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Michael Kelly


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PostSubject: Focus.......   Tue May 30, 2017 4:47 pm

*11-year-old Michael is seen in the Bronx, New York's own Lincoln hospital. Here he is in one of the hospital rooms standing by the side of his mother, Mary, who isn't looking too well. Michael was very intelligent for his age and could read through all of the lies that his mother was telling him. All the times she had told him “everything was going to be alright” or “I'm fine, Michael” were in fact lies, and that in reality, she was only shedding him from the cold hard truth. The truth that she was leaving. Leaving him with his 2 brothers and his good-for-nothing dad, leaving him to the harsh reality that was their shambles of a home. The glue sticking his family together, his shoulder when he needed one to lean on, slowly fading away and to never come back. Dying right in front of his very eyes, Michael filled with both anger and sadness stands over his mother's deathbed as her time begins to tick. Holding his mother's hand as tight as he could possibly do, Michael hovers over his sickly mother, staring into her eyes, and holding back the inevitable tears that soon followed. Mary staring at her beautiful boy puts her free hand on the forearm of young Michael, in an attempt to console him. *

Michael: Ma, how are we gonna do this without you? Me? Sam? Vernon? You just gonna leave us with dad? It's not fair! It should be him laying here, not you.

Mary: Michael, you and your brothers will always have each other. And your father... Your father will take care of..
Michael: Himself?! Cus' he ain't helping us out, I know that for sure. He hasn't for years. Hell, he's not even here!

Mary: Michael, I don't have much time left sweetheart. I don't want this to end with an argument.

Michael: Mom...

*Michael hung his head knowing that no matter what he said, no matter what he did, there was nothing that was going to change the outcome. Mary sat up ever so slightly, kissed his forehead and smiled. Michael could never imagine the pain that his mom is in right now, yet she plays it off like it's nothing. Looking at his mother, this woman and seeing that even in the face of death she remains strong, not for her as her time on this earth was running out, but for her 3 boys. Mary starts to speak in a whisper-like tone where only those who are extremely close can hear her. *

Mary: *Exhales * Michael...

Michael: Ma', I'm sor...

*As tears come pouring down the face of the young Michael Kelly, Mary puts her hand on Michael's face, her giant smile radiating a mother's strength.  A smile that spelled pride, the pride of how well she raised these 3 boys for the time that she could. In her mind, she knew that although they were going to have a rough road ahead of them,  their compassion would lead them on to do greater things. *

Mary: *looking into the eyes of her oldest, Michael * My special boy,  you were chosen.

Michael: Chos..? What the heck are you talking about?!

Mary: One day, you'll be the greatest this world has ever seen. It's your destiny...

Michael: Destiny?! Mom? Ma?!

*Michael wakes up abruptly, jumping up from his bed in a cold sweat. At first, he sits bedside, confused, wondering why this last memory of his mother came to him in the form of a nightmare. He had made peace with the passing of his mom a very long time ago, yet for some reason, it made him sad again.

Then it came to him. The reason why he was having nightmares, why he was revisiting heartbreaking moments in his past was all brought up by “The Breakup”. Waking up to stare at the engagement ring he gave her laying on his nightstand for the past few days, walking along the hall to see pictures of them, looking at their jointed walk in closet, all of this was becoming an extremely unhealthy daily regimen for Michael. Clearly not in the right state of mind, Michael lays back down, reaches for the ring on the nearby nightstand and stares at it. The vibration of his phone catches his attention as he drops the ring and looks over at his phone to see that he has eleven missed calls, a ton of unread texts and two messages in his voice mail box. Michael has a pretty good idea of who called him, so he checks his voicemail. *

Message 1:
Wulf: MK! My man! Listen, I am worried for a lot of reasons. But the most obvious one is that since you have been moping around the house all week, it's clear to me that you have lost focus on the task at hand. Even more troubling is that you have 'the kid' telling you this via voicemail since you won't answer your damn phone. Please brother, snap out of it. You need us, and we need you. Especially now that we have a super important nine-man tag in our midst. I'll leave you alone now..ciao..

*Michael shakes his head in disbelief. Wulf, the goofball Wulf, is giving Michael advice that he SHOULD take, that he NEEDS to take. He lets out a sigh.*

Michael: He's probably right, the hell am I doing?

*Michael looks down at his feet and sees the ring on the floor. He hangs his head, staring at this piece of jewelry, knowing what it means, rather what it meant. As Michael scratches the stubble on his face, he goes back to his voicemail and listens to the other message.*

Message 2:
Angelica: Hi, Emkay, this is Angie here. Probably already figured that out by now. Anyway, I haven't heard from you in a while, and I am starting to get a teensy bit worried, you know. This isn't like you, I need you to be your regular normal adorable grumpy self, not just... sad and ew. We have a match to win this week, remember? That, and you said you might take me to Disneyland some time. And I really wanna go to Disneyland. So gimme a shout, 'kay, Emkay? Love yeww!

*Michael cracks a smile and chuckles a bit.*

Michael: Kid...

*Michael stands up, walks to his nearest bathroom, and looks at himself in the mirror. The stubble? The messed up hair? Moping around? This wasn't who he is and he knew that. With his support system and the fact that the people around him care about him and his well-being, there was no other choice. He had to move on, no matter how hard it may seem, he couldn't let his loved ones down. He couldn't let Wulf or Angie down. He couldn't let the good paying fans down. He had to put his emotions and his baggage aside and focus on the task at hand. Most importantly to him, as funny as it sounds, he had to fulfill his promise to take Angelica to Disneyland. Michael knew that at this point, these 3 people meant more than anything to him. They were family and he had to look out for them, no matter the cost.

It was time to get ready for Saturday, no matter banged up his knee or heart is. It was time to get back on track. It was time to focus.

Michael steps into his nearby gym in Mt. Sinai with his ready face and headphones on. Wearing his generic black tank top, white motion shorts, knee brace, and black low-top Adidas trainers Michael steps over to the nearest leg press machine and gets to work.*
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