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 Walk n' Talk

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Michael Kelly


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PostSubject: Walk n' Talk   Wed May 31, 2017 6:54 am

Saturday Morning
11 am
Camera: ON

*Camera turns on to show what looks like a parking lot near the Mohegan Sun Arena. Coming out of one of the cars is XHW wrestler, Michael Kelly carrying a duffel bag over his right shoulder and rolling a medium sized black hardside luggage. Michael is dressed unusually casual today, wearing a gray and black “Just Do It” T-shirt and regular fit blue jeans. He's seen walking towards the camera man and XHW interview personality, Christi Byrd.  *

Christi:  Michael, can we get your thoughts on your six opponents tonight?

Michael: My thoughts? Well, frankly Christi.... I'm excited for this! I truly am. Up first we've got Will Neilson who in my mind is quite possibly one of the greatest wrestlers to come out of the U.K if not THE greatest. Then we've got Ezekiel Fenix, Big Zeke. Ezekiel is a beast of a man with a strength that is unmatched. One spear could turn you inside out, one jackhammer could cut your night short... Then to round up team one we have Matt Angel. See Matt is unpredictable, he's strong, fast, extreme. The man flies in the air like none other and it's a beauty to watch, it truly is.

Michael: Then, starting off from team two we have Little Bigfoot herself, Kaz Bonham. Kaz is so different. Her style and energy matched with the technical prowess that she has, it's probably one of the most unique people that I've seen in this business and I have wrestled throughout Japan. The so-called “Man of the Hour” Troy Devereaux, 'ya see Christi I've faced Troy and I can personally tell you that that man there is definitely something special.

Christi(in unison)
: You forgot about Bryan Bl..
Michael(in unison): I forgot about Bryan Blaze.

Michael: How oh HOW could I forget about Bryan freakin' Blaze? That's so silly of me. No, let's be real here Christi, I DIDN'T forget about Bryan Blaze. The man is a veteran of the sport, an  A+ talent, a great wrestler and there's NO doubt about that. But there's one thing I don't like about the guy, one that I definitely didn't forget and that's the fact that he attacked Wulf after our win last week. You think that you're just going to come in here, attack Wulf and everything's going to be all fine and dandy? Sorry, Jack but that's not going to slide with me, or any of us in Bad Moon Rising because when you mess with ONE of us you get ALL of us.

*Michael smirks looking directly down the lens of that camera*

Michael: Bryan, your fate has been sealed. So it is etched in stone and written in the sands of time, You sir have a Date With Desti-Knee.

Michael: Let's walk and talk Christi, I don't want to stay in this lot forever.

*Michael, Christi, and the cameraman walk out of the lot and begin making their way to the arena. *

Michael: So the bottom line is this Christi, my opponents, these people are really good. Great even, but we are just simply greater than any make-shift trio.

*Michael stops in his tracks right in front of Mohegan Sun Arena with the other two following his lead. A group of 5 kids run up and ask Michael to sign this printed out 8x10 picture of himself. He obliges and signs the paper as he then turns towards Christi and the camera and continues.*

Michael: Some of these guys don't even work well with tag teams. When you talk about a faction, a trio that's cohesive and team-oriented while at the same time is successful I can almost GUARANTEE you that team number one and team number two are not in that conversation. However, what I can guarantee you is that Bad Moon Rising is the pinnacle of what a faction and yes, a trio should be. The Silver Bullet, Wulf Erikson is the greatest daredevil high flyer this company has ever seen, there's no doubt about it. Not only that but he's got the championship pedigree and still has the hunger for more. The man is a machine, he's resilient, and he'll never back down from a fight. Angelica Vaughn, this woman has the potential to quite possibly be one of the greatest female competitors of all time. The natural lower body strength, the mind to absorb and learn from her elders, the look. The kid has got it all and then some. By then some I'm of course referring to that pretty little medal around her neck that I honestly wish she didn't carry around as much as she did. Then last but not least, The Champ. She's the past, present, and future of female wrestling...No, scratch that. Of wrestling in general. She's at the top of the mountain and everyone's gotta climb to get what she's got.

Michael: What I'm trying to tell you Christi is that these two groups of three aren't facing just any three competitors, they're facing a team, some will say a unit, others even a family. We are three of the best talents this earth has seen and we will put that on display tonight right here.*pointing at the arena in front of him*

Christi: Well Michael, there are rumors that your knee has made leaps and bounds in recovery, can you elaborate on that?

Michael: The rumors, those rumors may be more or less telling the truth. Well for one, I still have to wear that uncomfortable brace until I'm fully healed. Secondly, I can run now, for a long duration without having to grind my teeth and make an ugly face out of pain. In fact, I feel as if I'm faster than I was in the past. It's actually very weird, it feels like as if my cells want me to get better faster, so I am essentially. My knee is in much, much better condition that it has been the past month but there is still progress to be made. If there's anything I've learned while being THAT hurt, it's that you can persevere, despite an injury or a traumatic experience, or whatever has you stopping what you want to do, you can pull through it. This might be one of the first times I actually am proud of setting an example for the children out there who for some reason look up to me. Deep down I'm still that same 12-year-old boy that was eating half of a bologna sandwich outside of Campos Cage in Brooklyn, New York before being brought in by a nice old man who simultaneously kicked my ass and taught me the way of Lucha Libre.

Michael: Here I am getting off topic again, let me just get straight to business, if you don't mind. Wulf, Angie, and I will be stepping in the ring tonight and giving one hundred percent to you 6 individuals. Now it is your choice to reciprocate the effort. You could either also give it your all and we could tear the roof off of this place or you could slack, not use any teamwork and be laid out by the three of us. WE are the team to beat and WE will not be beaten. If any of you 6 have got something to say, please, say it in the ring. Good luck and may the best TEAM win.

Christi: Michael, one more question: There has been another rumor of you and Ad...

Michael: No more questions. I've got some friends to meet and I've got an important match to focus on. Thank you very much and I will see to it that you get some more answers from me later.

*Michael shakes Christi's hand and walks ahead into the arena. The shot fades with Michael rushing into the arena with a light jog. *
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Walk n' Talk
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