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 "Don't wish us luck, luck is for losers

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PostSubject: "Don't wish us luck, luck is for losers   Fri Jun 02, 2017 7:25 am

This video blog opens up with a time-lapse of Wulf's Camino rolling into Uncasville on the afternoon of Thursday. It shows Wulf stopping outside the Mohegan Indian reservation to admire the view and to take in some fresh air, and it also shows Wulf taking his eyes off the road as he passes the Mohegan Sun Arena, while his voice-over comes into play..  

This is the place, huh? I have never been to Uncasville, though the Mohegan Sun is somewhat familiar.  The more experienced workers on the roster like myself, we're used to working an arena of this size. Although it doesn't take a hell of a long time to get used to working this size, some of the competitors in this three way tag may find it daunting. It has the potential to throw them off their game, and the more experienced sharks will smell the blood in the water”.

The time-lapse footage rolls showing the Camino pulling into the Microtel, Wulf running up to his room and dumping his bags and then heading straight out for his first run in a new city. The camera follows as he makes his way through the streets of Uncasville back toward the Indian reservation..his voice-over carries on where it left off..

'There was a time when I used to get a little down about a certain facet of wrestling life, and then I realized there is nothing that I can do about it, and it stopped seeming like such a bad thing! I came to terms with it, and I'm going to lay a simple fact out for everyone watching right now'.

The blog cuts to Blaze's grin from last week's Fallout, and then switches to slow-motion footage of Blaze's attack hitting Wulf so hard that he was sent sailing back down the ramp, followed by his Blaze's finishing move, and then the footage cuts back to Wulf running toward the camera front-on, easily and rapidly making his way up a hill and then running at the side of a cliff face, managing to get his hands on the ledge and hauling himself up while his voice-over continues..

'The fact that needs to be understood is that there really are some assholes on the XHW roster..'

The blog switches to black and white footage of Wulf sitting at the entrance to a cave with a saddened, serious look on his face, and then to Wulf as he continues running up the winding trail leading to the top of the cliff, the voice-over continuing..

'But we need to get used to it. It's not just here. There's lot of cowardly and somewhat lazy wrestlers in this world. They're always scheming on something. Of course they could do the leg-work if they wanted to, but they won't play fair and make a statement with their talent, so they're always working with a view to taking the easy way out. Instead of being concerned with it, I started devising ways of getting around it, and as it turns out, ways of using it against them! Because nothing trumps hard work and perseverance. No amount of cutting corners will ever prepare you for a team like Bad Moon Rising..'

The blog footage shows Wulf staring up at the developing full moon over Uncasville in the early evening sky, and he throws back his head and lets out a howl, and then the blog footage switches to footage of Bad Moon Rising getting their first win as a faction at the last Fallout, intertwined with snippets of Wulf having a blast as he makes a rapid albeit, dangerous descent back down to the bottom of the cliff as the voice-over continues..

'You can't trust these people, they are the snakes in the grass among us. They are the types of people who will turn on you at the drop of a hat, and Bryan Blaze cemented this fact last week'.

Wulf raises his arms as he reaches the point he was able to climb up to and he leaps off the cliff face with a 630, landing in a crouching position and then hitting an army style roll back up to his feet and continuing on his way out of the Indian reservation..

The footage switches up to Wulf in his hotel room, staring into the camera with a steely determination..

[Wulf Erikson]: “Yeah, nice work, Blaze. I can admit when a guy has gotten in a lucky shot..or several lucky shots. However, I hope you understand that when you're actually standing across the ring from The Wulf...things aren't going to work out quite the same way for you like they did last week! And when you and that team with Kaz Bonham and Troy Devereaux that you have haphazardly assembled stands across the ring from a certified unit in Bad Moon Rising, it's definitely going to take a lot more than your underhanded tactics to 'overthrow' a team that took out people like Doug Armatage, Sapphire and our Legacy champion Adrien Pierce..”

Wulf opens up the mini fridge and grabs out a bottle of water, taking a quick gulp before he continues to speak..

[Wulf Erikson]: “Heh..but seriously, even though I have already essentially laid out the mindset of certain members of our roster, I have to make sure that I have this right, because this shit's hard to follow..”

Wulf sits on the edge of his bed, shaking his head as he starts undoing the laces on his sneakers..

[Wulf Erikson]: “There's this aforementioned Bryan Blaze getting' around XHW wondering why he's 'vilified'..”

Wulf's blog quickly displays some footage of Bryan's brutal attack from last week before coming back to Wulf in his hotel room..

[Wulf Erikson]: “This Bryan Blaze guy, while he's half-cut mind you, likes to get in front of that camera of his and unleash a bunch of drunken babble about what 'we' don't need in professional wrestling, saying it's he who is going to be the one to try to fix a machine that is not only not even broken, but is running tighter than it ever has?”

Wulf takes a drink of water, and it was a bad idea because he thinks about Bryan's line of thought and he laughs. Some of the water comes out of his nose. He puts the bottle down and shakes his head, then he throws his arms out wide with the palms extended and a quizzical look on his face..

[Wulf Erikson] “Seriously? Look man, this is just me talking, but in my opinion, this is the kind of thing we TRULY don't need in pro wrestling these days. In fact it's never been needed, but it's still sadly happening...and I hope Mr. Blaze doesn't go the same way that pretty much every other pro wrestler who has cut a promo while intoxicated has gone, because although I don't exactly like the guy, I think that as a former heavyweight champ in his own right, Blaze has the talent to do the big things that he talks about without resorting to the things that he does. He just needs to grow some non-liquid balls..”

Wulf shrugs. He doesn't expect it to happen, though he sighs with a hint of sadness as he takes a seat back on the edge of his bed, continuing to speak..he looks back up with his somewhat cheeky, lopsided grin..

[Wulf Erikson]: “Also, you know, since this is my blog and I can say whatever the shit fuck I want, I'll tell you why you're being 'vilified', Blaze. This is yet another one of those old as time stories you like so much. If you act like an asshole to your colleagues, and you're known for double-crossing tactics and cowardly, sneaky behavior...sure, if you have the talent to back it up, folk are going to respect you, but there ain't a hell of a lot of 'em who are gonna like you. And why should they? You're not leading the greatest example for that team you have assembled. I don't know Troy too well, though I believe that if he puts his head down and focuses and achieves things the right way, Mr. Devereaux could be a heavyweight champion on e day. And we all know what Kaz Bonham is capable of, that lady is a blast from the past in so many ways. So many of the good ways. Though, unfortunately, she has chosen to 'shack up' with the likes of Bryan Blaze, who is only capable of showing her how to take the easy way out...”

Wulf runs a hand through his dreads and ties them back out of his face..

[Wulf Erikson]: “It's a shame, but hopefully they realize sooner rather than later that against a truly united faction the likes of Bad Moon Rising, they simply haven't got what it takes when they're taking barked orders from a deceitful dog like Bryan Blaze. However, that's enough about teams who are under the guidance of feminine hygiene products..I've wasted enough time already..”

Wulf looks down at the ground, takes in a deep breath and chuckles to himself before he looks back up at the camera..

[Wulf Erikson]: “As for Big Zeke! Wow! You have a team of law enforcement draggin' your handcuffed ass to the ring. That's pretty cool. Even though it's something of a shitty angle that you have taken in life, and it's true that you didn't get much of an opportunity to show us what you can do and your team didn't take home the W, you looked good out there last week! Not that that's going to help you, this is Bad Moon Rising we're talking about!”

[Wulf Erikson]: “Matt Angel. Also being a high flying type, you're somebody who I share something of an unwritten bond with. I have been looking to work with you for a long time. On the real, though..I really hope you finally bring to the table in this match what I KNOW you are capable of. Because you're going to need it. Face facts, Angel..up until now, you have largely phoned it in during your XHW career, it's blatantly obvious. You better believe that's not going to fly here! I challenge you to bring your A-game. In fact, I beg you to bring your A-game, or else this shit just isn't going to be fair. You ain't the greatest high flyer in XHW, you can't hold a candle to the greatest high flyer in XHW. Do you know who that is, Angel? It's this guy..”

[Wulf Erikson]: “Will Neilson, now THIS is a guy who could be dangerous. I was back there watching what this guy was getting up to out here, and I have to say that he is doing his nicknames justice! I see big things happening for Mr. Neilson, because he is the type of guy I am speaking of when I refer to competitors who are prepared to put in the hard yards and achieve things the right way. Will Neilson has enough abundant talent that he doesn't need to revert to dirty tactics. However, it's inexperience that will catch him off guard, because you have opponents like Michael Kelly and Wulf Erikson who have seen it all before and have you scouted, not to mention possibly the most rapidly improving rookie who has graced this sport in possibly forever...”

Wulf takes a final swig of his water before he turns back to the camera with another steely, determined gaze..

[Wulf Erikson]: “No matter how hard these two teams try to cut corners or try to match wits with us, it's just a fact that we are more ring-aware, and we are more prepared for this encounter. These teams can't defeat Bad Moon Rising...they can't even hope to contain BMR!”

The blog fades as Wulf gives the camera a confident lopsided grin and a thumbs up..

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"Don't wish us luck, luck is for losers
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