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 Price to Pay (Chris Matthews CD/Promo)

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Chris Matthews

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PostSubject: Price to Pay (Chris Matthews CD/Promo)   Wed May 31, 2017 10:52 pm

★ . . . s p o r t z e n t e r t a i n m e n t s u p e r s t a r . . .★

P R E L U D E -

Last week I made a huge mistake in that Trios match and I admit I was over my head. But unlike the rest of the sheep's in XHW I move on and think about the future. My future here isn’t on the card as of yet. But there is one thing I am for certain and that is I’m gonna take my mistake last week and put it towards this week and find out that I don’t make the same mistake twice. The only mistake I ever made was letting people get the best of me and trying to bring me down and telling me that I’m not good enough for this sport or any sport out there. Well, I did what I always do and prove everyone wrong and you know what else? They shut up and they just ignored me like I wanted them too in the first place. Blaise Hunter is the type that thinks everything about him and how he should be treated with some kind of respect. But to me, he doesn’t deserve jack shit and you know what I’m gonna do to him? I’m gonna beat him like a two dollar whore and send him packing to whatever trash city he is from.

Am I a bad person for speaking the truth? Maybe? But do I care? No. I honestly don’t care about anyone but me, my girl Kim Pain, and my Daughter Chloe. I don’t make the rules, I break them and Blaise Hunter is going to know exactly what I mean by that. Blaise, you can try to play the nice guy, the man who the fans adore and can admire for time to come. But I don’t give a rat's behind about them or about you. I care about one thing and one thing only and that is being held by Ashley Williams and that is the World Championship. I don’t care about the Legacy, I don’t care about the Women's (if they have one) and I certainly don’t give two shits about the Medal of Honor holder either. I want what I came in for and that is for the XHW World Championship.

Blaise, you’re going to learn what I’m about what I’m gonna do to you. You can try to make yourself out to be something that you’re not and I wouldn’t care. I’m gonna show Jacob Steele and the entire Roster that I am to be feared and that nobody and I mean nobody is on my level.

Like I said a few minutes ago I made a mistake last week and I’ll admit it..but Blaise, are you will to talk your faults that you have and bring them to peace? Are you willing to fight me with everything you have and more? I don’t think you really do. Blaise if you don’t know what this is then let me be the one to speak of who I am. I am the Architect, The Icon Slayer, the Legend of Thunder, I am, Chris ‘Freakin’ Matthews and right now I have something more important to take care of.

The Architect,
Chris Matthews.

S C E N E - O N E -

Through all the wreckage in his life, Chris Matthews has always been a man of few words. He lets his actions speak for themselves and maybe last week his actions weren't heard loud enough as his team lost. Funny thing is that Jacob Cass AGAIN lost when Chris teamed up with him. Which is really a surprise to Chris at all as he dealt with Jacob Cass stupidity enough and this was no different then when they were in WWH together. Chris wants to write the wrong that Jacob Cass cause last week and this week he’ll be doing that against a man known as Blaise Hunter. Chris has been known to take hits and get back up from them cause he’s that tough, he has that much honor in himself to prove that he’s one of the best well-rounded superstars to ever step foot in the ring. A camera shows up and looks at Chris Matthews who’s wearing a black Custom Made Armani suit and right next to his Paul Montgomery wanting to get an interview with Chris. Paul was about to say something until Chris turns his head and then made a Paul with a smile. But that smile turns to a disgusting look at he stares at him.

‘The Architect and Icon Slayer of XHW’ ☆ CHRIS MATTHEWS
Paul, do me a favor and don’t speak to me this entire interview. I don’t care about your or your stupid idiotic questions. I am here to bring you up to speed about who I am and why I’m here. So sit back, shut your mouth and listen to my words. I want you to know that I’m doing this because I want to send a message to Blaise Hunter and I want him to understand that I’m going to be going to Fallout and kick his ass all around that ring and some more. Blaise Hunter is like this golden boy bullshit that I seem to be hearing about so much lately and I want to know exactly what his plans are and what he’s going to bring to the table? Hell, I’m sure the entire world would like the know the answer to that, am I right? Of course, I am. I’m Chris Matthews and I’m always right unlike the rest of your shitheads taping this show right now.

Chris snickers as he continues to look at him.

‘The Architect and Icon Slayer of XHW’ ☆ CHRIS MATTHEWS
Paul, Blaise Hunter has no idea who I am and to be honest, I don’t care who the hell he is either. I’m here to “promote” this match against him. I mean why do I have to waste my valuable time on things like this? Because I want to because I believe in this business and what it stands for. I may hate management, I may hate the fans, hell I may hate the entire XHW roster….but I stand for this business and what it means to be a superstar. You have wrestlers out there only for the money and not giving two shit about this business. For so long, I’ve put my heart and soul in this business only for people Like Amanda Cortez shitting on it. (He looks at the camera) Yeah, you heard me right Cortez, you best get your tight little ass to work.

Paul was about to say something as Chris turns and looks at him.

‘The Architect and Icon Slayer of XHW’ ☆ CHRIS MATTHEWS
Shut up Paul and don’t say a single word. Now back to what I have to say and that is Blaise Hunter. Blaise wants to be this pretty boy who has a fire in him to fight? (Laughs) I’m sorry I couldn’t say that with a straight face. I look at someone like Blaise and I see nothing in him and I don’t see him having the fire that he claims to have. Do you want to know what true fire is like Paul? You want to know what it’s like to be shot at and risking your life on the front line each and every day? I don’t think you do, do you? Blaise has no fire and if he does it very little that you needs a microscope to see it. Each and every day I put my body on the line and nobody even comes up to me and say thank you for your service in the military and that’s not even the worse part Paul. The worst part is being called a murder because I killed people. But I digress that and I move on and then I have fans coming up to me after every show and telling me that I’m their favorite superstar and the fact they want Autographs.

He leans forward as he rests his elbows on his legs.

‘The Architect and Icon Slayer of XHW’ ☆ CHRIS MATTHEWS
I’m told that this business is going to charge the fans for signing autographs and I thought to myself that it was bullshit. You have people like Blaise charging fans for autographs because it’s his job. I personally would like to say fuck my job as I’m not going to charge the fans to have my autographs. Blaise to me is nothing more than the greedy fucking bastard who needs to be kicked in the ass more than once to see that they fans deserves more respect than he’s giving them. There is something to say about the fans and no matter if I’m being cheered or booed, the fans always got behind me cause I give them the time of day that they deserve.

He sighs as he leans back and looks at Paul again.

‘The Architect and Icon Slayer of XHW’ ☆ CHRIS MATTHEWS
Coming Fallout I’m going to Blaise an ass kicking and I’m doing it for me, the fans, or management, I’m doing it because I want Blaise to understand that when you step in the ring with a man like me you best know that you’re going to be getting an ass kicking of a lifetime and when  I hand out an ass kicking I go hard and I go fast. If you think I’m bullshitting you then you best take a good look at my matches in WWH and you’ll see just what I’m all about and what I’ll do to someone in that ring. I’ve done some history on Blaise Hunter and right now isn’t the time to talk about that. The time is showing everyone in XHW that I am the man and that I will go through any man or women to get MY shot at the XHW World Championship. Yeah, I bet Ashley is looking at this video right now and looking at her championship thinking that I’m a threat to her and she should be Paul she should be. But as of right now my main focus on is on Blaise Hunter and that I’m gonna show him that he can have all the fire in the world to fight me, but the end will always be the same and I’m gonna put that fire out and make it non-existent.

He chuckles.

‘The Architect and Icon Slayer of XHW’ ☆ CHRIS MATTHEWS
Still don’t believe me? Then I suggest everyone watch Fallout and see for yourself. You'll see as will everyone else Paul. I don't back down from a fight and I don't let people get in my head. People have tried before and it always ends in failure and at Fallout, it'll be the same story for poor little Blaise Hunter. He'll never be able to beat me and he'll know exactly why I am one of the toughest sons of a bitch to ever step inside the twenty by twenty. Let me give Blaise some advice and just walk away and not even bother coming to Fallout cause if he comes to Fallout he'll be getting an ass kicking of a lifetime from that man and he'll see that I don't play around and I don't stop. Blaise wants to play let him. But I can promise you something and that he's going to be making one the biggest mistake in his entire life and that is stepping inside the ring with the one, the only Chris 'Freakin' Matthews.

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Price to Pay (Chris Matthews CD/Promo)
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