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 2nd chances

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Ezekiel Fenix


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PostSubject: 2nd chances   Fri Jun 02, 2017 8:50 pm

(The scene opens up with Ezekiel Fenix in his jail cell. He is punching the wall as if he is training for a boxing match. The guy that gave Fenix the information on Xtreme Honor Wrestling last week, Alex, walks in.)

Alex: How did you get the warden to let you out to go wrestle last week?

(Fenix doesn’t stop working out or even turn to look at him.)

Fenix: I didn’t. He came and wanted me.

Alex: Huh… I guess you better win this week then.

Fenix: Not my fault. I didn’t even get a chance to get in that ring. Ewan Boyd tapped out like a bitch immediately. Wait… How did you know I lost last week?

Alex: I watched the show.

Fenix: How? The warden didn’t let everyone watch it, did he?

Alex: No. No one else knows about it. I have my ways of getting things done.

Fenix: So, what do you want?

Alex: What do I want? To get the hell out of here, but since that isn’t happening anytime soon, I thought you might like a drink.

(Ezekiel finally stops and looks over at Alex, right when he tosses Fenix a can of bud light.)

Alex: I hope you like it; it’s all I could get.

(Alex and Ezekiel drink the beer in silent for a few minutes before one of them speaks again.)

Alex: So, I thought I might help you. You know with training and scouting your opponents and shit. I was a boxing manager before I got locked up. Being a wrestling trainer could be fun

Fenix: There’s not much to do in here, other than work out. I don’t even know who my opponent is for this week.

Alex: Well, I can help with that.

(Alex tosses him a smart phone that he seemingly got out of nowhere.

Fenix: What the-? Man, I gotta know how you get these things. Let’s see here… Of course you already have it connected to the locked Wifi… XHW’s website…. Ah here we go. Oh great I’m in another trios tag team match up this week. I team up with…. Two of my opponents last week in Will Neilson and Matt Angel. That’s weird, I guess something happened to Synn. That shouldn’t be a problem though since I never got to beat up either of them except for the one time I broke up the pin. I got the better two people on that team anyway, and I’m sure they want whatever that special opportunity is as much as I do.

Alex: Who do you face?

Fenix: Two different teams. One of them is Troy Devereaux, Kaz Bonham, and Bryan Blaze. The other is Wulf Erikson, Michael Kelly, and Angelica Vaughn.

Alex: The second team calls themselves Bad Moon Rising.

Fenix: I don’t care if they have some stupid name, they’re going to lose.

Alex: I’d watch out for them. Both teams won last week but Bad Moon Rising has a lot of chemistry wrestling together.

Fenix: Yeah, and I’m stronger than all three of them put together. I got this. Plus Blaze attacked Wulf Erikson last week. They’ll be busy going after each other’s throats. They’ll tear each other apart and my team will be there to pick through the carcasses like a coyote.

Alex: Don’t be too sure. The other teams have experience working with each other and you didn’t team up with any of your team mates last week. And Strength is great but that might not be enough.

Fenix: Exactly. None of the other teams have seen me work with Will Neilson or Matt Angel. They’ll have no idea what to expect. Plus I can take on both teams by myself. It will just be easier with teammates. Do you see these guns?

(Fenix starts to flex, as a security guard walks by.)

Guard: BACK TO YOUR CELLS EVERYONE! Light out in 5!

(scene ends)
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2nd chances
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