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 The Greatest

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Will Neilson


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PostSubject: The Greatest   Fri Jun 02, 2017 3:30 pm

*The scene opens up to the inside of a bedroom, the curtains drawn shut, an empty can of Mountain Dew resting on the bedside table and the bed itself looking a mess, with the quilt hanging off the side and a pillow near the bottom of the bed. A figure rises from the bed, that being XHW's newest signee Will Neilson. Will ruffles his hair a bit and stands up, wearing a black tank top and grey shorts, he then walks over to another table located in the room and sits down in the chair. On the table is a laptop, Neilson looks visibly tired as he slowly logs on and opens Google Chrome.*

"Time to see what is happening this week... this special opportunity better be worth it."

*Will navigates to the official XHW website and goes straight to the weekly match card, the first image that pops up is of him, Matt Angel... and Ezekiel Fenix.*

"Didn't I beat him and his team last week?... eh, whatever."

*He scrolls down the page to 3 more images, that of Wulf Erikson, Michael Kelly and Angelica Vaughn.*

"Wait... wait... wait... Michael Kelly? This brings back some memories. It's awesome to be facing him this week, a person who I know myself brings out the best in me. Then we got his teammates, Wulf and Angelica, they seem alright."

*He scrolls down again to the final set of images for his match, Troy Devereaux, Kaz Bonham and Bryan Blaze.*

"How do you say that guy's last name? Devero?Deverax? Kaz Bonham... don't know who she is to be honest, and... oh Bryan Blaze, Mr. Man on a Mission with that little message he sent a few days ago."

"It's new competition... and I like it, the exact reason I came here to XHW, but of course... new competition or not, it won't be enough to stop me. I proved last week I can hang around here in XHW, Matt did some work yeah, but I was the one to finish the job and I made Ewan Boyd tap out in the middle of the ring. A great start to my tenure here, however long it may last, and I don't plan to slow down against Bad Moon Rising or Troy, Kaz and Bryan, not at all. We've got a new guy in Ezekiel to replace Synn, but that doesn't mean you take us lightly. I have full confidence in our team to succeed and at the end we will be handed whatever this 'Special Opportunity' may be, whether it benefits all of us, or maybe we'll have to fight for it once again."

*Will sits back in the chair.*

"I didn't show of much of what I can do, but I can assure everyone who I will be facing that there is much, much more to come out of Will Neilson. I can strike, I can fly, I can grapple, and I proved last week that I'm not afraid to tap any son of a bitch out. People view me as someone who is quickly rising to the top, one day they will be a mega superstar... and that's exactly what I'm doing and earning this special opportunity is only a roadblock in my way to the very top. Bad Moon Rising can howl at the moon all they want, but I respect them, they've got some talented people... even the XHW Champion, but to think that I'm going to be scared, or even hold anything back against a team that has the person who holds the most prestigious title in this company, is absurd. The other 3 guys? No pushovers for sure. I will bring everything to the table, and my teammates will do the same, we will earn this special opportunity together and if there is one person who deserves it the most... you're looking right at them. So Fenix and Angel... let's do this, if we work together, we win... and it benefits all of us. The perfect start to my career was winning my debut match, but can I make it a double? In my mind... absolutely."

"Then we get to the messages that have been sent out by some of my opponents... so who we got? Wulf, Blaze and Mike. Blaze, man you're absolutely right about us, we are the wildcard team. We are the ones that are going to steal this match away from the rest, don't underestimate us... I mean did you see what happened last week? I had someone tapping out in mere seconds to me, and he was supposed to be someone that gave you bloody noses and black eyes from a single head butt. That's a way to make a statement. I hurt, I hurt real bad and you might not want to turn your back on me or you could end up like Mr. Boyd last week. If there's one person that I'm focused on, it's Michael Kelly. I have history with him, history that I don't think should be told via me speaking, but rather shown in the ring. Michael is one of the most talented guys I've ever seen step foot in a ring, give him anyone and he'll find a way to put on a great match with them, so I have no doubt this will be the same here. He knows me. He knows that I'm not going to take this lightly, and I'm sure he's made Bad Moon Rising aware of that, including Wulf Erikson, another talented athlete from what I've seen and heard. Again, he had some nice things to say about me, and I'm looking forward to our encounter in the ring. The Silver Bullet though? I can show him a Perfected Bullet, head to my knee, no getting up, 1, 2, 3. People backstage, in the audience or people watching at home... they are about to witness greatness at Fallout. 3 teams. 1 special opportunity. May the best god damn team win."

*Will closes down the web browser and shuts down his laptop, standing up and closing it. Neilson then walks over towards his door leading out of the room.*

"Now if you'll excuse me... I need some god damn cereal."

*He opens the door and then closes it, as the camera fades to black.*
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The Greatest
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