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 Tales From Monmouth County VII: Champion VS Champion; Mano VS Mano; Tete a Tete.

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Ashley Williams


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PostSubject: Tales From Monmouth County VII: Champion VS Champion; Mano VS Mano; Tete a Tete.   Fri Jun 02, 2017 6:02 pm

Tales From Monmouth County VII: Champion VS Champion; Mano VS Mano; Tete a Tete.

Celebration: noun
UK /ˌsel.əˈbreɪ.ʃən/

A special social event, eg. A party or celebration of someone’s achievement.

The week of May 27th was set aside for a celebration in the XHW. Two new inaugural champions had been crowed at the Hell from Above FPV, Ashley Williams and Adrien Pierce. However, Ashley had felt little need to celebrate and nor was she in the mood to. Right at that present moment, about to walk out onto the stage, her mind was on one thing….Emma Lawrence.

She’d seen the tweet that Emma had sent, about staying with a group like BMR and her mind was in two places because she supported BMR and she was glad to be a member, but she was also attracted to Emma and this left her at a bit of a quandary.

SCENE ONE: Inaugural World Champion
LOCATION: XHW Backstage Area
INVOLVING: Emma Lawrence/Ashley Williams

Emma Lawrence, clad in a figure hugging red dress, is seen standing against a generic XHW backdrop, microphone in hand. Ashley is currently waiting just off of stage left, adjusting her title which is slung proudly over her shoulder, her other hand holding her signature water bottle. On this occasion however, she is also wearing her DARC Junior Pro Championship around her waist. Underneath this all is her new “Terminate” attire.

Emma Lawrence
”I have been here before and I will be here again. Managing greatness. You all know by now that my name is Emma Lawrence and I am the manager of the greatest female wrestler of this generation. This young lady went out and told all of you that she was going to win that championship in Hell From Above and she did not disappoint. She walked into a match where she was told she didn’t even belong and she ended up walking out of that arena as the XHW World Champion. Not only that but she made history! There will never EVER be an inaugural XHW World Champion again! That is her right! She has etched her name in history, just like she did in the UWL and just like she did in DARC! And now she faces a match against a guy that also made history in Adrien Pierce. I give you, my client, Ashley Williams!”

Ashley walked confidently into the camera’s gaze, a broad smile on her face as she did so. Taking a sip of water, she looked toward the camera, taking the microphone off of Emma and giving her a smile. Raising it to her ebony tinged lips, she began to speak.

Ashley Williams
”I told you all! I told Cosmo Cooper and I told Sapphire that I was going to be walking out of Hell from Above as the inaugural World Champion and I kept my promise!”

The fans can be heard cheering from the speakers, piping in to the backstage area.

Ashley Williams
”Now, however, I face an even tougher challenge in Adrien Pierce, the XHW Legacy Champion. You see, I know how talented this man is. I know that he is every bit as hungry as I am and I know that he is also willing to do anything to get the job done and for that I respect him and am looking forward to facing him. However, here is where I have a problem. You see, he may be just a little too arrogant for my liking. He needs to realise that thus far he has not faced a real challenge and in Ashley Williams he finds that very challenge! He is facing something he could never have even dreamed of being in the ring with. He steps into the ring with a girl that can jump just as high as most. A girl that can stretch a body part just as well as any other submission specialist and most importantly, he steps into the ring with The Monmouth Miracle! The Past, The Present, The FUTURE of Female Wrestling! He steps into the ring with the girl that has inaugurated more titles than he has had hot dinners!”

She stops for a second before calling to Emma.

Ashley Williams
”Miss Lawrence? Could you kindly pass me my bag, please?”

As Emma passed her her kitbag, Ashley opened it up, pulling out another shiny gold title, this time the UWL Prestige Championship. Holding it in her hand, she begins to speak again.

Ashley Williams
”You see this, Adrien? I won this in 2015, not even a year after my debut, I beat five other MEN to win this championship, I was the inaugural champion and up until about 2016 was also the only wrestler to actually defend it. Then when I returned in 2017, I won this.”

She tapped the DARC JP championship.

Ashley Williams
”Without sounding like a broken record, this was also an inaugural championship. You see, it is not enough for me to win championships, I want to actually make history by being THE FIRST! And last week I did it again by beating some little chump for the World Title. Adrien, I make history by being the first champion. You now have to start questioning yourself.”

She pauses for a second, adjusting her championships and taking a big swig of her water before speaking again.

Ashley Williams
”This match is non-title Adrien so there is really no matter how this match goes but you need to start wondering what would happen if I decide I want to be a double champion here. What happens if I decide I want to make history again? For five seconds, just imagine it, Adrien. Imagine having to face down a completely different kind of animal. A kind of animal that only has lust for gold. I have shown you all of my championships, including the two that I am current reigning champion of. The fact is, if I decide I want to add yours to this list, there is nothing you can do because I simply make history! Make sure you heed my words, Adrien because when I come hunting for that title you need to start running because I will not stop, there is a reason they call me The World Champion! It’s because I look at a title I want and I go for it and I don’t give up. I’m starting to wonder if I can say the same for you.”

With this, she put the microphone down, walking off with Emma, both of them mumbling something about whether DC had finally got it right with Wonder Woman.


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Tales From Monmouth County VII: Champion VS Champion; Mano VS Mano; Tete a Tete.
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