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 Trios Match/CD

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PostSubject: Trios Match/CD   Thu Jun 01, 2017 5:53 pm

(The scene opens as we are in front of Christi Byrd XHW's top interviewer as we see she is getting ready to interview Matt Angel)

"So Matt thank you for taking the time to share a chat with me today" Christi Says

"No problem" Matt replies

(Matt dressed in black skinny jeans and a black t-shirt with his black snapback)

"So let's begin shall we what inspired you to be a wrestler" Christ starts off with

"Well Christi I've always been a extreme sports guy, anything from skate-boarding, BMX riding, rock climbing and hell even Parkour. There's something about jumping off buildings that fire's me up. But with wrestling I grew up as a fan because of the larger than life characters and I've had a couple of friends who was also a fan. At 12 years old I started training locally in Venice Beach." Matt says

"Where in Venice Beach did you learn" Christi says

"It was just an old wrestling ring that was in an abandoned building that my father's friend owned. He let me and my friends wrestle and jump off the building and use it as our we like too." Matt replies

"What are your signature moves and or finishers?" Christi asks

(Matt pauses)

"Well Christi I have a little more signatures than most people but my finisher is called "The Fallen" (Torture rack into a Neckbreaker)" Matt says

"What promotions have you worked for?" Christi says

"Well there wasn't any promotions around the Venice Beach area so I have find promotions elsewhere and a company called Karnage Championship Wrestling took a chance on me. In which I became their Karnage Champion twice. " Matt says

"And you left their because" Christi says

(Matt laughs)

"Well for whatever reason it was the Federal Bureau of Investigations seize all their assets and had to shut down." Matt laughs

"What injuries have you sustained" Christi asks next

"What just in wrestling?" Matt asks

"In both sports" Christi replies

"Well I've had a couple of ACL injuries, a broken wrist, a broken arm and several concussions but I wouldn't change them for the world" Matt replies

"What styles do you have" Christi asks

"I'm a hybrid of styles where I use a form of kick-boxing which I'm trained for wrestling with Lucha Libre style and I use Parkour antics to annoy my opponents. So far it's worked." Matt replies

"What about your family and friends think of your wrestling" Christi Asks

"My family support me no matter what my parents are hard-working people who I intend to pay back everything they've given me. And my friends well I only have a some circle of friends and they are a massive support to me, they wished they could be in the ring with me. But it's a battle I have to face alone, or in a trios tag." Matt replies

"Speaking of Trios this week on Fallout you'll be in a 9-person tag team match with your partners Will Nielson and Ezekiel Fenix against two teams one of those teams consists of Bryan Blaze, Kaz Bonham and Troy Devereaux and the other team Wulf Erikson Michael Kelly and Angelica Vaughn" Christi says

"This is the biggest match I've ever been in with this amount of people so I guess that's something to achieve and remember. But what's everyone else is going to remember is the fact the myself Will Nielson and Ezekiel Fenix will walk out the winners and retrieve that special opportunity." Matt says

"What do you think that Special Opportunity reward is" Christi asks
"I don't know and whether it's money or a shinning new piece of gold to wear round our waists - it doesn't matter because we deserve it. Not them" Matt says

"As your career is starting in the wrestling business, what would you do if you wasn't a wrestler? Christi Asks

"Christi I am constantly being asked to become an MMA star I have people phoning me all the time to do appearances and fights because of my background in kick-boxing. So I guess there is that route. Another route is a BMX star and again I have Monster Energy Drink and Red Bull trying to sponsor me" Matt says

"Wow that's impressive but one final question Matt. What do you want to say to your opponents." Christi asks

"All I want to say is to the two team we face be prepared for failure and to watch us celebrate." Matt says with a smile on his face.

"Matt thanks for your time and hope it goes well at Fallout." Christi says

(Scene Ends)

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Trios Match/CD
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