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 Promoting the Rule of Three

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PostSubject: Promoting the Rule of Three   Fri Jun 02, 2017 8:41 pm



"Succubus. Welcome to XHW I guess?

In this company, there is only one Trixie. Because as I looked over you on what is available on the internet, I just see you as trying to be me. Trying to be Trixie here and I hate to tell you but that position has been filled. Be as sultry as you want, I do not swing that way.

But sadly this match is a triple threat match. See XHW seem to really have a thing for three's. Trios matches putting me with people I've defeated and now this match up, Sapphire and me in yet another triple threat match. I do hope they recognize that I may be getting just a little tired of that and would much prefer to showcase my talents individually instead of being subjected to more work for the same pay.

Triple Threats aren't easy by any means and I'm much more inclined to taking on Sapphire one on one, taking on this hulk of a woman and making her tap out to my armbar. Superkicking her knee out from under her and claiming the victory. Rectifying the loss in my debut obviously driving me to win this complicated match and I'm not about to let another one end up a loss because of Trixie wannabe, Succubus.

Sapphire knows the sting of mismatched trios and unsupportive partners who take the loss for you, let's look at the bigger picture here. I and Sapphire did not lose our matches so I'm fully going out here to say that Douglas and Cass were the boys who ate defeat, not us. Yes I did just support Sapphire then.

Because I don't believe this match should ever be tagged "Bouncing Back from losses", because we didn't. Instead I'm rewriting the tagline for this match:

"With Trixie and Sapphire clearly two distinctive blondes on the XHW Roster, who is going to win on this exchange?"

And I can answer that. I will. I have won triple threat matches, both normal and ladders. This match is all about picking your opportunity. My superkick is a key factor because it isn't hard to hit and unlike the plethora of others who use it, I totally target the entire human body. Like I've mentioned, Sapphire's a strong girl, but superkick to the back of the knee? She's kneeling before me. Superkick to the back of the head? That's pretty much lights out, as we know, the back of the skull is fairly weak.

Succubus obviously isn't excluded. I would like to show her that her 'clever' names for her moves aren't going to help her. This 'cunnilingus' move takes too long to set up where my superkick is simply quick, effective and a raw physics. Force equals mass times acceleration, I can pack a lot of speed into my superkick, along with my mass that just means deadly kicks that take less than a second to connect, Succubus. Triple Threats are all about time efficiency and picking your spot. You can spend a couple seconds, couple tens of seconds even. While I could hit ten superkicks in that time to the head, shoulder, chest, back, knee, ankle, elbow, superkick everything is a philosophy I've learned, don't limit it.

That's why I'm coming into this triple threat match.

To show off why I'm the Prime Girl and powerful. Why the XHW boys upstairs wanted me to appear at Hell From Above and also to show Sapphire how deadly I am without a can pepper spray laying around.

Succubus however, maybe I could pepper spray you, as a welcome to XHW initiation, hey, I did it to Cass.

June, summer, Succubus, Sapphire, SUCCESS.
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Promoting the Rule of Three
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