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 Hot For Teacher

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PostSubject: Hot For Teacher   Fri Jun 02, 2017 8:30 pm

[May 29, 2017]

Mr. E is rushing after Adrien Pierce who is walking too fast for the elderly man as they walk through a grocery store. Adrien passes by an attractive woman that gets butt-hurt about Adrien not even glancing at her. She mutters something and Adrien stops in his tracks. He turns around and looks at her.

::Adrien Pierce::
Awwww…do you want a hug?

Adrien walks back and gives the woman big hug, lifting her off the ground. He lets go and the lady smacks him across the face.

::Mr. E::
Ah, snap!

Adrien’s completely forgets about the pain in his face and slowly turns his head to Mr. E.

::Adrien Pierce::
You say, ‘Ah, snap?’

Mr. E just grins and Adrien shakes his head. The lady is glaring at Adrien. He looks at her.

::Adrien Pierce::
You’re not a cuddler. That’s why you’re so angry.

Adrien looks art Mr. E again.

::Adrien Pierce::
Mr. E, we don’t have much more time to waste. We’re in No-Class-Ville, Cant-Cut-It. Let’s get what we came here for and get out of this stink hole.

Adrien winks at the lady and walks off down the aisle. Mr. E looks at the woman and hurries after Adrien as quickly as he can, ducking to make sure the lady doesn’t hit him as well. He gets to the end of the aisle just in time to catch Adrien turning down another aisle. He hurries more to catch up. He sees Adrien stopped looking at various types of plastic shrink wrap.

::Mr. E::
This is why we are in such a hurry?

Adrien grabs Mr. E’s shoulders and bends down a bit.

::Adrien Pierce::
We are in a flea infested, junk town. I can’t let my new, polished XHW Legacy Championship drag bed bugs, fleas, or any diseases back to my Malibu mansion.

Mr. E shrugs and waits for Adrien to pick out the type of plastic wrap he feels comfortable with.

::Adrien Pierce::
At least we’re not in Mammoth Country, New Jersey. We’d be deep under the Asses of Williamsburg.

Adrien gives Mr. E a smirk, but the old man just looks at him with a confused look on his face.

::Adrien Pierce::
Really? You don’t get it? Monmouth County, New Jersey…Mammoth Country…

::Mr. E::
Not sure where you’re going with this.

Adrien shakes his head and lets out a heavy sigh.

::Adrien Pierce::
This will do. Some peoples’ grandparents, I swear. You’re killin’ my fun, Mr. E. You’re just aiming a little off today. Take your medications this morning?

Adrien walks down the aisle in a hurry again, Mr. E doing his best to keep up once again.

::Mr. E::
I took my medication and it’s about time I take my afternoon pills. We should be getting back to the hotel soon.

Adrien sees the lady that smacked him heading to one of the checkout lines and hurries to beat her to it. He does. She groans a bit, but Adrien doesn’t pay attention. Mr. E sees the lady as well. He chooses an alternative route to the front of the store.

::Adrien Pierce::
Now where’d that old man go?

Adrien turns around.

::Adrien Pierce::
I thought I smelled something.

The woman’s eyes shoot open wide.

Excuse me…

::Adrien Pierce::
The perfume you’re wearing. It’s hard to miss. Raunchy is it?

Adrien turns back around. It takes all the self-control the woman has not to smack him upside the head. Adrien places his one item down on the shelf for the cashier to scan. He takes out a credit card and pays for without another word to the woman. He sees Mr. E standing by the front entrance waiting for him. He heads to Mr. E, but decides to turn to look at the lady once again.

::Adrien Pierce::
Oh, by the way. I figured out what you’re perfume reminds me of. My grandmother wore it. It was one of the most heinous odors I remember from when I was a kid.

Adrien doesn’t wait to see her reaction and reaches Mr. E.

::Mr. E::
You’re asking for it. She’s going to run you over with her car if we don’t leave quickly.

::Adrien Pierce::
Relax. She’s harmless. She’s like Angelica Vaughn or her…mentor.

Mr. E shakes his head.

::Mr. E::
Are you underestimating your opponent?

::Adrien Pierce::
Do you need me to answer that?

Mr. E follows Adrien out of the grocery store. They head toward Adrien’s 2016 Rolls Royce Wraith and Adrien presses a button to unlock the doors. The doors also open, allowing for easy entry. Pierce gets in the driver’s seat. Mr. E climbs in. Adrien takes the handicap sign off the rearview mirror and hands it to Mr. E.

::Adrien Pierce::
That’s why I like having you around, gramps. You make shopping so much better.

::Mr. E::
Sometimes I question why you don’t have one.

::Adrien Pierce::
What was that?

Mr. E mutters something under his breath.

::Adrien Pierce::
That’s what I thought. Let’s get back to the hotel so you can take your pills.

The scene fades as Adrien waits for Mr. E to get in and they pull away from the grocery.

[June 1, 2017]

The scene opens with Adrien Pierce holding his XHW Legacy Championship wrapped in plastic wrap on his shoulder. He taps the front plate and looks at the camera.

::Adrien Pierce::
Two champions are going head-to-head. Why? Could it be that many believe that there could have been a different name, a more perfect name, on the XHW World Championship? Thousands of thousands will tune in to see which champion will come out on top when the dust settles. Will it be ‘The Prodigy’, ‘The One and Only Cuddle Pie’ Adrien Pierce? Or…will it be the so called ‘Future of Women’s Wrestling’ Ashley Williams?

He taps the front plate of the title once again.

::Adrien Pierce::
So many questions! So much to think about! What are we ever going to do? I could go on and on about how much better Xtreme Honor Wrestling would be with me as it’s World Champion. But, that’s one of the would have, could have, hypothetical situations that one day…will become a fact. But, first…I guess someone has to be able to beat me. Someone eventually has to swoop in and claim the opportunity. Someone must take advantage of circumstances.

He lowers his head, looks at the floor for a moment and then looks up shaking his head.

::Adrien Pierce::
But, it won’t be Ashley’s little twerp, Angelica Vaughn. Medal of Honor holder, Angelica Vaughn, has been vocal about coming for this…

He takes the Legacy title off his shoulder and holds it out in front of him with his right hand.

::Adrien Pierce::
But…Angelica Vaughn can try, try, try all she wants to try to beat me. Right, Ashley? You already know the result of that. And since...

He chuckles a bit. He lowers the title.

::Adrien Pierce::
Since sweetie pie Angie wants you to soften me up a bit first, I’m going to show little girl what she’s going to step into the ring with. I’m going to make an example out of her mentor and teacher. Seeing how you’re so motivating, Ashley. I’m going to show her that all the motivation and determination in the world still isn’t going to be enough. And when you do step into that ring with me, I’m going to make it so that Angelica Vaughn sees she’s got a better shot at winning the XHW World Championship.

He returns the XHW Legacy Championship to his left shoulder. He gives a little shrug so it sits there without tearing any plastic wrapping around it.

::Adrien Pierce::
Ashley Williams. Adrien Pierce. Who ends up on top? I’m not sure about Ashley, but I am very good on top.

The camera pans to Mr. E who is seen shaking his head with his eyes open wide and mouth in the shape of an “o”. Adrien clears his throat.

::Adrien Pierce::
Focus on me. I’m the XHW Legacy Champion. Did you see Mr. E out there earning it? No. It has always been me doing exactly what I said I would. And when Ashley Williams meets me face to face, she’ll know that everyone in the entire world will question whether or not she would be the XHW World Champion had I signed that contract just one week sooner.

He winks at the camera.

::Adrien Pierce::
What then Ash? What happens then? You’ll answer that with you’re still the World Champion. And that’s the type of stuff you teach Angelica Vaughn, right? How to make excuses when you end up losing a match you’re supposed to win…being World Champion and all. And the nay sayers will all agree with you…you’ll still look good because you’re the XHW World Champion. But the facts will say that the better champion in Xtreme Honor Wrestling is Adrien Pierce. Why?

He gives a smirk once more.

::Adrien Pierce::
Because I’m the only one in any company around today that is worth being called champion. I am the only one in this entire industry that should ever be referred to as champion, and come June third…Ashley Williams…you’re going to know why. See you soon…teacher. I’ll bring you an apple for your desk…but, you may not want to eat this one.

He reaches down, picking it up off the floor.

::Adrien Pierce::
It’s a bit old…like you claiming to be the future of women’s wrestling. You’re not the future of anything, except come Saturday. But, that’s only because you’ll be the newest victim of the only thing that matters. Me. Why?

He smiles.

::Adrien Pierce::
Because I’m Adrien Pierce. I’m perfection. And nothing else matters.

The scene fades as Adrien holds the apple in one hand and keeps the title on his shoulder with the other.

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Hot For Teacher
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