?”

Both of them stay quiet and look down at the table for a few seconds, but then the one on the right side of the table looks up at him, brushes her blonde hair out of her face and rolls her eyes slightly.

“You calling that thing you’re sitting over there with, beautiful. It’s fucking hilarious. She looks like she probably has a bigger dick than you do.”

The other girls looks up at him now and is snickering once more.

“Come on Kelli, he probably thinks that because she injects the steroids right into his ass.”

Mason stares down at them and looks ready to snatch both of them by the throat and toss them as far as possible, but Sapphire grabs at his arm. Mason looks back at her and nods his head, calming down slightly as he turns back to the two snotty girls.

“First off, this is all natural unlike that pathetic boob job of yours. Second, I guarantee my dick is bigger than whatever pathetic loser you’ve tricked into dating your bitch ass.”

Both girls look up at him in disgust, before they get up and walk off. Mason shakes his head and sits back down across from Sapphire, who has gone back to stirring her ice as though nothing happened.

“Stupid bitches. Sorry you had to put up with them.”

Sapphire shrugs her shoulders, finally letting her drink rest and putting her hands on the table. A lot of the light in her eyes, a glimmer that had been there while talking to Mason about his clothing line or partnering with Waist Management or even just while they’d been eating, was gone. Now she just seems deflated (in so much as such a large woman can be).

“No point in giving them the time of day. They’re going to think what they’re going to think, regardless of what you say to defend yourself. Best to ignore them.”

“I just hate people like that. We have both worked damn hard to reach this level of fitness and then those jealous judgemental people act like that. If they had just said some shit about me, maybe, but talking about you like that. I couldn’t let that go.”

Mason shakes his head in disgust, then looks back up at her. He notices pretty quickly that she doesn’t quite seem as happy as she was.

“You’re an awesome athletic bad ass woman, and a couple of bitches like that should never be talking about you with anything but respect.”

“I appreciate the attempt at chivalry, but it’s just wasted. Besides, if those girls were local, they weren’t just mocking the muscles.”

Sapphire sighs.

“No point in giving them the time of day, but it does get old after a while. Makes a girl glad she doesn’t have time to be home much. Don’t get the stares, the looks of horror and indignance when I’m in Florida or Texas or wherever.”

She shakes her head, running a hand through her hair.

“Sorry, don’t mean to talk like that. They were shitheels and I’d eat them for breakfast, of course. That’s the main reason I don’t bother with them. They’ll do whatever they’re going to do anyway, get white-girl wasted at a party tonight probably. While they’re doing that, I’m going to be doing what I do best. I don’t know what that special opportunity is, but I intend to find out by winning it.”

Sapphire finishes her brief outburst with another sigh, as though she has seen the future and already knows what is in store for her.

“I have complete faith in that. I could have come out earlier in the week, but I chose to come on show day so I could see you in action in person. Nothing quite like seeing a victory live.”

Mason smiles over at her, trying to raise her spirits a bit after the basic bitches debacle.

“If they’re smart, the special surprise will be a one on one title match. No doubt in my mind that if that happens, you’re bringing home the gold.”

“That’d be a bit weird to award to a trio, but be that as it may. I’m no dumbass, I know flattery when I see it.”

Sapphire smiles a little bit, which is still an improvement over the last few minutes.

“I appreciate it all the same.”

“I was thinking whoever got the pin got the special surprise. You don’t have to thank me for the flattery though. You deserve it. We might have just met face to face, but from talking on twitter, I can tell that you’re cool and you work incredibly hard. Like I said at the gym, it’s hard for me to find anyone that I believe could physically keep up with me.”

Sapphire responds to the praise with a long pause, the silence awkward and oppressive. Just when it feels like she’s going to brush that praise aside again, she nods, a weak smile on her face. Is she tearing up, even?

“Thanks...it’s been awhile since someone’s said something like that to me.”

She takes a deep breath to recenter herself, but before she can say anything else, an alarm goes off on her phone, the device beeping shrilly until she can fish it out of her jacket pocket to turn it off. She frowns.

“Well, time for me to get going.”

“Gotta get to the arena and get ready for the show?”

“Of course. Gotta bounce back from Hell From Above.”

Sapphire stands up from the table, and Mason follows suit. For a moment, it looks like Sapphire’s just going to turn and walk away again, like she had at the gym, but she hesitates. After a few seconds, she walks over to Mason and does what not many women in the world can say they can do, let alone have done.

She wraps her arms around his in a slightly jerky, almost desperate hug, and her head sits comfortably above his shoulder. Mason is slightly surprised at the show of affection, but wraps his arms around her and returns the hug, almost not wanting to let go in this embrace of equals.

It is also a brief embrace, as almost as soon as she squeezes those powerful arms around him, she lets go and steps back as if he’d shocked her. She laughs and smirks at him, though the mirth that had been in her eyes when she’d teased him earlier is conspicuously absent.

“Don’t get too excited. Anything more than that, I’m going to make you earn it.”

“I have no problem earning it. I am definitely sure it’s worth it.”

Mason winks at her as he walks her over to her car and opens the door for her. She gets in, still looking slightly baffled at his insistence on the old rules of chivalry, but it gets a smile out of her, so it can’t be a total bust.

“I’ll see you after the show, right? We’ll need to celebrate your victory.”

Sapphire chuckles, a little bit of genuine emotion leaking back into her expression as she looks up at the Muscle Machine from the driver’s seat of a car that is almost the exact opposite, her blue 90’s Honda Civic.

“Alright, but you’re paying.”
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Two Behemoths
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