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 A Woman Scorned

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PostSubject: A Woman Scorned   Fri Jun 02, 2017 12:32 pm

May 27th, 2017
Everett, Washington
10:27 PM Local Time


A fist flies out of nowhere and punches a hole into the wall. The eye would be naturally drawn from the wrist, up the muscular arm to the equally brawny shoulder, then up her neck to reveal Sapphire’s head, her face screwed up in anger.

“You should be glad this place has such cheap walls. Hit a stud or a solid concrete and you’re out of action for a while, young lady.”

The man reprimanding Sapphire is XHW’s trainer, at least the one on-site for the Everett Fallout. He is of average height, but next to Sapphire he looks pretty puny. He’s got on khakis and a green polo shirt, and as he gently guides Sapphire backwards to sit on a standard doctor’s office bed, we can see she’s in his office.

“Just tell me if I have any injuries or not so I can go.”

“Well if you’ll sit still a moment, I’ll find out.”

Sapphire crosses her arms over her chest, but sits on the bed and waits for him to be done.

May 27th, 2017
Everett, Washington
10:45 PM Local Time

The door to the trainer’s office flies open. As Sapphire stomps away, an ice pack wrapped around her wrist and a bag in her other hand pressed to her forehead, she hears the voice of the trainer float after her.

“Keep them iced and you’ll be fine in the morning.”

Sapphire doesn’t answer him. Mason Moore walks up as he sees Sapphire leaving the trainer’s room. He instantly notices the scowl across her face and the ice on her hand.

“Wall or door? I went with door the last time a partner cost me a tag match.”

Mason gave her a slight smile, hoping to make her laugh or at least return the smile and work to shake off the disappointment of the loss. It didn’t work, and he can see her have to restrain herself from punching another one.

“The dumb motherfucker has the gall to tell ME I’m stupid, shout at ME for ruining things when he can’t even hit the corner right? I should’ve torn his head off!”

“That certainly would have been entertaining.”

Mason smiles and laughs a little as he comes over to her.

“Right now though, let’s get the hell out of here. No point in dwelling on assholes screwing things up, plus I have the perfect cure for a messed up hand and idiot tag team partners.”

Mason puts his arm over her shoulder and starts trying to lead her towards the door, but she immediately throws it off and steps away, fury returning to her face full-force.

“Don’t touch me. No more fucking people telling me where to go and what to do or not to do.”

She stares at him for a moment with the expression of wide-eyed, maniacal rage, but after a moment and several deep breaths, her shoulders sag and she laughs weakly.

“Sorry. Not in the mood to be touched. But you’re right, dwelling will do no good.”

She takes more deep breaths. Mason takes a couple of steps back, but stays close. Once she has a bit more control, she shakes her head and gestures in front of her with one hand.

“Go ahead, lead on. What’ve you got in mind?”

“Well normally I would suggest angry sex, but since you don’t want to be touched…”

Mason looks over at her with a smirk on his face to show that he’s joking, well mostly joking.

“The next best thing, is tequilla.”

Mason walks to the door and holds it open for Sapphire. She stops for a moment, unsure about whether to go along with this suggestion. Some part of her mind must realize that it would be stupid to go out drinking after complaining about a lack of control only two minutes ago.

On the other hand, whatever would happen has to be more productive, or at least less destructive, than barging into Douglas Armatage’s locker room and beating him to death.

It’s the least convincing one yet, but Sapphire smiles after this moment of self-reflection. She grimaces immediately from pain, either from her head or her hand, but she makes the quip anyway.

“You’re still buying.”

May 30th, 2010
Seattle, Washington
1:41 AM Local Time

Virginia Stone has been fighting for Tommy Buckner's ring of illegal operations for about six weeks. She has proven herself as one of his most valuable and powerful fighters, bringing in a lot of kickbacks from Tommy's covert sponsors while repelling any and all attempts to bring her down, whether in a straight-up fight or in something a little more colorful, like a quick and dirty Taipei Deathmatch.

For all that Tommy is all too willing to let his fighters brutalize each other with no safety nets or backup plans, he has taken to watching out for his primary moneymaker. Virginia's reputation with the locals has helped her in this endeavor as much as it has hindered her in any attempts she has made to get a proper, legal job. Even a couple of places that are owned by patrons of Tommy's underground production have rejected her, one of which explicitly acknowledged the ring but stated that they couldn't let her work for their legitimate business. The other, the owner wanted to let her on, but his hiring manager rejected Virginia based on her reputation, and despite claims of discrimination, the hiring manager stood her ground.

So as far as legal institutions are concerned, she is unemployed.

That leaves a lot of money burning in her pocket and less things than the normal girl to spend it on. A lot of Tommy's fighters get into other illicit and criminal activities, not the least of which being getting coked off their balls, but Sapphire is more conservative than that. She has to be careful about what goes into her body.

But a cheat day once in awhile isn’t too bad, right?

Granted, there was the issue of Virginia being underage to deal with, but Tommy pulled some strings, and between his influence and Virginia’s mature appearance, no one voices any concerns. Tommy is still particular to make sure Virginia doesn’t actually buy any of the drinks she’s being given, just in case.

You can never be too careful.


A lesson Virginia hasn’t learned yet. Tommy rushes over to her, having been drinking with some of his friends and benefactors, and sees she’s had several shots. He also sees that she’s just punched out a man almost as large as her and has jumped on him to continue the assault. Tommy rushes in along with several other men he doesn’t recognize to pull Virginia off.

“Crazy bitch, why isn’t she locked up?”

Virginia snarls at the man that insulted her, “If I should be in jail, that fucker should be on Death Row!”

“Not your call, Ginny,” Tommy hisses in her ear, trying to calm her down. Unfortunately he picked the wrong tactic ,and she rounds on him. Her eyes are glazed and he can smell the booze on her breath. It’s hard to tell what she’s had, he’s pretty sure everybody bought her something different, but he thinks he gets a whiff of tequila.

“You don’t get to fucking call me that!”

He shakes his head. “You’re coming back to the hotel with me and sleeping this off. You’ve had too much.”

Virginia glares at Tommy the best she can, and for a moment he seems worried, but he stands his ground on the inebriated eighteen-year-old and she eventually cracks. She glares down at the man she assaulted for a moment before letting Tommy escort her out of the bar.

May 27th, 2017
Seattle, Washington
11:22 PM Local Time

Mason raised a small glass of nearly golden colored liquid and flashed a smile as he looked over at Sapphire.

“To forgetting stuck up bitches and shitty tag partners.”

Mason downed his shot and waited for Sapphire to follow suit. She smiles weakly, then looks down at her own golden shot. She hesitates for a moment, then reminds herself why she’s here, and the fact that she’s not alone, and she nods before downing her shot, slamming the glass down a little harder than she needed to.

“I know a win would feel a lot better, but at least you’ve got good company and he’s paying for the booze.”

Mason cracked another smile and laughed slightly.

“So we didn’t actually get into talking about you that much at lunch. I got a little excited talking about the exercise equipment line, then the basic bitches. I need more than just incredibly athletic badass chick.”

Mason looks over at her as two more shots come and he raises his up. Sapphire mirrors him, eyebrow slightly raised.

“Well, keep it coming and you might just get it.”

She pounds back the second shot, the glass crashing to the table a little less emphatically this time.

“So what is it you wanna’ know that will inevitably make me seem less badass than you think I am?”

“Easy one to start with, why wrestling?”

Mason puts his glass on top of hers as he peers across the table, knowing that’s not always an easy question. Sapphire stares at her glasses for a moment before she answers.

“Fought all my life,” she says, carefully choosing her words. Whether she’s going slow because of the alcohol or something darker is hard to say. “Figured I should make a career out of it.”

“Good a reason as any I guess.”

Mason just nods his head as another round comes. He picks up the shot and takes a deep breath as he looks at it.

“I think someone wants us to get drunk.”

Mason smirked at Sapphire as he put the shot down on the table without drinking any of it. Sapphire raises hers and downs it, shrugging.

“Well they’ll get part of their wish. I’ve been in here before, the regulars know boozing me up does no good.”

“Sounds like there’s a story to be told with that.”

Mason looks at Sapphire, who nods, but before she can respond, some drunken frat boy comes up, complete with man bun, white boat shoes, khaki pants, and a pink short sleeve button up shirt. He blows a cloud of fruity smelling vapor in their faces.

“Holy shit, you’re one jacked up chick. I never fucked an Amazon before, wanna lose this roid freak and have the best time of your life in the handicapped stall?”

Sapphire raises an eyebrow, wondering if he’s the culprit. Given the smell of his breath? Probably not. She smirks at him.

“How precious, he thinks he’s a big boy.”

The frat boy scowls as Sapphire stands up. He might be worried if he were sober, as she stands taller than him. Instead he sets his jaw as Mason also stands.

“Who let you out past your bedtime?”

The frat boy glares at Sapphire.

“Hey, I was being generous. But fuck it, you two are clearly perfect for each other, one full of roids and the other full of--AH!”

The drunken frat boy sobers up quick as Sapphire winds back, not wanting to hear the end of that sentence, but Mason catches her arm before she can follow through. Sapphire glares at him as the kid makes his escape, screaming something about a “Psycho bitch!” Sapphire tenses up, trying to go after him, but Mason tightens his grip, holding her back.

“He’s not worth it. Save it for next Saturday.”

Sapphire continues glaring, eyes wide with fury and a bit of a buzz. Mason takes the hint and lets go, but when he does, she takes a few breaths and calms down.

“You’re right. You’re right...”

Sapphire takes a few more breaths. Then she grins, grabs Mason’s untouched shot, and downs it.

“Now then...where were we?”
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A Woman Scorned
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